News has broken that Kenny Dalglish will now become Sir Kenny Dalglish.

A legend as a player, he was brilliant.

When Kevin Keegan shocked Liverpool fans when deciding to leave in 1977, it was Kenny Dalglish they turned to.

In 1997 when Kevin Keegan decided to leave Newcastle United in January 1997, it was Kenny Dalglish who NUFC turned to.

At the time, Newcastle fans were devastated that Keegan had left, especially when things were still going more than ok on the pitch.

However, with it being mid-season and having no choice but to get on with it anyway, the Newcastle supporters did quickly see a lot of positives with Kenny Dalglish.

They would still rater have kept King Kev but maybe King Kenny could add a little bit more defensive nous to Keegan’s exciting team, just enough to turn them from runners-up into champions.

Kenny Dalglish confounded everybody really, as for the rest of that 1996/97 season he just kept things ticking along as they had been and actually as the season went on, arguably went even MORE attacking than KK.

At times Dalglish played Shearer, Ferdinand and Tino Asprilla, all in the same team.

Indeed the final day of the season was a sight to behold, goals from Shearer, Asprilla, Ferdinand (2) and Robbie Elliott, saw Newcastle hammer Forest 5-0.

With results elsewhere going NUFC’s way, Newcastle became the first English club to qualify for the Champions League without winning the league. As a nice bonus. at the end of that Forest game, we discovered that both Sunderland and Middlesbrough had been relegated.

Everything looked positive at that point but we still hadn’t discovered what would happen once Kenny Dalglish started buying and selling players….

This is where it all fell apart, these are the significant sales whilst Kenny Dalglish was manager:

£2.5m Lee Clark

£3.5m Robbie Elliott

£2m David Ginola

£6m Les Ferdinand

£0.5m Peter Beardsley

£6m Tino Asprilla

£1.5m John Beresford

£0.5m Darren Peacock

£0 Shaka Hislop

£0 Pavel Srnicek

£2.5m Paul Kitson

£2.5m Jon Dahl Tomasson

What we were looking at was pretty much the dismantling of Kevin Keegan’s team.

Changes were needed, especially with some of them not getting any younger, but with transfers going out, it all then depends on who comes in…

If age was a concern with some of the players then let go, it made no sense then when Kenny Dalglish recruited the ageing Barnes, Rush and Pearce on free transfers.

There were a lot of poor signings in his 19 months in charge, not always expensive but often looking pointless:

Des Hamilton £2m, Alessandro Pistone £4.5m, (his son!) Paul Dalglish £0, Andreas Andersson £3m, Stephen Glass £1m, George Geordiadis £0.5m, Lionel Perez £0, Stephane Guivarc’h £3.5m, Carl Serrant £0.5m, Laurent Charvet £1m.

He also found a few who didn’t cost much but who proved good servants to the club such as Temuri Ketsbaia £0, Andy Griffin £1.5m, and Nicos Dabizas £2m.

As for good signings:

Shay Given £2m, Jon Dahl Tomasson (after NUFC), Gary Speed £5.5m, Dietmar Hamann £4.5m, and Nobby Solano £2.5m.

We will never know if Kenny Dalglish was forced to sell Les Ferdinand but it was a disastrous decision.

Disastrous because he was a class player and a brilliant partner for Alan Shearer, the duo scoring 49 goals between them for Newcastle in 1996/97. That disaster became an even more horrendous one when Alan Shearer then picked up a serious injury pre-season.

However, overall you have to say that Kenny Dalglish proved to be a massive setback for Newcastle United both with his signings and on the pitch, both with style of play and results.

From finishing second twice in a row, Dalglish’s first full season saw Newcastle drop to 13th place.

After scoring 73 goals in the 1996/97 PL season, Newcastle scored only 35 in 97/98 and the top scorer got seven (Barnes and Shearer).

Of course none of us will ever forget that 3-2 win over Barcelona but we could also question whether we could have had a much better go at the Champions League if Newcastle had kept Les Ferdinand and recruited better than old timers Rush and Barnes.

We also fluked an FA Cup final appearance in his only full season, after beating Everton in the third round, Newcastle only faced one other Premier League team (Barnsley who would be relegated in 19th place came to St James Park in the sixth round) until Arsenal in the final.

Sir Kenny Dalglish deserves his knighthood, both for his playing and managerial career (apart from Newcastle…), but especially for the very special way he dealt with the aftermath of the Hillsborough tragedy.

