Swansea fans have been reacting  to Friday’s news that Ki Sung-Yueng had agreed to join Newcastle United.

Newcastle supporters didn’t know exactly what to make of the signing, with a wide spread of opinions.

The overall view appearing to be that as a value for money (free!) signing for the squad it is a good move BUT if this is going to be one of the main signings this summer then it could spell troubled times ahead.

However, for Swansea fans, there appears to be pretty much only one overwhelming opinion…

After six seasons on the Swansea books, the supporters think he is lazy and doesn’t put the effort in.

There is a belief that he puts the effort in for his national team but not his club side, although on the positive there are Swansea fans who still acknowledge he has ability.

Whilst there is always going to be bitterness from some fans when a player leaves, these comments are pretty overwhelming in terms of the same view.

Let’s hope Rafa Benitez and the idea of playing for NUFC, can spark the midfielder’s desire.

Swansea fans commenting  via their top Jack Army message board after Ki Sung-Yueng joined Newcastle United:

‘They’re welcome to the F…ing useless lazy wan…’

‘Yep, who cares…hope he does as well as Agent Shelvey.’

‘Ki is a waste of space. My wife could tackle better than him!!’

‘To say “World Cup Star” is a bit of a stretch, Newcastle have only jumped on him as Ashley won’t spend out on decent players.

Two year deal isn’t exactly a sign of huge confidence either.

Benitez won’t take any of his nonsense and if he puts in as much effort for them as he did for us he could be spending the season on the bench.’

‘A player I don’t get….

Puts a shift in for his country hardly any passion for the swans….best rid.

Played for sunderland, they will love him up there.

‘Possibly the most cowardly excuse for a footballer I’ve had the displeasure of watching.

We had one decent season out of him, the rest a waste of money and time.

F… him.’

***What Swansea fans said back in May 2018 when Ki Sung-Yueng confirmed he was leaving:

‘Said his farewells, there’s one positive.’

‘Happy days then!!’

‘He only works when we’re winning easily and we need better than that.’

‘He passed me by on his way into the Stadium I bid him farewell in the old fashion way, F… Off , it seems to have worked.

On reflection I hope it wasn’t me the tipped the balance in his decision making, oh dear never mind.’

‘If it was, you should get the freedom of the City….!!’

‘This sentence sums him up.

Ki said he was “really frustrated and disappointed” at their relegation to the Championship after five seasons in the top flight with the club.’

‘And that lazy tw.. had nothing to do with our demise…’

‘Makes you laugh tho.

He puts in 3 decent games all season (consecutively around end-Jan – think he may of chipped in with a goal too).’

‘A talented lazy tw.. and that grates even more again.

What a player he could have been for us had he the graft to go with his ability.’

‘Good riddance – never liked him, never saw what everyone else did; awkward, lazy unskilled.’

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Hope Swansea get back up as Wine Street was the best night out in the Premier League by far will be a massive miss.

  • ghostrider

    If Rafa went in for him then he’s far from lazy.
    Maybe he’s just lost interest in a dire Swansea outfit, or didn’t feel appreciated.
    All we have to hope for is his skill, graft and passion for our cause.

    • TheNutJob

      Rafa went for him, don`t be silly this has Fatty & Penfold`s policy written all over it. a 2nd class average player wanted by Rafa Benitez, please

      • Geordiegiants

        I think he is a Rafa signing, or he would walk and do the same as Keegan.
        Hope your feet are nice and warm. 😉

        • TheNutJob

          he can`t walk, he has a £6m penalty clause hanging over his head

          • Geordiegiants

            Not if he is being lied to, just like Keegan.

        • TheNutJob

          good socks Geordie, i was buying primark & throwing them away, these ones are like new after a wash.

          • Peaky


          • Geordiegiants

            They are only a fiver more in, JD! 🤬

      • ghostrider

        I don’t know who went in for him but like I said, if Rafa did then the player can’t be lazy.
        However, it could well be Ashley and Charnley to expand Ashley’s Asian market for SD, I don’t really know.
        What I do know is, if Rafa is allowing this without having any say in it, then he’s seeing out his contract and is not honourable.

