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Newcastle United season ticket prices – The reality of what it means for our family

3 years ago

I have never sent anything into The Mag before but after the Newcastle United season ticket prices shambles, I was given the push to do it.

I have thought about writing stuff before but like many of you, the moment passes and it gets added to the list of things you would do, if you had the time…

We are just a normal family who happen to all support Newcastle United, four season tickets together.

Also, like most families we have to budget each month, both me and the wife (not ‘wor lass’, for some reason she isn’t too keen on that…) work full-time and we get by.

Paying the bills and putting money aside each month for other essentials, such as season tickets. We manage…but with nothing really to spare.

If we need to buy anything extra of substance then you tighten your belts and put it aside over a period of time, we don’t want to fall into debt and so avoid credit cards. If we are buying anything, we want to save up before we get it, rather than falling into the trap of enjoy now pay later.

I read an excellent article by Matthew Robson on The Mag yesterday (see below) and it exposed just how shocking the decision was to raise the prices of season tickets. This at a time when Newcastle United have never had more money coming into the club AND pretty much every single other Premier League club is freezing prices.

This is the reality for our family, with not a single indication from the club in advance that prices would rise, and leaving it later than any other club in doing their renewals, we suddenly have to find over £300 more than we were expecting to pay.

Like many of you, the wife and I both get paid at the end of each month.

The club have announced the renewals on 14 June and not a lot has been made of this – but they have given us 13 (THIRTEEN) days before the deadline cut-off of 27 June.

So basically, we get the £300+ extra to pay dumped on us, plus we have to find that extra money before even either of us get paid again.

If only changing your football club was as easy as changing your supermarket.

The worst thing is, I don’t even think these price rises are really about even generating a few extra quid, after all – it will only equate to a couple of million or so more, after we scrape together the cash, borrow from family/friends etc.

Instead, it looks to me just like Mike Ashley doing it because he can, like poking a stick into the cage once again to get a reaction from the Newcastle fans.

If only there was an easy answer to getting rid of him…

Matthew Robson’s article yesterday (Thursday 14 June):

The Newcastle United season ticket prices have been revealed on Wednesday afternoon.

With tumbleweed blowing through the NUFC summer transfer window, the last thing fans expected, was that prices in every single area would go up.

At a time when there has never been more money flowing into the Premier League, there is no justification for any club to put their season ticket prices up.

There has seemingly been an across the board basic increase of 5% on all headline prices.

However, for fans who have had their season tickets for more than one season excluding those on long-term price deals) there is an extra nasty surprise.

If you had a season ticket during the 2016/17 Championship season (a price which was a reduction of 10% on 2015/16), then you had that same price also for last (2017/18) season.

However, that has all disappeared and so now those season ticket holders are getting a double whammy of a price rise.

For example, an adult who has had their season ticket for more than a year in the family enclosure (up in the worst seats in the Gods) sees a price increase of over 20% (new price £397, standard price for that section was £378 last season, but they had paid £329).

Pretty ironic that the club reveal these ticket increases on the same day that the Chronicle are reporting that Rafa Benitez has a similarly ‘modest’ summer transfer budget as to the one he  had a year ago.

The Newcastle United 2018/19 season ticket prices and in brackets last season’s standard price (season tickets holders of two years or more paid 10% less than that figure last season):

Family Area

£397 Adult (£378)

£324 Student and Senior Citizen (£309)

£82 Under 18s (£78)

Seating Category Three

£571 Adult (£544)

£457 Student and Senior Citizen (£435)

£166 Under 18s (£158)

Seating Category Two

£628 Adult (£598)

£510 Student and Senior Citizen (£486)

£207 Under 18s (£197)

Seating Category One

£772 Adult (£735)

£635 Student and Senior Citizen (£605)

£311 Under 18s (£296)


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