So arise Sir Kenny but we’d all love to know why it went so very wrong at St James Park?

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  • mactoon

    I remember the story that Keegan gave Dalglish some advice when he took over, it was to just tinker with the squad. He then went on to dismantle one of, if not the best teams in England and the rest is history.

    • Albert Stubbins

      Correct. He insisted on overhauling the squad so that he could take all the credit for its success. That didn’t turn out to well for him personally and we as a club never recovered until sir bobby came along. Basically he was exposed by his own ego. That team he managed that destroyed forest 5-0 on the last day of the season would have had a good chance of winning the league next season but he knew it was king Kev’s team so dismantled it and the rest they say is history.

  • Paul Patterson

    That list of players sold is horrific. By force or by design, he broke up the most entertaining side in the country, that was on the cusp of winning something. Thhat is simply unforgivable. He was however forced into selling Les Ferdinand because we’d overspent on the Shearer deal. His buys were quite awful and he was far, far, far too defensive.

    Fast forward six years and we’d be saying the same about another dour scot in Sourpuss. Both came in and dismantled good sides, sold good players and bought absolute garbage . .

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Was it Kenny who presided over “Dads Army”, With players like Rush, Barnes etc ?

    • Paul Patterson

      And Stuart Pearce . .

  • GlasgowMag

    It must be an ex Liverpool player thing as Souness in a smaller manner did exactly the same thing when he took over from Bobby!!! I’ve always said if Bobby had taken over at the time instead of staying and obligating his contract at Barcelona we would of kicked on and won something within that period shame really!!!

  • Geordiegiants

    Without sounding like Bobbi, Dalglish had no choice selling as he had to cut the spending and wages, but the signings were appalling, I mean DES HAMILTON FFS, CARL SERRANT WTF, these were some of the worst signings ever, ANDREAS ANDERSON was the equivelant of a modern day Hoss.
    He was only ever a good manger with money, the same as you or I could be given unlimited funds.

    • Leazes.

      His judgement is a bit iffy at times, at Liverpool he was forced to sell Torres and was put on the spot about an instant replacement….. Andy Carroll had stuck in his mind through one performance at SJP…..

      A Eureka moment…. Ashley handled the buy out which Chelsea paid for ultimately…. instantly finishing United’s season….. completely written off…. still we invested the £35 million wisely according to the chronicle on upgrading the training pitches or some such lie….

      … We never did find out where it went.

      • Kneebotherm8

        He did sign Luis Suarez the same day as Andy Carroll………..probably hoping for a Toshack/Keegan type of double act………….

        • Leazes.

          I didn’t know that.

          • Kneebotherm8

            Yeah,they sold Torres to Chelski for £50 million in the same window and immediately spent £23 million on Suarez and £35 million on Carroll……while our owner simply pocketed the £35 million for Carroll,as you say……that just about sums up why we are where we are…..and why Liverpool are where they are…..

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Sorry Anderson was a lot worse he wins headers and can keep the ball just cannot score .

  • kam

    Deserves his knighthood for Hillsborough on top of his playing career and earlier managerial appointments, but he was a disastrous appointment at Newcastle from the outset.

    Dalglish was shot as a manager when he left Liverpool. Anyone remember how he left Beardsley out of the Liverpool squad and sitting in the TV commentary booth not allowed to say a word as they were thumped 3-0 by title rivals Arsenal? Dalglish’s failing solution at Liverpool was to shore up the defence by stuffing the side full of central defenders.

    At nufc he adopted a different strategy by stuffing the side full of full-backs. The second 4-3 defeat at Liverpool was nothing like the first one under Keegan, however much you might rate Des Hamilton…

    The final 5-0 against Forest was sadly irrelevant. Having had a great 1-0 win at Arsenal, it was still possible for us to win the title if we won our last three matches and Man Utd were held in their last match. But Dalglish settled for a dreary 0-0 at West Ham , making defensive substitutions and that was it. Had we won that match, the penultimate game was away at Man Utd (Dalglish played out another 0-0) and they would’ve at least had pressure on them.

    So, congratulations Sir Kenny – well-deserved, but absolutely not for what you did to Kev’s team.

