Aleksandar Mitrovic has told Newcastle that he never wants to play for them again, according to an ‘exclusive’ on Monday afternoon.

The future of the Serbian striker has been much discussed after his second half of the season success at Fulham whilst on loan.

The exclusive from Teamtalk claims that the striker is ‘insisting Newcastle agree a deal with Fulham’ so that he can return to the club where he was clearly enjoying his football once again.

Fulham fans were worried that they might be priced out of any permanent deal after Aleksandar Mitrovic scored 12 goals and helped the Cottagers to promotion.

After doing ok in his opening World Cup match and then having scored and excelled against Switzerland, his valuation will not exactly have been harmed.

Teamtalk say that Mitro is worried that Newcastle will scupper any move, as they report that Mike Ashley is now holding out for £30m, with Fulham not willing to go any higher than £20m.

The ‘exclusives’ from Teamtalk don’t have the highest success rate and it is up to you to judge how much insider knowledge they actually have on this one.

However, with Mike Ashley having priced Mitrovic out of a transfer last summer, when insisting on close to £20m, despite the striker having only started 11 Championship games that previous season. You can imagine the Newcastle owner will be waiting to see what interest there is from elsewhere, and how much they are prepared to pay, once Mitro’s World Cup campaign is over.

For a player who was probably valued at no higher than £10m before his Fulham loan move, around £20m in today’s market does look around the right mark, whilst £30m is moving into Moussa Sissoko territory in more ways than one.

With time pressing on and Rafa’s transfer hopes seemingly resting to a large extent on which players he can move out, the thought of Mitro’s departure potentially dragging on until right towards the end of the summer window isn’t a comforting thought.

  • ghostrider

    If Mitrovic has said that…and we don’t know if it’s true….but if he has said it then I’d be fully in agreement with him the way he’s been treated by Rafa.

    Not only Rafa though. Many fans have backed Rafa’s misjudgement on him and that won’t be lost on him, either.

    A sad state of affairs but I fully understand it if Mitro doesn’t even want to play for this club again.

    • GlasgowMag

      Nice one ghostly boy not like you to look for a taker for the bait who’s the first sucker 🤔🤔😂😂

      • Dillon Tovak

        You 😂

        • GlasgowMag


    • SuperDesHamilton

      I’ll take a manager who’s won everything over a petulant mediocre brat

    • TheFatController

      Hook line and sinker for the clickbait.

      You’ve been trolled.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Be best for both parties if he moves on as Rafa thinks he is to static. If we can get £15m plus take it as all the money will be reinvested. Was popular with a lot of fans just not the one who picks the team.

    • TheFatController

      Rafa thinks he is to static what a balloon is when rubbed on your jumper …?

    • Mark Potter

      He’s as static as an oak tree. It took two fellers to bring him down the other day.

      • Mike Adam

        That is a fine simile Mark, but the proper one in that situation would have been, as strong as an oak tree. I respect your opinion but do not agree with it. I am not saying you are one, but what are all of the haters going to do when Mitro is gone???

        • Mark Potter

          It was a joke ;)

          There is an element that does like to hate some of our own players. But to be fair, I don’t think that is a strong factor here. Most can’t understand the adoration of the lad by some supporters. He’s no MacDonald, Keegan, Shearer, Ba, Cisse, or Carroll. I wish it was otherwise.

          • Mike Adam

            No problem, it is the teacher in me, sorry. I never mean to offend anyone, I respect everyone’s opinion. Even though mine is not and I am often called names etc. There are some that down Mitro at every turn no matter what he does. For me part is the passion, yes a few years ago a bit foolish and over the top, but by a very young player at his dream club in a new country and league. He has scored and been successful against top clubs in the PL as a 20/21 year old. Scored as 19/20 year old in the Champions league against Arsenal and been highly successful in International competition. I guess it depends on which side of the debate you are on. Some say too slow and misses chances, admirers say great hold up play, gets others involved, 3rd on the Championship team in assists in limited playing time by only a few assists. I personally see him improving and maturing every match. I do think he will at least be as good as Ba or Carroll.

          • Mark Potter

            You shouldn’t apologise for being a teacher. A fine profession.

  • Steven05

    If he does leave permanently – can we all please agree to stop talking about him?

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Be prepared for a goal by goal account for the next six years of how Ashley made yet another big mistake. Des Hamilton and the Fat Controller will say Mike Ashley is fat eats pies, never spends a penny, fails to buy players and told Rafa not to pick him. Leazes and Jezza will throw a party and all four will live happily ever after.

      • Big Hairy Man

        He is fat, probably does eat more than his fair share of pies, wont invest in quality players. Rafa doesn’t pick Mitrovic because he doesn’t fit the system, doesn’t do as he’s told and to be fair he isn’t really very good. He does ok against championship opposition and at internationals against poor opposition. No way is he PL quality.

        • Mark Potter

          He’s nowhere near the size of Rafa, especially when he lost weight a couple of years ago. Not criticising Rafa, but there seems to be an odd double standard. Especially when over half of the men in the North East his age are overweight.

