As Newcastle fans, we have all seen numerous players signed down the years who were no good enough.

However, we have also seen an awful lot of players brought in, who do have the ability BUT don’t have the temperament to deal with playing at St James Park.

Plenty new signings come with the best credentials, and many then do well again after exiting Tyneside, but just can’t handle the intensity from the Newcastle fans – especially with 52,000 inside St James Park.

Plenty do thrive on it of course, somebody like David Ginola clearly loved it and in inspired him further.

Newcastle have also had a lot of players with less ability but who have also thrived on the St James Park crowd.

Kevin Keegan was surely the very best at spotting the players with the right temperament, as well as Shearer, Beardsley, Ferdinand and the rest, he also signed many players such as John Beresford (Dubravka now?) and others, who visibly grew in stature thanks to the buzz they got from playing here.

Jacob Murphy arrived last summer as Newcastle’s biggest signing – but so far he has disappointed.

He has got time on his hands but this is a massive season for him and the player admits it himself in his latest interview (see below).

I think he has got ability and in flashes we have seen it BUT no surprise maybe that this has happened almost exclusively in away matches.

That brilliant goal at Man City, played well at Chelsea and created Gayle’s goal, an excellent run for the winner at Stoke, played very well at Old Trafford in that first half as Newcastle went on the offensive.

However, at St James Park, Jacob Murphy has looked intimidated by the crowd and expectation.

The last season defeat to West Brom summed it up, Murphy came off the bench, made a few mistakes, the crowd groaned and he went back into his shell.

Can he do it this coming season?

I really hope so – but he has to conquer these confidence issues at St James Park and when things go wrong, just bounce back and show what he can do.

Jacob Murphy speaking to NUFC TV:

“As a confidence player, they (playing well and scoring/making goals) are the things I need.

“I thrive off them and I was buzzing to get that first goal at Man City, and now I’m hungry for more.

“Hopefully, this is my breakthrough season at the club but I know there is going to be tough competition from Matty (Ritchie), (Christian) Atsu and Rolando (Aarons), but I will be raring to go.

“Obviously I put that pressure on myself at the start of the season because I really wanted to make an impact when I first came in but.

“But, looking back it now, maybe I should not have been so hard on myself. I should have just let it happen all naturally.

“Now the fans know a little bit more about me, they will know even more about me this coming season, too, so I’m really looking forward to it.

“I really enjoyed my first season in the Premier League and learned lots and lots from it.

“It was a massive step up from the Championship. From the start I knew it would be difficult, but maybe not as difficult (as it turned out to be).

“I got that run of games around Christmas time and that’s when I thought I was kicking on.

“But in terms of the season I feel I have settled in well and now this (new) season is about cementing a place.”

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  • mentalman

    What intensity its deadly silent half the time now.

    Anyway i disagree about him being disappointing, when he’s been given time to play he’s looked good and at times a lot better than our other options in his positions.

    It is his first season in the prem and we over paid for him so people are expecting too much.

  • HarryHype59

    I still don’t know why he was bought for a reputed £12m. That money could have been used to bring in a far better no 9 like Chris Wood who cost Burnley £15m. I hope Murphy improves as he looks too inconsistent at present.

    • Brian Standen

      I would disagree about Chris Wood – championship CF at best, prob better than some we have but if we want to progress it has to be better than that! Some hope however?

      • HarryHype59

        Chris Wood scored ten EPL goals in twenty four top flight appearances last season. I agree he is no world beater. However, he was far better value at £15m last season than Murphy was for £10-12m for NUFC.

        We could have bought Wood for the money the club spent on Murphy and the Hoss. Those two scored five E PL goals between them.

        I have seen signs that Murphy could turn out to be a decent player in the future. He looks way short of genuine EPL quality at present.

        • Brian Standen

          Chris wood is a centre forward so modest return really – Murphy is a winger so not teally fair comparison

          • HarryHype59

            What is Murphy’s success criterion the? Goals, assists, matches played? By any objective criterion Murphy was poor value last season for a reputed £12m.

            Wood ‘s return of ten goals in his EPL debut season is a decent return. Burnley would be looking to get more than the £15m they paid for him if they decide to upgrade.

            I am not saying he is of the standard we would ideally want. However, he would have been better value than Murphy last summer window.

    • NUFCDan

      FCB gambling on his future sell on value..

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Ginola was a one off and the fans who saw him can count themselves lucky as these players do not come along very often. Yes it’s a make or break season for Murphy but still think Rafa will not play him much as he is looking to strength in his position.

