Moving on poor signings has been a constant problem at Newcastle United.

All clubs have this issue to some extent but Newcastle have it worse than most, having had a policy of overwhelmingly targeting players from weaker European leagues.

The net result being that players arrive at Newcastle on higher wages than is the norm from the league they have come from.

Then when/if they flop, the only league(s) they are likely to be good enough to play in, are the ones who pay wages far less than in the Premier League.

Which brings us to Henri Saivet.

Earlier this week we brought you news (see below) that he could be on the verge of Joining Bursaspor in Turkey, having made only three league starts for NUFC in his two and a half years on the club’s books.

It was Turkish newspaper Olay which reported the impending transfer but now on Thursday morning they have revealed that any move looks dead in the water, due to wage demands from Henri Saivet.

They claim he has demanded 1.2m euros per year, which is around £1.05m, roughly twenty grand a week. A figure which the Turkish club won’t/can’t pay.

It has been obvious for the entire time that Rafa Benitez has been here (Henri Saivet was bought two months before Rafa took over) that he wants to shift the midfielder.

The fact we still have him at Newcastle tells you that the player has to compromise on his NUFC wages or else he will never be sold.

Only this week we have seen news of Massadio Haidara now supposedly at last fixed up with a new club, RC Lens in the French second tier. He is a typical example of many of the poor signings under Graham Carr and Mike Ashley.

Brought in as a young player from a weaker foreign league who they hoped would increase in value, instead we ended up stuck with him for the entire length of his ludicrously long five and a half year contract. Despite not getting a single league start for almost a full final three years of his time at NUFC, Haidara turned down clubs, including St Etienne last summer, because he preferred to stay at SJP not playing, rather than take less in wages to play football.

At the moment we are stuck with a load of players on long contracts such as Sels (five year contract ends 2021), Saivet (five and a half years ends 2021), Mbemba (five years ends 2020), Lazaar (five years ends 2021) and others, all brought in from lower wage overseas leagues, put on ludicrously long contracts.

The Mag – 4 June 2018:

Amongst the many disastrous Newcastle signings under the Graham Carr/Mike Ashley partnership, was Henri Saivet.

With Newcastle desperate for goalscorers and defenders back in January 2016, adding a run of the mill central midfielder to a squad battling relegation was baffling.

Just as baffling, was that as well as a £5m transfer fee to Bordeaux, Mike Ashley gave Henri Saivet a ridiculously long five and a half year contract.

With three NUFC league starts in the opening two and a half years, that now leaves the Senegalese midfielder with another three years on Newcastle’s books, unless they can move him on.

Salvation could be at hand, as Turkish newspaper Olay, now reports that Bursaspor are in talks with Newcastle United to try and sign Henri Saivet.

Now 27, after a year on loan at Saint Etienne in 2016/17, Saivet spent the second half of last season at Sivasspor (Saivet pictured above signing on at Sivasspor in January), helping them to finish seventh in the Turkish league table.

The manager that took him on loan there was Samet Aybaba and the Turkish media outlet says that now he has moved to Bursaspor, who finished 13th last season, the manager wants the Newcastle player to follow him to his new club.

Henri Saivet played 12 times for Sivasspor in his loan spell and now Olay claim that Bursaspor want to take the midfielder on an initial loan deal for next season, with an option to buy at the end of it.

Rafa Benitez clearly wants to move on a player he has no use for, having only given him only one league start in over two years, and that was when Newcastle had a central midfield shortage last December. However, with a need to generate funds for buys this summer, Rafa Benitez would much prefer a simple sale of the midfielder.

At the very least, you would expect Newcastle to only allow another loan arrangement, if it contained a non-negotiable permanent deal trigger after a nominal number of games, as was the case when Florian Thuavin and Remy Cabella left. Meaning there would be a smaller initial loan fee and then a permanent deal transfer fee to be paid next summer.

Newcastle fans are hoping that if/when a few players can be moved out quickly, it can help Rafa Benitez to bring in his own signings sooner rather  than later.

  • Paul Patterson

    Graham Carr strikes again..

    • HarryHype59

      Carr’s defenders would argue his “better” recommendation were ignored by the Fat miser. The result are numerous bargain basement punts who are left rotting in the reserves on relatively big money long term contracts. Our recruitment policy has been riddled with flops who were never good enough.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Carr’s record is pretty good and the list of those that got away would grace a very good football team.

