West Ham have now finally confirmed that Manuel Pellegrini as their new manager.

After David Moyes was shown the door, many West Ham fans believed that they could land Rafa Benitez.

With the Spaniard in a stand-off with Mike Ashley over transfer budget and so far refusing to sign an extended contract, Hammers supporters thought they could take advantage.

A poll of thousands of West Ham fans had seen Rafa Benitez the overwhelming favourite to follow Moyes, with soon to be unveiled Arsenal boss Unai Emery a distant second choice with just less than 16% support.

When David Sullivan declared ‘We are preparing to appoint a manager who has a proven record of success at the highest level of the game’, the West Ham fanbase automatically hoped it was Rafa Benitez and indeed, he became the bookies favourite at that point.

With two La Liga titles, one Champions League (and runners up in the comp as well), two Europa Leagues and an FA Cup triumph in his career, Rafa fitted that description

However, Hammers fans have instead discovered it is Manuel Pellegrini, who has only won one Premier League and one League Cup in his managing days in Europe and those successes were with money no object Man City.

Newcastle fans have been proved right that a job such as West Ham would have no appeal for Rafa Benitez, no matter how much the media & West Ham tried to drive that story.

As for Manuel Pellegrini, a bit like players, it isn’t a normal career path to see somebody heading off to China before coming back to the Premier League.

As for what Alan Pardew thinks about his old club (one of the many he has been sacked from…) appointing an ‘old c…’ like 64 year old Manuel Pellegrini will be interesting to hear.

West Ham Official Statement:

‘West Ham United are delighted to confirm the appointment of Manuel Pellegrini as the Club’s new First Team Manager.

The former Villarreal, Real Madrid, Malaga and Manchester City boss – a Premier League title winner and Champions League semi-finalist – has signed a three-year contract at London Stadium after leaving Chinese Super League club Hebei China Fortune.

Joint-Chairman David Sullivan said: “I am delighted to welcome Manuel Pellegrini to West Ham United. He is one of the world’s most respected football coaches and we look forward to working with him.

“It was important that we appointed someone with knowledge and experience of the Premier League, who already has an understanding – not only of the teams and players we face – but of West Ham United and our ambitions.

“Manuel brings a reputation for attacking football and getting the best out of his players. We believe he will attract new talent to the London Stadium as well as improving the current squad.

“Above all, he is a winner, who knows what it takes to succeed at the highest level and is driven to continue that success. Manuel is the first West Ham United manager to have a Premier League title on his CV, and we believe that his experience, quality and proven record of taking teams forward quickly will ensure that he is successful here.

“We have listened to fans who asked us to be ambitious. We hope they agree it is an exciting appointment.

“Manuel will shortly announce the names of the new staff he will bring in and he will then get down to shaping the squad he wants. We all wish him the very best of luck.”

Chilean Pellegrini returns to England just two years after leaving Manchester City, where he enjoyed the fifth highest win percentage in Premier League history during his three years in charge, and arguably helped lay the foundations for the stunning success subsequently enjoyed under Pep Guardiola, having signed the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling and Nicolas Otamendi in 2015

In a magnificent debut campaign at the Etihad Stadium in 2013/14, Pellegrini led City to Premier League glory, becoming the first coach from outside of Europe to win the title, and also lifted the League Cup in the same season. City finished that campaign having scored 151 goals in all competitions – still an English record.

Pellegrini won another League Cup in his final season in Manchester, before making way for Guardiola in the summer of 2016. For the past two years, Pellegrini has been in charge of Chinese Super League club Hebei China Fortune, but recently stated his strong motivation to return to the Premier League if the right opportunity came along.

The 64-year-old’s managerial career stretches back 30 years to his early days coaching in his native Chile and then Argentina, where he managed the mighty River Plate in 2002/03, before heading to Europe a year later. In his first season in Spain with Villarreal, he led the club to Champions League qualification after finishing third in La Liga, and repeated the feat in his first full year with Malaga in 2012 – reaching the competition for the first time in their history.’

  • JonMag

    What a load of bull, no joy out of Rafa they couldn`t speak to him without Newcastle`s permission so that`s Fake news

    • mentalman

      do you think agents actually pay any attention to the rules?

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    So George from the Times and the usual suspects on here got it wrong shock horror.

    • JonMag

      you on a break from cleaning the bogs at St james

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        To be fair the mass hysteria that he was going to join West Ham on here just shows what they know about football but they do regard George highly so that sums them up.

        • JonMag

          he was never going

        • TheFatController

          Have you had George arrested yet for having a posh accent whilst claiming to be a toon supporter?

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            He loves Newcastle about as much as Margaret Thatcher did.

          • Chuck D

            But still more than you.

            Where did Caulkin say Rafa was taking the West Ham job?

            Plus, Rafa won’t sign another contract in ‘due course’. He’ll see out the end of this contract only.