    • Brian Standen

      Ginola was astonishing for about 6 months then after the disgraceful
      Lee Dixon/ Arsenal scandalous conduct he was never quite the same for us – apart from in flashes!
      I still hate Arsenal for that and as for Lee Dixon……

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Think that was a cup tie at Highbury if I remember midweek but one game rolls into another. Should have been sent off but yet again another London player escapes justice. Still going on now with Kane and Ali special treatment.

        • Brian Standen

          Listen. The whole world loves squeaky clean Harry Kane, I see someone who was getting nothing off Lejuene first game last season so took him out with a scissor tackle and got away with it! As for Ali….. just a cheat!
          I agree all CFs must have a mean steak , Alan Shearer certainly did but Harry Kane is not fit to lace his boots!
          See how he has to deal with a serious injury like Shearer did twice!
          And while I’m ranting Henderson and Maguire are not in same league as Shelvey!
          England? I actually don’t care!

  • cc

    made a mistake and everyone groaned, there lies the problem, we have to be better than this and accept that a player does not go on the pitch and decide not to try his best, not everything will come off but that’s the way it is shearer and Millburn didn’t score with every shot, ( though they mostly did I accept)
    poor tony cunnigham 47 apps 4 goals would never had lasted with expectations these days yet those of us who saw him play loved him

    ginola season 1 24 appearances 1 goal
    ginola season 2 34 appearances 5 goals
    murphy season 1 25 appearances 1 goal ( 11 of the 25 on the bench)
    murphy season 2 ??? here’s hoping

    I’m not comparing him to ginola, ginola had played for 10 years before we signed him from psg so was a lot more experienced and confident in himself.
    I do it myself I assume because they are paid loads relative to what most earn that this does not allow them any time to grow or develop we assume they are complete when the fact is they are still kids just on good money.

    We need to give young and local players more time, dummet would have been driven out the club if most had their way, in the way thauvin was. 45m on transfermarket now pity we weren’t selling him this year Ashley could have made more money.
    For Murphy the attitude of coming back for an early pre season says a lot about the lad and what he hopes to do good luck to him

    • Ram Kishore

      You are absolutely right..
      Because of big money in football fans have started having too much expectations which weighs down heavily on young players.

      Fans have started judging players mostly on few games..

    • Leazes.

      You don’t measure a winger by the number of goals he scores, especially at Newcastle where we have operated with the old fashioned centre forward system since trophy signing a striker became the norm!

    • T-Dog

      It was Ginola’s second season where he only got one league goal, not his first. Scored a raker in Europe, too. He was absolutely banging in his first season.

      I agree with your general point, though. Murphy needs a chance and looks a promising player to me. Some good signs toward the end of the season and was dangerous away at Man City. I’m surprised how quickly people want to write off young British players. I’m glad we invested in him and reckon he’ll play a lot more this season.

  • Billmag

    I think the boy is a better player than Atsu but being our costliest player has weighed heavely on his young shoulders, let’s hope he kicks on this season good luck to the lad.

  • Mrkgw

    Maybe he will come good but, based upon his performances to date he looks to have been a costly and mistaken addition. He is young though and I genuinely hope that he makes it. Good luck to the lad.

    • HarryHype59

      I wonder what his current transfer value is?

      • Mrkgw

        Yes, doubt that he will have retained much of the £12m invested in him.

  • Billy Ellwood

    His second season I’m sure will be much improved.

  • Tino11

    He’s still fairly young, his last club is in a quiet part of the country where the focus of the city on football is nowt like it is at the Toon. I don’t think you can fully judge any player on just one season in the Prem at a new club, if we did then Shelvey, Diame, and others wouldn’t be here anymore. If he doesn’t kick on this season, then fair enough you can say he’s had more than a fair chance, but remember our squad in terms of strength in depth is small.

    Also it’s a sign how far we have fallen, when we consider 12 million a costly mistake, most teams in the EPL would write that off as a fairly cheap gamble that didn’t pay off and not worry about it.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Very fair assessment…

    • NUFCDan

      A lot of other PL teams will happily pay that sort of sum for a prospect to either send out on loan or play for their under 23’s. Says it all about FCB that he was our biggest signing last season.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Let’s at least give the lad a chance. Imagine if for some daft reason he looks at the mag & sees his own fans have written him off

  • Wor Lass

    He seems like a player who needs a bit of a run to establish himself and build his confidence and he hasn`t had that yet. He`s a young lad with ability and needs to be given a chance by all concerned.

  • Rich Lawson

    He’s come back 3 weeks early to start training,shows good intent at least.

    • Wor Lass

      Jonjo did something like that last season and look what happened!