If there had been a vote on Jonjo Shelvey making the England squad for Russia, the backing of the Newcastle United jury would have been overwhelming.

Newcastle fans were slightly incredulous that the midfielder was seemingly never even under consideration for Southgate’s squad that was released this (Wednesday) afternoon. Jamaal Lascelles also missing from the squad going to Russia.

A lot of the outrage/comments from people on Tyneside centres around the competition, some of the other midfielders selected ahead of Jonjo Shelvey, especially on the standby list.

The name that keeps cropping up in particular is Jake Livermore.

The 28 year old played four times for England during this 2017/18 Premier League season whilst Jonjo Shelvey couldn’t even make the recent 27 man squad Gareth Southgate selected earlier this year.

The 23 man squad announced by Southgate can be seen here but the five standby players selected by the England boss were Tom Heaton, James Tarkowski, Lewis Cook, Jake Livermore and Adam Lallana.

I wondered what West Brom fans had been saying about their player?

How did they feel about his form this season and were the Baggies backing up Jake Livermore – believing he should be on the standby list, or even on that plane to Russia?

West Brom fans comment on Jake Livermore via their top West Brom Index message board:

‘Jake Livermore turned up for 4 games after it’s virtually too late, to put himself in the shop window nothing more nothing less, part of taxi-gate (which never gets mentioned), a totally disingenuous person.’

‘Bang on the money with all of that, those are exactly my thoughts on Livermore.’

‘He is still a useless lump, marginally better recently but not even in our top 5 performers over the last 4 games. 

Hopefully the recognition he is getting will alert some half soaked manager to bid for him come the summer.’

‘Jake Livermore is possibly the most over-hyped Albion player I’ve ever seen.

Livermore comes along and gets in the England squad, gets nominated for the player of the month etc. I don’t get it – he’s incredibly average and hopefully it means his transfer fee will be massive.’

‘I must say, his performances have improved…but it wasn’t a high threshold to begin with.

He still hasn’t been ‘good’, just better than he was, which was awful.’

‘I think we need to replace Jake Livermore with a more creative, quicker player.’

‘He joins us. He gets into the England squad. He tries to do a Cantona and smash a fan. We stand firmly and very publically behind him. He goes out, breaks a club curfew, gets hammered and ends up in a stolen taxi.

He can leave the club now as far as I’m concerned.’

‘He will want to leave as we are relegated. To do what he did, after we gave him so much support, is inexcusable.’

‘I personally am hoping that someone like Sean Dyche is silly enough to buy him in the summer.

An awful footballer and one I would be happy to see the back of.’

‘Can not remember a game he`s played well for us, needs to be moved on in summer.’

‘When there is a mass exodus in summer I bet we get stuck with this clown.’

‘Please let him have a release clause.  He is woeful, I don’t see what anyone sees in him, £10million and £50,000 a week.  Thanks Pulis.’

‘He’s garbage. Right call.’

‘Any player wearing an Albion shirt who is on standby, is selected for, plays for his country, makes me feel proud, regardless.’

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The idiot Southgate has a player on standby that`s been out for 9 months.
    as for Livermore he couldn`t lace Shelvey`s boots

    • Andy Mac

      He could try but they’d probably be tied together which is the only way Livermore could compete with Shelvey.

  • Paul Patterson

    Face doesn’t fit with regards to Shelvey, simple as. This administration will not pick a Newcastle player as a matter of principal. There is no other excuse for not picking Shelvey/Lascelles, even just for something different/experience . .

  • ghostrider

    Shelvey doesn’t need them. He can spend his summer showing gadgets and cool experiments in his other job as the crazy Russian Hacker. lol

    Pretty crazy huh? lol

    • Haitchdee

      He does have that look of a crazy Russian off YouTube. He has probably dodged a bullet not going on this trip.

  • Billmag

    The FA is a closed shop with a puppet manager in charge of the National team, people picked who have hardly graced the turf this season is a disgrace.

  • Andy Mac

    Judging from these comments from Albion fans it would seem Livermore is the midfield equivalent of Joselu ?

    • Haitchdee

      Hope we don’t end up with him, Joselu is probably better quality for less wages . Anyone know the odds on an early plane home for the Southern strollers?.

      • Dillon Tovak

        Well he’d never play for England again if we did! 🙄

  • Coach Clagnut

    Gareth Southgate; you have to chuckle.

