Jamaal Lascelles is the most in demand player on the club’s books.

The Newcastle United Captain being the rock at the back, which was the biggest factor in NUFC reaching safety with still a month to go.

The stats with and without him in the team are startling.

No wonder the likes of Liverpool, Tottenham, Everton and Chelsea are all repeatedly linked with Jamaal Lascelles.

Possible selling prices of up to £45m have been mentioned and some Newcastle fans think maybe dealing on the NUFC Captain could be a good move, if Rafa gets any transfer fee added to his summer budget.

A word of warning.

The best and most influential centre-back that Newcastle have had in my lifetime, is Jonathan Woodgate.

Yes, I know it is difficult to claim he was influential because of the limited number of games he played, BUT in the games he did play, what a brilliant player he proved to be.

Jonathan Woodgate arrived at Newcastle in January 2003 and helped NUFC finish third in the Premier League that season.

In 2003/04 it proved to be Woodgate’s only full season at St James Park and he was the real shining light in a difficult season.

A bit like Jamaal Lascelles, when Newcastle played with Jonathan Woodgate they were so much better.

Injury prone, Woodgate started 18 of the 38 PL games of 2003/04.

With Woodgate in the team, Newcastle had a record of W8 D8 L2, with 32 points from 18 games at an average of 1.78 points per game.

Without Woodgate in the team, Newcastle had a record of W5 D9 L6 with 24 points from 20 games at an average of 1.20 points per game.

With Woodgate playing, Newcastle conceded 13 goals in 18 games, without him it was 27 goals in 20 games, almost twice as many on average.

August 2004 saw Newcastle sell Jonathan Woodgate to Real Madrid and what a difference it made (although I do accept that with Woodgate there was never a guarantee he could stay fit) to Newcastle United.

Sir Bobby Robson was sacked after only a handful of matches and Graeme Souness brought in, however the loss of Jonathan Woodgate was arguably the biggest factor in Newcastle sinking from fifth in 2003/04 to 14th in 2004/05/

Newcastle actually scored only five less goals (47 compared to 52 in 2003/04) but in terms of goals conceded it went from 40 to 57 without Woodgate.

Without the former Leeds defender, Newcastle actually lost more points from winning positions in 2004/05, than in any other Premier League season so far.

These are the games where Newcastle led, only to end up drawing or losing, final score and then in brackets the winning score(s) NUFC held:

Middlesbrough 2 Newcastle 2 (0-2)

Newcastle 2 Norwich 2 (2-0)

Aston Villa 4 Newcastle 2 (1-2)

Birmingham 2 Newcastle 2 (0-1)

Charlton 1 Newcastle 1 (0-1)

Newcastle 1 Everton 1 (1-0)

Newcastle 1 Portsmouth 1 (1-0)

Liverpool 3 Newcastle 1 (0-1)

Blackburn 2 Newcastle 2 (0-1 and 1-2)

Man City 1 Newcastle 1 (0-1)

Newcastle 1 Charlton 1 (1-0)

Portsmouth 1 Newcastle 1 (0-1)

Man Utd 2 Newcastle 1 (0-1)

Newcastle 1 Chelsea 1 (1-0)

The final 2004/05 Premier League table:

jamaal lascelles

In total, a massive 31 points were lost in 2004/05 PL games where Newcastle had taken the lead at least once, these 11 draws and three defeats.

Considering Newcastle finished only eight points off eighth, fourteen off sixth, and seventeen off fourth, if Jonathan Woodgate had stayed and been able to play throughout the season, or a similar standard replacement signed, then where could NUFC have ended up in the table instead?

Key players who are also leaders and organisers, such as Jonathan Woodgate and Jamaal Lascelles, are sometimes almost irreplaceable.

A massive risk if Newcastle did sell Lascelles, no matter how much they might get for him.

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  • Fireman Sam

    Heart and soul of the team. In the current market anything less than £50m is a steal.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Problem is the fee wouldn`t be used to improve the team,
      the Pig would pocket it.

      • Wezza147

        Indeed he would along with the TV money.

      • Vodkamagpie

        Absolutely, 60mil over 5 years, 12mil a year, will absolutely not improve Newcastle as a club, financially absolutely not.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Woodgate was the best Newcastle defender i`ve ever seen, if he was playing today he`d break the current transfer record for a central defender, he had the lot.
    Anyway on to the Jamaal situation, if the fee exceeds £50m the Obese One will sell him, end of story

    • Mal

      I agree about your assessment of Woodgate but how did he ever pass that medical at RM 😀

  • Depressed Toon Fan

    I agree we can’t sell Lascelles at any price. 45m wouldn’t replace what we would be losing, a huge presence at the back, a leader on and off the pitch and a real top character. This guy is the real glue that Benitez needs to keep the squad tight. We wouldn’t get the money all in one go, so Benitez would only get a fraction of the fee and what we would lose would be the unity in the squad and points in the league next year. Lets not cripple ourselves before the season even begins.

