Bournemouth fans have reacted after media claims that a swap deal is in the offing, with Matt Ritchie (plus cash) returning to Dean Court, with Norwegian striker Josh King heading in the opposite direction.

Newcastle have been linked with the 26 year old striker a number of times, the last time being in April after Premier League safety was assured. Newspapers claiming that King was Rafa’s number one striker target.

Moving from Manchester United to Blackburn for £1m in 2013, he then moved on a free to Bournemouth in summer 2015.

Bought as a wide player, it was the following (2016/17) season when Josh King made headlines, thanks to injury he got a chance playing through the middle and scored 16 goals from 31 Premier League starts (5 as a sub).

However, last season he was moved back out wide and in 27 starts (and 6 sub appearances) he scored eight goals, not bad for somebody not playing as the main striker. King was claimed to not be happy having to move out wide to accommodate the likes of Wilson and Defoe through the middle, so you could see the potential for him maybe seeking a move to ensure playing as a centre-forward.

Interesting reading the comments from Bournemouth fans below.

Two things become abundantly clear….Josh King is clearly a big favourite, whilst most of them are also still bitter that Matt Ritchie left!

If there is any grain of truth in the transfer swap story, then one big positive is how highly the Bournemouth fans rate the striker.

Reaction from Cherries fans after the Bournemouth Echo covered the swap deal story:


‘Keep King, he is our best striker.’

‘Newcastle fans don’t want to swap as they think Ritchie is good…

He’s no premier league player, look at his stats, they were only good in the championship.

I feel sorry for king as he’s our best striker but isn’t played right, which might cause is to lose him so please Eddie listen to king and the fans (I’ll swap Ritchie for Defoe though).’

Every club is after a striker, Matt hasn’t scored many goals at Newcastle, plus he is a money grabber so Eddie wouldn’t have that.’

‘I would not want Rich Tea returning on this basis, a great player for us BUT Josh is more important and I would not blame him for being unhappy – last season he did not get a fair crack , when Callum was injured the season before he certainly kept us up and looked the business, how about a (Ritchie) swap for Callum?’

‘Ritchie was certainly unhappy during his last few matches with us, whilst we will never be told the truth , it looks like there was little loyalty left and a breakdown of his relationship with EH, do not think us fans would take him back with any relish.’

‘Definitely keep King,’

‘Not too excited by this swap deal personally.’

‘Wish it were true …we have never adequately replaced Ritchie with his deadly dead ball delivery, or his crosses, or his goals and sharpness generally.

King was terrific the season before last but this last one seemed to drag heavily for him when he was back, missing far more than scoring.

I wouldn’t kick King out without a healthy profit but would love Ritchie back. He made Dean Court come alive, and might revive Callum Wilson.’

‘No chance josh is are best forward.’

‘MR is a lovely player and a seasoned veteran of AFCB – he went because we wouldn’t pay his wages – whilst Newcastle were happy to pay the man the going rate.

I would love his return but not at the expense of any core team player.

He worked tirelessly and covered most of the pitch when playing, never got the MOMs he deserved or some fans’ affection. A complete professional.

Buy him back Eddie – in addition to, not instead of any players that we have on our first team book.

He is a hugely responsible player, that could compete with a first team place and NOT expect a ‘given’ so why not bring him back? We lost pace and forward running when he went. Of course he might not have that pace these days? I think he has and would want to prove something in the EPL, he is forever hungry and never lazy.

JK needs to stay so give him THE pay rise and push him up front! Give CW something to compete for, his wage demands – if true – are staggering (If he is worth £60k per week then JK is worth the same plus a bit!).’

‘Defo don’t want Richie back – would be a backward step.

And I don’t want King to go.’

‘Only for the sake of the argument let’s just suppose that Josh is unsettled and wants to leave and go to Newcastle (however dull and uninteresting that place can be)?

That EH realise that AFCB has lost the man? Then maybe this story could be true? Eddie can replace the outgoing pace of JK with MR’s return plus a lump sum? But that’s fantasy football right?’

‘We need to start playing him in the position he suits best, as an out and out striker, wilson is nowhere near as good the as king is, as was proved last season.

I fear if king wants to play the main striker role then he will have to leave, which maybe where this story has come from. I don’t think we can afford to lose him, if we’re going to start wilson up front next season, which I fear.’

‘Oh dear only negatives in this transfer window & this is the worst yet!

Must keep Josh, Ritchie wanted to leave us,so why on earth would he come back,sorry If Josh isn’t happy he should start every game,he was more likely to score than Callum last season……no none of this article is good for us moving forward….and still no defenders!

‘I do not think we can will match Ritchie’s wages anyway. He left us to treble his wages. It was stated that he is on 57k a week at Newcastle. So this is unlikely to occur.’

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Loans, Free transfers & player exchanges that will be this transfer window,
    the Obese One ain`t going to spend.

    • ghostrider

      People need to commit before spending on a decent scale comes to the fore.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        We won`t be spending Dopey

      • Big Hairy Man

        If he commits he’ll still get nowt. Ashley is a liar.

      • pedrodelgardo

        Are you suggesting that a top pro (Rafa) should trust a proven liar (Ashley)?

        • ghostrider

          No. I’m suggesting that a manager who’s paid 5 million a year to just get on with it and either buy into what he’s doing by signing on the dotted line to carry it forward….or just walk away and let someone else try, who will sign a contract.

          Too many people are blowing far too much smoke up Rafa’s aerosol.

  • Leazes.

    He scored 11 goals in the Premiership but not one against a top 6 club….

    Not really a step up that you would associate with a Rafalution!

  • Mike

    eh why get rid of Richie?

  • Billmag

    Got to keep Ritchie, just go out and sign King it’s simple really Penfold(for most MD’s) just tell your boss I’m sure he listens to you.

  • Paul Patterson

    Er, no.

  • SH.ER

    I’d make the swap if we are going to buy Townsend and loan Kenedy again
    They are better wingers, Ritchie doesn’t even try to take on his fullback and opponents which frustrated me many times last season …
    He’s worrying too much about defending that it’s damaging his attacking instincts
    we need more attacking abilities

    • mentalman

      Ritchie is doing what rafa wants him to do

      • SH.ER

        I talked about abilities and Townsend also used to do exactly what Ritchie is doing but when he attacked and countered you could see it was direct, with pace and purpose, more dangerous
        You will get the sane work rate from both players it’s just Townsend and Kenedy have more to offer …

  • Rich Lawson

    Tempting to get a proper striker,but leaves just Atsu and Murphy on the wings ?