West Brom fans were expecting their club to spend big this summer.

Relegated from the Premier League, the Baggies will get over £41m in parachute payments this coming season.

With parachute payments now front loaded (West Brom will get £34m and then £15m in the next two seasons if not promoted), the first season down is obviously the best chance for any club to get back to the top tier.

Otherwise the finances get ever worse and/or you could even sink into League One like Sunderland.

Last season saw both Wolves and Middlesbrough signing a player for £15m or more, suggesting a blurring of the edges now when it comes to transfer fees ambitious Championship clubs might pay, compared to some of those at the bottom end of the Championship. Newcastle United’s biggest buy last season was £10m for Jacob Murphy…

Thursday brought news that both Middlesbrough and Stoke had been in talks with Newcastle for Matt Ritchie, with a £15m price tag if they make a move.

So far, West Brom fans have seen no new signings but their expectations are still high, with players from Premier League clubs expected to be targeted.

The Birmingham Mail asked West Brom fans who they would like to see brought in and both Aleksandar Mitrovic and Dwight Gayle were popular choices.

These are just a few of the comments:

“Dwight Gayle would fire us to promotion. Guaranteed goals.”

“Dwight Gale and Mitrovic along with the Brentford Midfield ”

“Sam johnstone, Ryan woods, Alexander Mitrovic.”

For Newcastle fans, they wonder where the goals will come from next season, with only a late burst of goals propelling Ayoze Perez to be top scorer last season with a meagre eight goals.

Both Gayle and Mitrovic are strikers who have shown they are more than good enough to score regularly in the Championship but still yet to totally prove themselves in the top tier.

The conundrum for Rafa Benitez is where he can find better goalscoring prospects, on a budget that would almost certainly be the same or less as what Newcastle would bank for the likes of Gayle and Mitro?

Without a goalscorer who gets at least double figures, it puts a massive strain on the team.

As for the players themselves, Aleksandar Mitrovic is sure to be expecting to be playing in the Premier League next season, with Fulham seemingly favourites, whilst how can Rafa sell Gayle without at least one or two more credible goalscorers coming in>

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Would definitely keep Gayle and Ritchie. I am sure that Gayle would double his goal tally given the chance and without Ritchie’s work rate would be in trouble.

    • Peter C

      Christ, wonders never cease, I actually agree with something you say.

      Told you, a broken clock, at lease tells the right time, twice a day.

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      So would I, however, I think Gayle is a confidence striker posing on instinct. When he’s first choice and starts scoring he looks a threat, fast, quick feet and gets his shot away early. When he’s coming off the bench, he seems to over-think and try too hard.

      I don’t think he will start games because I think Rafa will buy his choice of Striker with what Rafa feels is more of an all round game.

      That will leave Gayle back to over-thinking things when he comes on and losing confidence.

      Ritchie is an asset, not as flamboyant as some wide players but works very hard and is effective.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Yes think a confident on form Gayle could become a good striker. Missed a few last season which on another day would have took.
        Always happier when Ritchie is on the team sheet .

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      If Gayle doubled his goal tally, which i very much doubt he`s still not good enough to start for Newcastle, he would be on the bench

      • 1957

        His best to date in the PL is 7 for Palace. That and a career record record of 21 goals in 109 games in 4 seasons doesn’t suggest he might reach double figures for a season, although he has more chance than the one striker who is guaranteed to be staying the mighty Hoss.

        • TheNutJob

          🐎 🐎 🐎

        • Mike Adam

          Blows my mind that some of the same fans who bad mouth Mitro can in turn think that Gayle can score the goals we need. Especially when there is no evidence in his PL body of work.

          • 1957

            It blew my mind that Benitez stuck with the Hoss through the long spell without a win. I often thought why not go for broke and play Gayle with Mitrovic, things couldn’t get worse and then I remembered Hoss ran about more in training and followed instructions better…especially the not scoring one.

          • Mike Adam

            I loved it when the opposing defenders twice kicked the ball off of Hoss deflecting into the net. They were his best two shots all season. Oh and I loved how hard he worked in training too mate.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    In a perfect world Newcastle would sell all their strikers & start from scratch because none of them are good enough.
    will Mitro bring in £20m, i doubt it & Fulham are hardly kicking the door down to buy him.

