The Premier League fixtures are now out (see below).

We all know dates and times are not set in stone with live TV intervening later – but we do know now in which order Newcastle are playing the other 19 clubs home and away (apart from potentially the very odd fixture postponed due to later round cup involvement for one of our opponents, or indeed for Newcastle…).

Looking at the fixtures, no doubt what catches the eye first.

The opening five games sees Newcastle face Spurs, Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal, four of the top six last season (and pretty much every other season).

The first away game isn’t a help either, meeting Cardiff in their first match at home.

Even the sixth game sees Newcastle away at Palace, which isn’t an easy looking game.

I don’t know about you but I would be very happy with five or six points from the first possible 18.

In fact, leaving aside Cardiff, if you look at the games right up until the end of November, the same fixtures last season produced only two wins (Arsenal and Chelsea at home) from the 12 matches – nine points from a possible 36.

Hopefully the very end of the season won’t see Newcastle desperate for points, as finishing off with Brighton away, Liverpool home, and Fulham away, could be tough, especially if Brighton and Fulham were desperate for points.

I know things rarely work out as you expect but looking from 20 October right up to Christmas, this looks a key period of time for Newcastle to pick up points.

A nine week stretch sees Newcastle up against 10 clubs where you have to think we have a chance of getting something in every game.

That 10 game run sees home matches against Brighton, Watford, Bournemouth, West Ham, Wolves and Fulham , whilst there are away games at Southampton, Burnley, Everton and Huddersfield.

Now we just have to sign the players in order to properly compete next season…


11: Tottenham (h)

18: Cardiff City (a)

25: Chelsea (h)


1: Man City (a)

15: Arsenal (h)

22: Crystal Palace (a)

29: Leicester (h)


6: Man Utd (a)

20: Brighton (h)

27: Southampton (a)


3: Watford (h)

10: Bournemouth (h)

24: Burnley (a)


1: West Ham (h)

5: Everton (a)

8: Wolves (h)

15: Huddersfield (a)

22: Fulham (h)

26: Liverpool (a)

29: Watford (a)


1: Man Utd (h)

12: Chelsea (a)

19: Cardiff (h)

30: Man City (h)


2: Tottenham (a)

9: Wolves (a)

23: Huddersfield (h)

27: Burnley (h)


2: West Ham (a)

9: Everton (h)

16: Bournemouth (a)

30: Arsenal (a)


6: Crystal Palace (h)

13: Leicester (a)

20: Southampton (h)

27: Brighton (a)


4: Liverpool (h)

12: Fulham (a)

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  • Paul Patterson

    November, December, April and May are the so called ‘easier’ runs. However we don’t do that, we’re just as likely to nick points of the big teams . .

  • Dillon Tovak

    Fk it, it’ll be exciting and I reckon we’ll get something out of spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal 🎉
    As long as Rafa is in the hot seat anyway. 💪🏼

    • TheNutJob

      what you on today Dillon ?

      • Dillon Tovak

        Haha think I’m just excited for the World Cup 🤪

        • TheNutJob

          i`m not going to miss a game

          • Dillon Tovak

            I’m certainly gonna give it my best shot too.

        • Leazes.

          How the hell did the non football US get the next World cup again?

          Oh aye they got rid of Sepp Blatter to clear the way

    • Leazes.

      This time they’re not on the beach……

      …..Yes I think we’ll get something out of Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal as well.

  • TheNutJob

    an average squad, a manager totally disenchanted with the situation & running down his contract. spells disaster

    • Leazes.

      Correct….you’re not an idiot.

      • TheNutJob


    • Paul Patterson

      Give the manager an extra two years on his contract and £50m plus sales to spend on players. Stability, ability to add a few players and the whole club looks stable and smooth. The reality however . .

      • Leazes.

        I think if other clubs had Benitez they’d actually be utilising him and helping him not taking him on and seeing him as a threat to the orderly accounts book and a continued downsizing operation.

  • mentalman

    It’s going to be a hard season, lack of investment and there won’t be as many of the usual mid table teams struggling as there was last season

    • Leazes.

      I’m sure the Chronicle will have something positive to say and there’s always the flags to see…’support the team and the regime’ yeah…go mags go!

  • Dingus

    Those first 5 are brutal! Haha! Those teams’ll be relishing playing ‘noocarsel’ so early on, downtrodden, and underfunded. Happy days 😊

  • TheNutJob

    MIA, Jezza, wor lass & Peaky.

    • mentalman

      They are all away on holiday together, or all the same person.

      • TheNutJob

        Club Tropica, drinks are free. they aren`t all 1 person

  • TheFatController

    I think we can expect all the early home games to move for tv, given half of games are selected, that’s a no brainer.

    • Paul Patterson

      Man City travel to Arsenal on the first day. I can’t see that being a Saturday 3pm KO. My guess is that the first Saturday double or ‘Super Sunday’ will be us v Spurs and Arsenal v Man City.

  • 1957

    Dragging in some points from the first 8 games is essential given our failure to capitalise on games against ‘weaker’ opposition last season