On Thursday it was reported by the local (to Crystal Palace) media in South London, that Newcastle United wanted to take Andros Townsend back to St James Park (see below).

The winger having deserted the sinking ship when Newcastle were relegated two years ago.

This being despite having started only 12 games for NUFC after they had rescued him from a desperate situation at Tottenham, where he was training with and playing for the reserves.

Now we have seen further claims, this time from the national media, claiming that Newcastle have put in a £20m bid for the player, The Guardian appear to have reported this first with The Mirror closely following that, before many others then covered it.

Ironic that this follows reporting earlier in the week from the Chronicle, saying that Mike Ashley had not allowed a single bid to be made for a player in the entire first month of the transfer window.

It wouldn’t be a major surprise if Rafa Benitez did want to sign Andros Townsend BUT it would be a massive surprise if Mike Ashley had sanctioned anything like a £20m bid. As for the reports then claiming that after NUFC’s alleged opening offer for the winger, Palace are hoping for a ‘bidding war’ between Newcastle and other clubs to take the price far higher…well we are definitely heading into the realms of fantasy.

With this report/claim, most Newcastle fans would automatically be asking, if indeed NUFC were prepared to pay anything approaching that £20m figure for Townsend, then why wouldn’t they have made any bid for Kenedy, who impressed last season on loan.

Today (Saturday 16 June) is the 31st day of the transfer window and still no signings, apart from the loan to permanent prearranged deal for Dubravka, pre-season starting in 16 days time.

The Mag – Thursday 14 June 2018:

Andros Townsend is now reported to be a target for Rafa Benitez.

The winger only started 12 Premier League games for Newcastle, eight of them under Rafa, and the recently appointed NUFC manager didn’t want him to leave.

However, despite only starting 12 games and being part of a team/squad relegated, Andros Townsend did provoke a lot of resentment when along with the likes of Sissoko, Wijnaldum and Janmaat, he couldn’t get away quick enough after Newcastle went down.

After rescuing Townsend from a career going nowhere at Tottenham, Andros Townsend scored four and got two assists in only the 12 NUFC starts, form that he has never managed to recreate at Selhurst Park.

In two seasons and 72 Premier League appearances, the winger has scored only five goals and got 11 assists for Palace.

The South London Press cover Crystal Palace and they say their information is that Newcastle now want to take the player back to Tyneside this summer.

At Newcastle, he just missed out on making the 2016 England Euros squad but at Palace he has totally faded from sight, nowhere near heading off to Russia this summer.

Back in January 2017 it was claimed throughout that transfer window that Newcastle wanted to take Andos Townsend back to NUFC with a swap deal for Chancel Mbemba suggested likely to happen (see below).

Townsend turns 27 in July and he is now at a stage in his career where he needs to step it up wherever he plays his football.

With seemingly no chance of a permanent deal for Kenedy, Newcastle are desperate for a quality left footed winger in the team.

The Mag – 30 January 2017:

With Newcastle not willing to make a (permanent) transfer bid for Andros Townsend and Crystal Palace insisting they weren’t interested in a loan arrangement, any deal for the winger looked near impossible.

Then on Friday night, George Caulkin, who covers Newcastle United for The Times,  broke the story that Palace’s search for new defenders had led them to St James Park, with an approach having been made to Newcastle to take Chancel Mbemba on loan for the rest of the season.

At the same time, Caulkin said that Newcastle had renewed their efforts to try and get Andros Townsend on a loan deal.

The clear implication of course, that if a deal could be done, then both clubs could bring in a player to help them in the second half of the season, whilst losing one who is out of favour.

Monday afternoon has now seen George Caulkin give an update, stating:

“At this stage, it’s Townsend or nothing for Newcastle United this month and plenty of work to do there.”

A couple of weeks ago, Rafa Benitez first mentioned that amongst his transfer targets, there was one that he was especially interested and excited about.

With Newcastle clearly continuing to try and bring the winger back, it appears clear that Andros Townsend is who he was talking about.

Townsend was subbed in all four of Sam Allardyce’s first four Premier League matches and then dropped last weekend for the Everton home game, coming on as an 88th minute sub after the blues scored a late winner.

Making changes for the FA Cup at home to Manchester City on Saturday (watched by only 13,979!), Andros Townsend was forced to endure the full 90 minutes on the pitch in another poor performance as Palace were taken apart 3-0 by Man City.

Sam Allardyce is desperate to bring in new players after picking up just one point out of 15 and dropping into the relegation zone.

As for Mbemba, after being Newcastle’s best defender in the Premier League last season, he has been a bit unlucky to be frozen out this time and is now on his way back from the African Cup of Nations after Christian Atsu and Ghana eliminated DR Congo at the weekend.

With neither player looking set to be first choice at their respective clubs in the promotion race/relegation survival run-ins, a swap loan deal would appear to make sense for both players.

If Rafa Benitez was able to add Andros Townsend for the rest of the season, then I’m guessing most Newcastle fans would see that as a relatively successful transfer window, especially as it would be adding somebody to go straight into the first team.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    We know that will likely be Benitez full budget & it’s striker we need not a winger who hasn’t kicked on or got his fabled place in the England squad since he left

  • Geordiegiants

    Ha ha ha ha ha lol😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂. NEWCASTLE HAVE OFFERED £20m!!!!

    • Lostprofit DBC

      True! This has happened in other windows, a PR stunt for one reason or another. Could be we are wanting a straight swap with Mitrovic.

