Fair to say that Huddersfield Town are one of those clubs that Newcastle fans would hope to be above next season.

Not arrogant either to say that we would expect to be higher than them as well, with Newcastle having so much more scope than the West Yorkshire club.

Things don’t always work out like that but it is reasonable to think NUFC should be pushing on next season and finishing above Huddersfield Town being the least of our worries.

However…fair play to the Terriers who were promoted alongside the Magpies just over 12 months ago.

Their owners showed massive ambition, easily outspending Newcastle in the transfer market, with indeed a net spend several times higher than that allowed by Mike Ashley.

They broke their club’s transfer record in summer 2017 and once again in January 2018, in the meantime Rafa Benitez was having to shop for bargains and went public, saying he hadn’t been able to compete with either Brighton or Huddersfield Town on wages and transfer fees.

Friday has brought news of a further statement of intent from Huddersfield, they brought in Dutch international defender Terence Kongolo on loan from Monaco in January to help ensure they stayed up.

Kongolo did really well and was a key player as David Wagner’s team stayed up relatively comfortably in the end.

Acting quickly to secure him, Huddersfield have now signed him on a permanent deal, as confirmed by the Premier League official site (see below).

Terence Kongolo cost £13m from Feyenoord when Monaco bought him in 2017 and no surprise that his value has risen, especially in this market, with L’Equipe saying that their information from the French end of things, is that Huddersfield Town have agreed to pay 20m euros (approx £17.6m) plus bonuses depending on hitting various targets.

So not only does the fact that Newcastle’s transfer record is 13 years old, stand out like a sore thumb – but Huddersfield now join the likes of Bournemouth, Southampton, Stoke, Swansea, West Ham, Everton, Crystal Palace and Watford, as having a higher transfer record amount than Newcastle United.

You can’t help but look at Huddersfield pushing the boat out to make January loan signing Kongolo permanent, then compare it with Newcastle United and Mike Ashley seemingly having no intention of backing Rafa Benitez to do the same with Kenedy.

Premier League Official Website:

‘Huddersfield Town have announced that Terence Kongolo has completed a permanent transfer to the club.

‘The 24-year-old defender joined Huddersfield Town on loan from Monaco in January and made 13 league appearances to help the Terriers secure a second Premier League season.

‘The Dutchman has signed a four-year contract at Huddersfield Town, joining for a club-record fee.

‘He is the club’s second signing after goalkeeper Ben Hamer agreed to sign from Leicester City from 1 July.’

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  • Paul Cannell

    I get your point. But breaking transfer records is not the be all and end all of Premier League survival. Stoke and Swansea have spent more on one player than we have. Hasn’t done them much good.

    • TheFatController

      Yes. Nor Man City.

      • JonMag

        Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal & if Rafa leaves we`ll be joining Stoke & Swansea

        • TheFatController

          It’s a bizarre example to use – ‘some teams that get relegated have spent big money’, when all teams relegated these days must have spent big money, because all the teams now spend big money. Just not us.

          • JonMag

            your namesake never will either, he`s got one of the Worlds best managers & still he won`t invest. he needs to go

    • JonMag

      Players + manager = success, we have the manager, not the players & we never will have them as long as the Fat scumbag owns Newcastle

    • Sickandtired

      And not breaking ours has been the example of Ashley ownership. Cheap and nasty.
      Stoke managed 10 consecutive PL seasons. Swansea 7. A better record than ours under the fat one.

      • Mark Potter

        Let’s see if either of them can immediately return to the Premiership, never mind as Champions. I predict a Villa.

  • Mrkgw

    What a shambles. Ashley out!

  • Fairscup69

    I thought they’d signed Kenzo when I saw the headline FFS!!

    • JonMag

      Penfold would end up signing the great Gonzo to add to the Muppets he`s already brought to the cloob

      • Kneebotherm8

        He’s the biggest muppet…🤓🤓🤓🤓

        • JonMag


  • Toon

    Pass the hankies

  • ghostrider

    I’ll tell you what bemuses me.
    You get fans that claim we won’t do this or that in the transfer market and fans that cite stuff like Huddersfield town etc, will spend more and break records and what not.
    But then in almost the same breath, boast that we should by rights bulldoze those teams…and yet after 11 years of Ashley you’d think it should be half empty stadium games and an acceptance that we are minor players.