  • Leazes.

    What a load of claptrap, I presume you are the same author as ‘Jackie Smithfield’ Simon Van Der Velde, because you write the same rubbish bigging up Rafa and making out he’s turned them down you really are an assh*le of the first order!

    • JonMag

      there must be an army of them banging away at the keyboards

      • Leazes.

        …. au contraire probably one or two.

  • mentalman

    So much for him definitely leaving to go to West Ham.

    A lot of journos are saying west ham weren’t willing to pay the £6million compensation, which you would think was a snip for a prem club who were desperate for rafa. Other reports are claiming it was rafa’s unrealistic transfer demands, whatever it was it’s playing right into MA’s hands

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Rafa was always going to stay and will sign a new contract in due course.
      If we have a reasonable year this season say top eight the club will be in a very strong financial position in one years time.

      • JonMag

        very amusing, like a dog begging for a bone or biscuits, you`re a real star

    • Billmag

      Hell of a lot of reports in your post about journos saying this and that, I read different National newspapers and never seen anything suggested like you say, seems to me having read some of your post’s you are not a Rafa fan.

      • Jezza

        He’s Fleckman under yet another of his multiple ID’s.

        • mentalman

          do you have any proof of this or is it just another of your conspiracy theories

          • Leazes.

            He’s on my blocked list so I think he’s right.

        • Billmag

          Good grief not another one, just wish this forum was for genuine supporters.

      • mentalman

        i think he’s the best manager we’ve had in a long time. I don’t think he is as good as a lot of fans make out and he’s here because we were the club that offered him the salary he wanted

  • Jezza

    Utter nonsense yet again from the clown Porter. I don’t know what is happening to The Mag these days and I am absolutely gobsmacked that this kind of guff gets past the editor. It never would have in the old days. In the real world there has never been any suggestion anywhere that Rafa Benitez was offered the West Ham job and turned it down. That notion is just pure fantasy. It seems pretty obvious that Pellegrini was West Ham’s first choice.

    • JonMag

      is it any wonder some are call the gutter press

    • Leazes.

      United’s fans deserve better than this guy, he really is atrocious, He panders to what he thinks football fans are and plays the Ryder line of the loyalty Card, burying or attempting to bury anything which upsets his political stance!

      Porter I can’t find anywhere like Smithfield because this is a pen name from professional writer who is being used on a football site…… his forte is not football its obviously literary fiction, he write like a woman as do all of his aliases!

      Last week another article came up but it was a genuine name this time, someone who actually writes novels and fiction for a living and he is from Newcastle….. its not a pen name its quite real… Simon Van der Velde, extraordinarily prolific in output but not on quality or thought.

      I think there is one person behind many names on this site and its disingenuous to United fans to do this!

      I really, really dislike this and would love to see it change. Not holding my breath!

      • Ram Kishore

        Leazes is Mag owned by someone?

  • Rich Lawson

    Did he win anything in China ? Millions will be spent and they will finish mid-table with more fan unrest.I see Frank Lampard is in for the Ipswich job,he should have been considered with his and his dad and uncles history with the club,I don’t know how their fans feel about him with his Chelsea history ? This just feels like Sullivan and Gold grandstanding to try and imply what a big club they are rather than London’s poor relations.

    • Vodkamagpie

      Don’t rate pelligrini at all, he should of done so much better at man city, they use to leak so many goals. I agree frank lampard seems perfect for West ham, well, seemed perfect, maybe in the future, West ham need alot of work, thanks to those 3 fools running the club.

      • thewildchimp

        West Ham’s players have issues with respect and with behaviour generally, so, in that regard, Lampard would probably be a good fit. However, he is unproven as a manager and they need proven at this point.

        • Vodkamagpie

          I guess it’s so hard to gamble with an unproven manager now a days, relegation will be a threat to everyone excluding the top 6

          • thewildchimp

            Neville thought he was good enough for Valencia but has burned all the bridges around him with that move. It’s not that he can’t do it, but now he would have to do a perfect job at some other low-level tier club in order to be entrusted with a better one. Lampard is smarter, though.

    • Ram Kishore

      Frank lampard?
      Do we want to see another big player becoming adeadwooda manager..
      Let lampard gain experience as a coach and prove at lower league clubs to be even considered for a championship team

  • The Dystopian

    West Ham made ZERO approaches for Rafa Benitez this window, where are you getting this BS from? We were linked to him previously but have done nothing to try and sign him this time around.

  • Wor Lass

    Good luck to Pelligrini. He`s a true gent and really showed Pardew up by his classy reaction to that verbal abuse. He should have been sacked for dragging our name into the gutter with that.

  • Ram Kishore

    Graham what sort of article is this?
    Is this a opinion or what?
    Are u trying to say Manuel pellegrini is a poor manager by bigging up Rafa..
    I cant understand what’s the article is about?