Premier League clubs and their transfer records.

Never has there been an era when prices have gone up so radically when it comes to transfer fees.

Of the 20 clubs that took part in the Premier League last (2017/18) season, 12 of them broke their own transfer record last summer (2017).

The past 24 hours have seen Huddersfield Town now break their club record in three transfer windows in a row since reaching the Premier League.

Of last season’s Premier League, only one club had made their record signing before 2015.

Newcastle United signing Michael Owen for £16m fully 10 years earlier.

Down below are the transfer record buys of all the 20 clubs, only Brighton have a lower figure (£14m) than NUFC, whilst West Brom and Burnley are around the same (£16m) amount.

Looking at the three promoted clubs, I have no doubt they will all break their club records this summer, with both Fulham and Wolves, possibly Cardiff as well, set to also pay more than £16m for at least one player – in my opinion.

Spending money doesn’t guarantee success but not spending it, pretty much guarantees failure.

Rafa Benitez needs to be given total freedom on who he buys and how he allocates his budget, so if he wants to buy a couple of £20m players as well as cheaper ones, then let him get on with it.

If Mike Ashley wants to continue a theme of buying £6m-£10m players only, then Newcastle look sure to struggle, the same if Rafa is prevented from also paying high wages on older, probably free agent/low transfer fee, players as well.

Record signing for all 20 Premier League clubs from the 2017/18 season:

£89m – Manchester United – Paul Pogba 2016/17

£75m – Liverpool – Virgil van Dijk 2017/18

£67m – Manchester City – Kevin de Bruyne 2015/16

£60m – Arsenal – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 2017/18

£60m – Chelsea – Alvaro Morata 2017/18

£45m – Everton – Gylfi Siguedsson 2017/18

£35m – Tottenham – Davinson Sanchez 2017/18

£29m – Leicester – Islam Slimani 2016/17

£27m – Crystal Palace – Christian Benteke 2016/17

£21m – Stoke – Giannelli Imbula 2015/16

£21m – West Ham – Andre Ayew 2016/17

£20m – Bournemouth – Nathan Ake 2017/18

£20m – Swansea – Andre Ayew 2017/18

£19m – Southampton – Guido Carrillo 2017/18

£18.5m – Watford – Andre Gray 2017/18

£17.6m – Huddersfield – Terence Kongolo 2018/19

£16m – Burnley – Chris Wood 2017/18

£16m – West Brom – Salomon Rondon 2015/16

£16m – Newcastle United – Michael Owen 2005/06

£14m – Brighton – Jurgen Locadia 2017/18

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  • TheFatController

    Bring on the apologists.

    All those above us in that table will be doing a Leeds/ Sunderland soon.

    Mark their words …

    • Damon Horner

      That’s the dream. The league explodes and we’re competing with Burnley for the title!

      • TheFatController

        The only downside is it would bust Ashley’s annual ‘Newcastle to finish 17th’ bet…

    • Clarko

      Bring on Newcastle’s very own version of the social justice warrior where anyone who doesn’t agree with your view(s) is branded as an ‘apologist’ regardless of their actual argument or evidence.

      • KRS1

        The evidence is pretty clear is it not – Ashley is not prepared to sanction an acquisition above £15m or am I missing something

        • Clarko

          Yeah you are, you’re doing the same thing @disqus_uILzpdxhMC:disqus is doing, you’re doing the exact same thing I referred to in the comment that you are responding to. Quote me where I made an argument stating that Ashley shouldn’t ‘sanction an acquisition above £15m’. I’ll wait.

          • KRS1

            The evidence I refer to is about our record transfer fee. I wasn’t suggesting you had argued against Ashley sanctioning a spend over £15m. I am assuming you would be all for breaking our transfer record if you are a NUFC fan…….

          • Clarko

            My comment
            ‘Bring on Newcastle’s very own version of the social justice warrior where anyone who doesn’t agree with your view(s) is branded as an “apologist” regardless of their actual argument or evidence.’

            Your resonse:
            ‘The evidence is pretty clear is it not – Ashley is not prepared to sanction an acquisition above £15m or am I missing something’

            You missed the point of the argument, nowhere did I state that Ashley was prepared to sanction an acquisition above £15m, the argument wasn’t about the £15m, this was about ideologies and labelling. You did the same thing as @disqus_uILzpdxhMC:disqus (the difference being you replied to a comment) you seen my name and you began to type about how Ashley wouldn’t pay £15m for a player talking about how ‘clear’ the evidence was, that’s not what I was talking about.

          • TheFatController

            Ok, I’ll reply.

            What would you call someone who suggests we do right not to spend big because for relegated clubs it can be hard to pay off?