    • Big Al 1967

      And let us not forget the 98 Cup Final. The only manager I know who chooses to defend a 1-0 deficit when the club’s first trophy since 1969 is at stake

  • JulioLaker

    Should we really be knighting someone who “walked with” and supported racist Suarez? We probably knight bigger crooks from the city I guess. There’s something about getting success with other managers’ teams. Wenger, Ranieri, Conte … all won the league with what their predecessors had mostly put together.

    • Leazes.

      John Hall…… for services to the Conservative party election fund.

    • Billmag

      Wonder when fatty gets his gong for services to business. 🏅

  • Leazes.

    Ehm Simon (I refuse to call you Jane)….. the Knighthood wasn’t for anything he did here now was it?…… was ’ for services to football, charity and the City of Liverpool. (Hillsborough Families).

    You know too often the Manager is here to take the flak for this Club’s lack of direction, ambition and effort but in Kenny’s case one thing I’ll always remember was his reaction to criticism of the purchase of Stephane Guivarch….

    …. he hit back with…’When have Newcastle ever had a World Cup Winner in the side!’

    Yup….thanks for that.

    • Philippines

      Jack Charlton, sort of.

  • ghostrider

    I think Kenny Dalglish done a decent job to be fair.
    I think what killed him off was the club going plc.
    I think Hall created a massive issue. Basically trying to keep everyone happy inside and out but leaving Dalglish to feed on scraps.

    I think there was a lot more going on than meets the eye in that time and after it…as well as before it, because the catalyst for the basic crumbling was Keegan having to endure famine after many feasts.

    I think the major blame lies with John Hall, initially.

    • panther

      shut up

    • paul mclaughlan

      You’re opinions are getting more and more unhinged.

      • ghostrider

        That depends on who’s viewing them and how they want to interpret them.

    • Toon Arnie

      Something I never thought I would hear myself say – I agree with you and think you’ve nailed that 100%. Kenny took a lot of stick for things that were maybe out of his hands.

  • Gill Ingham

    The story in Sir Ken’s defence is as follows:

    *We’d just joined the stock market so some faceless money men decided that £6m for 30-year-old Les was a good deal;

    *Keegan had ignored the reserves and youths so Dalglish had to bolster their squads cheaply with the Bradys, Serrants, Hamiltons and Dalglish Juniors of this world. Not forgetting Brian Pinas;

    *He did still sign Given, Griffin, Hamann, Speed, Solano, Dabizas and – even I’m hesitating before writing this next name – Ketsbaia;

    *He guided us to second place, a 3-2 Champions League victory over Barcelona and an FA Cup final;

    *He was also forced to deal with Toongate, Poppinsgate or whatever it was called and did so by publicly backing under-fire chairman Freddy Shepherd;

    *Under-fire chairman Freddy Shepherd repaid that favour by sacking Dalglish two draws into the following season.

    Everyone makes mistakes – Matz Sels, anyone? – and Dalglish made plenty.
    But I’d still argue the good outweighed the bad and that he was largely the victim – albeit a well-paid one – of circumstance.
    And I’ve not even mentioned the ankle injury which ruled Alan Shearer out for six months.

    • Leazes.

      Fair assessment but on the whole a downsizing operation, but as you said it looks like the order came from Shepherd.

    • Salty

      If KK hadn’t spit his dummy out Dalglish wouldn’t have had to sign so many squad fillers. He did make some decent signings who became Bobby’s ‘blue chip’ players later. As you say, the PLC situation was as much to blame

      • Paul Patterson

        Slight skewing of the facts. KK wanted to resign after the title loss before we signed Shearer. We signed Shearer, results weren’t as good as the year before and the floatation was looming. The board wanted £6m (sell Ferdinand) to keep the money side of things happy. KK said he wasn’t happy with that and that he’d resign at the end of the season and the board asked him to go immediately as to not compromise the float (Manager resigning would have been bad for it) So KK left in January 97 and then the float occurred.

        • Salty

          I wasn’t clear there. KK spat his dummy out and scrapped the reserves when told they couldn’t play at SJP. Losing squad players and lack of youth development saw KD bring in fillers. That and the float made it an impossible job in short term

  • Kev-82

    Can never forgive Dalglish for destroying such a great team, any manager would have loved to have taken on that squad, even Dalglish was having a great run with these player in his first half season till he started the dismantling and replacing with the old boys.

  • TheFatController

    Maybe Dalglish could have built a good team – it wasn’t an inspiring period but he did have Speed, Solano, Hamman that he probably would have wanted to build around.

