Pablo Machin took Florian Lejeune from Villarreal to Girona in summer 2014.

The French defender playing for two seasons in the Spanish second tier under the manager.

Whilst Lejeune moved on to Eibar and then Newcastle United, Pablo Machin stayed at Girona and they got promoted in 2016/17, then have finished a very decent 10th in La Liga after promotion.

On the back of that, Machin has now landed the job of managing Sevilla.

Reports on Monday claim that the new Sevilla boss has wasted little time in identifying transfer targets, with a Florian Lejeune reunion high on his list.

Only a week after taking the job, Estadio Deportivo report that the Sevilla manager wants to build his defence around Lejeune.

However, the Spanish media organisation points out that the La Liga club will surely struggle to match any transfer fee Newcastle would ask for, even if the player was interested and Rafa Benitez was willing to sell.

Newcastle paid Eibar just under £9m last summer as he had a release clause, but after an outstanding second half of the season alongside Jamaal Lascelles and playing 24 of 38 PL games, missing most of the other 14 only due to injury, what price would you put on somebody who is well on the way to looking proven in the Premier League?

Turning 27 last month, Florian Lejuene is in his prime and with Sevilla failing to qualify for the Champions League, there is surely no way they would be willing to match any NUFC valuation.

Sevilla are usually seen as a selling club and without CL money, paying Premier League level wages and an inflated transfer fee isn’t going to happen.

As for Newcastle fans, the Lascelles/Lejeune partnership is an exciting pairing that could be the rock of the team for seasons to come hopefully.

  • Alan Pardew

    We have to be careful, if one goes out then one needs to come in.

    • TheFatController

      Note from chairman – please feel free to use this in interviews:-

      ‘Keeping Chancel / Curtis will be like a new signing, one or other needs to step up to the plate…’

  • TheNutJob

    They can`t afford him but Jabba will sell anyone for a profit

    • Ram Kishore

      Why would he man.. Even someone stupid won’t sell him and Ashley won’t..
      These reports are mostly creative reporting .. even if Sevilla wants someone they would sign players who has more ability and costs less..
      Have u ever seen Sevilla signing a player for 15 -20 million recently..
      I think Manchester united spent our entire summer budget for one player..

  • jack

    The only way we would sell him or lascelles is if Rafa went , so maybe it’s fifty fifty , and you never know what that Cretan Ashley will do

    • Mark Potter

      He’s English. But why would any manager, whether it’s Rafa or not, let players go unless there are good reasons? Players who demand a move (Cabaye, Given, Carroll), players who have a release clause (Ba), and players who are miserable in England/North East (Thauvin). Those reasons don’t change, just because the manager changes. The question of whether a player is good enough for the league might produce different results, depending on the opinion of the manager and what he wants out of the player (De Jong, Mitro). But Lejeune proved he was up to the job.

  • robbersdog

    We’ll have to get used to these stories over the next few weeks; let’s hope Ashley doesn’t step in and insist on selling a one or two of our better players.

  • panther

    Got a bad feeling about this chewy

  • Vodkamagpie

    Never going to happen. First team player, his happy at the club, fans are happy with him, and more importantly the manager is building a strong 11 man team, with lejeune key to any future success

    • nufcslf

      And Cashley is a solid owner with nothing but the club and fans at heart. Dream on………..

  • Paul Patterson

    Start at £30m, in other words no chance.

  • nufcslf

    Cha ching for fatty. What a tin pot operation.