    • Desree

      Remember when we sold Kelly, Peacock and Mick Quinn and bought Cole and Beardsley (alchy Allen and Alex Mathie)

  • Desree

    If west Bromwich fans think Mitrovic is a good signing and likely to happen it shows he has truly found his level.

    • Mike Adam

      Yeah, you don’t dislike him. Then why do you go out of your way to critisize on every article pertaining to him??? Why do you care who West Brom signs? Sure seems like an agenda to me.

      • Desree

        Because I find it amusing that such a bang average player has so many fans fooled.

        • Mike Adam

          That is your opinion and I do respect it. It is amusing to me why so many go out of their way to critisize and down the lad. We will both find out next year when he is playing every week how bang average he really is, and who really got fooled.

          • Desree

            Maybe. Maybe. My biggest frustration are those who go out of their way to big up Mitro AND undermine Rafa. Putting Mitros abilities aside, Rafa is a man of principles. Mitro let the club and Rafa down the 5-1 win against spurs.

            I truly believe Mitro was in Rafas plans up until that point.

            Again principles meant that hoss was played. Rafa showing Ashley what would happen if he truly believed that he could palm off a 5m striker.

            Rafa is a man of principles which means you can predict how he will act. And you know where you stand as a player.

            Mitro had a reputation before he even came to the club of being trouble.

            So I find it incredible that some fans are skating Rafa for being a man of principles. Especially when the owner causes so much heart ache for the very same fans

          • Mike Adam

            I don’t quite get the, for lack of a better term, unquestionable faith that many of you have in this manager. Do you really never question anything he does? I think he is a great manager, defensively.
            I do question managers and coaches in sports, if I disagree with something they do. That is just who I am and all managers/coaches make mistakes. I do however understand how you feel towards fans who constantly critisize and undermind the manager.

            It is pretty shallow though of this man of principles to cast aside this young lad for his actions in a single game if what you say is true.

            Anyway, my opinion this past season was that the best striker we had was played for 89 minutes in the PL. And to top it off a player with no track record of success was played before him. A player who when on the pitch most times made me feel like we were playing with 10 men. A player who contributed to many of the 14 times we were shut out, yet Mitro was never given a chance and then loaned out.

            We could continue to debate all of the other little points, but they have been talked to death. Why don’t we as I said let Mitro decide. Next year will tell us a lot about him as a player, how bang average he really is and who actually got fooled. So, I will keep in touch.

          • Desree

            Even if mitro has a great season, one swallow doesn’t make a summer.

            Do I agree with every selection Rafa makes. No.

            IMHO what Rafa has done and continues to do is galvanise a city, a club and a team.

            The team is greater than any individual and Rafa has made that clear. The players give their all. That is the expectation.

          • Mike Adam

            Well if he has a great season next year, that would be two great seasons in a row IMO. If you take his 2017/18 he scored 20 goals in 34 appearances in all competitions, Joselu has only scored 37 goals in his entire career. Mitro can only score in the games he actually plays in !!! Not a bad year. Please remember I am not one who is against Rafa, nor am I trying to undermind him in any way. I simply find the non playing of Mitro and the playing of Joselu in the first half of the seaon unacceptable IMO. I do believe Mitro will prove himself next season in the PL. That aside I do believe in Rafa. I do agree that no player is bigger than the club. I also believe that the playing of Joselu over Mitro in the first half of the season was a mistake, that is all.

  • 5floorshigh

    oh yes that Gayle bloke, the one who is faster, mobile and hard working……but cant score more goals in a premiership season than a lazy, slow, useless cart horse called Mitrovic

  • Paul Patterson

    Whilst a top, clinical striker is surely required, I can’t help but suggest that improving the supply line would help matters considerably. Dwight Gayle is a decent striker, who can’t be relied upon when he feeds of scraps. We can’t just sell the whole forward line.

  • Desree

    In the last decade our best football has been played with a fast, skillful and mobile front man and a creative midfielder. Demba, Remy and Gayle supported by Cabaye and Shelvey.

    With the exception being Andy Carrol for 18 months and Nolan.

    I was really surprised by Gayles versatility ot goals in the championship. But the PL is a massive leap for strikers.

    It is notable that we hardly ever win penalties. We just have no threat up front. We need peace and guile. You could argue that shearer’s stated too long and halted the progress of the team under Robson to suit his strengths.

    NUFC fans obsessed with old fashioned forwards doesn’t help.