Two things never change with Sam Allardyce.

The fact that the vast majority of clued up football fans think he is a joke…and the other truth that doesn’t change is that the media, with odd exceptions, give him such an easy ride.

I don’t exactly rate Gareth Southgate but if Sam Allardyce had somehow kept his grasp on the job, I think I would be finding it very hard to summon up much support for England in Russia.

In a new documentary, Sam Allardyce the decision by England to get rid of him was ‘made very hastily’ as to why they got rid of him…’I still don’t know why.’

It is hilarious really.

Despite no real success in his entire managerial career, Fat Sam won both the National Lottery and Euromillions rolled into one, when he landed the England job.

Yet the thing that brought him down was his own actions, despite getting his dream job that was far beyond his abilities, Sam Allardyce was as always just greedy for more, willing to do anything to earn even more money by abusing his new position with England.

He wonders what he did wrong, he got caught!

A massive relief for every single England (and football) fan, that he got the push after only one game in charge. Certainly fans of clubs where he managed such as Newcastle, Everton, and West Ham, will not be surprised at his actions when with England. As for Sunderland fans…who knows?

Undercover reporters from the Daily Telegraph posing as businessmen for a meeting at which Sam Allardyce reportedly said it was “not a problem” to bypass rules on third-party player ownership, and claimed he knew of agents who were “doing it all the time”.

The Telegraph investigation also claimed that a £400,000 deal was struck for Allardyce to represent the company to Far East investors.

The FA called his conduct inappropriate and at the time Allardyce made a “wholehearted apology” – adding that he recognised some of his comments had “caused embarrassment”, yet he still claims he did nothing wrong…

Why apologise if he had done nothing wrong?

BBC Sport reveal that in a documentary to be shown on the BBC on Sunday, Sam Allardyce says:

“That decision (kicked out of England job) was made very hastily.

“Jealous is what I feel. Massively disappointed. That should be me there. Unfortunately because of the circumstances that wasn’t the case.

“One night I was playing golf – next day they said you can’t carry on.

“And I still don’t know why… because in the cold light of day, there was no substance, nothing behind it.

“If a bit more time was taken, a bit more patience, I believe I should still be the England manager.

“I’ve bounced back now – and while I will be extremely jealous I will be watching Gareth and the lads and hope they do extremely well.

 “It (England) is not the impossible job because people keep doing it. You’ve got to take the opportunity – it’s the greatest challenge there is.

“I’m really proud to be the man in the spotlight, even though it wasn’t for long enough. It will always be one of the biggest moments in my career.”

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  • TheFatController

    It’s not often I disagree with Sam. It’s always.

    I disagree here that one match was not long enough in charge. It’s all about opinion, but personally. I think it was more than long enough.

    Not often the FA act so quickly to rectify their mistakes, and they should always be applauded for acting so ‘hastily’ in firing him.

    Sam, you’re still fired!

    • Dillon Tovak

      Indeed, the only criticism of the FA here is that they didn’t admit the truth and sack him because he wasn’t the right man for the job.

      • TheFatController

        Yeah, I reckon after a few days of him being ‘in charge’, one of the FA guys said ‘first misdemeanour, get him out. Type this ready in advance : ‘it is with great regret…blah blah blah ….’

  • Dillon Tovak

    Bounced back by getting a whole new clubs support to cringe at the sight of him and then managing olly murs and Mark Wright against usain bolt and Gordon Ramsay.

  • rb

    Jesus, England had a lucky swerve when Allerdyce was mouthing off in that restaurant. His neanderthal route one tactics would have been totally exploited at the WC, at least Southgate has an idea of how he wants England to play and has bought a lot of the U21`s through that he used to manage, go away Sam, sit on your Sofa and moan all the way through the WC

  • Jimmy_toons

    Simple Sam, it was greed. It eventually caught up with you when you were filmed trying to get your hands on even more money than you were being paid, as those millions and the millions you have in the bank weren’t enough. That’s not even taking into account the turgid stuff you got your teams to play, which was apparently football.
    What odds he’s our next manager?

  • Liam Hogg

    The arrogance & lack of awareness this fat parasite shows is absolutely astounding

  • Awaymag


  • ghostrider

    He basically hasn’t done anything wrong. Just a media witch hunt orchestrated by whoever who did not want him in the job.
    If his crime was worthy of anything he would not be still in football…simple as that.
    The hatred for him goes beyond pathetic and it’s borne from nothing.

    It’s absolutely mental how a circus can be started with media words that can twist mediocre into the devil and his disciples at the drop of a hat, for people to chew on.

    • Ram Kishore

      I agree with you on this totally..
      I disliked how he was treated at everton and sacked for no reason..
      I do not understand the total slagging off and dislike that is shown towards him by fans here..

      • Jimmy_toons

        I presume you did not witness the garbage he turned out at United, and feel his £5m pay off was well earned?
        Why do you think he met those undercover reporters and was keen to accept their £400k offer to work as their ambassador in the Far East without FA approval, or did not tell the FA he was going to meet them?
        He represents everything that is wrong with English football.

    • TheFatController

      Telling strangers how to get round the rules of your new employers just makes someone a complete idiot I guess, yes.

      So maybe you and he think he’s hard done to, but surely you can’t deny the complete idiocy of his behaviour ?

      • ghostrider

        I’m not condoning his behaviour, I’m saying he’s done nothing wrong. Nothing illegal and certainly nothing that is any shock horror in the world of sport, never mind just football.

        Someone/people wanted him out of that England job, so he was set up and done up like a kipper, in my opinion.

      • Geordiegiants

        Don’t reply you are feeding an alias that is either from the mag to court more conversation, or a lover from another club that hero worships paedos.

  • Brent Jackson

    British footballs Trump, who cannot open his mouth without disgracing himself..luckily for England.
    Shut it Sam you’re rubbish.

  • Mike

    The man is a genius. Anyone that can get sacked at every job and get massive payouts is brilliant no matter that he is greedy corrupt and a liar in fact he would be well suited to be a politician.

  • Geordiegiants

    The Paedo lovers, think he is god. They just have no morals what so ever, they don’t give a flying, just look at their love of the Paedo and Fat Sham.