    But this is not happening, is it?
    Could it be because Ashley’s actually doing a reasonably decent job in keeping a north east club ticking along with potential to do something and fans still having hope like they always have?

    It’s been said time and time again about money and funds and types of players we don’t seem to get, yet what we do get seems to be overlooked…even if we spend 80 million on a summer spend.
    Yet people seem to hark back to Shearers signing or Michael Owens record signing and go on about us not beating it…as if it’s a must.

    But you know what’s really bemusing?
    The very fact that, if a signing on very big wages does not perform and generally plays wounded soldier or appears disinterested, fans are up in arms.
    “Look what Ashley’s done, he’s given (insert any player you feel fits) so and so a 5 year contract on (insert high wage) such and such wage and now we’re stuck.”

    However, before this type of stuff happens, the player becomes fantastic and the club’s done well to tie the player down and look like they’re moving on.

    Ashley’s not stupid. He knows by spending way bigger than we’ve ever known has the potential to ruin this club…and a large chunk of his fortune.

    And for what?
    For the bragging rights to 7th, maybe…for a certain period of time…but maybe a small flirt in the top 6 before the bad reaction to those actions kick in…leaving us slipping down a well greased pole.

    Buying clever and shrewd can create a similar effect if all parties are committed, including a manager that is capable of doing what he’s paid to do.

    Until those elites are brought back down to Earth in a much fairer game, then owners like Ashley are not going to be enticed into playing the game of fictional catch up…because the more we spend now the more we have to spend later and the bigger wages that go with it.

    Seems fine to some but wouldn’t be so fine when we’re in Sunderland’s position by attempting it.

    • JonMag

      I got as far as Ashley doing a reasonable job. you idiot

      • ghostrider

        There’s books in the library along with 6 piece jigsaws that might suit you better, Mr short span.

        • JonMag

          [email protected]@k off, birdbrain.

          • TheNutJob


          • ghostrider

            I rest my case.

      • Steven05

        The exact same point that I did too! 😂

    • Damon Horner

      No signings of intent and wages to Match so short contracts and cheap players with the message: “don’t compete lads in any competition, it’s impossible…” yet you’re on here most days blasting Rafa for not playing flair football, finishing higher than tenth and for giving Ashley a headache by not signing a new contract. I don’t think you’re for real sometimes.

      • ghostrider

        I don’t think you got what I was saying.

      • Wezza147

        They’re not real Newcastle fans, they’re just Manc, Tory voting trolls who come here daily to wind real fans up. They’re other aliases are Monkseaton Magpies/Clarko/Vodkamagpie/Bobbi Fleckman/Comeandtakeit etc. They’ve been exposed multiple times by other posters on this site. Just block them.

  • ghostrider

    It’s as funny as hell when you work it all out.
    If Ashley decided to spend 200 million a season…say 80 of it on one striker and paying him 200 grand a week, or more..fans would be jumping for joy.
    However, if those signings flopped or simply didn’t gel as we would think…(bearing in mind we’d still be up against the elites and also having those elites unsettling players we have)… then imagine the uproar against Ashley.
    He would become reckless and clueless and gambling the club’s future on overpriced underachievers.

    The man can’t win in any scenario because the hatred of him by a section of fans is more bordered on the frenzied rather than the rational.

    • JonMag


    • Callum


    • TheFatController

      Why would we spend £80m and £200k p/w on a striker?

      It’s come to you having to use hugely exaggerated scenarios to make your point.

      We should be spending more money to ensure we survive these difficult first two years back in the PL. Get over it.

      • ghostrider

        I said if. Take it as that.

        As for surviving these difficult so called two years back in the premier league. You know what I say to that?
        We finished 10th with a championship squad according to some.
        Of course we need to spend but we don’t need to spend beyond out means just to play among the also ran clubs.

        • TheFatController

          You’re a tough talking brute at times. You scare me. The way you say garbage like that.

          Big and butch eh?

          • ghostrider

            Are you ok?