    His problem was he wasn’t ever going to be afforded the time to build that we gave/give Kev, Bobby and Rafa because he took over a team that was fit for purpose.

    Maybe a smarter move would have been to gradually change things, rather than ripping up and starting again. I think that’s the general feeling among fans about his approach.

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Please see my comment at top and thanks for your repliers recently as they are back to normal was getting a little worried as some were ok. In Benidorm now but back on Sunday to defend our great football club.

      • Oval85

        No need, just stay there.

    • Phil Yare

      i think he would have had all the time in the world if he hadn’t shat all over the place in just 6 months. in fact it the time thing thats ironic, no other manager could have done better at wreaking the place in such a short space of time. 12 months on from the man utd 5-0 the team didnt contain anybody who could score a goal. top scorers barnes and bez with 6? behind the recovering shearer?

  • Billmag

    He made some monumental blunders but I tell you what I witnessed one of the two best wins in my time supporting the toon and that was beating Barca 3-2, what an atmosphere the other game was the 5-0 thrashing of Manure, both will live forever in my lifetime.

    • paul mclaughlan

      Wasn’t Keegan still in charge when we beat Manure?

      • Paul Patterson

        That’s not what he said.

        • paul mclaughlan

          Erm yes it is.

      • Peter C


      • GToon

        Yes, Keegan’s comment at the end was along the lines of “we only get three points for it (the win)”. Also didn’t some bloke go onto the pitch late on and bow down to Keegan when it was 4 or 5.

      • Billmag

        I haven’t put it across very well mate It was just that Dalglish was in charge of one of the best two games I had seen at St James’s, the other one was of course KKs team 🔨 ING of the Manc’s.

    • nufcslf

      We were absolute shyt in the second half against Barcelona and could’ve lost if the time hadn’t ran out and Keegan was in charge for the 5 nil win over manure. All making Dogleash a total rse hole.

      • Billmag

        Disrespectful gobsh💩

        • nufcslf

          Go back and watch the whole match. You will find it to be the truth. Wouldn’t bother my rse to say so if it wasn’t. Dogleash football through and through all the second half, that is why a comfortable 3 nil lead become a very uncomfortable 3-2 win.

          • Billmag

            I didn’t say I liked Dalglish’s style of football in fact it was awful but I will say again that night will live long in my memories.

          • nufcslf

            And so it should, it is a great scalp to have. I just think the way the team played in the first half anybody could’ve been in the dugout, the second half it was obvious who was in the dugout. The stupid lost look on his face looking up and down the pitch as he dismantled Keegan’s side took the shine off any good he did for me.

    • Phil Yare

      oh dear…… please dont tell me you thought dogleash was the manager in the 5-0, it was KK’s greatest game

      • Billmag

        Sorry it’s the way I have worded it, I was trying to explain the two best games for atmosphere was the games I mentioned, one of them just happened to be managed by the Jock, will have to try harder when I post.I’m not that dumb to know the difference in style between KK and KD.

    • Albert Stubbins

      Keegan was manager against man yoo. Dogleash was manager against Barca.

      • Billmag

        I know that, it’s the way i have worded it that’s confusing sorry.

  • Andrew Bell

    Was at the pre season game at Goodison when Shearer crippled himself making a tackle late on in the game against Chelsea. The sale of Ferdinand for £6m had just been agreed and it wasn’t too late to cancel it. Consequently Tomasson started the new season as a target man – definitely not his game. It was heartbreaking the way Dalgliesh dismantled Keegan’s team and replaced quality players with superannuated mates (Barnes/Rush/Pearce) and no hopers (Gary Brady anyone ?!?!?)

    • Big Al 1967

      And his own son!!

      • Cockneytrev

        What a joke,,,,,,,,

    • Cockneytrev

      They did try to cancel it but correctly Ferdinand , felt he had been jilted and was not wanted off the manager, so snubbed him,,

      • Phil Yare

        aye – sir les was a man of his word and had verbally agreed to join spurs after the snub. a true gent

  • Rich Lawson

    Can’t believe we got more for Kitson than Ginola ? !!

    • Phil Yare

      aye, and tomasson made kitson look like tony yeboah!

  • Big Al 1967

    Watching Sky Sports News tribute to Dalglish last night, praising him for his playing
    and managing career. However they totally airbrushed out his stint with us as if it never happened!. Strange that!!

