West Ham fans haven’t been slow to show their unhappiness this season.

The move to the new stadium now being seen as a big negative, with that only helping to fuel the fury at what has happened on and off the pitch this season.

The West Ham fans have demonstrated repeatedly against the club owners, blaming them as the underlying cause of everything that has gone wrong.

Despite bringing in ‘name’ players on big wages such as Hart, Arnautovic, Hernandez and Zabaleta, supporters feeling a lack of ambition in the transfer market.

Whilst neither manager has convinced this season.

Slaven Bilic was ditched after only two wins and nine points from the opening 11 Premier League games, only for them to be landed with David Moyes.

With six wins and only 26 points from 24 games, Moyes still had them deep in relegation trouble on 35 points with three games to play.

However, a win at Leicester last weekend, combined with other results, means that now the Hammers have at last crawled to safety only days before the end of the season.

Rafa Benitez has been repeatedly put forward by the media as a supposed target for the West Ham owners.

With the end of season fast approaching, the popular Claret and Hugh West Ham independent website have ran a poll asking supporters who they would like to see in charge next season.

With 4,452 West Ham fans voting, it is a decent sample of public opinion and there was a very clear winner…

Number of votes and percentage share:

1,859 (41.76%) Rafa Benitez

706 (15.90%) Unai Emery

603 (13.54%) David Moyes

576 (12.94%) Thomas Tuchel

357 (8.02%) Marco Silva

349 (7.84%) None of the above

It is a bit of a double-edged sword…

Nice to see Rafa Benitez being acknowledged elsewhere for the job he is doing at Newcastle in such difficult circumstances – but the very real fear that if another club did make him an offer, Mike Ashley is seemingly doing nothing at the moment to convince him to commit to the club.

It has long been reported that Rafa Benitez has a buyout clause of £6m but that this only lasts until he enters into the final year of his contract, which is this summer.

Even if £6m compensation had to be paid, then that is nothing these days to recruit your main man, when reality is that £6m would get you a squad player, if you were lucky.

It does often feel that Mike Ashley stands alone as the only person who doesn’t appreciate (in more ways than one) the job Rafa Benitez as done so far at Newcastle United.

  • Kneebotherm8

    The West Ham hierarchy have tried to get him before……..he’d be a perfect appointment for them to get everyone pulling in the same direction and get their fans back onboard and their team performing…………our club could be exactly the same but for one large,greedy,obese individual………####Ashley out#####

    • FatParosite

      Unfortunately people would still go if the fat one even brought back Pardew. We are going nowhere because our so called fans don’t care.

      • Lhc

        We are the proper fans people like yourself man with this type of attitude have no affinity/love with the club, season tkt money is a drop in the ocean to Ashley you nugget. U aren’t a nufc fan not a true fan, jog on.

  • ghostrider

    Please please make this happen. I’d be over the moon if Rafa goes to West Ham. We’ve had our share of depressing football,
    Let’s see how long it takes for West Ham to wish they’d said nothing and just stuck with Moyes, who’s actually doing a fair job considering the circumstances in which he came in.

    • East Durham Mag

      How ridiculous your comment is. Troll.

      • Leazes.

        There’s a little button top right of his post that you can use to block him [Downward Chevron] …. they do it to annoy…..don’t let them!

      • ghostrider

        Do i have to follow the masses or is it protocol?
        My comments are my thoughts and my feelings on what I want and don’t want or my likes and dislikes or praises and critique of whatever is at hand.

        I’m not happy with Rafa. I would not be bothered in the slightest if he walked or was sacked.
        He’s earning a fortune to produce garbage football from players that are better than how he trains them.

        If the man decides to play football and stops using excuses as to why this and that isn’t possible, then I’ll be happy to see him show it….but I won’t hold my breath.

        He’s half a season away from being hero to zero, because the fans will turn on him if he keeps producing garbage football.

        Oh…and half a dozen decent games does not make up for a season of depression.

        • Ram Kishore

          There it is..
          I can respect your views ..
          For your information 3 losses in a row u loose patience in your manager.. just few weeks ago u told u liked the football..
          U know the players we have can’t fight for the title or sustain the form throughout the season.. that they showed since late December..
          Ability and quality.. u must have heard the words before..
          Yes he’s very highly paid because he’s shown his worth in the last 15 years. CV
          Is it not Ashley’s decision to sign Rafa ..
          Rafa signed his big wage contract because he saw the potential..
          Yes he wants to make more wages for him because of his CV but isn’t he not making his expectations clear whether he would sign the contract or not ..
          It means he could leave if he wants to ..
          He knows he can make more money somewhere else

          • ghostrider

            I can be fickle. I can be impatient. I admit it all.
            The thing is, I mentioned that I was warming to Rafa…. I was.
            I started thinking he might just set up a decent footballing side after all.
            I’m still trying hard to get onboard with him but his football keeps going back over.
            Kenedy alone made me think Rafa’s only in need of a bit of quality- confident-forward mindset to kick-start the rest of the players into offensive action and it was looking ok.
            Now it’s gone backwards again.

            I have no option but to hope he gets it right assuming he stays. Even if Barry Fry was manager I’d still be onboard as a fan and supporter but it doesn’t mean I have to like what I see and I will act on whatever I see, as and when it shows the good the bad and the ugly.

            It’s down to Ashley as to whether he trusts Rafa to spend decent money to move us forward. It might seem like a no brainer to many but to me, I look at what he bought with decent money and most of what was bought was rarely used apart from what was left of the kitty, in the likes of Joselu.

            A lot of money spent and a lot of players spent on, that were simply overlooked 90% of the time.

            I’m babbling on…but there it is.

        • Mike

          y dont u say who u want in charge of the town??? come out and be a man

          • Lhc

            If Rafa left (I don’t want this to happen) but if he does, Neil warnock or Brendan Rodgers

          • Lhc

            Sean dyche aswell

    • Weyhhadaway

      Ghost rider on the wind up train again,.

    • Mike


    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      only the deluded would swap Rafa for Moyes

  • Paul Patterson

    I’m sure a £70m transfer budget + whatever Rafa generates himself would keep him happy and move us in the right direction. With £100m offered just finishing bottom it really shouldn’t be too much to ask.

    • Ram Kishore

      50 would be decent start imho

  • Alreet

    A guarantee of 70 mill plus money from outbounds. And no interference about how much and how old thr player is then ypu might have a deal.

  • Mike

    bye bye