When you are only 21 and have already scored 38 goals in club football and 31 for your country, doesn’t it suggest you have a little something going for you?

Newcastle United’s Adam Armstrong hasn’t done an awful lot wrong but plenty of fans appear very happy to already write him off where NUFC are concerned.

Not a perfect comparison but underneath senior level, Harry Kane scored 17 goals for England at the various age groups, compared to Adam Armstrong currently on 31 international goals for England at the younger age groups.

I saw an interesting thread on Twitter today from a Newcastle fan (see below) who thought Adam Armstrong had been dismissed too quickly, amongst his points was that only two England players have scored more than 30 goals at the youth levels and the other one is Michael Owen.

Adam Armstrong has the following record so far and will hope to add to it when England play Scotland in the Toulon Tournament semi-finals a little later today:

Under 16 – 6 appearances and 2 goals

Under 17 – 12 appearances and 10 goals

Under 18 – 9 appearances and 8 goals

Under 19 – 9 appearances and 3 goals

Under 20 – 13 appearances and 7 goals

Under 21 – 3 appearances and 1 goals

Newcastle fans are correct not to get too carried away with Armstrong but on the other hand he doesn’t deserve to be dismissed just yet.

Whilst out on loan, his only really disappointing spell was at Bolton in the early part of this season, a club that was all over the place and hadn’t been allowed to buy any players last summer due to a transfer embargo. They did gradually recover and just stay up but in a struggling team and played out of position on the left wing, no surprise he struggled for goals.

However, his overall profile for club and country shows a young player who, if he gets in the positions, scores goals.

The thing is, watching footage of him, he has a bit of everything and can shoot with both feet, plus he creates a lot of goals – two already for Tammy Abraham over in Toulon.

It would be daft to move him on this summer but Adam Armstrong needs a massive season out on loan at a Championship club in 2018/19 to really kick on.

Good luck to him in doing so and potentially becoming a Newcastle United star of the future.

Newcastle fan Brian Glaister has written via his Twitter account:

‘Adam Armstrong has played 52 games for England scoring 31 goals for England. He has joined Michael Owen as the only England player to score over 30 goals at youth level. And yes there are well known strikers who have played more games

‘Adam Armstrong got great experience at Barnsley and Bolton. Not as a striker, 9 goals not great, mind his Barnsley Goal of Season was great. He was played all over the park and has improved his teamwork and defensive qualities. Must be tough not being automatic choice

‘Most #NUFC fans would have liked to have seen Adam Armstrong in their Championship team last year. But you know what think Rafa got it spot on, last two seasons massive improvement in his all round game and increased his #Commitment to win. Probs why Best England player in Toulon

‘A few fans use the term ‘found his level’ every time Adam Armstrong scored another great goal for  #Rovers. Imagine how tough it was to step back down to League1. But he knew he had to get back scoring goals and rejoined Tony Mowbray a manager who knows his game  and #Commitment

‘England U21s have three great young strikers Adam Armstrong, Tammy Abrahams and Dom Solanke. My hope is that these three are England’s strike force for years to come. But just stop and think, whose had a tougher route to the top, the Geordie lad or the two Chelsea lads?’

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    I`ll be watching him tonight in the semi-final.
    I`d like to see Rafa give him until January with the 1st team as he`s improving all the time & Newcastle could live to regret selling him this summer.
    throw him in at the deep end & if they do let him go for God`s sake put in a sell on clause

    • nufcslf

      Deserves every chance from the numbers he has put up alone and has to be better than what we have at present as well might prove to be just what Petez needs around him. Over to fatty now to make a total rse of it all, make a profit and bollocks to the football side of things. So much to look foreard to, can’t wait.

  • grumpyoldmag

    His goals on loan record in 2nd and 3rd tier not too far behind Kane at same age. Not saying he will develop like Kane – not the physicality for a start – but surely deserves a shot pre-season

  • robbersdog

    The lad deserves a chance at our club; I’d hate to see him go elsewhere and blossom into the ‘new Harry Kane’ in a couple of years time.

    • Paul Patterson

      Absolutely. Keep him at the club next season and give him a few 30 minutes here and there. It’s about time a striker came in and made good on the promise that Strolla and Chopra failed to live up to.

  • Paul Patterson

    He’s got to accept that playing one up front, he’s going to be third choice. But I think that’s reasonable. New striker first, Gayle second and him third. Meaning sales for Joselu and Mitrovic.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Arma scores to make it 1-1, then England score again 2-1

  • He should at least get a chance in Pre-season. Much rather have him and sell Gayle. Arma will give 110% every game for Newcastle!

  • wheyayeman

    His all round game is excellent – He hasnt found his level, he can make it in the Prem but if we don’t act soon to give him a chance then it will be with another club and it will come back to bite us. Would like to see him join us for the second half of next season to get a few chances off the bench – one things for sure he will put in 150% for the Toon!

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    England 3-1 up

  • Simon Ritter

    I’ve seen him live for Newcastle United only once, in the League Cup game at Selhurst Park when he was 17 and the best player on the pitch. More than 30 years earlier, I saw Clive Allen and Paul Goddard as 18-year-olds rip Chelsea to bits in the same competition. Armstrong was as impressive against Palace as they had been in 1979-80 and they went on to have pretty tasty careers. Here’s hoping . . .

  • Mxpx

    Hopefully unlike Owen he hasn’t already hit his prime aged 21

  • Geordiegiants

    Yet again people doubting Rafas ability to spot a good young one. He has done alright with Lascelles, I’m sure he knows what he is doing by now.

    • Jate Legend

      Agree with ths mate. More doubt haweh let’s get behind the team. Arma is a keeper and has a future at ttoon but when exactly is what rafa is there for

  • Down Under Mag

    I think he deserves a chance in pre-season to show he is good enough…as we know from Joselu…it isn’t just about finishing to get Rafa to put you in the side and as long as Arma has learned to graft when not in possession for the team then Rafa may just take to him. I actually fancy him as a No 10 in a link up role as back up to Perez. Arma knows where the net is and has good link up play but he’s just needed to get his work-rate up rather than thinking he had already made it…he appears to have done that. Remember Kane wasn’t prolific until he had a few loan spells at lower clubs and finally found his place in the Spurs setup. Not saying Arma is that good but I think he could do a job for us behind a good out and out goalscorer (if we can find one to sign on a pittance of course).

  • Aussie Bill

    I will put the cat amongst the pidgeons; Arma and Mitro up front would eat what we have now. But sadly it will be somewhere else methinks.