    • Peter C

      I wish I could airbrush out his time as manager at Newcastle, He totally wrecked the team, and subsequently the club.

      He had a squad of players, we can only dream about now. On the whole, he replaced them with his ex buddies, who were well passed their sell by date, and other dross.

      I only thing he will be remembered for on Tyneside, is breaking up the best team we’ve had in decades, and are not likely to see ever again, especially under the current ownership of the club.

  • Philippines

    The late John Surtees won six World motorcycle championships and one F1 car championship but no knighthood. Shame. Oh yes, sorry, this is football.

  • Peter C

    Didn’t ruin Newcastle, he destroyed it. He had the nucleus of an outstanding team and turned it into a mediocre, run of the mill one. I will never forgive or forget what he did to the team and the club.

    We are still in the process of recovering from his tenure of management.

    I hate to think what could’ve been achieved, if Sir Bobby had inherited the players Dalglish did.

    We’ve had 3 ex Liverpool players as manager, and 2 of them have totally make an almighty mess of the club. Messes Dalglish and Souness won’t be missed in my eyes, and I assume, by a great many others.

    • Phil Yare

      spot on

  • Cockneytrev

    He sold ginola, brought in des Hamilton,, says it all,, also isn’t it funny , we got one season out of haman and Liverpool just happened to know what his buy out clause was🤔🤔🤔, if he was at any other club he would not have been knighted,, the man is a fraud

    • Ba ba.

      I think the knighthood was given for his outstanding playing career and his commitment to charities and the help he gave to families of the Hillsborough tragedy . .he attended all 96 funerals. Yes his time at the toon was poor but before that like many other managers /players his, record was fantastic.

      • Cockneytrev

        Hats off to him for going to all the funerals, in what was an appalling episode in British history, but he was not the only one to do this,, as a manage he was a fraud, he inherited a world class team in Liverpool, he then was backed by jack walker like no manager before and if cantona had not done his Kung fu kick and got banned, IMO he would not have won it with Blackburn, every other managment appointment has been a failure,, as for his charity work, it began at home while he was employed by us,,

        • Ba ba.


  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Great article for three reasons. My daughter was born in his first game in charge at Rake Lane hospital in North Shields away game at Southampton January 17th 1997. Never made it to the match even though I had paid ticket and train. Nothing bad about that you might say but when I left the hospital with ten minutes left we were two up. When I got to the pub it was two two gutted on what should have been a happy day. He hated Lee Clark and dropped him for a cup tie against Forest at home when he was in form and we got beat . Then he signed old age pensioners Barnes and Rush and got rid of good players. The rot set in long before Ashley came.

  • GToon

    I’ve just logged on to post a comment and had to declare that I am not a robot and yet my wife says I am a robot. I wish people would make their minds up.

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Happens all the time you pick where the cars are in the squares, hop windows and road signs apparently happens on lots of sites .

  • Scottie Chugger Dearden

    It was the same with Souness ex Liverpool legend taking over from a man who knows the area, dismantling a good team. I thought Kenny was the natural choice after what he had done at Liverpool and Blackburn and I really thought he was going to take us to the next level but when he sold Ginola and got rid of Sir Les, which I think had more to with Fat [email protected]$t Freddie Fletcher and becoming a PLC at the time I just had a bad feeling and the older generation started telling me how he inherited a good team at LFC and bought one at Blackburn and that he wasn’t a very good manager which was later proven at us then Celtic. Still though as a Player I would have had him in my team!

  • Phil Yare

    kenny dalglish was an utter disgrace at nufc and that is all that matters. he actually turned a top 2 squad into one of the worst teams in the premiership in 1 year and by the end of his tenure by spending more money that was brought in. the fact that he valued david ginola (2.5m) the same price as des hamilton has you not scratching your head but wondering how much money bob murray handed to him under the table…..
    i wont accept that he was forced to sell players because he paid fees like 4.5m for pistone who was one of the worst full backs i’ve ever seen. the fact that robbie elliott is rattling in the goals from LB, and johnny Bez is a quality LB and even Phillippe Albert played LB magnificently for a couple of games shows an abundance of quality in that position and he decides to replace them all with a right footed clown.
    Putting money aside – nobody made him drop david ginola and peter beardsley. he dropped ROB LEE for southampton away his first proper game (and we let a 2-0 lead slip at the dell so none of this dalglish defensive nous rubbish)

    the board should take a lot of blame for cashing in on sir les but it was instigated by dalglish’s desire to change the formation to something more negative by playing shearer upfront on his own and ferdinand being used as backup. and its got be said that sir les actually played for 7 more seasons in the premier league (albeit last 2 seasons sporadically)

    the worst thing was his treatment of Peter Beardsley. i don’t care how old he was – to trade him for ian rush was disgusting. ian rush, a man that had absolutely nothing to offer other than to pick up wages off his old pal. If barnes hadn’t have exceeded all expectations it would have been the same for him but again another player we really didn’t need.

