Like thousands of other fans, I had wondered about when the Newcastle United season tickets renewal info would be made available.

Getting in touch with the club’s ticket office last Tuesday (5 June), they assured me that the season ticket info would be made public by the end of the week (Friday 8 June) at the very latest.

That date came and went so I contacted the ticket office once again yesterday and they could only say that they hoped it would happen soon, with many other supporters asking the same question.

I can never ever remember a time when the fixtures have came out BEFORE the Newcastle United season tickets info, usually they can’t do it quick enough, though with the fixtures announced tomorrow (Thursday) that definitely looks the case this time.

However, a bit of light maybe at the end of the tunnel, as NUFC’s Head of Marketing Communications, Lee Marshall, has indicated that they have been waiting for the new online ticket buying system to be up and running, before the renewal info can/will be issued, he says this should happen ‘very shortly’.

He says he is responding after a lot of fans had asked about what was happening with the renewals.

At the same time, Marshall has also given a response to supporters who have asked about what is happening with the new strips, very rare for that to be delayed so late, usually at last one of the three strips has been unveiled by this point.

He says that the new kits are set to be officially revealed in early July, so at least you can get the kids (and big kids…) kitted out ahead of the summer holidays.

My article last week on The Mag – Tuesday 5 June:

When it comes to Newcastle United Season Tickets renewal, the club take a very relaxed stance these days.

Yet another massive benefit Mike Ashley receives via having Rafa Benitez at the club.

With an average of over 51,000 even in the Championship, which was then bettered last season, filling seats isn’t exactly the biggest challenge the club has.

If like me you renew each summer, you will be wondering what is happening with the renewing Newcastle United season tickets?

Nothing received through the post, though thinking back to last year it was a similar tale…

So I got in touch with the NUFC ticket office who put me/us in the picture.

The club won’t be sending anything out in the post to you if you do need to renew.

Instead, you have to rely on keeping an eye out on social media and the club website, assuming that is that you have access to social media and the internet, and check it for NUFC news/updates.

The ticket office say that the renewal information should be going up by the end of this week.

However, they did also warn that with Ed Sheeran playing St James Park this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it might be best if you leave it until the beginning of next week if you want to ring up to renew, or for any info.

If you don’t renew then before the tickets go on general sale, the club may send something in the post as a very final reminder, though best not to rely on that if you do want to renew.

Also, you can do anybody you know a favour who might not have access to the internet, by letting them know once the club do release renewal details.

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  • Leazes.

    Boycott Ashleys shirts.

    • Rich Lawson

      Exactly,why fill his pockets paying a ridiculous price for a new shirt that is inferior in appearance and quality to previous classics which are available elsewhere or that you already own ? Retro’ is good and says more about your support than backing some remote sweat shop.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Got a phone call today to say getting kicked out of my three seats which have had for years and will have to wait till after the renewal date to find new seats to see what is left. For this to happen to a family of three with 976 loyalty points between them so late is a little harsh to say the least.

    • Rich Lawson

      It does seem harsh,might it now change your opinions on how the club is run and it’s clear disregard for loyal supporters ?

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        I sit next to the away supporters in level seven as you get a bit more atmosphere there have done since that stand was built. This area is now going to be a match by match area so no season ticket holders at all.

  • Mike

    they are not bothered they know 40k will renew regardless

    • Rich Lawson

      It’s just sad,I went to see The Stones the other day,I’ve seen every tour since ’71 and I have really good quality,imaginative shirts that go back decades that I like to wear when I go and see them. The new tour shirts/handbags/blankets/hankies were tat at ludicrous prices, yet the souvie stands were mobbed off and someone I was with paid £30 for a fairly plain t shirt.The paying public are ripped off at every opportunity !