      • Danimal

        Using the same silly tactic as his hero – pretending to think that we are demanding Man City type spending. Childish beyond belief. As for his motivation…

    • Reggae86

      The backlash wouldn’t be on Ashley in that case though, would it? He can’t be blamed for unsuccessful signings, only failing to sanction them in the first place.

  • TheNutJob

    Jabba must go, sack the board, Penfold oot

  • Mxpx

    It’s not about breaking the transfer record for the sake of it but if we look at the players we’ve failed to sign because they were too expensive aubamayang lacazette remy bas dost Toby alderweirald Raphael guirrero and the rest then we see joselu upfront it becomes laughable I’ll be honest if we’d signed those players theyd be at bigger clubs than us but we’d have pocketed a tidy transfer fee and the club would be in a better position to sign a striker in terms of players seeing us having some ambition not just financially gini wijnaldum was a great example of a player we were right to have signed thauvin and mitrovic too great signings although horrendously mis managed but it’s not just about bringing in kids that are going to increase in value we need to bring in young players that are ready to go straight into the Premier league which is why we’ve signed so much dead wood these players weren’t ready for the Premier league we need to actually be improving the team and our transfers often take us backwards not forwards like wijnaldum cabaye ba and Carroll leaving they’ve never been replaced

    • Paul Patterson

      Spot on. I’ve never advocated going out and buying willy nilly (plays in Holland I understand) but to get the right quality up front, you’ve got to pay the going rate (not £5m for a Stoke reserve). This summer should see our transfer record broken twice, once on Kenedy and the next on a striker. I’m not holding my breath.

      • Mark Potter

        We can’t buy Kenedy unless he wants to sign and Chelsea want to sell. He may feel he did enough to now get into the Chelsea first team, or get a transfer to another CL club. Like last year’s would he or wouldn’t he saga, Chelsea may leave it right to the end of the transfer window, see how he does in pre-season matches and who else is available, before they decide. It’s possible, given his age, that they only let him go on loan again. The other complication is whether Chelsea, and Kenedy himself, see him as a defender or an attacking player.

    • ghostrider

      By the same note Tottenham should be improving their team, but aren’t.
      Chelsea likewise but aren’t.
      Yet we’ve came back up as champions and finished 10th. Surely that’s improvement and without the Lacazettes and what not.

      Improvement does not necessarily mean expensive signings, as Chelsea have just shown this season.

      • GlasgowMag

        Strange comment!! Both these sides don’t sell their best players and even if they do sell they reinvest the money gained unlike our illustrious leader!! Also you had mentioned Chelsea I think the reason they didn’t kick on this season because they didn’t buy!! In any event both these sides are full of world class premiership players so only tinkering is required. Our squad needs some serious investment and in the current market place yes to get this we need to break our transfer record as it’s not as if he doesn’t sell already at over that value!!!

        • Mark Potter

          Chelsea and Spurs don’t sell their best players: Costa, De Bruyne, Bale, Modric.

          When did we sell players and not reinvest the money? The club has never made a long term profit. Most of the money it receives is used to buy players and pay their wages.

          • GlasgowMag

            Your a funny guy 😂😂😂

        • ghostrider

          My issue still stands.
          Tottenham do sell their best players. Bale for instance.
          They also spend on players…but generally they do not improve overall.
          That’s my point.
          Chelsea also.
          Money spent to even tweak is supposed to be the improvement, yet we consistently see clubs go backwards and then forwards a little bit due to them going backwards, which sort of defeats the object for the spending.

          We are no different but we cannot do it on the mammoth scale because we simply do not have the funds to make the mistakes those clubs do and to live to fight another go, throughout.

      • Ram Kishore

        Our transfer strategy is not a great one imho.. not a bad one either….
        Chris Holt’s article best summarize the our whole situation.
        Ghost as u have been in MAG for longtime.. whenever a club other than top 6 makes a record signing ..Article of this sort is gonna come up..
        No point in arguing man..
        Just leave it..
        We need a quality signing and that’s gonna cost more..
        We are eventually gonna break it..
        Fans want it to happen sooner ..
        Until our manager’s contract situation is sorted out.. no point in crying about big money signings

        • Damon Horner

          Buying a player and selling him for profit only works if there is a good level of succession planning and the acceptance that some investments will fail and its where it’s not working for us in in a big way, that and the ceiling of outlay we have on one player but the bigger the fee the bigger the risk.

