Andros Townsend is now reported to be a target for Rafa Benitez.

The winger only started 12 Premier League games for Newcastle, eight of them under Rafa, and the recently appointed NUFC manager didn’t want him to leave.

However, despite only starting 12 games and being part of a team/squad relegated, Andros Townsend did provoke a lot of resentment when along with the likes of Sissoko, Wijnaldum and Janmaat, he couldn’t get away quick enough after Newcastle went down.

After rescuing Townsend from a career going nowhere at Tottenham, Andros Townsend scored four and got two assists in only the 12 NUFC starts, form that he has never managed to recreate at Selhurst Park.

In two seasons and 72 Premier League appearances, the winger has scored only five goals and got 11 assists for Palace.

The South London Press cover Crystal Palace and they say their information is that Newcastle now want to take the player back to Tyneside this summer.

At Newcastle, he just missed out on making the 2016 England Euros squad but at Palace he has totally faded from sight, nowhere near heading off to Russia this summer.

Back in January 2017 it was claimed throughout that transfer window that Newcastle wanted to take Andos Townsend back to NUFC with a swap deal for Chancel Mbemba suggested likely to happen (see below).

Townsend turns 27 in July and he is now at a stage in his career where he needs to step it up wherever he plays his football.

With seemingly no chance of a permanent deal for Kenedy, Newcastle are desperate for a quality left footed winger in the team.

The Mag – 30 January 2017:

With Newcastle not willing to make a (permanent) transfer bid for Andros Townsend and Crystal Palace insisting they weren’t interested in a loan arrangement, any deal for the winger looked near impossible.

Then on Friday night, George Caulkin, who covers Newcastle United for The Times,  broke the story that Palace’s search for new defenders had led them to St James Park, with an approach having been made to Newcastle to take Chancel Mbemba on loan for the rest of the season.

At the same time, Caulkin said that Newcastle had renewed their efforts to try and get Andros Townsend on a loan deal.

The clear implication of course, that if a deal could be done, then both clubs could bring in a player to help them in the second half of the season, whilst losing one who is out of favour.

Monday afternoon has now seen George Caulkin give an update, stating:

“At this stage, it’s Townsend or nothing for Newcastle United this month and plenty of work to do there.”

A couple of weeks ago, Rafa Benitez first mentioned that amongst his transfer targets, there was one that he was especially interested and excited about.

With Newcastle clearly continuing to try and bring the winger back, it appears clear that Andros Townsend is who he was talking about.

Townsend was subbed in all four of Sam Allardyce’s first four Premier League matches and then dropped last weekend for the Everton home game, coming on as an 88th minute sub after the blues scored a late winner.

Making changes for the FA Cup at home to Manchester City on Saturday (watched by only 13,979!), Andros Townsend was forced to endure the full 90 minutes on the pitch in another poor performance as Palace were taken apart 3-0 by Man City.

Sam Allardyce is desperate to bring in new players after picking up just one point out of 15 and dropping into the relegation zone.

As for Mbemba, after being Newcastle’s best defender in the Premier League last season, he has been a bit unlucky to be frozen out this time and is now on his way back from the African Cup of Nations after Christian Atsu and Ghana eliminated DR Congo at the weekend.

With neither player looking set to be first choice at their respective clubs in the promotion race/relegation survival run-ins, a swap loan deal would appear to make sense for both players.

If Rafa Benitez was able to add Andros Townsend for the rest of the season, then I’m guessing most Newcastle fans would see that as a relatively successful transfer window, especially as it would be adding somebody to go straight into the first team.

  • Blackburn1066

    NUFC are a mess

  • gold coast mag

    He’s a mercenary-if kenedy wants to come back to were he’s appreciated and a regular starter, he’ll have to push for the move and we’ll have to cough up the fee- hopefully the sales of Mbemba, Gayle and Mitro will be more than enough, but still leaves us desperately needing a goalscorer

  • Paul Patterson

    I’d prefer Kenedy at around £20m. What would Townsend cost- £12m? What a statement it would be to get both and then go after a £30m striker? Roughly £60m spend in total.
    Yeah, I know- forget it.

    • Mxpx

      Agreed one on each flank would be brilliant I’d love andros townsend to return not sure theres any more to this than the bas dost stories

  • Leazes.

    Didn’t bother reading it because I saw it earlier from one of the click-bait sites. Its just untrue, originated in HITC or Transfer Tavern, probably as a feed article from an agent putting his name into the public eye….. seems to have worked with stupid journalists who have repeated it or pasted it in order to get hits for their own site.

    Enter the fray Graham Porter aka Simon van der Velde author of fiction.

    • Down Under Mag

      There’s a lot of click-bait going around… but then staff writers are there to generate clicks for the ads, and any fan that writes an article usually gets shot down in flames for being either too positive or not being in the real world.

      • gold coast mag

        too true mate-I read this site daily, and someone has to pay for the staff writers-there’s some good articles and even the cut and paste has a NUFC theme

  • Down Under Mag

    He was the first to leave, before any of the “rebuild” started and I couldn’t blame him for wanting to leave…he was trying to get into the England squad at the time and his form was amazing for us. The lad could not have done anymore to try and keep us up and he made a decision that at the time probably looked like it was made for him with the club seemingly in tatters. I think if he looks back he probably jumped too early and while I appreciate some fans were upset with him leaving, I do ask if those same fans thought Given was a mercenary/unloyal when he left when we went down the first time?!?! If we could get Kenedy then it would be a no brainer, the guy was great and seemed to love his time here and the fans…failing that I would have Townsend back at the right price/wages. I can put petty things behind me if it is for the greater good…I think it’s time some sections of fans do the same. They would probably find their outlook greatly improves…it can’t be pleasant being so pessimistic all the time, lifes too short to be like that!

