Oguzhan Ozyakup has been claimed to be a Newcastle transfer target regularly over the last few months.

The Besiktas midfielder has made clear he intends to leave this summer and the 25 year old will have no shortage of takers.

A Turkish international with over 30 caps, he was part of the teams/squad that was unsuccessful in qualification for this summer’s World Cup.

At the weekend, there were media claims that Newcastle had agreed a 15m euros (£13m) deal for the player but that this was dependent on his previous club Arsenal taking a lower amount than the 30% of any future transfer fee that they were entitled to. With Besiktas wanting the Gunners to agree to only 10% of the sale price.

However, now the Besiktas club President Fikret Orman has given some very interesting clarity on what the situation exactly is.

The player’s contract is due to run out at the end of June but despite that, all previous reports had said that Oguzhan Ozyakup was committed to not leaving the Turkish club short of a transfer fee, by walking away as a free agent.

Orman has now revealed just how far the club are prepared to take their brinkmanship, in dealing with Arsenal.

Besiktas will let the midfielder’s contract run out and then Oguzhan Ozyakup will instantly sign another one, meaning Arsenal will not get a single penny/lira, instead of the £4m or so they could/should have received.

Very cheeky and underhand but pretty funny.

Besiktas will then put the player up for sale and let him move on to a club of his choice, who offers an acceptable amount of cash.

This of course all relies on Oguzhan Ozyakup keeping his word but any time from January he could have signed a pre-contract agreement to join another club as a free agent this summer.

With other clubs knowing the situation and that the midfielder will definitely leave this summer, he could be available at a lower price than previously suggested. So interesting to see if Newcastle might have an interest, once we reach July and he can be sold.


Besiktas President Fikret Orman:

“Oguzhan Ozyakup is our player, we will officially confirm this (with a new contract).

“The problem is our agreement with Arsenal, 30% of any future transfer will go to Arsenal.

“If his contract runs out and then we sign a new deal that will no longer apply.

“We have requested that Arsenal reduce their future sale percentage but they are not interested.”

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  • mactoon

    Good find. So unless Arsenal reduce their sell on percentage they get nothing and the player won’t be going anywhere until he has signed a new deal in July. If we have agreed a fee it means he may get permission to speak to us first but time will be running out and Rafa may have moved onto other targets or the club may change the goalposts and ask for more.

  • Paul Patterson

    So we’re going to sign a player for £13m+, who we could’ve talked to and signed for nowt since January, just so that Besiktas can make said £13m+ to avoid giving Arsenal £3m-ish?
    Nowt iffy going on her like . .

    • mactoon

      Not sure I follow you. His contract doesn’t run out until the end of June and if we sign him before then Arsenal get a sell on fee of 30% of the £13m transfer fee we have agreed. The selling club now wants to renegotiate this sell on fee. He can only walk away on a free at the end of this current contract.

      • Paul Patterson

        We can surely talk with the player/agent now and just say ‘Sit tight for three weeks and we get you for nothing’. At worst, it might cost us a bit more in wages and a bit of a signing on fee.

        • mactoon

          Yes I see. We could ask him to sit tight but that would leave us very little time if we were ‘gazumped’ by another club. Get him to sign a pre contract agreement at an increased wage to sweeten the deal.

    • Sickandtired

      We are the club who signed Facundo Ferreira!

  • Vodkamagpie

    Dangerous game beshitkas is playing. If they do follow through with this idea, future transfers into the club will be harder to negotiate terms, cause they are basically cheats, good luck to them

  • Leazes.

    It still leaves the question….’Who is he a supposed replacement for in attacking midfield?’…. He’s rated at about £10m…. is he just to add competition in midfield because he’s below the standard that we already have?

    These stories that are repeated again and again just become meaningless page fillers!

    ….’United linked with £5.3m Ace’…. really? ……why hire a trophy manager then?

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    He can`t be that stupid as to sign a new contract when he can go where he wants on a free & get a huge signing on fee.
    Unless his agents the Turkish Penfold

    • Vodkamagpie

      Have you ever heard of a nice guy, a decent chap, has morals etc. .

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        In football, don`t be so stupid & what he`s doing is immoral
        far from honest

    • Liam Hogg

      He’s a lifelong besiktas supporter hence why he’s doing it

  • Not sure we are really looking at him or just Besiktas trying to get rid off the hefty Arsenal clause.
    We’ve sent scouts to Turkey for Rodrigez and probably a few other players with Ozyakup likely being one of them, however, I do not believe we’ve tabled a bid, not by a long shot.

  • Weyhhadaway

    This is a moral double edged sword. The lad shows great loyalty to the club by signing a contract which costs him a huge signing fee. Very admirable.
    On the other side the club were given the player at a knockdown rate with a rider that they made their money on the back end if he was sold on for profit. Now the club are trying to go back on that deal. Not very admirable.

    We of course, will sniff and bluster until another club nips in and snatched him up right before we got to the line, oh the line.

  • Foggy

    Maybe looking down the line and wanting to finish his career back at Besiktas so leaving on best terms with them? It’s Besiktas that is playing the slippery eel, not the player.

  • Dillon Tovak

    If Besiktas ever want an Arsenal player, I don’t think any favours will be granted.

  • panther

    I fear this is not about strengthening more about Ashley turning a profit on shelvey

  • Alreet

    Another leech owner making a crusade to get his cut. The clause with arsenal should never have been offered but now its coming back to bite.

    He wants the full amount and not have the pay arsenal anything. Brinkmanship. More a greedy gambler. Maybe ash wants to play with him.

    Offer them 3 million to cover the arsenal cut or he will leave for nowt or if hes mental he will sign up again and stay in the turkish league.

    As far as im aware you cant sign a player who has already signed a new contract within a few months let alone weeks.

    Be fun to see where this goes and if anyone falls for it. I really hope we dont take it at that number.

  • GC

    Judging by all the transfer rumours, we’ll go down in history as the only club with the formation 7-3-0