That is the word on the lips of all Newcastle fans this summer.

Is there any at our club? Something tangible. A game changer that will get fans buzzing for the new season that lies ahead.

The answer, as things stand, is quite easy: No.

It’s a tough one to swallow given the sort of club we know NUFC can be with a bit of momentum.

Rafa’s ambitious.

The fans are ambitious.

However, the owner has put in place some truly draconian limits on spending which seem to make growing the football business a very difficult task. We’re a club that inches along and we have done so for the 11 years that Mike Ashley has been at the helm.

It may well be some sort of advert for sustainability, but those on the terraces look at Newcastle Utd and wonder just where the money is going.

There are clubs that were promoted alongside us who have been able to lever more money for players.

Wolverhampton Wanderers are looking like the success story to keep an eye on this summer too. They’re monied and they aren’t afraid to speculate in a bid to accumulate. If you want to see ambition, Mr Ashley, then just take a look at Wolves. It’s a heck of a story.

Meanwhile, we’re on the brink of the NUFC players returning for pre-season. It’s crunch time.

If the TV money is hitting the bank in July then now is the time to show some ambition and go out and get the centre forward, the midfielder and defenders that we need for another crack at getting to 40 points in the Premier League.

Faith in the manager is unbreakable but faith in the NUFC ‘board’ and the owner is pretty much rock bottom.

Yeah, we finished tenth. Yeah, we have something to build on. Yeah, we’ve got a big wage bill that is eating up cash.

But the power brokers really need to change the record between now and August 9, before it’s too late, and the project that started under Benitez starts to come off the rails.

They’ve sent out the season ticket renewals. The prices have gone up. No quality new players have arrived, bar the keeper. No sign of the manager signing a new deal. Newcastle fans are getting nervous.

The big ticket issues remain unresolved, festering sores almost.

There is something that would settle it all down – it’s called ambition.

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  • Peaky

    Nail hit totally on the head…

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Project Benitez never got off the ground.

  • Leazes.

    And the Chairman remains dumb silent, snubbing the fans…..

  • Tino11

    “Ambition” is an unnecessarily expensive dirty word for Mike Ashley and the Board.

  • Philippines

    I thought the ‘word’ was going to be WHAT.

    • Coble’s Return

      I thought – “B0ll0cks”

  • george styran

    i blame the fans as long as he gets 50,000 in the ground he wont change

    • TheNutJob


    • Dave Pattinson

      Stay away! Ok, we know he’ll try to fill the seats with tourists, but it’ll end up quieter than a library. Don’t buy his merch, or frequent his shops. Sure , it hurts, but worth it if we want our club back.

  • TheNutJob

    forget the Fat Gringo, enjoy the World Cup. the Mighty Serb takes centre stage again tonight, or as he`s affectionately referred to by leazes
    as that big oaf

  • magpiefifer

    After 11 years of the fat one’s ownership are you seriously expecting ambition!?

  • Toon

    Yawn, read/ heard it all before a million times, makes no difference season ticket renewals will be the same and Ashley laughs at you. Surely people are as bored writing it as people are reading it?

  • TheFatController

    You mention wolves and ambition matched by spend.

    The apologists know something we don’t. The PL say they will relegate any club spending to match ambition next May.

    This is why they tell us that all 13 outside the top 6 will ‘do a Leeds’ when they are all relegated in May.

    So we’ll be 7th, justifying Ashley’s gamble.

    You spend, you die. That’s the PL mantra now.

  • Fireman Sam

    The question is, where has all the money gone mike?