The Premier League is the greatest league in the world…or so they tell us.

Once the latest Premier League UK TV deals auction failed in February, the writing was on the wall.

Only five of the seven packages were successfully sold and they were at reduced prices.

The golden goose wasn’t quite killed off but it certainly wasn’t getting any fatter.

You just knew then, that the squeeze on football fans would then come from elsewhere, as you clearly can’t have the rich failing to get even richer.

On Thursday, it was announced by the Premier League that the big six had somehow bullied the rest of the clubs into accepting that from 2019/20, the rich will get even more money from the international joint revenue (mainly from TV deals), whilst those at the bottom will get less.

Secondly, the Premier League then announced that they had finally sold the last two UK rights TV packages, on the cheap, meaning a rise from 168 to 200 of 380 PL games to be shown live as from 2019/20. This inevitably means more inconvenience for fans who go to the matches.

Then on Friday we had the ‘mid-season player break’ announcement.

As from 2019/20, this will take place in February and there will actually be no break in terms of having Premier League matches each weekend fixtures will be split with 10 clubs resting one weekend and the other 10 the next one, the likes of PL Chairman Richard Scudamore shameless as usual.

Who has any interest in watching all 10 games on live TV in any round of matches? As usual, the match-going fans aren’t even considered, exactly how many fans of Newcastle or the other 19 clubs would have voted for this ‘mid-season break’ which means no game for them on another weekend?

Also, to help accommodate the change, they have agreed that all FA Cup fifth round matches will now be midweek.

Thanks very much. Imagine Newcastle getting somebody on the south coast or down in Wales etc, indeed many other places. Getting there and back on a weekend easily done but midweek?

I know it is difficult to imagine NUFC getting to the fifth round (never happened in 11 years of Mike Ashley) but you get the point for all fans, both home and away actually, who will be inconvenienced. This is yet another massive nail in the coffin of the FA Cup.

So for your average fan who goes to matches and is one of the majority who doesn’t support one of the ‘big six’, this is how it will look as from August 2019…

Your club is all but certain to get a smaller proportion of PL international revenue, meaning your club will find it even harder to compete from that point.

With 20% more matches to be shown live on UK TV, every fan is almost guaranteed to have more of their club’s matches moved.

The February break means if you are lucky enough to see your club reach the fifth round of the FA Cup, the game will be midweek and makes it tougher/impossible for many people to attend.

Anybody who thinks the Premier League is the greatest in the world, for those who actually go to Newcastle (and other PL) matches, is surely having a laugh.

  • Paul Patterson

    Best MARKETED league in the world. That is all.

  • ghostrider

    Football as a sport is dying a death.
    The game is saturated in greed on a scale that’s making it close to unwatchable as a sport but watchable as merely some kind of thing that has no real deep meaning to many, anymore.
    It’s getting as scripted as WWE and boxing, etc.

    • Tino11

      My god a ghostrider comment I agree with, I feel sick! Still not giving you an upvote though because 99% of your comments are purely to wind fans up when you criticize Rafa non stop and praise Ashley, you pleb.

      • ghostrider

        Feel free to do as you please. I’m fine with whatever you decide on.

    • GlasgowMag

      Well ghost rider I actually agree with you for once and also up voted you as well it might be the couple of beers I had this afternoon but in any event well done common sense at last lol!!

  • Leazes.

    Really puzzling that United should vote for this as one of the ‘cannon-fodder’ clubs.

    A club that hasn’t show the slightest bit of generosity to its own supporters for over eleven years shows generosity to its competitors.

    Turkey’s voting for christmas?…. are Ashley and Charnley (who I believe was given a free vote) really that stupid or is there something we are missing here?

    ‘Give us a hand pulling the ladder up there’s a good lad’

    Cementing our place at the bottom of the heap just doesn’t make sense…. unless….

    …..we have a malevolent owner deliberately damaging his own club.


    Wasn’t this article posted already this week??


    Wasn’t this exact article posted already this week?

  • Toon

    Well don’t go, it’s easy. Anyway half the time all fans do is whine about prices and times and Ashley (NUFC fans, yawn), just don’t go and stop crying

  • GToon

    It’s like nearly every other sport – all about money. Perhaps the biggest problem I have with the premier league is the ability of certain clubs to buy the title. This doesn’t happen in the three leagues below where there are often surprises and also well managed clubs do well. How can anybody get excited about a league where we already know whose going to win it next season.