        • Mike Adam

          Well Big, I respect your opinion but disagree and only time will tell whether you and Rafa are right about him. I just wonder though, and I am not saying you are one, but what are the Mitro haters going to do with their time when he is gone???

      • SuperDesHamilton

        All that is true, but I’ve never ever rated Mitrovic, sooner he’s away the better for all concerned. Apart from the money not being reinvested in the playing staff

        • Mike Adam

          Especially for the club that signs him!!!

      • TheFatController

        That’s libellous.

        However, as your credibility is shot, i’d not win damages in the court case.

        Which is a shame as your minted with the savings on your six ‘price freeze’ season tickets.

        So carry on…

      • TheFatController

        Anyhow, mike Ashley is fat and does eat pies. I never said he does but I’d put good money on both based upon the truth coming from a body weight index test and his bank statements showing Gregg’s Tottenham Court Road on high frequency.

        What do you think he throws up in the fireplace? Weightwatchers chicken jalfrezi ?

        I’ll stand by any decision a court makes.

        • Mark Potter

          What’s wrong with Greggs? It’s our finest export to the rest of the UK, once S&N got took over and Newcastle Brown Ale is not made in Newcastle, not even in the UK any more. From its humble beginnings on Gosforth High Street, Greggs now has over 1800 outlets, employs over 20,000 people and is one of the best known British High Street food brands. It would be a fine choice to sponsor the club’s shirts. Imagine, we could have a picture of a ham and pease pud stottie on the famous black and white stripes. It could be as iconic in future generations as the brown ale shirt.

    • Down Under Mag

      In the same way that people stopped talking about about Ben Arfa i’m guessing lol

  • Alex Porter

    I guess he is correct, as Rafa will not play him again..

  • jonas

    On your bike then d***khead.

    ultimatums only work when you’re of value.

  • Mrkgw

    If he has said that then he has stuck one on those supporters who maintained belief that he would come good. Moreover, I’d now take the line of £20m for a sale to Palace; £30m Fulham.

  • Rich Lawson

    You’ve got two years left on your contract,it’s not your decision to take,fair enough,express a preference,but proper working men go on strike when they are truly hard done by. Not youthful prospective millionaires.

  • 1957

    If he sees a better future for himself at Fulham fine, at least wants to play football rather than getting paid for sitting on the bench or at home. I would suspect if Benitez were to leave he would come back and give it a go, he’s not disrespecting the club just facing the reality that the manager prefers the Hoss and Dwight

  • Tony English

    Mitro will be leading the line for Serbia against Brazil in 48hrs needing a result to get through the group stages of the World Cup….does anyone seriously think he’d spend anytime discussing this right now? It’s garbage.

    It’s not only in Newcastle’s interest that a transfer has yet to be agreed, it’s in Mitro’s interest too, if he has a good World Cup the chances are he’ll have a better offer than Fulham, if he has a poor tournament, he can still toodle off to Fulham for between 20 to 25 million.

  • Peter C

    Could anyone really blame Mitrovic, if he has said he wouldn’t play for Newcastle again. He hasn’t really had a fair crack of the whip, has he.

    Obviously we the supporters, don’t know what’s gone on inside the club or in Rafa’s head, but it’s obvious, he doesn’t have any future at Newcastle, as long as Rafa remains the manager.

    So Mr Ashley, please for everyone’s sake, just be reasonable regarding any transfer fee. It’s not in anyone’s interest to keep an unhappy player, who would just be sitting on his backside, and doing nothing but picking up his salary at the end of the month, especially when we need the funds to maintain our Premier League status.

    And P.S, get the money up front, and not in instalments, and give it all back to the manager, and not for your back pocket.

    • TheFatController

      If Fulham are the only bidder, we will no doubt sell him to Fulham.

      If someone bids more than Fulham, he won’t be going to Fulham.

      But I wish him good luck telling Ashley what to do in the event of the second scenario arising. He’ll need it…

      • mentalman

        Depends who he agrees terms with

  • Damon Horner

    I don’t think he’s the smartest lad in the world but to strongly turn media attention to his future rather than on Serbia feels unlikely to me. He’ll have answered a question and the media has exaggerated his stance. If he gave that kind of ultimatum, quote him.

    • Mike Adam

      Can’t believe everything you read Damon.

      • Damon Horner

        I don’t believe a word of it. I reckon if Rafa said he’d start first choice he’d be wearing a Newcastle shirt on the first day of the season. Think he’ll accept it and move if the doors closed but won’t close it himself.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Oh dear, i don`t think for one minute Mitrovich said anything of the sort,
    it`s the Fat Scumbags PR briefing against him

    • Wezza

      Bingo! They’re wanting more cash!

  • Weyhhadaway

    Mitro will be focused on the World Cup, his agent though will be feeding the fires to get the best price going, since his fees go up with every million.
    We are selling our best goal scorer with no replacement, business as usual, see you all on deadline day to see who we borrowed.

  • TheFatController

    I must admit, for a player not given a chance at a club, three red cards is a canny stat…

    • Mike Adam

      Who will you bad mouth when Mitro is gone?

  • Desree

    I think he used to support Fulham as a kid. Black and whites, like Partisan his home club. He used to watch Lois Saha as a kid and copy him. He was his hero.