The Oguzhan Ozyakup saga continues.

The claimed Newcastle United target has now completed the agreed plan with Besiktas.

The midfielder instantly signing a new contract after Besiktas allowed his existing one to run out.

The 25 year old Turkish international had agreed to the move, which allowed the club to get rid of a requirement that they had to pay 30% of any sale price to former club Arsenal.

The Turkish media are now giving widespread coverage to Besiktas now honouring their side of the bargain, with a reasonable 10m euros (£8.75m) release clause included in his new contract.

The player was always going to leave in this transfer window and now he is set to be quickly signed up, whether it ends up being Newcastle United or whoever.

The Mag – 5 June 2018:

Oguzhan Ozyakup has been claimed to be a Newcastle transfer target regularly over the last few months.

The Besiktas midfielder has made clear he intends to leave this summer and the 25 year old will have no shortage of takers.

A Turkish international with over 30 caps, he was part of the teams/squad that was unsuccessful in qualification for this summer’s World Cup.

At the weekend, there were media claims that Newcastle had agreed a 15m euros (£13m) deal for the player but that this was dependent on his previous club Arsenal taking a lower amount than the 30% of any future transfer fee that they were entitled to. With Besiktas wanting the Gunners to agree to only 10% of the sale price.

However, now the Besiktas club President Fikret Orman has given some very interesting clarity on what the situation exactly is.

The player’s contract is due to run out at the end of June but despite that, all previous reports had said that Oguzhan Ozyakup was committed to not leaving the Turkish club short of a transfer fee, by walking away as a free agent.

Orman has now revealed just how far the club are prepared to take their brinkmanship, in dealing with Arsenal.

Besiktas will let the midfielder’s contract run out and then Oguzhan Ozyakup will instantly sign another one, meaning Arsenal will not get a single penny/lira, instead of the £4m or so they could/should have received.

Very cheeky and underhand but pretty funny.

Besiktas will then put the player up for sale and let him move on to a club of his choice, who offers an acceptable amount of cash.

This of course all relies on Oguzhan Ozyakup keeping his word but any time from January he could have signed a pre-contract agreement to join another club as a free agent this summer.

With other clubs knowing the situation and that the midfielder will definitely leave this summer, he could be available at a lower price than previously suggested. So interesting to see if Newcastle might have an interest, once we reach July and he can be sold.

Besiktas President Fikret Orman:

“Oguzhan Ozyakup is our player, we will officially confirm this (with a new contract).

“The problem is our agreement with Arsenal, 30% of any future transfer will go to Arsenal.

“If his contract runs out and then we sign a new deal that will no longer apply.

“We have requested that Arsenal reduce their future sale percentage but they are not interested.”

  • JonMag

    good old Turks, they`ll accept any type of currency except Turkish lira and
    Greek bonds, i don`t think for one minute that`ll we`ll sign him

  • Leazes.

    I bet Ryder is as excited as Simon Van Der Velde about this….

    I just wonder why the player only completed 7 games of 90 mins and was on the bench or substituted in 27 games.

    I get accused of dwelling on the less than positive side but for gods sake someone has to, because these nutcase, bin-dipping accountants dwell on the bloody price and ignore the important stuff…. it looks like energy levels drop and he’s subbed between 65-85 mins constantly!

    This is an example of what I described as Ryder’s ‘bigging-up’ process.

    • JackN

      What website you get these stats from?

      • TheNutJob

        it`s a secret but i`d take a guess and say transfemarkt, don`t tell anyone though

        • Peaky

          At Old Trafford Nutty….off to see Billy Joel….it’s an age thing.

          • TheNutJob

            Coffin dodger
            have a good night

          • Wor Lass

            Take enough money for an Uptown girl after the gig – but don`t pick her up on Canal Street (or an*l treet as one street sign used to say). keep your eye out for Clarko if you do go down that way! I`m surprised I can`t use that word considering how well it describes so many people who contribute to this site.

          • Peaky

            Not sure about Clarko but full of scousers selling knock off t shirts….fantastic gig mind you…..staying over then back to Sheffield in morning.

          • Leazes.

            Yeah rock-n-roll….

    • Wor Lass

      Didn`t that Van Der Velde used to be a detective in Holland?

      • Leazes.

        No this one is a lawyer who was sacked by Newcastle City Council and has had a gripe ever since 2001, he’s currently writing fiction under several pen names including Porter, Smithfield and Uncle Tom Cobbley.

  • robbersdog

    If we could just sign Kenedy and a couple of half-decent forwards (a No.9 and a No.10), I’ll be happy.

    • TheNutJob

      so would Rafa

    • Wor Lass

      Prepare to be sad!

      • TheNutJob

        Bonjour wor lass

        • Wor Lass

          Hola, amigo! I see the mighty frogs managed to scrape through against the convicts!!

          • TheNutJob


  • Wezza147

    He has a release clause of 8.75M and Charnley will think an offer of 5M will trigger the clause!

    • TheNutJob

      Penfold 🐢 will go in big £3m, he`ll tell Ryder who`ll print, Newcastle bid for player knowing full well it`s a dead duck

      • Wezza147

        “No Mr Charnley his release clause is 8.75M meaning that you have to offer that”

        Charnley: “Alright 4M and a signed Mike Ashley photo and that’s our final offer”


        Charnley: “Well that’s another club who held us to ransom!”

        • Paul Patterson

          But we’ll ask £40m for Mitrovic if he has a decent World Cup. Double standards . .

          • TheNutJob

            Fatty`s already priced him out of the market at £20m

          • Paul Patterson

            £20m is about fair to be honest, he’s certain to score goals in the Championship as he’s proven. Which is why I’d ask for £15m+ for Gayle, although I wouldn’t want to sell him.

          • TheNutJob

            no bids is there so you can take it that other clubs think he`s over valued, even Fulham haven`t made any sort of movement

          • Paul Patterson

            They may have been told ‘Come back after the World Cup’

          • If he scores 4-5 goals now will be probably 30m and we shouldn’t sell if Rafa thinks he deserves a second look (although I doubt it)

    • Vodkamagpie

      Did anyone notice the black dude on the wing, sisto, is awesome

  • TheNutJob

    i`m scouting the World Cup for the Toon, free gratis.
    we dodged the bullet on that £20m Danish striker. terrible just who`s monitoring these people

    • Wezza147

      Commentators stating the fact what we do with everyone and don’t match their evaluation. Jorgensen hasn’t had a great game that’s for sure.

      • TheNutJob

        he`s not for us that`s for sure

    • 1957

      Did anyone seriously scout him before putting a bid in, did Benitez ever see him play… if either of those happened why did we bid anything? I watched him on tv through the season and tonight was typical.

      Any expensive version of the Hoss.

  • Paul Patterson

    If he’s good and Rafa wants him, just bid the asking price FFS!!

    • TheNutJob

      read leazes post, he`s right, he`s been looked at by loads of clubs but not 1 of them are in for him

  • TheNutJob

    Denmark`s getting away with robbery here

  • Alreet

    Stock on players at the WC will move up and down all others on the beach will remain. If we want this lad then pay the price. Just make sure hes not on insane wages. Put bonus and sign on fees in there so we can cut free if hes a spud.

  • Desree

    Why pay 8.75m for a player you could get for free? This sounds Dodger than demba bas knew and contract