Newcastle United have been regularly linked with a move for Salomon Rondon since the season ended.

West Brom’s relegation meaning the player is keen on a new club and the Baggies potentially looking to move on one of their biggest earners.

As for Newcastle’s interest, who knows?

Tuesday morning sees reports that say Rafa Benitez remains keen on the Venezuelan striker.

However, the Shields Gazette claims that their understanding is that ‘high wages and agent fees’ are very likely to price Newcastle United out of any deal.

To be honest, I don’t know whether Rondon is the right player for Newcastle, I have been quite impressed when I have seen him, but he looks to be in the category of hard working but won’t score a boatload of goals.

It doesn’t mean he isn’t a decent player but rather that it is unlikely that Newcastle would majorly solve their lack of goals, Salomon Rondon having scored nine, eight and seven goals in his three seasons at West Brom, despite starting at least 30 Premier League matches each of those seasons.

The striker has a £16.5m release clause in his contract, which is roughly how much West Brom paid Zenit for him in August 2015, and also what Zenit paid Rubin Kazan 18 months earlier.

So it sounds probably a fair price in this transfer market.

However, the Shields Gazette says that the associated extra cash for wages and agent fees makes the deal look all but impossible.

I am not being funny but if Newcastle are not prepared to put up that kind of package for a player of Rondon’s level, then you wonder just who we are capable of signing?

Pretty much any signing with any kind of half-decent CV will come with similar sized wages and agent fees, or higher.

Not only are Newcastle a club with a 13 year old club transfer record thanks to Mike Ashley refusing to allow proper investment in the squad, they are also one who could sell a player for £35m seven and a half years ago and still now find it an impossible idea of paying half that amount – especially after the transfer inflation year after year.

Plus we have seen £20m for Cabaye four and a half years ago, then £30m for Sissoko and £25m for Wijnaldum last summer.

The more you look at Newcastle United and this summer’s transfer window, the more it looks like an impossible puzzle for Rafa Benitez to solve.

Unless there is a major shift in how Mike Ashley allows his manager to operate, I can’t even see any ‘Salomon Rondons’ arriving at Newcastle United in the foreseeable future.

As for who we will get, if anybody, remains to be seen.

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  • TheNutJob

    forget it the Fat Gringo ain`t buying anyone, anyway we already have 3 championship strikers, we don`t need another one

  • Fireman Sam

    Where has the TV money gone? There must be the thick end of £100m floating around somewhere, or is the somewhere MASH?

    • HarryHype59

      Good question! This club collected 126m in TV money last season.The Sissoko and Wynaldum transfer fee instalments are also due.

      Where’s the money gone?

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Harry, I can understand Simple Sam not understanding the figures but I’ve explained things to you and you should know a bit more than enciuenco this Mash theory.

        Even Leazes’ doesn’t claim this.

        • Billmag

          Bobbi you can understand fans questioning where’s the money gone, because everything is cloak & dagger at this club and fans are seeing much smaller clubs than us splash the cash it’s human nature to wonder why the hell are we at the very least not moving forward.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            There is no cloak and dagger, everything is published but you have a commentators that don’t understand the figure making daft claims.

            The smaller clubs are borrowing like mad to finance the holy grail. The argument is that for Brighton and Huddersfield the gamble worked, for Villa, it’s not worked.

            The issue for Mike Ashley, it’s his money, or his kids inheritance he’s playing with so if the club fails, he says Ta ta to £276m unlike the previous regime.

          • TheNutJob

            HMRC cant figure it out so i doubt you can, you`re full of

          • Wezza147

            Exactly and the troll jumps on every question regarding where all the money has gone. Why should he care? A troll chooses (or some other motive) to believe a proven liar whose puppet was arrested and is being investigated by HMRC. Talk about gullible.

          • nevfur

            It’s not a gamble that we will be getting in excess of £100M from next season too and every subsequent season we stay up which the smaller clubs know. The gamble is that not strengthening the team could well lead to relegation and we already know how expensive that is. He gambled when we went down to get back up and it cost a fortune yet won’t spend to keep us in the money pit. That’s what no one can understand.
            A long way to go in the window yet though so we have to wait and see even if many of us are not holding our breath.

          • MadMag83

            Ashley’s​ plan remains the same as last season. Spend nothing, survive on a combination of loan signings and Rafa magic, whilst waiting for a buyer to buy the club for above market value.

          • HarryHype59

            Bobbi talks about gambling but choses to ignore his hero is risking the main income source by not allowing Rafa to be competitive in the transfer market.

          • TheFatController

            I’m sorry, did you just suggest we should be more respectful of Ashley’s wealth, and be considerate to his poor kids?

            Troll, much?

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I don’t think that is a direct quote!

      • Wezza147

        In Mike Ashley’s back pocket via MASH Holdings.

    • Big Hairy Man

      MASH Holdings can be likened to a black hole in space. Once something goes in it never returns.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Terrible if true but of course it isn’t. A Mash company put £30m into the club, not taken it out.

        • TheNutJob


      • Kneebotherm8


  • Leazes.

    How many starts did he make, was he injured at all, how many did he score, is he prolific…….forget it…. it’s a do it yourself quest again…..


    28 years old
    Market value £11m
    Injury free
    Played 37
    Scored 7
    Got relegated!

    Who is this person linking him with us…he has top be stopped!

    • TheFatController

      He was always around the top 50 in the list of sky power ratings in fairness to him.

      • Leazes.

        Was he really…. makes you wonder why West brom were relegated…. seriously let down by his team mates?

  • Rev

    Sadly nothing new here, until that marquee signing arrives i’ll continue to believe that the plan is to spend the bare minimum on loan signings, cast off’s and potential starlets, hoping the combination or Rafa plus three worse teams than us keeps us up, with the bonus of a run in the cup until we get drawn away to Spuds, Gooners, Chelski reserves etc. i must be getting old, even Ardiles and Im Smiths teams seemed more fun