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Sunderland fans react to Joey Barton comments – Amusing

1 year ago

Joey Barton has enjoyed a ‘lively’ relationship with Sunderland fans down the years.

In his time at Newcastle United, he wasn’t shy of winding them up.

Even in these seven years since leaving St James Park, Barton has given at least as good as he has got when exchanging ‘banter’ on social media with Sunderland fans.

Looking ahead to his first season as a manager (head coach), Joey Barton has managed to do it again.

Although his comments don’t appear to be that bad, at least to normal people.

Joey Barton speaking to official Fleetwood Town site:

“League One is a very very competitive league, incredibly tough environment.

“Some massive clubs in League One next season.

“The likes of your Sunderland, who will still be on a kind of parachute payment structure.

“So looking forward to, as a former Newcastle player, to certainly test my tactical wits against the might of Sunderland.”

However, as you can see below, the mackems have read plenty mischief into Barton’s comments, enjoy.

Sunderland fans react via their Ready To Go (on to League Two) message board:

‘Everyone remember he just said that.

Imagine f….ing Fleetwood town and their 27 fans turning up to a 50,000 seater stadium with the lads singing loud and proud beating the f…ing scumbag.’

‘Shame he didn’t want to test himself against the might of Dickson Etuhu the coward.’

‘Oh no, the tactical genius is going to do the 5-1 sign, its devastating to know those 2 numbers add up to 6.’

‘He’s an ex-mag, so it goes with the territory .

Those 1100+/- tickets for Fleetwood away will be like gold dust now.

Perfect scenario : lads win 4-0 away and condemn Fleetwood to an 8th successive defeat ensuring the sack the following morning.

We can but dream…..’

‘So, are Fleetwood our rivals now?’


A little added spice to the match….Yes.

So add the above with a very small allocation, first visit to the ground and an easy/reachable journey, it will make the limited tickets available that but more sought after.

I for one will be singing “maggie reject, maggie reject” with a little more passion then usual.’

‘Hopefully he’s hit by a large vehicle before then.’

‘We should sign Gibson back up.’

‘Hopefully sacked by then.’

‘How’s that obsessed?

He’s factually correct, in case you hadn’t realised we are in League One, the same league as Fleetwood Town.

No need for the billy big bollocks attitude.’

‘Give it a rest mate, he has done nothing but slag our fans off for years.

You are right no need for his Billy Big Bollox attitude, he is manager of Fleetwood town, why is he so concerned about The Lads and the Skunks?’

‘We should be smashing teams like that.’

‘So he has made a comment designed to provoke a reaction which he has got.

Probably won’t happen, as I think Sunderland will win the league, but how will you react if Fleetwood hammer Sunderland in both games?’

‘Tin hat on, I hated the fella but I think he comes across alright, tells it how it is.’

‘He gets on well with Sean Dyche so I can see a few Burnley young uns going there. He will be a nightmare to play for.

Nobody likes a clever bast… but a thick bast… who thinks he is clever is even worse.’

‘Wouldn’t mind testing my steamroller driving skills on him.’

‘Dear me. Trying to wind 5under1and fans up is literally the highlight of his career.’

‘Didn’t we pelt him last time he was at the scum, hoyed everything at him

Certain the polis told him to stop warming up near the SWC

For his own safety.’

‘A simple minded radgepacket with Google Quotes who thinks he’s an intellectual. I hope bad things happen to him every day of his life.’

‘Tbf I heard him interviewed the other morning and he never had a dig at us at all, just said it was unthinkable a few years ago for Fleetwood fans to be visiting a stadium like the SoL for a league game.’

‘He’d probably sign for us if we paid him.

Irrelevant person.’

Barton is a disaster waiting to happen.’

‘The bloke is seeking attention …lets not give him it chaps.’

‘Can’t believe this clown’s got a job in management. Hope he fails miserably.’


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