The Premier League fixtures are out this week, revealed at 9am on Thursday morning.

Even though we are now accepting that not a single one of these dates and times will be set in stone, due to live TV demands, is is still always  a big moment of the summer.

Your chance to roughly map out your football season, with the order of when you are set to play the other 19 clubs home and away.

The summer transfer window closes at 5pm on Thursday 9 August, with the season then starting that weekend, with even the possibility of kicking off the campaign on the night of Friday 10 August if selected for live TV.

So we were wondering, who would you like Newcastle United to play first?

We have assumed that like us you would prefer Newcastle to both start and finish the season off at home, as happened last season (Spurs and Chelsea).

So the 19 options are simply the opposition, assuming that the vast majority would want it to be at St James Park.

What is an ideal opposition on the first day?

One of last season’s strugglers who almost got relegated, such as Southampton or Huddersfield?

Or what about one of the newcomers – catch Fulham, Cardiff or Wolves before they find their feet, or is the start of the season the worst time to play one of them when they are full of enthusiasm?

What about getting one of the ‘big six’ out of the way?

Maybe it is even ideal to play one of the better clubs with nothing to lose and any point(s) a bonus.

The World Cup is another factor to take into account, the thinking possibly being that clubs with a lot of players at the World Cup could be missing key players, especially if they play for the best national sides and get to the later stages.

Man City are top with 16 players competing in Russia, whilst Chelsea, Tottenham,, and Man Utd have 12 each. Leicester meanwhile, surprisingly have as many as eight players at the World Cup.

So what would be your choice, maybe just a club that you would really like to beat to get the season off to a perfect start.

Vote below and we will bring you the results later.

  • Rich Lawson

    Just home on a Saturday afternoon with a 3pm kick off would make a nice change.don’t give a t##s who we play.

  • Paul Patterson

    Palace at home for me.

  • Dillon Tovak

    Aren’t we playing Fulham? Or was the leak fake?

  • ghostrider

    Anybody, it doesn’t matter. We have to play them all home and away, anyway.

  • Kevin Harland

    Southampton at home. They’ll have a long journey and are neither a top team or an enthusiastic new team.

  • LA toon

    As I am visiting the UK, a home game either 18th or 25th August would be cool. An opposition team that does not cause a sell out would be a plus.

    • Dillon Tovak

      You’ll be fine if you get in early, what sucks is you’ll have to pay a membership fee even for just the one match. Effectively doubling your ticket price ☹️

  • Vodkamagpie

    Man City away, get the worst out of the way, city might take awhile to warm up

  • Alreet

    Any mid table team at home. We havnt had a decent home starting fixture for years.