It’s called the close season but in actual fact, it is more like silly season, especially at SJP. So I thought I would take silly season to the next level by making a realistic list of potential names I think it would do no harm in looking at this summer.

Of course I don’t have the huge database, or knowledge, or experience that Rafa has, but I reckon I would give Lee Charnley a good run for his money though.

If fans can’t talk about which players they would like us to sign, then really, what is the point?

I have tried my best to be as realistic as possible – although a truly realistic list of players we could sign this summer would feature about 5 young loan signings, but where is the fun in that?

The only position I have omitted is the goalkeeper, with Dubravka, Elliot, Darlow and Woodman in that department, I think we are just fine.


Ryan Fredericks:

I have spoken to a few Fulham fans over the past year who have been keen to stress that although he isn’t as young, Fredericks has arguably been the outstanding full-back at Fulham over Sessegnon. Having seem him play quite a few times he has always looked half-decent, and perhaps has more of a presence about him compared to Yedlin, though it is strongly rumoured that West Ham are set to sign Fredericks.

Kevin Mbabu:

Anyone? I am not going to pretend to have seen anything of Mbabu since he left SJP but if recent reports are true, he could be heading back to the Premier League after impressing in Switzerland. I think he was well liked on Tyneside and many were upset to see him go. I would have him back.


Rob Holding or Callum Chambers:

Given the fact that Emery has just came in at Arsenal, I would expect at least one of these young English defenders to be on their way out of the Emirates this summer. I would take either of them. Both versatile, both half-decent, and could certainly provide proper competition to Lejeune at a decent price.

Pontus Jansson:

Somewhat of a stalwart at Leeds and a really good centre-half every time I have seen him play (albeit at Championship level). Still at a decent age too, my only worry is that Leeds would want a fortune (£15-20 million) for someone who is probably their best player.

Ben Gibson:

I am by no means someone who jumped on the Ben Gibson bandwagon during Boro’s most recent season in the PL. However, there is no denying that he is a good central defender who has proved that he can compete at this level. Having come so close this season, he may feel that this summer might be his last chance at a proper move to the PL, so could he be persuaded to go?

Unrealistic target:

David Luiz:

I admit its never going to happen, but if he did want to stay in the PL, I would love to see him in a Newcastle shirt.


Robbie Brady:

Versatile player who can play left-back, left midfield, and centre midfield. I actually think he is a ‘Rafa’ type of player too. Similar to Matt Ritchie in many respects that although he may lack quality in terms of getting past a man at times, he is half-decent and will run all day for you. Set-piece taker too.

Fabian Delph:

Another player who can compete with Dummett at left-back and has the bonus of being extra versatile. If he was available for £10-12 million, I think most teams outside of the top 6 would see him as a no-brainer.

Kieran Tierney:

Player with a massive future. I think the only thing keeping him at Celtic right now is the prospect of winning ’10 in a row’ and going down as a legend. Will undoubtedly be playing in the PL at some point and would be a big upgrade on Dummett if it were possible.

Centre Midfield

Joe Allen:

Saw in the Chronicle that he would be available for £20 million. I certainly wouldn’t pay that much for him but for anywhere in between £10-15 I think he could be a decent buy in the middle of the park.

James McCarthy:

I think it is well documented that Rafa is a big fan of his and so am I. Could definitely be a good partner alongside Shelvey.

Frenkie De Jong:

A big name back in Holland. I know we haven’t had our best luck with ‘De Jongs’ but this is a young player (21) with a big future. More likely that he will go to a better team though.

Slightly unrealistic target:

William Carvalho:

Guaranteed to move on this summer due to the turmoil at Sporting, linked with West Ham and Everton in the past, so no reason why we can’t have a go?

Right Wing

Xherdan Shaqiri:

For the right money, I think is a no brainer. On the other hand, is he the type of player that in the past we would have been glad to be rid of? Who knows. Worth the risk? Yes.


Been around at Bordeaux for a while now and has been linked with every big team in Europe at some point. Will likely end up at a middle ranking club – could it be us?

Josh Murphy:

You may laugh! We were linked with him last summer too, and for a cheap price, he could do half a job. Who were the last brothers to play for Newcastle? I can think of the Robledos, De Jongs, Ameobis, Withes, Caldwells, … is there more?

Left Wing

Anthony Knockaert:

Shown himself to be more than good enough at this level last season. No disrespect to Brighton but I think he would jump at the opportunity to make the jump to a club like Newcastle.

