Former Newcastle defender Steven Taylor is now looking for another club, having been transfer listed by Peterborough.

Some mischievous people have suggested that maybe Sunderland should make a move…

The Mackems are set to play Peterborough this season in League One but now in the balance whether Taylor will be involved.

The centre-back says that Newcastle was still the first result he looked out for last season, then the second one being Sunderland…

Steven Taylor was always keen to wind up Sunderland fans ahead of the derby matches and that was fine when Newcastle had the upper hand – but as things fell flat under Pardew, so did Taylor’s attempts at humour.

Speaking at the St James Park showing of the new Sir Bobby Robson film documentary, Taylor paid Rafa Benitez the biggest tribute, saying Rafa is ‘the closest thing to him now.’

Steven Taylor adding: ‘Everybody loves Rafa and when you see what he’s done this year, it’s been amazing.’

Certainly can’t disagree with Taylor on this one.

Steven Taylor speaking to NUFC TV:

“Keeping big players happy is a gift.

“Sir Bobby certainly had that and Rafa’s got that too.

“There were a lot of players in the squad when I was coming through who would be very angry after training or games at not playing. They’d be on the phone to their agents.

“Then they’d go into Bobby Robson’s office and when they came out, they’d have their arm around him giving him a cuddle!

“That’s the kind of guy that he was. You can have as many badges as you want but you need that man-management, and the ability to deal with different personalities of the squad.

“I think that’s the biggest thing for managers – dealing with individual players. Everybody’s different, everybody needs a bit of loving, and it’s how you go about doing that.

“We had some special nights under Sir Bobby, and the closest thing to him is Rafa now.

“I think it’s the way he goes about his business, the way he is around the whole area and the feel good factor around the city now.

“Everybody loves Rafa and when you see what he’s done this year, it’s been amazing.

“After every game with Peterborough, I’d put the TV on Sky Sports to see what the results were; the first team I look for is Newcastle, the second one I look for is Sunderland…

“The lads at Peterborough know what I’m all about.

“We often talk about the good times at Newcastle and Europe, and under Sir Bobby – an absolute legend. We always talk about the old-school days, but I kept a close eye on how they did last season.

“The priority was to avoid relegation and they did that – and towards the end of the season, they finished very strongly.”

  • TheNutJob

    A true Toon legend Saylor.
    Shocking news over at the ronnie gill, Everton slated to bid £30m for Jamaal.

    • Leazes.

      That is bad news….. United and Everton have long had a reciprocal arrangement for helping to sell each others players, start bidding wars and bump up prices….. it means Benitez is selling!

      ….It also means Benitez will see his contract out and that’s it…. the Rafalution is dead before it began.

      • TheNutJob

        that`s cheered me up, there`ll be riots on if Fatty sells him

        • Leazes.

          What United fans…. they’ll go looking for positives…..

          • TheNutJob

            think you could be right & backed all the way by Ryder who`ll come up with 5 poitives

          • Leazes.

            Easy peasy…. I know the game inside out.

            1. It frees up the space for other players to develop.
            2. It reduces the high wage bill
            3. He Wasn’t needed anyway as we have a bus.
            4. He wouldn’t have been happy here amongst poorer players.
            5. It gives him a stage for the National team that he won’t get here.
            6. Traitor
            7. He doesn’t track back
            8. It was too good an offer to refuse
            9. Silly money
            10. There are loads of free agents available.

            add your own Ryder excuse for the regime……

          • Oval85

            Nothing like coming home from work and see Leazes on fire..

          • TheNutJob


          • Leazes.

            What did he write …. I’ve blocked him?

          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            Seeing you on fire

          • Leazes.

            Not a contribution then.

          • Mark Davies


      • Philippines

        Ha Ha, Leazes sometimes make me smile. I wonder how many toon fans got his reference to Titus Salt a few weeks ago. I reckon he would be a right bore to meet in a pub, but he’s probably tee-total.

  • Scott Robinson

    If £20 million buys you a leg that can kick a ball forwards, it doesn’t say much for Rafa’s valuation of Mitro. Jamaal won’t be going to Everton end of. Top 6 and £40 million then that’s another story, as he can kick a ball forwards with both legs. If he could trap a bag of cement then he is £45 m; if he could trap a bag of cement and pick it up and run with it and build our attacks he is John Stones and £50 million. If he could do all that and balance a bag of cement on his heed at the same time then he should be in a circus, and NUFC will always be a circus. Why would he sign for Everton? Can’t think of any positives why?
    I guess another million boring stories this summer are on the way.

  • robbersdog

    I was a big fan of Steven when he was our player; if it hadn’t been for the fact that he suffered from a succession of longterm injuries, I reckon he could’ve been a lynchpin for both Newcastle and England.

    • Paul Cannell

      You are joking aren’t you ?
      He was an absolutely rubbish, totally over rated. His mackem wind ups were cringe-worthy. A grade one BE

      • Philippines

        Robbersdog is correct IMHO. I think at his best, without injuries, he was on the radar for an England place. Still, it’s good have these well balanced views.

      • robbersdog

        Loved wearing the black and white stripes, and played with his heart on his sleeve.

        • Paul Cannell

          Aye he did, but he milked it for all it was worth.He was actually born in London btw. He was never good enough for England, he was very average especially when he didn’t have Colo holding his hand.

          • robbersdog

            I always thought that Colo was an accident waiting to happen – very overrated.

  • Mxpx

    So he checks the Sunderland results 2nd I thought he’d rather be a stamp collector ?