Watford fans had various reasons for celebrating after Saturday.

Beating  Newcastle United is the obvious one, Watford’s first win in eight games.

Meanwhile, the victory means they are now mathematically safe from relegation.

The Watford fans are also happy that Newcastle stayed up…as they believe it means another guaranteed six points next season!

The Hornets have beaten the Magpies the last five times they have met but there were all kinds of views on this latest one.

A lot of praise for their first half display but doubts over what happened after the break, particularly their substitutions.

One thing they did seem to all agree on, Newcastle didn’t/don’t carry much threat going forward.

Watford fans comment via their top WFC Forums message board:

‘Thank god Newcastle are on the beach, no fight at all.’

‘Tried our best to give it away, didn’t really care if we did or didn’t to be honest, didn’t bother staying for the awards and tributes.

Not much to celebrate apart from Newcastle staying up which is another 6 points next season!’

‘Watford fans are lolz.

Gracia gets criticised for: not being tactically flexible, for failing to turn attractive football into points, for failing to score goals.

Watford: play a different formation, play brilliantly first half scoring two and missing a penalty then tough it out in the second.

After Gracia’s much derided tactical change, Newcastle didn’t have another shot on target.’

T’hank goodness Newcastle are in the Premier league. These patsies always provide us with 6 points per season.

Should have been 5-0 at half time. We were so wasteful. These were really good chances.

We were so on top, but it’s so typical of Watford. They lose their way and end up holding on to a game they should have won by half time.’

‘Poor substitutions from Gracia. No one to sit on Shelvey and sitting deeper and deeper inviting trouble by a cowardly change upfront.’

‘Newcastle had about 10 mins of pressure and Javi ***** himself and brings a defender on for a striker and invites that 10 mins of pressure to become 45 mins of pressure.

A better team with a better striker than Gayle would have punished us today.’

‘We got away with it because Newcastle were fairly toothless up front. Watford aren’t good enough defensively to be happy to soak up pressure like that even if today we just about did it.’

‘Talk about a game of two halves. Scored early with a Peyera tap in with good work from Gray and Deeney. Nice second and Deeney Had one eye on the ice cream van so the keeper read it.

3-0 at half time would of deflated Newcastle and sat in the EJ stand I was pleased with the effort from the team despite the penalty miss and the second half looked promising.

What the hell did the goblin say? Sit back get your trunks on for the beach? What a shambolic second half.

They score really early and we begin to panic, invite pressure and Newcastle enjoy the half and we look like a side terrified.

No composure on the ball and in all seriousness Newcastle could of drawn or even won that game. Subs were dire Gracia had no clue and it was battle royole last 10 mins.’

Newcastle are by far and away our most profitable PL opponents since our promotion, Played 4 won 4 plus a cup victory too.’

‘First half absolutely superb, kept it neat and tidy. Second half truly awful. Whilst I don’t like Gray, him and Deeney worked well together and created chances.

However taking Deeney off removed any threat at all. The ball could not stick up front and bought Newcastle undeservadly back into the game. It’s such a shame that naivety ruined a good game.’

‘Can we send Newcastle a bunch of flowers to say thanks for the 6 points.’

‘The pygmies of the PL beat the giants again.

But their local rag (Chronicle) revel in their “status” and stand behind that view.’

‘None of his changes ‘restricted’ Newcastle in any way. Shelvey was running things in the second half, and they put plenty of balls into the box that a club with a better set of attackers would have punished. We won today in spite of Gracia’s second half tactics, not because of them.’

Benitez changed their system at half time and reinforced it when he brought on Ritchie. And it was successful pressure because they’d already halved the deficit and showed no sign of slowing up.’

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Same old story, lack of firepower.
    the only respite we`ve had since Demba Ba left was Loic Remy on loan.
    expect more of the same next season as the Pie Man won`t be paying for one

    • Jezza

      Peter Crouch aged 37 on a short term contract is as good as we’re going to get.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        you won`t be far wrong

        • csh

          I hear Shefki Kuqi is looking for a club…

          • Andy Mac

            Isnt there still a dent in the pitch after his scoring celebration ?