Marcus Coco:

You may have never heard of him but as a keen follower of French football I think this is a guy will be playing at a decent level in the next few years. Playing regularly at Guingamp and probably wouldn’t cost a bomb.

Ryan Sessegnon:

I would pay £25 million for him, plus Mitrovic.


Jack Grealish:

Big player at Aston Villa since January. Has been linked with a £25 million move to Leicester. Definitely don’t think he is worth that much though.

Mikel Oyarzabal:

A young player who has been at Sociedad for a while. If Rafa is to venture into the Spanish market, I would be surprised if he wasn’t high up on the list. Played a lot of senior football over the past few years and has already played for the Spanish senior side.

Ruben Loftus Cheek:

My pick for a number 10. Likely to leave Chelsea, and if we have £15 million to spend on a number 10 then I don’t think we could go much wrong with this guy.


Jay Rodriguez:

Had a decent season at West Brom, and I think he is just the type of player who fit into this side. Consistent and reliable, also knows where the goal is. Scored seven goals in a pretty horrific West Brom team.

Kevin Gameiro:

I first saw Kevin Gameiro playing for Lorient at Saint Etienne in 2010. The only reason being, Lyon weren’t playing at home that weekend and Saint Etienne is only a 30 minute drive. Gameiro was the best player on the pitch, he scored the winner and I have followed him ever since – 31 years old now after spells at Atletico, Sevilla and PSG, would be much better than Torres.

Unrealistic target;

Mario Balotelli:

Still scoring goals at Nice… just a thought.

(Jonathan did an earlier article suggesting seven potential loan signings – read it HERE)

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  • TheNutJob

    Fatty won`t lash out the cash Jon boy so it`s loans & free`s i`m afraid.
    back to the drawing board, i await your next article.

  • Leicester Mag

    I joked yesterday about Stevie Wonder being a football scout. He’d struggle to come up with some of this tripe.

  • Burt Humperdink

    What a bizzarre list, you seemed to have found some of the few players we haven’t been linked with and made an article out of them. Most of these will join top 6 sides.

  • Alex

    On a ‘stupid scale of 1-10’ this rates a good 11 1/2.

    The valuations given to players are like a random cup draw, eg up to £20m for an EFL centre half but starting at £10m for a member of the England Workd Cup Squad?? Ffffffs.

    • Jonathan Drape-Comyn

      “Leeds would want”

      Your ability to read on a stupid scale would be 11 1/2.

      Allen and Delph it just states “I would be willing to pay” or “if he was available” – they’re not valuations.


      • Leazes.

        What were you doing on a West Ham United pdf. when you were a student?

        • Albert Stubbins

          Where does he hail from with a name like that Leazes? Sounds like a character straight from the Fast Show if you ask me.

          • Leazes.

            Durham via Scotland

      • Ram Kishore

        I’m just wondering why would u mention players like Luiz , sessengnon , Mario.. a bit unrealistic as u have mentioned..U have also mentioned u haven’t watched many of them regularly.. so how they can be an improvement to our squad?
        Few other players were realistic signings but we would have to shell.out few quid beyond our means..
        Nice work but few bizarre ones

  • Jonathan Gibson

    Playing too much fifa

    • Coach Clagnut

      Or not enough.

  • Billmag

    Getting some pelters Jonathan but at least you took the time to put some names together, if it’s any consolation I don’t think it’s stupid. What happens on this forum is when we sign whoever there is always someone that criticise’s the manager’s decision.

  • Blackburn1066

    Nice list Jonathan but there is no chance in hell we are going to get any off your list the little fat man is a chancer, his cash is in paper not CASH!

    • Jonathan Drape-Comyn


  • Mxpx

    The best bit of business we can hope for is swapping mitrovic for Ryan Sessegnon might have to chuck in some cash too but I feel he could replace Kennedy although id love to have both of them

    • Leazes.

      Give over Rafa is negotiating a swap deal with Spuds for Kane

    • pedrodelgardo

      If we get Sessegnon they are going to need bouncers at Fenwick’s window…..

  • Tino11

    My name is Jonathan Drape-Comyn and I play Football Manager.

    • Jonathan Drape-Comyn

      ah, the classic ‘football manager’ remark. predictable.

      i would suggest that if you don’t know who these players are, with the exception of Malcolm, Coco (who I both know from French football) and Oyarzabal (who was brilliant for me on Football Manger 2016)… then you really don’t watch a lot of football.