  • Wezza147

    If football was a priority for MA then we wouldn’t sell him at any price but since money is the number 1 priority then I can see him being sold whether Rafa wants to or not. We don’t have to sell to buy either and even if we did the money wouldn’t be put back in to get players in.
    Lascelles was a rock solid leader last season and bagged some very important goals too. I still can’t believe Phil Jones goes to the world cup and Lascelles didn’t. Criminal. If he goes it will be a major ***tstorm.

    • Clarko

      ‘even if we did the money wouldn’t be put back in to get players in’

      Not true.

      • GlasgowMag

        Well Done Clarko 100 percent correct mate!!

        Pitty about your typo at the end you should really get your keyboard fixed 😂😂😂

        • Clarko

          What typo?

  • Leazes.

    Give over….the only people who would take the money are ‘Wind-Up-Merchants’ not fans….. I don’t count them…. I block them!

    It’s certainly a lesson from History…. sell your best players and the repercussions are many fold, even worse sell to a competitor and you will create a malaise which envelopes everything around the club for years and years.

    That’s why Ashley does it, and that’s why Charnley hides.

  • Paul Patterson

    Woodgate and Lascelles are two entirely different situations. Getting £13m for a permacrock was good business especially as he was injured at the time. Lascelles plays nearly every game, is captain, a good young English defender and can nick goals from set pieces. Plus, his sale shouldn’t dictate if we have spending money. Its more than reasonable to expect £60m before sales. As for Lascelles–not even for £60m. Come back with £80m and we can talk.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      I wouldn`t sell him for any price, if he said he wanted to go then that`s a different ball game, but as long as Rafa`s here he won`t

    • Jin

      80mill?! hahaha talk about deluded. no international caps, no europa or champions league caps, nothing to show for in his career apart from a championship medal and a season in the premier league and you want a fee that would put him in one of the top 10 transfer fees of all time?! keep him!

      • Paul Patterson

        You support who?

        • JonMag


      • Lostprofit DBC

        If he played for any of the top 6 he would have international caps. Shame on you Southgate! As good as Van Djyk. How much did he cost?

    • Duh

      Also, if Real Madrid comes in, you have to let a player go, that’s a special opportunity. Spurs and Chelsea are not and certainly not Everton.

    • Leazes.

      They got revenge with Owen.

      • JonMag

        in spades

      • Geordiegiants

        Didn’t they not!

  • Albert Stubbins

    Woodgate was that good he even managed to make Titus Bramble look like a defender, an almost impossible task. Lascelles has that sorry of influence on the rest of his team mates. Would another player worth twice as much have that much of a positive influence on the rest of the team whilst at the same time performing to such a high level on the pitch? We need to keep Jamaal. Great player and inspirational leader!!

  • Steven05

    £500m wouldn’t help us at all. Once upon a time transfer fees brought in were reinvested. We are just way ahead of the 19 other clubs – utter dinosaurs

  • Coach Clagnut

    You’ve not been paying attention have you Dean. Fatty doesn’t do history. You can squawk and scream however loudly you want but Fatty isn’t listening. He gets 125 large from the league and upward of 60+ from sales.

    Now, let me think. I can cream about 200 million from prize money & sales or give Rafa 50 from the 125. Go on, take a guess on which way he’s likely to jump.

    He hates us and we hate him. It’ll be a cold day in that mythical place invented for the feeble minded before Fatty will ever do anything that might get our juices flowing.
    Following the N.U.F.C should carry a ” Abandon All Hope” caveat.

    How soon Fatty will shuffle off this mortal coil is all we can realistically cling to for the forseeable.

    • Duh


      • Coach Clagnut

        Have a lie down kidda. Rest your brain cell.

        • Duh

          That’s one more than you

      • Geordiegiants

        You saying he is wrong like?

  • Duh

    According to rumors we are signing 300 other players so don’t worry about, plenty of replacements to choose from

  • JonMag

    you build a team around a Keeper, a centre back, a midfield player & a striker.
    you have good players in those positions you`re nearly there.
    Brian Clough.

    • Geordiegiants

      We don’t have one decent striker though. That’s the whole top and bottom of it.

      • JonMag

        spot on & we won`t be getting one as long as Fatso`s here

        • Geordiegiants

          Definitely not they cost money, the problem is a lot of our fans expectations have dropped that low they think Mitro is some sort of super star. He has all the passion and all the love for the football club, but he just hasn’t quite got it at the highest level.

