Davide Santon is on the move once again.

The former Newcastle United defender returned to Italy back in January 2015 on a short-term loan, the then Inter Milan boss Roberto Mancini taking him back to the San Siro.

After doing ok (7 Serie A starts and 2 as a sub)  in that second-half of the season, Davide Santon was bought for around £3m by Inter Milan in summer 2015.

However, pretty much ever since that point, the Italian club have been trying to move him on, the indication being that they were tied to buying him from Newcastle at the end of that loan spell.

Much of the time it has been Premier League clubs that Santon has been linked with and indeed in July 2016 he was set to join Sunderland.

However, the move fell down and Sunderland even released an official statement (see below) saying the £3m transfer wasn’t going ahead, this followed widespread reporting in Italy that the move was failing because the Mackems were insisting Davide Santon agreed to a massive cut in wages if they were relegated.

So Santon stayed at Inter Milan and Sunderland were indeed relegated at the end of that 2016/17 Premier League season.

Interesting that Davide Santon was valued still at £3m after only 11 Serie A starts in that 2015/16 season, spending  most of it on the bench.

The next two seasons have followed a similar pattern, the defender with 11 league starts in 2016/17 and then 9 in the season (2017/18) just gone.

Davide Santon has now just moved to AS Roma, as part of a three man transfer with cash also involved,

Inter Milan have brought in Belgian international midfielder Radja Nainggolan, with a reported transfer value of £33m.

In return, AS Roma have got 18 year old midfielder Nicolo Zaniolo, 27 year old Santon and £21m in cash.

Interestingly, Davide Santon has been valued at £8.5m as part of the deal.

Surely one for the dubious transfers committee?

How the full-back has trebled in value by sitting on Inter’s bench for three years is anybody’s guess.

Davide Santon divides Newcastle fans even up to this day. Some believe that he was a classy attacking full-back who slipped through NUFC’s grasp, whilst others still think he was a defender who couldn’t defend.

As for Davide Santon, no doubt he is looking forward to AS Roma next season more than he would have been looking forward to League One with Sunderland…

The Mag – 8 July 2016:

Former Newcastle full-back was set to sign for Sam Allardyce and Sunderland, only for a dramatic late collapse of the deal.

Widespread reporting claimed that a deal for around £3m had been agreed between Inter Milan and the Mackems, with only personal terms and the defender’s medical due to be signed off.

When news of the failure to complete the transfer came through, at the Italian end the media have claimed that the sticking point was that Sunderland had demanded that Davide Santon had to sign up to a pay cut if (when?) Sunderland are relegated.

The one-time Newcastle United player refusing to put himself at that risk.

However, Sunderland have reacted to the claims from Italy by releasing their own very short official statement, claiming that the sticking point was due to some issue between the two clubs, rather than anything directly with the player.

Sunderland Official Statement:

‘Sunderland AFC will not be pursuing its interest in Inter Milan player Davide Santon, after negotiations between the two clubs failed to reach a positive conclusion.’

I think I know what version I would believe, considering Sam Allardyce was clearly interested in signing Santon and Inter are desperate to offload him.

  • Ram Kishore

    Where did they say his reported value was 8.5 million…. the combined value for both Zaniola and Santon is 12 million and maybe Zaniola is a highly rated youngster as we all know Roma is known for making astute top young singings just like Marquinos whom they bought for 3 million and sold next season for 30..Benatia, Manolas are further examples..

    Detailed accounting is present in every big money deal.. The word Creative is just added to bring a sense of doubts when we don’t understand something or dislike something even when the deal didn’t involve any illegality

  • SH.ER

    Saw him play in a couple of games and against AC Milan and he was incredible
    man of the match performances, Roma would be very good and stable for him

  • Wor Lass

    Didn`t he use that comment about never seeing a mackem in Milan when he arrived there? It would have been interesting to have seen his reception at the Stadium of Shyte. He struck me as a good lad who gave evrything but could be a liability at times. I empathise with him being right footed but playing left back – although I believe it was his choice.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Doesn’t seem to be a player that monchi would go for he’s normally very prudent. Saying that it’ll be a way of getting around FFP rules Italian teams done things like this all the time when you could part own players