        Saivet is not at all bad, after a mistake early on, he was outstanding in his game against West Ham.

        • Desree

          Twice in a week we agree

        • JonMag

          1 game, FFS get a grip

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            It was just one game but he’s a better player than we’ve seen in B&W. Rafa’s management of him is a little like Mbemba and a little baffling. Both i think could have been used more.

          • I think both him and Mbemba don’t give enough effort in training and refuse to learn English and that’s why Rafa froze them out.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I think that’s possibly right, we don’t don’t see the day to day stuff.

          • Ram Kishore

            U dont know what happens behind the scenes

          • True, I read that somewhere, but to me it makes sense.
            Sometimes it’s not about getting the best 11 on the field, but rather get the gameplan working, and perhaps Saivet and Mbemba couldn’t.
            We all saw how poor Mbemba was as a fullback and Lejeune, Clark and Lascelles are much better as a CB, so why keep him?

          • Ram Kishore

            He was way better at left back when Dummet was out injured and Manquillo wasn’t better than him either ..
            Just like mitrovic situation.. I’m not complaining about Rafa.. he’s the best manager we have got in many years.. he’s makes mistakes too..
            But to me Mbemba always seemed way better than Manquillo..
            I dont know much about Saivet..I have seen him play once..
            But he atleast makes the loan moves to different clubs to reduce our wage bill

        • Bet ya you would have spoken differently if not for the FK goal, besides that didn’t do much against a really poor West Ham.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I thought his free kick wasn’t that special, just poor keeping. His all round game was great that day.

    • 1957

      It’s more a problem with the idiot Charnley and his negotiation skills when he deals with agents. Weren’t Sels and Lazaar Benitez signings who arrived after Carr left.

      • HarryHype59

        Indeed they were, I not sure if Rafa has actually been totally in charge of signings since Carr left. It always seems the Fat miser imposes limits on signings.

        • Pelican

          It appears to be a system of Ashley getting first veto on signings, but Benitez gets final say after that.

    • Pelican

      Reports of £45 million bids being readied for Lascelles… “Graham Carr strikes again..”

  • JonMag


  • Stephen

    If you pay peanuts

  • Paul Patterson

    It’s never sat comfortable with me, that a footballer can think it’s sensible to wear a top depicting the term ‘easy money’.

    • Ram Kishore

      Yes Paul u r right..But even we would be doing the same thing to protect our interests in few situations

  • Antenociticus

    I don’t think any one in their right mind would want to work in Turkey right now.
    The “official” inflation rate is above 12%, the real rate is well above that. Saivet would need to take a wheelbarrow to pick up all of those lira in his pay packet.

  • Saivet will get another loan deal in France probably with us covering 40-50% of wages as usual.
    I believe he can be a decent squad player if he stays, but we should either offload him or Hayden.
    Yet another big contract Ashley can’t get out of. We got Saivet, Lazaar, Aarons, Sels and Colback on these and nobody in their right mind is buying those players, so fingers crossed for Loans.

  • robbersdog

    This kind of thing happens at most Premier League clubs; it’s no big deal.

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    Henri Saivet, our very own version of Paulie Cicero from Goodfellas: “F#$% YOU, PAY ME!”

  • Vodkamagpie

    Am I understanding this right, he’s on 20k a week, which is reasonably cheap, and no one can offer him the same. I thought he was pretty good at bordeau before we bought him, good set piece taker.

  • BillytheFish

    I watched him a few times at NUFC and thought he was very good, can’t believe they don’t want to give him a chance.

  • Philippines

    This is again another case where fans shake their heads in disbelief. I don’t actually blame the player and, as some comments below, I think he had more potential than he was allowed to show.

  • Vodkamagpie

    How many direct free kicks did we score last season, and who scored them?

  • Andy Mac

    Flop ? The bloke got 1 PL game last season and helped break a dismal losing run (8 games from 9 starts) with a great free kick to set the team on their way. There have been flops for NUFC but I dont see how you can target Saivet on the basis of ao very few appearances ?

  • Ram Kishore

    Atleast he’s making a move happen to another club compared to players like Marveaux, oberton