            The truth is, if you don’t spend money, you become like Norwich and all the other clubs commonly labelled (like that in using your terminology here?) ‘yo yo clubs’

            However, that term has been used less frequently in recent years because the only yo yo club is us.

            Norwich are an example of not spending enough to either stay up or get up. The best plan – see Bournemouth, Watford, Southampton, Brighton, Huddersfield, Leicester, west ham – is to spend to stay up.

            Then you can take out ‘yo yo’ from the business plan.

            So, I label you apologists because you are happy for Ashley to run us as the only yo yo club, not pushing too much in case of relegation, whilst smaller clubs have no intention of being a yo yo ckub and thus spend £20m on players to ensure they stay up, or at least have a better chance …

            Come back with some justification of how we can keep on playing the yo yo card? I can’t wait for the justification that a third gamble fail and relegation wouldn’t ruin us…

          • Clarko

            Who has made that argument that it is ‘right not to spend big’, who? Again like @disqus_cM4XxNDPS9:disqus, you haven’t bothered to read the comment that you’re replying to. Quote me where I said that it’s ‘right not to spend big’.

            This isn’t about transfer spend, this is about you and your ignorance, there isn’t a group that has made that argument, I don’t think anyone has made that argument, I certainly haven’t but because I have ‘defended’ Ashley in different debates/arguments you label me as an ‘apologist’ when you haven’t bothered to read, acknowledge or think about what I have written, just like in this conversation.

          • TheFatController

            I didn’t call you an apologist, I mentioned ‘apologists’ and you took it upon yourself to reply saying I was calling you an apologist.

            Which you must admit is a very bizarre, narcissistic thing to do?

            ‘Hey, the Fat Controller has mentioned apologists. Even though he says it generally and has no idea who I am, I know he is referring to me when he says that…’

            I know your family may have led you to believe everything is about you, and maybe 99% of life since the Big Bang is, but on this occasion I wasn’t thinking of you at all.

            Sorry. I’ll try to next time though.

          • Cockneytrev

            Quality response to the hoop licker,,,

          • Clarko

            TheFatController 2 hours ago:
            ‘I label you apologists because you are happy for Ashley to run us as the only yo yo club’

            TheFatController 15 minutes ago:
            ‘I didn’t call you an apologist’

            You did. Dummy.

            Again, my first comment:
            ‘Bring on Newcastle’s very own version of the social justice warrior where anyone who doesn’t agree with your view(s) is branded as an ‘apologist’ regardless of their actual argument or evidence.’

            Nowhere did I say that you called me an apologist, you can’t read. Dummy.

          • TheFatController

            It really hurts that you called me dummy. You’re someone I look up to and aspire to be like. How could it not hurt?

            You’re desperate to be right and one up all the time. Did people around you when you were young mock you and not take you seriously, by any chance?

            We’re you a laughing stock? Mocked by your family? And now you spend a stupid amount of time going over minutia and then bizarrely using the shaming term ‘dummy’.

            That’s some weird family behiaviour your modeling yourself on – I’d expect a five year old to call me dummy, then from aged 6 the child would mature into other terms.

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            I wonder how many games you actually go to . You and Jezza and the rest of the anti Newcastle fans on here will not call you trolls you just hate Newcastle United full stop and Jezza has nothing but praise for Sunderland work that one out.

          • TheFatController

            I don’t go to any. I support sunderland yes. What a remarkably perceptive man you are.

            You really should make more of that talent. Take yourself away from a life of sitting in your underpants at the PC, waiting for your mum to cook tea.

            Sleep well.

          • Wezza147

            Just block the idiots.

            They can’t argue with the facts and the fact is that Ashley HAS NOT spent over 14.5M on a single player.

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      So we sign Murphy for £!2m and Merino for ten through in Joselu for five and Rafa could have broken most clubs records and bought a decent striker.

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Can you please add Coventry, Boro and Blackburn to your list.

  • Leazes.

    The clock stopped at United when Ashley took over. 2005…!

    The statement by Graham Carr last week that he’d stopped suggesting players valued over £15m to the owner implies that there is a ceiling not only on wages but outlay as well….

    ….. I hear poundland is going bust because nobody wants to buy rubbish.

    • Sickandtired

      Yeah, but he took over in 2007…

    • Kneebotherm8

      Time stood still…

    • Wezza147

      and we are led to believe the championship season wages were 112M!
      So if there is a ceiling on wages (which we know there is) then why are they claiming Lazaar, Gamez, Manquillo were on over 100k a week. Scandalous creative accounting and hiding the fact money goes missing.

