Oguzhan Ozyakup has been regularly linked with Newcastle United over the course of the last couple of months (see below).

Now Fotospor are reporting that Besiktas have accepted a 15m euros (approx £13m) for the midfielder from Newcastle.

As with all of these reports, it is a case of believe it when it happens, with winger Garry Rodrigues of Galatasaray another player who the Turkish media have been insistent on there being interest from Newcastle.

The situation has been complicated by the fact that Oguzhan Ozyakup was due to be out of contract at the end of June – though the media had said the player was prepared to sign another contract, so that Besiktas would be guaranteed a decent transfer fee this summer.

Today’s exclusive from Fotospor says that whilst the £13m fee has supposedly been agreed with Newcastle, the deal could still rest on Arsenal (his previous club).

The Gunners sold Oguzhan Ozyakup for only £500,000 six years ago but are said to be entitled to 30% (4.5m euros) of any future transfer fee, Fotospor saying Besiktas want Arsenal to agree to reduce that to 10% (1.5m euros) before the transfer can happen.

The Mag – 11 April 2018:

Newcastle United continue to be linked with Oguzhan Ozyakup.

The Turkish media insisting that both Everton and Newcastle want to bring the player to the Premier League.

At the weekend it was claimed that Newcastle officials had actually now met the player’s agents for talks (read below).

One attraction of Oguzhan Ozyakup was that he is due to be out of contract this summer, although Turkish media have repeatedly insisted that the player would be happy to sign another deal before the end of the season, ensuring Besiktas would receive a fee.

The latest on Wednesday from Turkey, sees Fotomac report that their information is that the 25 year old Turkish international has now agreed the terms of a contract extension, and is set to sign it imminently.

They also claim that Oguzhan Ozyakup and Besiktas have agreed a reasonable £10.5m (12m euros) buyout fee to be included in the contract, enabling him to move on if he receives an acceptable offer from another club.

The Mag – 7 April 2018:

At the end of last month, it was reported that Newcastle United had been watching Oguzhan Ozyakup throughout this season.

Turkish-Football claiming that Newcastle had followed up that initial interest by contacting the midfielder’s agents.

The 25 year old currently plays for Bekistas and is due to be out of contract this summer.

Now Turkish newspaper Fanatik are saying that another step has been taken, with Newcastle United representatives having now actually met the player’s agents.

The report stating that the agents told Newcastle what the expectation of wages would be and NUFC agreeing to pay the player around £45,000 per week, if a move is agreed.

Other clubs are also said to be interested in Oguzhan Ozyakup, including Everton.

Like every other transfer story at this time of the year (or any other time…), we will believe it when it happens.

The Mag – 27 March 2018

Newcastle United have now contacted Oguzhan Ozyakup representatives about a move to Tyneside in the summer, according to reports on Tuesday morning.

The 25 year old midfielder was born in Holland but decided to play for Turkey at international level and is a regular for the national team.

On the books of AZ Alkmaar as a kid, Oguzhan Ozyakup then signed for Arsenal and starred in their youth ranks, going on to make a couple of cup appearances, as well as being on the bench in some Premier League and Champions League matches.

Transferred to Besiktas when 19, the attacking midfielder has had a lot of success, helping them to win the domestic league title the past two seasons. They are currently third with eight match remaining, four points behind Galatsaray.

The midfielder has been a major contributor in the attacking third for the Turkish club, scoring 27 goals and grabbing 48 assists since moving from Arsenal.

Now Turkish-Football report that they have been told  by a source close to Besiktas that Newcastle have watched Oguzhan Ozyakup throughout this season and have now contacted the player’s agents to talk about a potential move in the summer.

Newcastle were constantly linked with Cenk Tosun who played alongside the midfielder, even supposedly putting in a bid at one point, but the striker moved to Everton for £27m in January.

Like any transfer story, you believe what you want, but it is conceivable that the Turkish league could be seen as one that maybe could still give some value.