        • Reggae86

          I see your first point. Rafa may well have sanctioned this, even if just to keep up the competition using a player with experience to compliment the large young element in the side. However, I don’t see much honour in accepting defeat and reneging on contract terms to walk away regardless of being wholeheartedly backed by the fans and some of our key players.

  • Toon

    Utter garbage, just selected comments, for all we know there are 20 comments all praising him. Is The Mag a joke or Graham Porter? You decide

    • robert d

      .. sadly there are not. I don’t think any player who has been with us 6 years has failed to engage with fans to the extent Ki has. On his day, as an attacking midfielder, he could be devastating. Unfortunately he insisted on paling defensive midfield an that day was usually a 3 o’clock kick off in April. The only time he received anything like positive support was some fans used his loan to Sunderland as a stick to beat Laudrup (long story but the manager got it right). While at Sunderland his rave reviews were earning your rivals just under a point per game. In their final 6 games Ki didn’t play and they won 5 drew 1 and lost 1.

      • Danimal

        Played 6, won 5, drew 1, lost 1. I knew the Mackems were cheating to stay up every season. First the beach ball, now sneaking in extra games.

  • Wor Lass

    ” ….. hope he does as well as Agent Shelvey.’” That`ll do for me!

    • TheNutJob

      there is no chance of that

  • FatParosite

    So swap up and coming Spanish protege for limp ageing ex-mackem make-weight & the morons will still renew. I hate NUFC fans nearly as much as I hate Ashley.

  • Leazes.

    Typical statements of you average reactionary fan…. it’ll be exactly the same as our reactionaries when Lascelles is sold at the end of the window.

    • TheNutJob

      a second rate free signing and some are jumping for joy, Fatty has their expectations lowered that much they are happy with this

      • Leazes.

        Rafa wasn’t even there to meet him…. these idiots are the same with every signing ‘shrewd acquisitions’ on the way in and ‘useless lazy traitors’ on the way out……fickle!

        Jezza is back from his hols

        • TheNutJob

          i doubt Rafa had any idea he was coming until the meeting with Penfold. he`s going with the flow and will just run down his contract, to be honest i think he`s given up in regards to Ashley

          • Leazes.

            There was an air of ‘surprise’ in his tweet welcoming him….

            ….gone are the days of press conferences its now a lonely figure somewhere in the bowels of the West stand being photographed by an employee and a bloody tweet from the manager from his home in the Wirral.

          • Ram Kishore

            I always expected new players to give press conferences.. the management doesn’t want them ig.. so going for scripted questions

  • Dillon Tovak

    ‘Yep, who cares…hope he does as well as Agent Shelvey.’

    So they hope he becomes our best player? Cheers 🍻

    If he’s Colbacks replacement then it’s a good signing, Merinos and it shows how shyte we are.

    • TheNutJob

      he`s here to replace Merino

    • FatParosite

      Don’t fool yourself this is another Joselu.

    • Geordiegiants

      What has Merino done after his first couple of games to make everyone rate him so highly?

  • robert d

    ‘Whilst there is always going to be bitterness from some fans when a player leaves, these comments are pretty overwhelming in terms of the same view.’
    Just skim the Swansea fan forums for the passed 6 years and you will see the comments are not as a result of him leaving Swansea.
    Jonjo had youth on his side, a point to prove and the attributes to it into a typical English style footballing team (didn’t suit what we had been used to but would probably have done well in the teams we ended up with under Monk and later).

    • Leazes.


    • TheFatController

      Well no wonder Swansea go through so many managers, they all keep picking him to play.

  • TheNutJob

    so Ruben Loftus-Cheek isn`t coming then now we have KI

    • Leazes.

      That would have been a step up and a Rafa type signing.

    • Geordiegiants

      We would never ever of signed Lofts-Cheek. That I’m sure you already knew?

  • FatParosite

    This signing shows we are not even standing still. Standing still would be ambition.

  • Kevin Brown

    One has to give him a chance. Look what they said about shelvey,

    • FatParosite

      Go have a look at robert d’s comment below.

  • Rich Nesbitt

    As a replacement for colback/saivet its worth a punt, we’ll probably make (sorry Ashley) money with shirt sales in south korea. If hes lazy id like to think hed improve with the mentality of our current squad, Diame who was useless pre xmas, turned into a top player once kicked his ass

    • TheNutJob

      Colback`s been missing for 18 months, he` hardly his replacement

      • Kneebotherm8

        Saivet as well……..