  • ivanlogan

    Quarterback v halfwit

  • Rich Lawson

    23 players and you can’t include the one who will do the unexpected when you need it ? The boys must have loved you playing poker on the bus Gareth ?

  • Scott Robinson

    Shelvey is a wonderful passer of the ball but a pity he doesn’t score many goals or like Beckham become a free kick specialist. He actually looked decent for England when he did play and is a better player now. If he had hair like Jinky Smith or Ginola he would be a superstar.

    Fat Sam, as much as he is a useless manager if you want to watch decent attacking premiership football, would have been a better England manager than Gary Soothgate, for this tournament. He would have a tight defence but play to English strengths, so for example if Any Carrol was fit, Shelvey would be in and the ball launched up to him and Kane.

    England has great depth of talent at every level, except senior; so we will be a decent level in future years. BUT where in this squad is the creativity as even Hodgson had the one superstar Kane on the wing, such is the lack of creativity and dead ball specialists! So what did Hodgson see in training? You realise how special Gazza, Beardsley and Waddle were, when you look at the present.

    SAFC should give Big Sam the manager’s job again as he would have them back in the premiership in 3 seasons and then at their right level and expectations– between 10 and 15th. Certain managers have a knack, Bruce and Warnock, of getting the best out of teams below the quality Premiership level. Big Sam would be the same

    • Mike

      Big Sham is a disgrace to football. cheat liar and a con man only interested in lining his pockets

  • Thom Ridley

    Good, he can’t get injured, can’t get his head turned by other clubs wages. But Most importantly he cant add to his value and sold by the fat man.

  • Mrkgw

    Appalling poor England Manager shows his worth. We will do nothing in Russia and I for one, will refuse to cheer them on. This reeks of yet another snub to the NE. Disgusted.

    • Big Al 1967

      Southgate has always been against anything NUFC from his days at the Smoggies. Could not stand the fact he played for and managed a small team in Yorkshire against the big boys up the road. Sad sad man

  • gallowgate26

    Look, we can moan on till the cows come home, it doesn’t change anything. The positive is that Lascelles and Shelvey are out of the shop window. Should they have been called up? Who knows, all I would say is the four CBs do not fill me with confidence, Magure I think is too slow for international strikers and Cahill, well, we saw him on Sunday. Shelvey is definately a better midfield playmaker than any of the midfielders Gareth has picked and he has no one who can feed a ball over the top into Vardey. Personally I think it is a lazy selection, Welbeck? He’s hardly even played! They’ll get through the group, be 1-0 down against a top side and have no plan B. Southgate is an inexperienced manager who is very lucky to have the job and has shown everyone how clueless he is now with that selection.

    • Fireman Sam

      The idiot won’t even play Vardy.

    • thewildchimp

      He isn’t lucky, mate. He does the dirty job willingly and that’s why he’s there.

  • Dillon Tovak

    Southgate will only end up sacked with a [email protected] club and international management career, so Jamaal and Jonjo will have the last laugh if they continue to play well.
    It’s just a shame it’s ANOTHER World Cup completely wasted.
    Livermore over Jonjo is a joke!

  • Fireman Sam

    I’d rather Jonjo had a great month off with his family, and gets himself ready for next year.

    England’s Russia trip will be an embarrassing failure.

    Jonjo can hit the ground running next season and show them what they have been missing.

    Rafa needs the right support to build a team around Jonjo.

  • Danimal

    It’s beyond embarrassing now. I saw Sky Sports doing an in depth comparison of three centre halves (World Cup wild cards) earlier this week. From Swansea, Burnley and somewhere else, Leicester I think. Lascelles, whose name Jamie “Dad says” Redknapp can’t even pronounce, wasn’t mentioned. It seems like it’s anywhere but Newcastle now. I saw highlights of the Spurs game the other day and the commentator referring to Gayle bursting into the penalty area before shooting over the bar (Murphy but why bother correcting it). We get a lot of coverage when it comes to our collective delusion and expectations etc but the lack of knowledge in the media about our players is breathtaking.

  • Mike

    Does anyone care/watch England without falling asleep? boring rubbish old boys brigade

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Cannot wait for it all to turn into a disaster with England. True to form it will happen. It will be… ‘well we didnt have a plan B. No one to open the door…’ That will be enjoyable.