Sunderland fans had their brief moment of glory when telling Newcastle supporters to ‘enjoy Burton’ two summers ago.

Newcastle United relegated for a second time under Mike Ashley and the Mackems having the upper hand.

Newcastle fans of course did ‘enjoy Burton’, beating them home and away as they went up as champions.

The two full seasons under the expert guidance of Rafa Benitez have coincided with a three division shift between the two clubs.

NUFC promoted and then finishing top ten in the Premier League, whilst Sunderland fans have seen their fortunes plummet, ending consecutive seasons rock bottom of the Premier League and Championship.

There has been much bravado this summer from the Mackems, claiming they are happy to be having a rest away from a stale Premier League (and presumably a stale Championship as well….).

However, Thursday morning has been their reality check.

The fixtures are out for the lower leagues and Sunderland fans can now plan ahead when their big games are this season.

They open their season at home to Charlton on Saturday 4 August (a week earlier than the Premier League) and then the rest of that month sees them up against Luton, AFC Wimbledon, Scunthorpe and Gillingham.

Saturday 8 September sees them ‘welcome’ Joey Barton and Fleetwood Town to Wearside, which should be interesting.

The Mackems look sure to be an interesting sideshow this season, with of course extra cup commitments as well, including potentially playing Newcastle’s kids in the group stages of the Checkatrade Trophy!

If they get off to a good start then just like fans of any side, if you have a winning team in any division then you can enjoy it and there should be harmony within the club.

However, if things don’t go in a positive direction then the meltdown with the Sunderland fans and the new owners (who have been telling the Mackems everything they think they want to hear, including how much they don’t like Newcastle United) will be something special.

Here’s hoping.

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  • Toon

    The melt down for NUFC fans could be equally as bad if it all goes wrong this season. Crawl back under rock Sam, your write ups are embarrassing

    • Alan Graham

      Crawl back under the rocks Sam? Some people are ridiculous. He’s writing a short article for us to read for free. Such Whiney bitches on the internet

      • Leazes.

        I’m afraid a lot of the ‘people’ who post articles on the MAG aren’t real fans but work in the media business to provide articles they think will provoke hits, without engaging the mood of fans because they cant… they provide nom de plume names as well without realising that ‘Geordie’ names are very much regionalised…. there are some bizarre combinations of first and surnames that no mother would ever contemplate.

        • Jonathan Drape-Comyn

          you’re an idiot

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Now Gillingham there is a depressing place. We played then recently and it took ages to get through the Tunnel and over the bridge. The houses were boarded up pouring down with rain and hardly any pubs near the ground that would let you in. Jezza will be upset with another anti Sunderland article so let’s have another one on Friday.

    • TheFatController

      Your writing of the drab and down at heel elements of England is as eloquent and evocative as DH Lawrence in his prime.

      I keep meaning to read ‘Sons and Lovers and Monkseaton Mugpie’.

  • Scottie Chugger Dearden

    They are so far down now, I had forgotten about them! I suppose they can stop going on about 6 in a row now and maybe make a new DVD call it from Fleetwood to Ewood!

    • TheFatController

      just to clarify. They’re now below Blackburn in the football league pyramid system …

      • Scottie Chugger Dearden

        Ha ha I can confirm they are below Blackburn I think it may be a misunderstood title it’s on the proviso they get promoted this season and face Blackburn next season and God willing we’ll still have Rafa if Ashley doesn’t screw it up .

        • TheFatController

          They can’t even play Blackburn this season in the ‘ourgroundsnowabungalow’ cup for third and fourth pyramid teams.

          Blackburn must be gutted.

  • Leazes.

    There is a Sam Hepworth at Head Of Communications and Digital Media at Whizz-Kidz in London….is that you?

    I suppose the name Hepworth well its northern if you consider Last of the summer wine country to be the North… I don’t.

    Which other fan sites do you work for?

    Any particular allegiances…Spurs….Arsenal?
    ……or do you just produce articles that provoke hits without any knowledge of the club? How much do they pay you?

    I’ve been looking into these sites that are really operating as marketing tools for income via advertising mostly based in London, they’re of a genre called ‘Snack Media’ or something….. they provide a tool for ‘click-baiting’ at the bottom of the article hosted by the likes of Diqus.

    Its professionally produced and its ever so ‘off key’ and not with the mood of fans!

    I’ll bet this doesn’t provoke a response!

  • TheFatController

    The fixtures against Wimbledon Charlton and Luton would once upon a time have been top flight.

    Clearly football isn’t as good now as it used to be…

  • SuperDesHamilton

    3 days without an article on that league 1 team, must be a miracle! I wanna know about my club not the one Monkseaton supports

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Except you do not support them you admitted you had not been for four years. I went to the Stadium of Light three times one season to see the first team, the reserves and the under 18’s win a cup tie.

      • SuperDesHamilton

        What did you get at the end of that off mr Ashley, a sports direct mug..for a mug? Über fan, you’ll be on soccer am doing the football thing next instead of taking pens you’ll be preaching about FFP & saint mike Ashley

        • Monkseaton Magpies

          Always in the three bulls for ten am so sorry might see you there one day if we get back into the top six again you and many more on here that’s if you can get a ticket.

          • Lhc#Freetommyrobinson

            Haha quality response!

  • Tweed Mag

    Great article if you suffer from insomnia. Tried three times to get past the third paragraph but dropped off every time.