  • Stephen Hopkins

    Apart from the honest views of fans who have watched him over a number of years, I took the view that the reasons for his apparent consistent lethargy was the fact that he was forever flying to play for South Korea or coping with the work demands of a wife who is a major star in Korea.
    He had the capability to be a good header of a ball but lost the concept of heading to a team mate or out of play,his tackling was limited and preferred to live off his wits by ‘covering’ space rather than shutting it down.He has limited skills as a dead ball specialist and also his shooting accuracy and power is way below National League level.

    Les hope that he can find himself and play at a good level consistently,I doubt it.

  • Andy Mac

    Interesting that the Chronic mentioned shirt sales in Asia. The transfer has Fatman’s grubby little pawprint on it 🙄

    • Neil Swan

      It does. A free transfer on moderate wages, for the captain of South Korea with the famous wife, to a club with an Asian betting company emblazoned on its shirt… I can hear the cash registers ring-a-dinging! It makes sense in one respect as clubs have been doing it for years, but only as part of their operation- with our hierarchy you know it’s all they’re concerned with, sadly. And the money will not be reinvested. Not KISY’s fault like, have to give him a chance as a player.

  • Desree

    This signing should sell the remaining season tickets

  • robbersdog

    This is all about shirt sales in Sth Korea and Sports Direct’s expansion into Asia. As we all know, NUFC isn’t a football club, it’s a marketing vehicle for Ashley’s main business.

    • Peter C

      Couldn’t have put it better, myself.

      You are 100% right !

      • Peter C

        Sincerely hope that there’s more to this transfer, than purely just the marketing exercise it appears to be, to boost the Sports Direct profile in the Far East.

        I also hope that Ki, can make a genuinely positive impact upon the team, so it can silence the aggrieved fans of his previous clubs, but I have my doubts.

        Hopefully looking forward to more incoming transfers of the right kind, players with talent, and who want to wear the black and white shirt with pride, and not just for, a big fat pay cheque and signing on fee !

        Oops, have posted it, to myself.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    One of the comments said agent Shelvey what the hell haha, I’d say he’s been a success here

  • TheFatController

    He’s going to be battling Hayden to displace Shelvey and Diame. Whether he works out or not, if you look at the form of Diame and Shelvey recently he isn’t going to play much – so hardly worth sweating this one surely ?

    Also, given he may well warm the bench, there is the irony that fans complain £20m last summer got tied up in bench warmers Merino and Murphy. Now Rafa has paid £0m for a bench warmer freeing up cash to go towards a first team improvement (Kenedy anyone?) no doubt

    I presume this is Rafa’s clever strategy, telling Ashley sometimes 29 year olds can be good value even if there’s no sell on to be had.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Recurring word in the comments is “Lazy”………..if true,Rafa will knock that out of him or he’s destined for two years on the bench……at best…………he certainly turned Shelvey around when he joined from Swansea,who left with similar fans’ comments ringing in his ears….

    • FatParosite

      I don’t buy it….. But I’d also suggest Rafa hasn’t either…..

      • Kneebotherm8

        That could well be true…

  • Steve Smith

    I’d find it hard to get motivated playing in a Frankie and Benny’s car park too.

  • Nut

    Why folk are slating the poor guy already saying he is a downgrade on Merinho I don’t get.

    He hasn’t played for us yet. Milan were supposedly interested too.

    He had good form when Swansea had a decent passing side and good rapport with Shelvey.

    This signing makes sense.

    If he clicks again with Shelvey then he would be an upgrade on Merinho who hasn’t actually been able to get a run in the side as he hasn’t proven up to scratch since he was injured.

    There is no guarantee Merinho goes either.

    Either way could prove a master stroke signing.

    July will be when we see more signings. Contracts are ending and that’s when things will start moving as clubs sign up free transfers and shift on others for fees.

    Not to mention July is also when we receive money from the premier league.

    • SH.ER

      Agree, as i said a few days ago the only fear i have is his laziness
      Let’s see what Benitez do with him

  • Desree

    The Swansea fans seem to be saying what we said about Sissoko. Can’t be a good thing.