I have supported the toon for 64 years.

My father, just after World War 2, was both a toon and black cats supporter.

We lived in Tynemouth and it was his aim in life to always get to Sunderland or Newcastle United to follow his passion for football.

He always wanted me to see Stanley Mathews but every time I went he had been withdrawn from the Blackpool side. We think because the great Alf McMichael would have played him off the pitch!!

I have continued to be a supporter: from the Leazes end, the Gallowgate end and the popular side, urging on my favourites.

Wor Jackie, Bobby Mitchell, Jimmy Scoular and my personal favourite, Len White – here was a STRIKER. After that we had Barrie Thomas and Ken Leek….

I am grateful that United provided these wonderful  moments. Three FA Cups and another lesser pot.

What do I have now? DROSS.

I look at these teams who are buying exciting, skilful players and think, that teams like West Ham, Huddersfield, Chelsea, were nonentities.We were great!

Now look at Newcastle United, scrabbling about for mediocre players.

I hope that things will change, so that the fans can have as good a time as I have had in the past!

Come on you disinterested directors. GET YOUR FINGERS OUT!!!!!NOW.

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  • Paul Patterson

    The side we have I believe to be good and workmanlike, it certainly isn’t a bad side. It just needs quality in certain areas. I honestly believe four players will do it. Striker, left winger, another midfielder and a right back for me. That requires money, but this owner won’t spend the required amount . .

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      I agree with the requirements, if we manage that by the start of the season (even without a right back) I’d be happy, will you?

      • Billmag

        I and thousands like me will never be happy till the scurge of NUFC has exited the premises, profit at all cost is killing this club as has been proved in the last 11 years. No progress, no ambition, just a healthy balance sheet that’s where he gets his kicks from.

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          Which is why folk like you will never be pragmatic.

          What do we want? It was a team that tries but we have that so we want more.

          A teams that cares, we have that, happy? No.

          We could win the league and you’d moan about it.

          • Billmag

            No no no if you read my post I use the words PROGRESS and AMBITION I have used caps so you take it in because it’s your format to twist things to suit your agenda.

          • FatParosite

            Don’t bother with the gob$hite.

          • Billmag

            You are spot on there pal.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            No he’s not, he’s so stupid he can’t understand any other view than his own.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I read this “I and thousands like me will never be happy till the scurge of NUFC has exited the premises, profit at all cost is killing this club as has been proved in the last 11 years.” which rather disregards whatever the way the club goes from now.

          • Reggae86

            That’s not the case at all. We all respect the squad and manager for their work. We just see that we still need to consolidate, for which I’m sure all involved would be grateful. He may have business sense, but I won’t swallow some claims that he’s running the club shrewdly. Tripe. He has to keep things running right in the pitch, then everything else (ie finance, marketing etc) will fall into place. Rafa said it was like a freight train where the team is the engine and, if running right will pull the other carriages along with it xxxx

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            yes & no, it’s sport and if you expect things to fall into place it just doesn’t work like that.

            Yes, I want better players, the suggestion from Paul P is in line with me, we need a strike, a winger, ideally a midfielder and a full back. But the constant whining is not necessary. We’ve only signed two players and we’ve not broken the transfer record, who cares about transfer records and it’s only June.

          • Reggae86

            Are you saying that you don’t care about progression as long as the effort and attitude are right? That won’t help one iota next to goals and points. What we want is our manager duly rewarded for reaching his objectives with aplomb and the squad to know that we will be reinforced after what must have been a grueling task. No, we couldn’t win the league and nobody would moan about it except for a few odd balls on here who will antagonise any opinion that becomes popular. I would be delighted with signings in the positions you mention, but in reality can you see us signing four good upgrades permanently? Be honest with yourself

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I think Kenedy will be back as a loan, unless he refuses to sign another contract with Chelsea, why would they sell? (Unless Roman’s money dries up)

            A striker? Yes, well get one but I’ve got a feeling most fans will be unhappy with the choice. We’ll have an attacking midfielder, most likely the first ‘new’ signing so that leaves a full back. I suspect we will get a last minute deal if anything.