    • Paul Patterson

      No problem with Given from me, he left six months before relegation.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Yep, Given could have waited until the summer, got his move and maybe kept us up. He was left out of the game against City when Belkemy scored their winner past Harper, Given would have saved it and that point alone would have kept us up.

        I didn’t like Given’s sense of entitlement for a signing on fee either.

        No problem with Townsend, I can’t say I want him back but understand why he left.

        • Billmag

          And what difference would that have made had he kept us up, it’s the same old story from Ashley no hope no ambition just try not to get relegated

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            In hindsight, it wasn’t so bad to get relegated that season. Flushed out the rubbish and starting with a decent base rather than scrapping to stay up.

            However, we’d not have gone down and that seemed important at the time.

          • Billmag

            So what you are saying is if we hadn’t have gone down we would have kept the rubbish till the next time things don’t work out, it’s a never ending cycle with Ashley.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            If you look at Sunderland, they went from one season to another avoiding the drop buying players on big money to save them but eventually were unsaveable with a squad of over-paid rubbish.

            In our relegation summer, we lost Martins, Owen, Duff, Geremi, Beye etc etc. we had a much lower wage bill and it left room to appoint younger players in.

          • Billmag

            You are very selective Bobbi picking the Mackems why not mention Leicester a bit of investment won them the league and established them in the Premier, plus they had a good manager in Raniere as we have now with Rafa so why not invest in him.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            We were talking 2009 having just gone through 4 managers in a season.

            For now, give Rafa as much as we can but there is only so much available.

  • Dillon Tovak

    Bid for kenedy for cripesake!

  • Stephen Paylor

    im a fan of Townsend but if i was asked to choose between him or kenedy for around the same money i would want Kenedy. Probably less wages and a good few years younger. Both would be great if that was possible,

  • Gianfranco Shola

    Nowt will happen until Mitro is sold, that much is obvious

  • Desree

    Tumbleweeds and a church bell tolls

  • Vodkamagpie

    No thank you, he is so predictable, run, step over, chip cross, way over rated

  • Mrkgw

    No chance of signing players that cost more than a couple of million. I see that Forest secured a couple of signings (one being at £13m) and broke their transfer record. Based on rumour, the regime wouldn’t even compete on that level. We well and truly need Ashley to leave the club as things will seemingly only deteriorate under his watch. Small club mentality. Ashley out!

    • Vodkamagpie

      Yet they can’t buy colback, why?, WAGES. It’s got nothing to do with the transfer fee, Newcastle can buy almost anyone, it’s maintaining the right wage structure at the club, for the safety of the club in general.

      • Billmag

        Safety of the club my ass with the money coming into the Premier no club should go under, if a club as small as Bournemouth can buy £20ml player’s why can’t we.

        • Wezza147

          He is a troll alias, just block him. He isn’t a Newcastle fan.

          • Vodkamagpie

            I probably know more about Newcastle than you do. Troll my a$$

        • Vodkamagpie

          They can because their squad is basically cheap and low on wages. Francis, cook, Daniels, smith, arter, pugh, surman, Wilson, king, etc. Probably all those regular players for Bournemouth , all combined would be cheaper than Newcastle buying saivet

          • Billmag

            Jermaine Defoe.????

          • Geordieguy

            Pugh Pugh barney mcgrew cuthbert dibble grubb

  • Down Under Mag

    To be honest we may as well put our feet up, we on’t be doing any business until much much closer to the window closing, I don’t think Ashley likes paying wages for players when they aren’t earning him money with fans through the turnstiles…

  • ghostrider

    The simple scenario is this:
    If he came back I’d have to support him and hope he does his best for us. I wouldn’t be very happy about it initially but would warm to it if he done the business for us.
    This is because I can’t do anything about it, so why not embrace it as best we can if it happens.

    If I was in charge of the club he wouldn’t ever pull on a Newcastle shirt to be part of a Newcastle United set up….ever.

  • TheNutJob

    Fake news, the Ayatollah isn`t buying, he `s working his ticket again to show Rafa that he`s the big boss, same as last year. the only thing that`s keeping the manager here is the £6m clause, or he`d be long gone

  • Albert Stubbins

    He’s not coming back.

  • Billmag

    We seem to be going over the same old ground time and time again. No progress under this lot, fatso’s contravening the trade discription act.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Apparently rumours are flying around that it is “Bargain Basement Time” again this summer, According to “The Chronic”, So how reliable is that ?

    In regards to Townsend, I don’t want him back here because he has proven to have no loyalty and is nothing but a mercenary !
    That’s if there is any truth in these rumours because it sounds like a classic “Mike Ashley Red Herring”, If you ask me.
    Jabba The Gutt puts these rumours out there himself and you can generally decipher which ones have his grubby finger prints on them !

  • panther

    I thought we wanted Carroll and bas dost?

  • Another slow news day :D Tomorrow Bas Dost or Andy Carroll again :D