Whilst overall the Turkish league isn’t great quality, Tosun has done well at Everton so far, scoring four goals despite only five Premier League starts.

Another factor that could have attracted Newcastle United, is that the player’s contract situation.

Oguzhan Ozyakup is set to be out of contract this summer and Besiktas are reported to be frantically trying to get a new one signed off, to prevent the player leaving for nothing.

It does though look as though a move could be on the cards regardless, as after mixing time in the starting eleven with a place on the bench in his first three seasons, these last two title winning years saw the midfielder automatic first choice. However, this season he has once again been in and out of the team, starting 13 league games and on the bench 10 times.

After five goals and seven assists in the league last season and nine and seven the year before, this season the midfielder has only two assists, suggesting he needs to move on.

Besiktas did well in the Champions League until meeting  Bayern Munich, Oguzhan Ozyakup playing seven times and starting five of those games.

Everton are said by Turkish-Football to also be keen on the player, particularly after the success of Cenk Tosun.

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  • Leazes.

    I’d say that was £13m too much as his contract expires in 3 weeks….

    Who is he a supposed replacement for?

    • TheNutJob

      transfermarket say June 19

      • Leazes.

        A free agent.

  • Geordiegiants

    What sort of a story is this? His contract is expiring and he is going to sign a new one so it can complicate his transfer and make everyone else money!
    Howare man people at the mag how the Fock has this even passed a vetting service????????

    • Leazes.

      Its a ‘Fake’ story….probably…. hopefully.

  • JonMag

    i can see this being a right [email protected]@k up, he signs a new contract to get Besiktas a fee
    no player in their right mind would do that as he`d get a huge signing on fee.
    Fake News

  • Paul Patterson

    Confused much. Nobody will pay £13m for a player that will be free in less than a month . .

    • Clarko

      Maybe try reading the article.

  • Leicester Mag

    Another epic tale from the Hossh1t chronicles

    • TheNutJob


  • Ba ba.

    And sleep… 😴

  • Alreet

    Tabled a bid my a*s*. 13 mill or even a quarter of that for a player out of contract in 3 weeks is very poor reporting.

    Who allowed the ink to dry on that chip paper.

    Good player but probs off to spurs or chelski on a free.

  • TheNutJob

    he`s due a free transfer but Newcastle are going to buy him for £11m.
    sounds like Penfold ok


    • Clarko

      Just try reading the article.

      • TheNutJob


        • Clarko

          📖 🔢 📖 🔢

          • TheNutJob

            his contract runs out on the 30th June, no agent would let him sign an extension to benefit the club & no club interested in him would touch him if he did

          • Clarko

            There you go, demonstrating your complete lack of knowledge, logic and intelligence. By signing a contract extension the agent would be paid a commission/agent fee, the player would then be guaranteed a transfer due to the release clause/agreement in the contract where the agent would again be paid their agent fee and after all that the agency would keep their reputation/contacts at Besiktas where they also represents Lens and Uysal.

          • JonMag

            In other words greed, we can do without anymore of those [email protected]@kers at Newcastle. plus i`ve never even heard of him

          • Clarko

            Do you think (fans of) Besiktas think that the player/agent is greedy? I’m sure that they would be delighted with selling a free agent for £13m. Not greed, just business.

            I can’t say that I’m surprised to hear that you have ‘never even heard of him’ despite the club being linked with him repeatedly over the last year.

          • JonMag

            I only take note of players i`ve heard of & this guy was a reject by Arsenal & plays in a 3rd rate league.

          • Liam Hogg

            So by that logic how do you learn about players? A despair at how thick posters on here are

          • Clarko

            ‘I only take note of players I’ve heard of’…

            That’s up there with one of the stupidest comments I’ve read on this site.

            ‘this guy was a reject by Arsenal & plays in a 3rd rate league’

            Similar to how Salah and De Bruyne were Chelsea rejects and sold to lower rated leagues.

          • Liam Hogg

            I despaired at that comment as well 😂 some of our fans man!