  • jack

    Wouldn’t want him back , and definitely not for that price , hasn’t been that good for them since he left us for his price to increase , rather have Kennedy , younger , more consistent and a much better prospect

    • Kneebotherm8

      And a much bigger potential sell on value…in Ashleys eyes…..no brainer really…

      • jack

        Totally agree Kennedy is the one to get

  • Albert Stubbins

    Left like a rat leaving a sinking ship sums him up perfectly. No thanks. If we’ve supposedly bid 20 million for someone who couldn’t get away quick enough why can’t we bid 20 million for someone who does actually want to be here? I.e Kennedy!!

    • Lostprofit DBC

      Yes I’m sure Rafa knows that Kenedy is the man. I just hope it isn’t Ashley winding him up.

      • Ram Kishore

        There are still other factors Chelsea and Kennedy and his agents

  • Tweed Mag

    If MA refused to pay up for Townsend in January 2017 ((13m?) he is hardly likely to sanction 20m now. Surely Kenedy would be a better addition for about the same money? Sounds like Townsend’s agent angling for a big pay day.

    • Lostprofit DBC

      Or the press are up to their naughty little tricks to wind us up. We know Kenedy is the perfect fit as you rightly point out.

      • Tweed Mag

        Yes and they think we take it in!! I only believe it when I hear from Rafa at one of his press conferences.

    • Clarko

      We could purchase Townsend for ~£20m and loan Kenedy with a an option to buy.

  • Lostprofit DBC

    Buy Kenedy!

    • Clarko

      Or loan Kenedy (with an option to buy) and buy Townsend.

      • Garry Norman

        I like the loan to buy option, worked with Dubrovka . Just imagine if we’d paid up front for Slimani!

        • Lostprofit DBC

          Don’t speak too soon!

        • Clarko

          I love the ‘loan with an option to buy’ deal, you get to see/test the player, you free up money and if at the end of the loan you want the player, you sign the player.

          With the scenario that I proposed with Kenedy it would be strictly about freeing up our transfer budget as we know that he is good enough and the reported ~£20m price tag is fair fee. Loaning him again would give us an extra £20m to spend this window.

      • Lostprofit DBC

        I would settle for that, I think it could be a Mitrovic swap in mind.

  • Billmag

    Can you remember last season when it was rumoured we were going to spend £20ml on a striker, the very same people are responsible for this trash doing the rounds.

  • HarryHype59


  • Lostprofit DBC

    We may be cynical about the link but it’s great to see football being discussed on here, rather than politics.

    • JonMag

      what politics ? unless you class calling the fat scumbag, scum as politics

      • Lostprofit DBC

        Yes exactly that, it’s a waste of time. I’m all for change but we won’t get it moaning and groaning on here. It just makes the vitriol more intense and is falling on deaf ears anyway. All readers know by now of those feelings. People should channel their energy and intelligence into how to get rid of him. The constant name calling is just boring.

        • Steven05

          100% correct

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Out of the shower of players who left when we got relegated Townsend was the only one who tried week in week out home and away . He wanted to get in the England squad so could not really stay. Not sure if he is worth a lot more than £20m. One thing for sure Rafa will spend over £50m.

    • mactoon

      I doubt if Ashley will free up anywhere near £50 million

  • JonMag

    this lot are getting as bad as the dimwits at the chron

    • Lostprofit DBC

      Who are this lot and why do you say that?

  • Alreet

    Who comes up with this. 20 mill on that splitter. Get out!!


    • JonMag

      he`s not worth anywhere near £20m and Ashley has no intention of splashing the cash

  • Paul Patterson

    £15m tops.

  • Jimmy_toons

    No way, not a chance, and he’s most definitely not worth more than we sold him 2 seasons ago, let alone almost 50% more.
    All the hallmarks of Palace talking up his price for Leicester City who will have plenty of cash to throw about when they cash in on Mahrez, and need a replacement.
    Absolutely no way will the FCB sanction a £20m fee for United to sign Townsend.

    • Lostprofit DBC

      You could be right about hiking up his price, or a straight swap for Mitrovic?

    • Taz

      Or 20 mill for anyone for that matter

  • panther

    20 million pairs of socks

  • Jate Legend

    Not gonna happen, next…

  • Geordieguy

    That’s the whole transfer budget gone then

  • robbersdog

    I like Townsend; I think he was a good fit for us, and vice versa. Mind you, if it was a choice between him and Kenedy, I think I’d go for Kenedy.

    But hey, who am I kidding? We’re not signing either of ’em.

  • mactoon

    Didn’t we sell him for £13 million and now we get reports of Ashley willing to sanction a £20 million deal to buy him back? (I mean COME ON!!!) and the report that Ashley will not sanction any transfer activity until Rafa signs a new deal?

    This is just a joke

    • Leazes.

      You have to keep reminding yourself of the rules…. he hasn’t sanctioned breaking our transfer record in 11 years and he’s not going to do it by buying back a player we sold for £13m,…. its not going to happen now is it.

      • mactoon

        I’m getting SOOO sick of people who pen articles like this when it is blatantly obvious that it isn’t true. Where is the integrity?

        • thewildchimp

          To be honest, I only clicked to read the comments. :)

    • Wezza147

      Agree, there is no way MA will sanction this. I wouldn’t have him back either.

  • Foggy

    Not worth 20 mill. Not sure I’d want him back either unless it was a cut price 5 mill or so.

  • Blackburn1066

    Two loan players just before kick off.