A former Manchester United goalkeeper has revealed that Newcastle United approached him for a loan deal in January, before eventually moving for Martin Dubravka instead.

Tomasz Kuszczak had been Birmingham’s number one for the past couple of years but after being dropped towards the end of November 2017, he didn’t start another Championship game all season.

After being left out, the then 35 year old said that shortly afterwards (January 2018) he was approached by Newcastle United with the offer of a loan deal until the end of the season.

However, facing a season-long fight against relegation, Birmingham City turned down Newcastle’s offer.

After Newcastle failed with their bid, Kuszczak says Derby County also tried their luck, but got the same response.

Rafa Benitez had made clear last summer (2017) that he wanted to bring in an experienced goalkeeper to be his new number one but was blocked by Mike Ashley, as he tried to bring in free agent Willy Caballero after his release from Manchester City, the keeper instead joining Chelsea as back-up.

The first half of last season saw Elliot and Darlow given their chance but each were dropped and the rival brought back in after failing to convince, leaving Rafa intent on bringing in that experienced keeper finally in January.

Tomasz Kuszczak certainly fits the bill in terms of experience, having spent five years at Manchester United as their number two after signing for £4m from Premier League West Brom in 2007. Afterwards playing Championship football for Watford, Brighton, Wolves and Birmingham.

With the unexpected instant success of Martin Dubravka, easy to forget that Newcastle fans were bewildered when Rafa Benitez was said to be after him.

Slovan Liberec had allowed him to leave on a free transfer in summer 2017 and he moved to Sparta Prague as their number two, only getting his chance after first choice Tomas Koubek moved to French club Rennes.

A bit of a sliding doors moment possibly.

If Birmingham had said yes to Newcastle, then maybe we would all be raving about Tomasz Kuszczak, or things would have turned out very differently than they did from the point Duvbravka made his Newcastle debut against Manchester United.

Sometimes life/football is all about getting the opportunity and plucked from relative obscurity, Martin Dubravka has certainly grabbed his chance with both hands.

Tomas Kuszczak interviewed by Polish newspaper Przeglad Sportowy:

“In the winter transfer window I had a loan offer Newcastle…

“Then Derby also approached me.

“However, Birmingham said that I had to stay.

“My contract still has a year remaining now but the situation has changed – because after the season ended I have received a green light to be transferred.

“I am waiting for a signal from the people who represent me.

“Managers already know that a transfer option has appeared.

“I am calm and if there are no good offers I will wait for a year, then I will be a free agent.”

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    Barrel scraping by the owner & the author.

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    No conclusions?

    • Gallowgate Dave

      So just for the avoidance of doubt…you dislike Ryder then? I’m getting mixed signals. 😂

      • Leazes.

        Problem is he feeds the Nationals, who instead of looking for news seek his angle on events because he’s let loose on the training ground, the Nationals concur and you then have damage to the club, because you have a unified voice.

        Look at what he did with Shelvey this year, he tried to bomb the player out, and pretty soon other media outlets followed on meekly….including writers for the Mag!

        He’s done this throughout his career, based only upon his own judgement and sense of self worth. The Chronicle are doing the same as Mr Jensen in getting the journalists to interview each other to massage their own egos.

        There is an over-riding consensus amongst predominantly right wing writers in local media and broadcasting to oversee the clubs driving ethos, and that is what has dragged United backwards for years since the end of the second world war in fact!

        The club and those around it are not team builders who encourage growth they are reactionary in thinking and play the blame game whilst looking for Heroes and Villains…. If a manager was seen as too soft (a nurturer) he’d be attacked and replaced with the antithesis a hard man, and with the driving force that is the chronicle the blame game is never far away and neither is the bigging-up process to keep fans confused and change amounting to chucking the baby out with the bathwater.

        Its a headcase of a club, kept in turmoil by the chronicles mis-analysis and missed analysis and Ryder is the Xisco of reporters!

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          I honestly never read it. Get most of my Toon fix from the lads at n u f c. c o m, The Mag and True Faith as well as reading books. I wouldn’t trust the club’s official website and on the few occasions I’ve picked up The Chronicle it bores me, the quality of the writing seems poor. It wouldn’t surprise me if you are right though, that paper will probably need too cosy a relationship with the club as a main driver for its popularity is probably reading about the Toon. In some respects I sympathise with them as people have bills to pay and it’s all well and good leading the charge against Ashley but if it costs money and jobs that’s hard to do when people have mortgages and kids to support. On the other hand as someone who is so disillusioned with Ashley’s manipulative tenure it would be great to see local press leading the fightback against the lies, manipulation and PR. Then again if we fans can barely fight back we can’t expect those whose livelihood depend on it to do so on our account.

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            The jobs went years ago….to Salford Quays where its produced to the same template as the Liverpool Echo or the Manchester News….. Its printed on an industrial site on Teesside to cut transport costs and driven up the A19 daily.

            Thomson House presses haven’t rolled in years, there was a cataclysm in the news industry caused by other media but those offices still supply journalists to fill the templates.

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            Doesn’t sound very local then?

            Obviously I’ve read your comment above but have paid next to no attention to Ryder myself. What are your gripes with him? Complicity with the regime? Anything else?

            And on what basis do you reckon Elliot is an “insider”? That feels like you are criticising him? He’s limited in ability but always seems to give his all and never really heard him slagging the club/city/fans off except maybe I seem to recall a defence of Pardew once which could have been viewed as criticism of us but all players capable of defending their manager, arguably self serving but can’t really blame them?

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    Who cares? We ended up with Martin Dubravka, it worked out well and everyone’s a winner; apart from Tomasz Kuszczak.