          • Jonathan Gibson

            Your talking to mitros biggest fan, clueless spotty teenager from row 7 at home at best and arm chair away

        • Jonathan Gibson

          Spot on? Whats happened to sucking on mitro u bell

          • JonMag

            I`ll bell you, you stupid c nut, now [email protected]@k off, Keyboard warrior.
            BLOCKED, so i don`t have to read the shyte you post

          • Jonathan Gibson

            Lol, you generally say completely inapprpriate comments to many, clearly a little teenage child, jonmug

  • scumtest

    Why would any of our fans want to sell him? The money IS NOT getting reinvested, the bloke is our captain and is clearly happy in his role…

  • Martin

    Not sure that Lascelles is quite in the Woodgate class as yet. It would however be a disaster if we sold him as we could not replace him. Selling your best players never works unless they are unhappy and want away.

    • Wor Lass

      He`ll never be in Woodgate`s class as a technical footballer but he`s there as an effective leader of men. What a shame Woodgate was so injury prone – the best English centre half since Bobby Moore. I dare say we could get a very decent replacement for him if he was sold and IF the money was made available to Rafa but I don`t think we`d get anyone who would be so committed to our club and the manager. He`s crucial to our future, as you say.

      • Martin

        Agreed. Entirely different player to Woodgate but an exceptional leader.

  • Nut

    Would I sell Lachelles, would I heck no! But we have another player who plays alongside him who doesnt appear to be getting appreciation, at the start of the season Lejune was good, showed promise, then Harry Kane gave him that nightmare tackle and nearly wrote him off.

    It took a while for him to get back into the team but when he did his performances were too notch, he alongside Lachelles makes the defence tick.

    Another player being talked about going for 10 million from us…. I would say that would be a massive mistake, he has the pottential to be one of our best ever, his stats by all accounts ar better than Lachelles.

  • Lostprofit DBC

    It’s maybe true but it will be lost on our owner. We all know the only stats that he’s interested in. £45m – £4m.

  • Leazes.

    Quite an amazing organ the chronicle. On a daily basis associating the most ridiculous names with the club oblivious to the owner and the really poor directorate. guiding it. They have interviewed Carr and they know the rule that was set up with regard to the purchase and wage ceilings of players, and yet on they blunder to another frenzy of speculation, before the world cup.

    These people didn’t invent fake news but they are the true masters of it.

    ‘Fake News’ was invented by Alan Oliver in 1978

  • Cockneytrev

    If he is going to Chelsea, it should be a player swap, as Benitez will never see any of the money,, I’d ask for Kennedy and loftus cheek,,

  • Jonathan Gibson

    Good piece..
    Lacelles and in fact lejune are the best centre halves since woodgate and i personally wouldnt swap them for any other centre half pairing in the premiership, superb defence we have and the old saying, you build from the back.
    Lacelles should definately not be sold, the lad has made it clear he is happy, another couple of years he will be englands best.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    He has signed a new contract, has said he is staying and not moving anywhere to sit on the bench. His centre half partner is equally as good if not better as his footballing skills are top class. Support the club it’s your duty.

    • Paul Patterson

      Contracts mean f**k all you idiot..

      • mentalman

        they mean he can’t be forced to leave the club

    • Big Hairy Man

      Shame the owner doesn’t support the club.

    • Desree

      The new contract means more leverage when selling. Nothing more.

  • magpiefifer

    Whatever we think as supporters,if a big offer comes in for Lascelles – or any player – Ashley will take it, he doesn’t give a t0ss!!!!!

  • Geordiegiants

    He really is priceless to our team, we won’t get the money to spend on anyone else, and we would never get the leadership he has given since the relegation run in. It’s funny how the majority of our fans were on his case the end of the championship and beginning of this season though 🤔.

  • 5floorshigh

    great defender and great captain but his ability to bring the ball out and his passing ability leave a lot of room for improvement (hence not going to Russia)…….sell at 45M ? not for me, got to keep him.

  • TheNutJob

    £45m, Jabba will sell him without a second thought, that`s why he was brought to Newcastle in the 1st place. buy young & cheap, sell when developed.

  • Megatron1505

    As a player Lascelles is no Woodgate, as a captain/ influence Woodgate was no Lascelles. What Lascelles brings is a vocal presence we’ve missed since we lost Nolan, Coloccini never spoke.

    As a player he isn’t worth £45m, as an influence on our squad he is priceless.

    However, as history has shown the price tag is irrelevant as it won’t be made available to reinvest.

  • LEE

    Bye bye Jamal.

  • Weyhhadaway

    At an ambitious club they would hang on to him tooth and nail. We will make a nice littler earner thank you very much.