Ayoze Perez had a storming finish to the season.

The former Tenerife striker scored six goals in his last eight appearances of the campaign, to help Newcastle reach their Premier League safety target with a month to spare.

A number of clubs have subsequently been linked with the 24 year old (turns 25 in July) since the season ended and the weekend has brought fresh claims of interest from both Spain and Italy.

Spanish media claim that both Real Betis and Real Sociedad are looking to take Ayoze Perez into La Liga, whilst Napoli were a new name added to the list in recent days.

Responding to these reports, The Chronicle now say that they understand that ideally Rafa Benitez wants to keep the striker.

Over in Spain they are putting an £18m valuation on Perez as being enough to land him but The Chronicle say that if the player was to move, they want to bank more than that £18m figure.

Difficult to know what any player’s valuation in this transfer market and it is especially difficult to value Ayoze Perez.

You have the player who finished the season scoring six goals in eight games.

Then you have the one who scored only two in the first 28 Premier League matches of last season.

His Newcastle career has followed a similar path overall, long periods of average contribution at best, but hitting runs of goalscoring form occasionally.

His first season (2014/15) saw five PL goals up to and including 28 December 2014 but only two after that date.

The (2015/16) relegation season was almost identical, five goals up to and including 16 January 2016, then only one after that date as Newcastle went down.

The Championship (2016/17) campaign saw him score in only two games (three goals) up to and including 21 January 2017, but then finished the season strongly, a bit like this season just gone, when adding another six goals.

My take on it, is that he is a decent player to have in the squad but too inconsistent to rely on as first choice in the number 10 role.

Newcastle shouldn’t be actively looking to sell him but if they were offered anything like £18m I would snap their hands off.

Whether Ayoze Perez stays or not, Newcastle desperately need another option to be brought in this summer for the number 10 position.

  • TheNutJob

    Christmas comes early for Jabba, £45m for Jamaal, now £18m for Ayoze.
    lovely jubbly say`s Fatty

    • HarryHype59

      Plus at least £18m for Mitro. No wonder the fat miser won’t sell.

  • steve

    I’d take 18 mil for him in a heartbeat, 4 years at the club and he still doesn’t have a best position, he gets bullied far too often and has games where he doesn’t look like he’s trying, especially last year in the championship.

    • mentalman

      he doesn’t have a best position because in all his time at the club he’s been tried in at least 4 probably 5 different ones to plug holes, its no coincidence that his scoring streaks coincide with him being consistently picked in one position

  • Lostprofit DBC

    The increased value of our squad, coupled with the £125m or so prize money, makes the £400m asking price look not so bad after all. Given that most thought it was worth 250 to 300m last season, I don’t think our friend Mike, is far off the mark. Certainly the top 6 are all billion pound concerns we are worth at least his asking price. We certainly don’t get the hype of the top 6 and the press have something to answer for. Surely we are hot property?

    • HarryHype59

      Every day the club remains unsold, tells us the market doesn’t value NUFC any where near £400m.

      • Leazes.

        I valued it at £420m…. based on assets and brand.
        Depends what is included though,

        • Lostprofit DBC

          I see Spartak Moscows new ground cost £400m. We haven’t got too shabby a ground ourselves and our players are now worth a canny bit. Then the prize money and transfer instalments to come in. The press are not hurting Ashley but the demanding fans, shame on us for wanting success!

      • Lostprofit DBC

        The question then has to be why? Are we saying that lesser clubs are worth more than us. Are Everton for eg worth almost double? The press have a lot to answer for I.e. Demanding fans, poison chalice etc.

    • Yeah, Jonjo+Lascelles+Perez are worth 100m alone.
      If somebody wants to seriously invest in NUFC he/she won’t be put off by 50-60m more for Ashley for a club that’s financially stable and has a huge fanbase.

  • Mxpx

    We really have no backup for Perez let alone selling our 1st choice 18m is much more than his value but us overpricing him makes sense

    • Lostprofit DBC

      Yes very true, trouble is that all potential replacements cost more than their true value as well.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Rafa: Mike, why are you selling my best players?
    Ashley: We,ve got to balance the books Rafa.
    Rafa: What about the £120m TV money?
    Ashley: That’s mine, keep your eyes off it Benitez. Anyway just think of the plaudits you’ll receive when you manage another respectable league position with a modest budget.
    Rafa: You mean shoestring budget.
    Charnley: May I make a contribution?
    Rafa: Yes Lee, go and put the kettle on.
    Rafa: So after the books are balanced what is my transfer budget?
    Ashley: After taking everything into consideration it appears that you owe me a tenner.

    • Lostprofit DBC

      Haha, some truth in that but more realistically: Mike- ‘we have £10m in the kitty. You can have the season ticket money and prize money but out of that you have to pay overheads including wages. So Rafa, sign the new contract and you can have £75m’. Rafa-‘let me make you sweat for a while.’

    • Billmag

      Ha ha I would change the second line to listen Rafa I want and I will make a profit.

    • panther

      Ha that’s about right

    • Wezza147

      Spot on, although MA would have said “what 120M tv money?” lol. It’s gone into MASH Holdings and won’t benefit NUFC.

    • KRS1

      Absolute genius!

  • Paul Patterson

    Let’s weigh up what it would cost to replace him. We have a player who’s happy here, gets on with the manager/team and is only 24. He’s scored a decent few goals last season and isn’t played as a striker. In this market £18m seems about right. It would cost similar to replace him. No deal!

    • panther

      Ha replace him, where have you been the last decade?

  • Lostprofit DBC

    Haha, some truth in that but more realistically: Mike- ‘we have £10m in the kitty. You can have the season ticket money and prize money but out of that you have to pay overheads including wages. So Rafa, sign the new contract and you can have £75m’. Rafa-‘let me make you sweat for a while.’

    • Leazes.

      I think he’s more valuble than Mitrovic

      • Kneebotherm8

        He is to Rafa..

    • ghostrider

      Everybody does have a price…but when clubs come sniffing for a bargain that they think Perez would be, the price starts at 18 million, is all that’s been put out.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    We should keep him as will probably get fifteen Premier league goals next season if he maintains his form. Such players who can score that many normally cost in excess of £30m. Without his goals we would have been relegated.

  • HarryHype59

    I have no issues selling him for £18m, IF a better player in the same position replaces him. I don’t want to see him sold and the money end up in a MASH account.

    • Leazes.

      Just as he’s come good?… I’d keep him.

      • TheNutJob

        can he sustain his form ?

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      Agreed, Give him his due he did some good things that helped us out immensely towards the end of the season, But if someone came in with that sort of cash then flog him sharpish !
      Considering what we paid for him then it would be amazing business if we could get 18 million.
      For every one thing he does well there are another 7 or 8 things he will do wrong, The Everton game being a casing point where we should have been two up but blew it due to his messing it up !

  • Leicester Mag

    So yet another story where we seem to have put a price on a player’s head. Elsewhere the Evening Beano has us selling Lejuene. Yet again all about what we can sell for not who we can buy. Show me club who have improved for selling an asset. Certainly not us. Selling Perez with the alternative being the Hoss / Gayle combo, would be football suicide but then that’s never stopped the mendacious muppet before.

  • Perez likes it here and he has flourished when moved a bit further forward in the second half of the season. I say that’s easily worth 20m in today’s market.