        • ghostrider

          I believe we will break a record as an when one player becomes available that fits the funding. It’s as simple as that for me.
          It’s not a game of who can buy the dearest player with us, like many clubs seem to be attempting.
          The problem is, the elite clubs are duping the smaller clubs around the world by doing this silly money stuff and forcing the smaller clubs to pay inflated prices that basically set those clubs so far back.

          Do you know how they do it?
          I’ll let you know if you don’t. It’s pretty simple if you can see their scam.

      • Danimal

        So are we closer or further away from those two teams in terms of quality than we were in 2007?

        • ghostrider

          Are you seriously using Ashley’s tenure as a yardstick against what we did under earlier advantages that we had over teams?
          Nahhhh, it doesn’t work like that.

          The point I’m making is in teams do not progress consistently.
          The examples I gave prove that.

      • Rich Lawson

        That’s true but has Conte not indicated that some were not his choices,so not to much autonomy at Stamford Bridge either,and he seems set to leave ?

        • ghostrider

          I certainly believe Conte had his hands tied and was overruled.
          For a start, now way was Ross Barkley his signing….if he was I’d be extremely surprised.
          Plus there’ll be a good few more.

      • Mxpx

        Tottenham are moving forwards at the moment and when they sold bale they were never going to replace him like for like but they reinvested the money and brought in lamela AND soldado who never really worked at spurs but he looked like a great option to add to the goals that they’d need to replace however the real issue is that spurs had bale in the first place we’d have said 10m for a teenager is too much and would have never signed him

        • ghostrider

          It’s not about if’s though, in terms of moving forward. You either do or you don’t. But no matter what…at some stage you’re going to move backwards regardless of outlay.

          Generally speaking the top 6 tend to play pass the parcel or musical chairs, just sitting in each other seat or passing the success around each of them….some getting more spoils at times.

          The rest are just cannon fodder for the money men.
          Give them a little sniff of a taster every now and again to make it look possible to move forward but the reality is, nobody really does….except the money people.

  • Vodkamagpie

    Ridiculous to compare us with promoted clubs. Newcastle’s shop contains some wonderful pieces, however in the back storage area, they have some African antiquea, a serbian statue, the famous white English red head parrot. Newcastle”s shop is full of expesive items. Now Huddersfield, Brighton, wolves, Cardiff, fulham,their shops are basically empty, and very easy to throw away the junk with out blinking . They basically won the lotto, with no serious debts,wages,etc to worry about

    • TheFatController

      Possibly better to not mention a ‘Newcastle shop’ in a post, given we don’t own one, it’s run by SD…

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    Huddersfield have a pretty decent club history too, as do Wolves, and both are capable of establishing themselves longer term in the Prem. I don’t think this headline of comparing every club’s deals with our record fee is at all helpful. The main issue is Rafa’s autonomy in selecting players and in having a sufficient budget to bring in a decent striker, though Rafa is perfectly capable of recruiting solid players for less than our club record. The worry for us fans is that MAs alleged willy waggling behind the scenes shows he sees himself as being in competition and not partnership with his manager, and worse still a lack of commitment to the club’s progress. A holding operation at 10-17th is just not good enough.

    • Damon Horner

      I think one encourages the other. Breaking the record is a sign of possible autonomy and with autonomy comes the freedom to break the record.

      • Paul Patterson

        We won’t sign Kenedy alone if we don’t break the record . .

        • Damon Horner

          Looks like neither Rafa nor Ashley like the stance the other one is taking and unless something drastically shifts it probably means we won’t break the transfer record in my view. Kenedy on loan is the likeliest option for him returning next season I reckon.

  • Wezza147

    ‘ Rafa Benitez was having to shop for bargains and went public, saying he hadn’t been able to compete with either Brighton or Huddersfield Town on wages and transfer fees.’

    This is what we are led to believe. Truth is we can compete but won’t.
    Don’t expect the Michael Owen transfer record to be broken either.