          • Reggae86

            I certainly hope Kenedy will be back. Plenty of eligible suitors, but if he does like the club and city, why not? Can’t help thinking another loan deal would mean paying big bucks to showcase the lad, to Chelsea ‘s benefit (Admittedly, his contribution on the pitch is valuable in itself). I won’t bemoan any transfer providing it is Rafa’s choice. Point is, all the moaning is warranted, it’s just that people are now going over the same points over and over. Think The Mag has become the main culprit for that, unfortunately. Nothing wrong with being pragmatic, likewise nothing wrong with being a realist

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            This is why I don’t think Chelsea are as keen to sell him for £20m as has been rumoured and then taken as fact. In the current rule set up, Chelsea will be minded to offer another contract to him and he will remain in their rental pool in their spin off company Chelsea-rent-a-player.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            The moaning isn’t warranted until The window closes. If we fill 3 of the 4 positions listed (ideally in priority order) I think people should be happy with that.

            I don’t think Rafa’s choice of Striker will please people though but it will be Rafa’s choice.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I’m not, I want us to win everything but I’m content with heading in the right direction.

            The effort thing just references the banner from 2 years ago.

        • Lewis Fu

          It’s true that the club lacks ambition, but that’s all we could afford without oil money.

          • Billmag

            Huddersfield, Burnley, West Ham, Brighton, C.Palace, owners don’t own oil fields.

          • Lewis Fu

            What have they achieved with their lavish spending? Have they fulfilled their ambition?

          • Billmag

            In case you have been living in a bubble Burnley finished 7th and has qualified for the Europa league. It’s called improvement and ambition something this club has failed to do.

          • Lewis Fu

            Let’s talk about facts. Burnley has a net spending of £12m. What else do you want?

      • Paul Patterson

        More than . .

  • 501ninedarter

    Newcastle have had some right dross in the not so distant past and nearly ended up in the 3rd tier of English football. We have had better times but also a hellva lot worse.

  • Lewis Fu

    The team is definitely good enough for survival, we just need to move out those that are not playing and on high wages. A few decent signings would give our side much hope for next season.

    However, as of now, no news of contract renewal from Rafa, constant news of outgoings yet not formalised.

    I hope Merino stays, he is good enough for the Premier League and since Diame isn’t getting any younger, Merino will have his opportunities to play.

    • Leazes.

      Its relative …..Do you really think there are any United players on High wages?…. have a look…. Crystal Palace have four players over Shelvey’s wage!

      • Awaymag

        If they are getting paid and not playing or out on loan then they are high earners and we need to get them off the books.

        • Leazes.


          • Lewis Fu

            What what?

            Those players that are supposedly signed for the first team that are not even in Rafa’s plan should be considered on high wages.

            If a player is signed for the first team, first and foremost he is already on high wages. If he isn’t playing, then he should be considered a luxury that we cannot afford to keep.

          • Leazes.

            We don’t have players on high wages Lewis….. go compare with other clubs and what we used to pay the likes of a top striker like Shearer or Owen…. the vast majority of players are on between £8k and £45k

          • Wezza147

            And we were led to believe that championship season Lazaar, Gayle, Gamez were on 100k a week. Or could it be then 112M wages was a big fat lie.

    • Awaymag

      It’s amazing how many fans can see whats needed and get the point across in a clear way. It confuses me how the people in charge just don’t seem to get it or seen unable to communicate clearly with the fans about what their plans are.

      You’re right about the team being able to survive, Merino and Diame. I really believe we need a ball winner in midfield to challenge Diame or we need to replace him altogether, I’m not sure Hayden is the one to do this but he could prove me wrong just like Diame did last season.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Without the 2 loan players chances are we`d be starting next season in the championship.

    • FatParosite

      This is exactly the type of thinking this article is about. The make do and mend culture that undermines NUFC heritage.

      • Lewis Fu

        You can face reality or you can day dream about signings that we are not going to make. Your choice.

  • Leazes.

    Crikey Allan you must be 73…. well done lad!

    Congratulations on having a very Geordie name too…. that’s brilliant!… get in…result!

  • ghostrider

    It’s fine to hark back to the days of Milburn etc, but in those days it was about players working for a living and playing for peanuts compared to today’s players.

    The major issue we have today is in the pied piper effect. Follow the elite clubs until you run into the inevitable trouble.
    We aren’t in trouble due to playing it in house and not trying to live beyond out means.
    It’s not about stadium size or crowd size in the premier league, it’s about handing money to the merry-go-round system that keeps on giving and then taking away.

