Interesting to see how  Spurs fans are dealing with the hypothetical question of what would happen if Mauricio Pochettino did leave, whether to Real Madrid or wherever.

A lot of speculation in the media that this could happen but no sign of Pochettino pushing this at all.

Whilst most Spurs fans are liking what they see with their manager, interesting to see though that there is also a minority who don’t see him as overwhelmingly responsible for their recent high Premier League finishes.

In the conversation, interesting to see Newcastle regularly cropping up in the conversation.

Mentions of Rafa Benitez as a potential hypothetical replacement, whilst Moussa Sissoko and Alan Pardew also come up in the conversation…

Spurs fans commenting via their top Fighting Cock message board:

‘Benitez might be a good shout. At least he’s won a lot of stuff.

And has experience at big clubs. Would command the respect of our top players.

Sure he’d see it as a massive step up from Newcastle.

Unfortunately I don’t see him as a Levy type appointment though.’

‘Wenger is out of work.’

‘So is Pardew…’

 ‘I don’t think or want Pochettino to leave, however I think Scott Parker will be a superb coach in future years and someone I’d like to see doing well. Always one of my favourite Spurs players.’

‘Despite Simeone winning titles and reaching CL finals with a lesser Atleti team competing with Barca and Real, rather than Leicester and a bum Chelsea team? There are examples of coaches achieving more with less than Pochettino all over Europe.

Levy has built a fantastic squad, Pochettino is managing it fairly well; nothing more.

Pochettino is like his idol Bielsa and Keegan, a favourite with the hipsters but ultimately a f…ing loser.’

‘It’s somewhat ironic that this side is being referenced with the Newcastle side of the ‘90s because many in the supporter base mirror the unwavering devotion to Poch that many Newcastle supporters did and still do to Keegan.’

‘No, Poch didn’t make us contenders, he has played a part in us becoming contenders. The structure ( board, recruitment and youth set up) was already in place as was the nucleus of the squad was there. He has undoubtedly improved that playing squad but let’s not pretend that this isn’t a club that finished 4th, 5th 4th 5th and 6th this decade prior to his arrival.

And he isn’t the most important person at the club, it is a collective effort. His contribution is being massively overplayed, the suggestion is that this largely done to him which is quite frankly absurd because if you think he couldn’t replicate this at a club like Newcastle for instance is pure fantasy.

I cannot fathom why anyone would think a manager should be above scrutiny or critique and the notion that a supporter doing this cannot be considered a fan is absolutely laughable. Any manager regardless of who they are should be constantly evaluated especially when we have this limited window of opportunity for major silverware given the squad we have.’

‘I’ve advocated Rafa before.

At Pochettino’s age he’d already won a domestic title and European trophies with relative underdogs; even his achievements this year with the Newcastle pub team he’s currently managing are impressive.

Give him this squad and he’d likely secure those all-important first cups to instil a winning mentality.’

‘Levy should demand that Sissoko to Madrid is part of any deal.’

  • Pointless gossip girl

    Pointless discussion. Potch just signed a new deal. Benitez isnt going any where get used to it.

    Benitez has been linked to every vacant job. You would think he was out of work

    Hes not, and hes ours

    Plus no way coldspuds would give real permission to speak to potch so again pointless

    • TheNutJob

      When Real Madrid come calling you listen, they are the greatest club in the

      • Pointless gossip girl

        The cant knock unless spurs say so

        • TheNutJob

          how many times in the past have Real failed to get who they want, i don`t think they will get him but if he hadn`t just signed a new contract he`d be off

  • Westdentoon

    Why are you so obsessed with what other supporters are talking about? FFS is this the best journalism you can come up with?
    Absolutely sick of the nonsense you write time and time again. For gods sake get a life!

    • Murdy

      You’re under no obligation to read it, yet here you are whingeing. Stick to The Daily Mail.

      • Westdentoon

        Absolute tripe.
        Id suggest you spend some time reading The Daily Mag if thats the best you can come up with….oh sorry you are too busy obsessing about other clubs fans!

  • Paul Patterson

    Rafa plays a similar style to Mourinho, keep it tight and score the odd goal. It can be quite effective. We’re just missing the striker.

    • Rafa the demi-god

      Who would you have as our main striker in the £0-20 mil bracket

      • Paul Patterson

        Dunno. I’m not a football scout. It’ll cost more than that though ..

    • TheNutJob

      give those 2 a proper strike force & they`ll win things

    • mactoon

      If Rafa had the players he wanted what style of football do you think he would play? I am just curious, with the squad he has which (in my opinion) has no strikers good enough to get us 20+ goals a season, he has to set out a defensive line up. If he could buy two prolific strikers would he change his formation and style of play?

      Would he want to buy two strikers given that he plays one up front..

      • Paul Patterson

        No, the £30m striker should get enough goals

  • TheNutJob

    Saint Rafa would win things with the squad the spuds have, he`s miles better than
    Poch & i think if they come after him Fatty will grab the £6m compen & say
    Adios Rafa, you`re a real pain in the a$$ asking me for dosh all the time

    • Kneebotherm8

      He’s not a saint ……..he’s the fckn messiah……….according to you know who…….😂😂

      • TheNutJob


  • mactoon

    I still find it very distasteful when fans talk about how managers would be good for them when they are under contract to another club.

    • Good boy

      It always seems to be rafa too.
      I wonder how many of them would be patient enough to actually let rafa work his magic.

      “Top 6” fans want immediate full on attack winning things and reaching finals first season

      • TheNutJob

        he`d do it with that squad

      • Martin

        Great point. 1 point in 9 games from mid October to mid December. Plenty people on here were beginning to turn against him. At another club he would have been gone.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Yawn. Wake me up in August please!!

    • TheNutJob

      why ? stick around & suffer like the rest of us

      • Albert Stubbins

        Fair point. It’s going to be a long summer though. I prefer hibernating until the first week in August as a rule, a bit like fatso.

  • Leicester Mag

    That a Spuds fan feels (sadly rightly) that moving there would be a huge step up says everything we need to know about where our mendacious blubber bucket has taken the club.

  • Callum

    Get a job Graham, trawling through football forums does not quite constitute as one.

    • Murdy

      Why don’t you stop complaining and write an article of your own?

  • Paul Cannell

    I’d love it if Spurs ended up with pardew

    • HarryHype59

      They won’t.

      • Paul Cannell

        Doh !