      “My name is … (doubt it is Tino) and I don’t watch football. I just make fun of people who do.”

      • Tino11

        I think you are a bit too thin-skinned to be a writer on here, whenever anyone disagrees with your article you spit your dummy out in a reply.

        • Jonathan Drape-Comyn

          No, I always love to have conversation about FOOTBALL.

          Anyone who has spoken to me on the comments section will know that I will happily argue with them all day long about football. If they disagree with something, then great!

          It is just sad comments that have nothing to do with football, or points i have made in the article that I find sad and irritating.

          • Coach Clagnut

            All the postings have something or other to do with what you write. You give your opinions and people react as they interpret them. Good or bad.
            You also seem to be the only one chasing after the posters for some reason or other. Appears desperate but if you’d collate the opinions you have contention with, and post a new observation as to why you don’t believe a comment is a valid critique of your work, that would be more becoming. As it is, you critique the critics and that smacks of insecurity.
            Publish and be d.a.m.n.e.d. as someone said a while ago.

          • Leazes.

            Simon Van der Velde just goes silent…

  • Clarko

    I don’t think Knockaert has ‘shown himself to be more than good enough at this level last season’, he was Brighton’s biggest disappointment last season, 33 appearances with 3 goals and 1 assist, even Chris Hughton recognised his poor form stating “what he got away with last season is more difficult to get away with” in January.

    You state that you are not ‘going to pretend to have seen anything of Mbabu’ but you ‘would have him back’, isn’t that just silly?

    I don’t know how you can write an article where you quote prices for players like Allen who is valued at £20m, Jansson at £20m and Grealish who is valued at £25m (Aston Villa value him at £40m) and then go on to value Loftus-Cheek at £15m and suggest that Delph might be available for £10m, it’s silly.

    You go on the suggest players like Sessegnon who is being linked with the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, PSG and Real Madrid for incredible sums of money, Malcom who is being linked with Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and Bayern Munich and David Luiz which you admit is ‘never going to happen’, why mention them in this article? For the third time, it’s just silly.

    • JonMag

      It`s just a fun article, he knows most of those players would never come to Newcastle. click bait for [email protected]@king blockheads like you.

      • Vodkamagpie

        Just like we will never get a world class manager, hold on blockhead

        • JonMag

          no good having a world class manager if he hasn`t got the players to work with, is it, birdbrain.
          Benitez is employed to avoid relegation, not to take the team forward. cheaper paying a top manager £5m a year that go out buying £20m players

          • Vodkamagpie

            Oh, someone better tell our birdbrain world class manager then. Our 10th place finish, our spending 204Mil on players last 4years, our good 8/9 players to build on. Clearly all these birdbrains can’t see the improvement and potential of this club. Only the great JonMag knows best

          • JonMag

            [email protected]@king idiot, you`re blocked

          • Vodkamagpie

            OMG, nooooo!, don’t block me, I’m soon gonna miss our birdbrain chats

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Oh dear, you must be struggling to sleep at night with this news.

      • Clarko

        1) ‘I thought I would take silly season to the next level by making a realistic list of potential names I think it would do no harm in looking at this summer’.

        2) ‘I have tried my best to be as realistic as possible’.

        3) Listing players that would ‘never come’ to Newcastle wasn’t what I was criticising.

        4) Learn how to read.

    • Clarko


  • JonMag

    this guy`s an amateur compared with Ryder & his dimwits, they`ve named 50,
    yes that`s five zero strikers in 1 article although they had the good grace to omit Messi & Ronaldo

  • TheNutJob

    Everton to bid £30m for Jamaal according to the papers.
    do i hear Fatty`s helicopter ?

  • pedrodelgardo

    The Apple Pie brothers.

  • Vodkamagpie

    I real don’t see the need to block someone because they have a different opinion on a subject. Calling people names, abusive language, is ridiculous as far as Im concerned.

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Nobody would ever learn anything if they block out view that don;t coincide with their own.

      It’s an act of the feeble-minded.

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    To get Kevin Gameiro all these years after Carr recommended him would be an interesting Kick in the teeth for our former scout. I suspect he maybe a little more expansive than 2010. Jay Rodriguez would be useful if Gayle and Josulu left, he’d be back up surely. I agree with Josh Murphy, I think he could come on well. Shaqiri is a no-brainer for me too if his wages aren’t too steep.