    If you buy into it, eventually it will be taken away. It’s a stacked deck and only the elites get to play the big stakes, courtesy of the also-ran clubs that keep trying to feed into it.
    Can’t people see it?

    Take a look at the so called elites.
    They buy players for £90 million or even 3 or 4 that are close to that. Then they’ll add in a few 50 million players…etc.
    We all look at it in awe and wonder how on Earth they manage to do this and stay afloat…especially with not winning trophies in many cases.

    It’s easy when you take notice of what’s really happening.
    The £90 million buy will be offset by an offload to that same or similar amount.

    Just take a look at the big clubs transfers in and out and you’ll see that, over time, they literally spend little.

    Then you get the wannabe clubs who come in and go for the kill with big buys. Ramped up prices that the elites create, coaxed by the TV companies who entice it all with so called cash fluttering above them all.

    The smaller clubs…or should I say, those that aren’t elite enough, sink back down to be replaced by the next chancers.

    Sunderland tried it and sank.
    Other clubs are now sinking because of it.

    Although Ashley can be viewed as greedy, he’s actually a lot more shrewder than people give him credit for in terms of making sure this club survives as well as himself not losing out.
    Not the most ideal situation for a fan but there’s a lot worse for the fan of an owner who tries to appease and act like a fan, only to find that it can be a short lived and potentially catastrophic marriage.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    You were lucky to experience the fifties as some of us were not born then. Do not agree with the comment Dross as there were some great games last season. Did you stick it out late seventies and early eighties when crowds fell to seven thousand.
    We spend what we have on players every penny but it’s not enough.

    • Wezza147

      Every penny? You’re blocked!

  • Desree

    Striker signing imminent. Coming from Swan Vestas, Danish league.

    YouTube clips show he is on fire!

  • FatParosite

    It’s the drip drip of dropping standards and expectation management. We now scrabble around with also-rans and compare accordingly. Not Ashley’s fault… The fault of all those who do not use their power. Wrongly attributed to Burke ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’ is apt for all those who indirectly support the regime and countenance NUFC malaise.

    • porciestreet

      A wonderfull phrase ano very apt in fattys case.

  • Stephen

    I missed these players.
    Jim Ailey was the captain at my first game.
    He used to take every free kick and corner.
    Then Bobby Moncur great Scottish Captain
    And when in 1970 we spent 100k bringing Jinky Jim from Aberdeen as a school boy I was completely hooked.
    Been a very up and down ride following the Toon all these years.
    My one wish is that Mr Ashley sells up and someone comes in who has the club at heart
    We’ve been unlucky with owners.
    The Halls got in on the back of borrowed money and left with a nice profit.
    Before that Mckage Westwood Seymour.
    Not one I would have trusted with the bairns pocket Money.
    Surely someone somewhere can unlock the potential of this club.

    • Rich Lawson

      Was Jim Iley,rmbr him well,football was a lot simpler,happier experience at St James back then.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    This is Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United !
    You have two choices at the end of the day :

    You can keep giving him your money for season tickets etc, But if you do you have no cause for whinging because his continued ownership is validated by your co-operation.

    The second option is to leave him to it and withdraw your support !
    No one is forcing you to but a ticket from him because “Free Will” is still here for the moment, How long that will be the case is anyone’s guess though with the way things are going !

    All these stories about how my Grandfather was a crippled, LGBT, Straight bloke with three legs who fought in a hundred wars only for Ashley to mess it up for him are laughable.
    Every day there is something on this site or “The Chronic” lamenting Mike Ashley and his running of the club as though this is a new phenomena.
    This has been going on since 2007 and newsflash : HE’S NEVER GOING TO CHANGE !

    • Leazes.

      This one I think is genuine!

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        You still get sick of hearing them though lol

  • Wezza147

    It won’t change though, it never will under MIke Ashley. Never forget Keegans words ‘The club will go nowhere with him in charge’.
    Scraping the barrel and looking for cheap mediocre players is all part of the plan for maximum financial return. It is his business model and for a troll to suggest MA hasn’t made a penny out of the club prices they are not genuine nufc fans. All part of the plan. I for one will not be going while Ashley is there. That’s my choice.

  • kingfisher

    Do we expect too much?
    Fact 1: Billionaire owner.
    Fact 2: One of the best Managers in world football.
    Fact 3 : Some of the biggest attendances in Europe.
    What should our level of expectation be ? Better than the c*** Ashley gives us !