      • Albert Stubbins

        Not often you hear Peter crouch and short in the same sentence!! ;)

      • Rich Lawson

        I saw him say the other day that he would have to consider a move if they went down.After they had given him a one year extension for what is basically a high impact late sub.What an ungrateful t##t !

      • Whitehurst

        Crouch is something of dreams fella….I’m praying for Antoine Sibierski!!🤔

  • Whickhamrobbie

    Soon Watford will be crowing about their 6 in a row v the Mags as they hurtle into league 1 .

  • Toon Arnie

    Amazing to see how mouthy some of the Watford fans are after that shameful lack of support for their team on Saturday even as they were tearing us to pieces in the first half. A lot of the Newcastle fans were laughing at the happy crappy rubbish – it was like being at the Pantomime. The atmosphere everywhere in the Premier has dipped, including St James, but this was as bad as i’ve seen all season.

    • Albert Stubbins

      Oh no it wasn’t!!

      • Kneebotherm8

        😂😂😂😂…….oh yes it was……..

        • Coach Clagnut

          Quick….behind you!!!!

          • Kneebotherm8


  • Andy Mac

    “A better team with a better striker than Gayle would have punished us today”

    The story of our season. Thanks Fatman !’

    • Kneebotherm8

      How many times have we heard that from the opposing fans?……if we’d had a decent strike force…….god knows where we would’ve/could’ve finished….

  • BMA

    Some shameful comments about NUFC, luv it when u come to the Vic, wish I cud sit in the middle of your end & milk the atmosphere!! Should have been fin at halftime then did our best to throw it away. Your fan base deserves a great deal more!

    • Danimal

      Thanks, I think. Always had a soft spot for Watford as a kid growing up in the 70s/&0s.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Gibbo gave their team talk for them. Cheers Jon!!

  • Andy Mac

    ‘Thank goodness Newcastle are in the Premier league. These patsies always provide us with 6 points per season”

    Apart from the fact this t0sser is forgetting how far Watford need to go to even equal NUFC’s history of trophies, his comment is an indictment of how shlte we’ve been since the Fatman took over.

    How much longer will “Mr Average Fan” accept the status quo until the dawn of realisation finally arrives ?

    • Leicester Mag

      Spot on only in the parallel universe lorded over by our Ashley are we second fiddle to a sh2t town in Hartfordshire, indeed just about every shlt town everywhere.

    • Danimal

      In Ashley’s tiny, vile mind we are “punching above our weight” being in the same division as Watford etc. Bobbi Ghost Monkfish agrees. Pathetic.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Getting the p taken out of us by a club that used to bring no more than twelve people to st James’ in the 80′ s and thats including Elton John. Look How far have we fallen under fatso!!

  • Coach Clagnut

    As soon as Rafa walks we’re as good as relegated. Fatty will not allow any manager with the ability to get a cheap as chips squad to out-perform their individual shortcomings and punch well above their weight as Rafa has demonstrated this season.
    He may well stick around for the last year of his contract because he’s an honourable man. He’s certainly not hanging around for a paycheck as he’d earn more almost anywhere else and he really doesn’t need the money.
    I really can’t thank him enough for shining a light onto the endless darkness the gluttonous pig of a human being that owns us smothers us in season after season.

    • Andy Mac

      The key is to ensure Fatman knows that without Rafa he’s as good as gone too. How we get everyone on board with that is the 64000 dollar conundrum 🤔

      • thewildchimp

        I don’t understand Ashley as well. If he hired some more football-astute people to run the club, with the fan support we have – he could transform the club into the top Premiership side without any major difficulties, earn sh’t-ton of money every year and have free advertisement across the Europe. Also, the fans and the press would be adding him titles, instead of calling him names. Instead, he pockets relatively measly sums, gambles with a lot of money every year and is considered a greedy idiot all-round.

        • Andy Mac

          Maybe he just hates us all for calling him a fat cockney bar steward ?

          • Coach Clagnut

            Undoubtedly, and we’re paying for it in spades.

  • Dillon Tovak

    They haven’t had many opportunities to take 6 points off of us as they’re normally in the league below.

  • Haitchdee

    Every team has a bogey side or two, Watford must be our Snot . A few others could be phlegm, Take your pick!!!.