    basically dalglish was so bad that he the remaining KK players got him out of trouble (people like bez ending up joint top scorer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and he still went on to drop them and sell them.

    Jon Dahl tomasson might have won the ballon d’orr, the world cup, scored a million goals in italy but at NEWCASTLE he was garbage! he even didnt know which way to run on a one on one

    • Phil Yare

      PS – to sum up Dogleash he spent a fortune on a little known brazilian defender for celtic. his name…..Rafael Scheidt. and he was utter utter Scheidt!

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        It’s certainly worth remembering he was just as bad with Celtic. The greatest football headline ever was aimed at Dogleash/ Barnes team.

        • Phil Yare

          i remember them beating us in a pre season friendly 2-0 and as he was clapping away smiling i just thought this is your mess and now you are enjoying beating your own garbage

    • Billmag

      Don’t know how you can remember all those details it’s probably an age thing but one thing that sticks in my mind which you may be able to correct me on, don’t know if it was JDT’s first game or not but I was in the Leazes end when he missed a one on one with the keeper believe it was against Sheffield We’d.

      • Phil Yare

        thats the game mate. he could have had a hattrick

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    Dogleash made a sow’s ear out if a silk purse but there seemed to be money issues at the time and he was also trying to create a youth team on the basis that we lacked a talent pool.

    Serrant had potential as did Hamilton but both got bad injuries. Gullit got a bit of a tune out of Glass but he was never going to be a Ginola.

    • Phil Yare

      if des hamlton had potential I’m signing for real madrid today

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Iirc both he and Serrant got bad injuries.

        How is Madrid?

        • Phil Yare

          my transfer got cancelled. apparently they’ve signed some bloke called des hamilton

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            He can’t still he getting hailed as the next Bryan Robson by 4-4-2?

    • Albert Stubbins

      Hamilton had no potential as a footballer. End of discussion.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        I was trying to be kind. He was four four two’s “the kid’s a bit special” focus one month when at Bradford but I think the editor was a Bradford fan

        • Albert Stubbins

          I don’t think the bit special attribution was in recognition of his footballing ability potential or otherwise, but I take your point.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Ha ha, harsh! To be honest, Dogleash’s purchasing of youngsters with “potential” just proved Keegan right in not bothering with a reserve side

      • Phil Yare

        i remember my first glimpse of this genius when put through on the left hand side of the penalty box verses ajax at goodison…..but rather than just simply pass it across for a tap in he clubbed it with his left foot almost in the opposite direction – a perfect defenders clearance. I thought ‘we’ve got some player on our hands here’

  • Nut

    While most of us remember the Entertainers period with fondness, I have always suspected that there was far more to Kenny coming in and dismantling this team than we may ever get to know.

    It would be an interesting piece to actually go and research.

    Pure speculation here but given the debts supposedly built up by the time the club was sold is it not possible this was actually the first signs of something untoward.

    Perhaps John Hall realised how much was actually spent under Keegan and told him no more adding to his stresses and forcing his hand.

    Then when Kenny came in he was asked to steady the ship by decreasing wages and moving big names on for good fees.

    Ultimately who knows and this is pure speculation at this juncture.

    However building up a big debt would happen if the club had borrowed money and compound interest was allowed to accrue on that owed money. That could set the future scenario where the club is getting close to financial dire straights.

    It has never made sense to me just why Dalglish did what he did but perhaps this would give reason.

    Still why he then bought his friends from Liverpool for one last big payday I will never get (unless they were not on big money).

  • London Geordie

    Daglish was a rubbish manager he won the league with LFC yes but inherited the best team in the league by far LFC have only just started to recover from the mess he left and Blackburn probably will never recover from the mess he left there and the rest of his management career is a list of making thins at clubs a lot worse than when he took over. He ruined us as well. Decent player though.