          • Alreet

            Thats the only thing ive ever agreed with you clarko. But you are on the money.

            Salah. De bruyne. Mahrez. Hazard. Even peter schmeichel if you wanna go back further all came from “lower” leagues.

            Wouldnt mind having Jamie Vardy in my team……. Fleetwood town??!!

          • Alan Pardew

            If we spent all the money on players this summer, what are we going to do in January if we need to bring somebody else in?

          • Clarko

            Yeah, that’s not even close to being relevant to the conversation.

  • Salty

    Can understand some of the cynical comments when his contract is about to expire. Maybe though his signing an extension then being sold suggests a bit of integrity on his part, a rarity in football I know. He gets a signing on fee from Besiktas who would be grateful he signed then signs for us ((hopefully) with another signing on fee and a pay rise so doesn’t lose out. The losers of course are us as we could have had him for nowt but if that shows Rafa is in control it’s another plus. Let’s wait and see thought

    • Weyhhadaway

      We saw Cairney do a similar thing last season, sticking by the club who showed faith in him, but as my comment below goes, we don’t expect integrity in football anymore.

      • Salty

        Yes Cairney did that too, admirable. It’s possible that this lad Ozyakup still gets his move but Besiktas get rewarded for his development – as I said, integrity and football don’t often go together so one to watch

      • Liam Hogg

        I doht blame the lad especially since he’s a Besiktas supporter

    • JonMag

      Rafa hasn`t been in control for 18 months, Ashley has

      • Salty

        And my point is Rafa has sought more control and this deal, if true, would suggest he’s got it!

        • JonMag

          i doubt he has even seen him play

          • Salty

            I doubt he saw any of his signings play, that’s why he had an army of trusted scouts

          • JonMag

            came up trumps, didn`t they, Joselu, Lazaar, Manquillo, Gamez. you couldn`t flog that lot on ebay & Murphy`s no £12m player

          • Billmag

            And who is a £12m player these days, Ashley is to blame for getting low grade player’s on a limited budget.

          • JonMag

            I`d rather buy 1 good player than have 3 on the bench at a cost of £20m who contribute nothing

          • Alreet

            And you think rafa would have been allowed to buy a 20 mill player with all the fees and have the potential of him not hitting the ground running.

            He a very good tactician and hopefully he will be the one to weed ashley out.

          • Billmag

            You need a squad in case of injuries, as Rafa says you pay £20ml in today’s market just to kick a ball forward.

          • Alreet

            Oh and gayle. Ritchie. Dubravka. Yedlin. Kenedy and merino are pap as well eh.

            Bigger picture.

          • Salty

            Any transfer is a risk and Rafa certainly signed some donkeys- spent £23m on left wingers and still brought Kenedy on loan to play there. Suspect that’s part of reason Ashley still wants some say. Ironic Carr was slagged by fans when he’d recommended likes of lacazette, PEA, Bony, batshuyai, Umtiti, Ali. dier and so on. All managers sign some donkeys though- look how many keepers Fergie signed before van der Saar. Results are what counts so you live with it

      • HarryHype59

        Some of the odd signings made last summer confirm this!

  • Weyhhadaway

    looked at him on Youtube and he has an eye for the long pass from a defensive midfield position, has can also pick out a forward in a good position. which is all well and good till I read the last couple of sentences about free agent, fee etc. Bottox, filler, clickbait etc etc

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Fake News
    Next !

    • HarryHype59

      I sincerely hope so!

  • nufcslf

    Need forwards not midfielders. So more bollocks to keep the sheep in line for season ticket renewals.

    • Paul Smith

      Says he’s an attacking midfielder…. We only really have Perez and although he finished the season strongly there were plenty of times throughout the season where he could have done with being taken out of the firing line… and you need cover anyway. Players can’t be relied on to stay injury and suspension free. We need strengthening in most areas. We had less injuries than usual last season. Might not be that lucky in future.

  • MadMag83

    More likely to choose Everton, link up with his international team mate.