  • Steven05

    But we have to remember that Ashley has saved our club, has never taken a penny from it, funded it to the full and gave us every chance to compete – while also been the last to know what is happening…

    • Leazes.

      I know that’s ironic but its also the mindset of Ryder and Douglas at the Chronicle.

      • Steven05

        I honestly can’t work out how or why tho – they surely can’t be getting paid to do it. They could instead be instrumental in helping to wake more people up

        • Leazes.

          That’s what I’ve always thought…. but just looking at the chronicle today they seem to think Ed Sheeran is rock-n-roll.

          • Steven05

            The worlds messed up! 😂

          • Rich Lawson

            He’s a Colback tribute act

    • Damon Horner

      Then to think he gets bullied from demanding and unrealistic fans who are furious we haven’t signed Neymar. Poor guy.

    • Sickandtired

      And leaves all football stuff to the Board…wait, who’s the Board?

      • Kneebotherm8

        No board……..just one plank….

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      For once we agree but please add Coventry, Boro and Blackburn to your list not forgetting Portsmouth.

      • TheFatController

        I thought ashkeybset is on the way to being like them twice.

        First time, Houghton saved his bacon. So in a jealous fit he sacked him.

        Second time, Rafa saved his bacon. Only Rafa can’t sack him despite his jealous rage so has to squeeze him out using other means .

        Sleep well. Hope the drugs work.

  • Sickandtired

    The irony of ironies, is that the club allegedly want £20 million for Mitro, and expect a newly promoted side to pay it.
    Meanwhile we are yet to break our 13 year old signing record, while being told the multi billionaire owner just cant compete with the ‘big boys’.

    • Dillon Tovak

      He’s a joke, but the people who are an even bigger joke are the fans that keep falling for his 💩. The article on this site the other day arguing FOR him that he reinvests everything we earn back into the team. 😱🤢🤮 F.O.

      • Wezza147

        I shouldn’t really mention them but the trolls are an even bigger joke as well for even defending MA.

        “MA has not taken a penny from the club”


    • Wezza147

      All lies from MA. He only wants us to think we can’t compete to not only lower our expectations but to wind us up. It is beyond greed it is plain spite, maniacal even!

  • Foggy

    It’s more interesting when you look at the ones that actually panned out and those that were vastly overpriced and a waste of money. If I was a Man U fan, I’d like me money back on pogba for a start. Slimani @ 29mill. Joke.

  • Scottie Chugger Dearden

    when you show tables and articles like this, it makes me think why should NUFC pay over the odds for a player? with the exception of KDB the rest are a waste of time and money, Five of them have been or almost relegated. Still though Ashley should back Rafa though and not be going for bargain buys like Joselu, but I hope we aren’t going to pay 45million for the likes of Gylfi Siguedsson however if Chelsea want 25 for Kenedy buy, buy, buy! I hope this post doesn’t sound like I have Bi Polar!

    • TheFatController

      Yep, I’m definitely texting Pep.

  • Matty Reed

    You could argue at least 10 of those transfer records are flops

    • TheFatController

      Argue what? That you shouldn’t spend on big money transfers.

      I’m texting Pep now…lets remind him

    • HarryHype59

      True enough but, Newcastle have a list of punts who flopped, as long as your arm. Some are still at the club and are known as the “unshiftables” due to high wages and long term contracts.

    • Leazes.

      Not the point at all

  • TheFatController

    Ok, how about an example of spending money getting you nowhere …

    Compare Atsu on loan from Chelsea, then Kenedy.

    Do the respective valuations from Chelsea reflect on the pitch?

    So, let’s have no more of this ‘it doesn’t always pay to spend a lot of money…’ – 11 atsus or 11 Kenedys? If it was your money?

  • Leazes.

    Ten years behind the next club

    • Wezza147

      Says it all really doesn’t it. Where does the money go? We know where.
      The longer we fall behind the longer it will take to get back to be able to compete… but we know that won’t happen.
      Football is a distant second in MA’s priorities. It really doesn’t matter one jot about what happens on the pitch. MONEY is the number one priority. Until he goes and the sooner people realise what a cancer he is to our club the better.
      FAO trolls, you’re blocked so why bother replying. Sad cretins.

  • NUFC9

    It’s striking that only a handful of these 20 record signings can really be considered out and out successes. De Bruyne for example. More of them have failed to make the expected impact. Owen, Slimani, Carillo, Imbula, Benteke. It goes to show how important it is to have the right person in charge of who to buy (and sell).

    That’s where Ashley has really let us down. I’m not expecting him to throw is own money at the club like Abramovich/Man City/PSG. The problem is relying on clowns like Wise and Kinnear to make important decisions but refusing give Benitez the power, freedom and responsibility he needs and deserves.