Newcastle United feature in a new study of the clubs in Europe that have the highest squad value.

The CIES Football Observatory have produced the table, showing which of the clubs in the big five European leagues [France, Italy, England, Spain and Germany] are up there.

No surprise to see Manchester City at the very top, with the average transfer value of a first team squad player being €62.9m [approx £55m).

The average transfer value has been calculated using the exclusive CIES Football Observatory algorithm which uses various factors such as performance, contract duration and youthfulness.

Seven of the Man City players had an estimated transfer value of more than €100m (£88m): Kevin de Bruyne, Leroy Sane, Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus, Ederson Moraes, Bernardo Silva and Sergio Aguero.

The level of money Premier League clubs spend, is represented by the fact that five of the seven clubs in terms of top valued squads, are English. Interestingly, only Barcelona and Atletico Madrid break up that top seven, with Real Madrid actually only ninth highest.

As you can see, Newcastle are in joint 36th place, with 11 other English clubs rated a higher valuation.

Maybe a surprise to see Newcastle United so high up this table with an average player transfer valuation of €8.7m (approx £7.7m).

The average age (26.5 years) and length of time left on contract (2.6 years), no doubt played a part in pushing NUFC higher up than they otherwise might have been.

newcastle unitednewcastle unitedThe lowest ranked Premier League team, West Brom, is 55th out of 98. This also reflects the economic dominance of the English top division.

The fact the average age of their players is 29.3 years dragging them even further down and an average contract duration remaining of only 1.64 years.

Reality for Newcastle though is that Bournemouth have a higher placing, whilst the likes of Leicester and Everton have a squad with an average valuation almost twice that of Newcastle’s.

  • Leazes.

    The table has added in our Loanee players….. we were fifteenth at the start of the season in the Premiership and it moved with a reassessment to fourteenth….

    The author implies this is surprisingly good but its not….. its a position of relegation struggle.

    Let’s see where the owner positions the club next season, its mostly in no man’s land about tenth!…. and has been throughout Ashleys mis-reign.

  • ghostrider

    A players worth is what they get sold for and until that happens they are transfer worthless.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Most of our squad is worthless

      • ghostrider

        All players are transfer money worthless until they are bought and sold. Then it’s about what is paid which is what they’re worth at that particular time.

        Michael Owen cost us 17 million, so we could argue we had a 17 million player but we didn’t….Real Madrid had our 17 million and Michael Owen was money worthless, because he cost nothing when he left.

        • Rmk company

          Lol you just contradicted yourself. So according to your theory that means Michael Owen was worth 17 million as at the time you bought him (Then it’s about what is paid which is what they’re worth at that particular time). but you then go on to say he was worth nothing. So your theory wrong. The transfer fee represents the worth of a player to both the Selling Club and the Buying Club not his actual worth. There’s a reason why Salah was noted the bargain of the transfer window (even before he had kicked a ball: the study was done in August) and why Tottenham fans feel they were robbed on the Sissoko deal.

          • ghostrider

            We paid 17 million so that’s what he was worth to Real Madrid because that’s the payment they got.
            One we got him he was “money” worthless until someone paid a price for him. Nobody did so he was worthless and until a club receives money for a player, all of them are worthless.

  • Mrkgw

    What a shambles. From KK”s entertainers withh one of the top squads in europe to being rated below Bournemouth. This regime have milked the club of its assets. Absolutely disgusting. ASHLEY OUT!

    • ghostrider

      The regime haven’t milked the club at all and you also can’t use Keegan as some kind of yardstick to today’s cooked up valuations of teams players.

      • Leicester Mag

        Were the points we collected under Keegan cooked up as well?

        • ghostrider

          No. Just from a different era and a different set up. A more easy money set up for Keegan who’s god like footballing status added to the ease in which we recruited.
          Those days are long gone.

          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            and they won`t be coming back under the Obese one
            KK had Shearer & Sir Les, we Have Hoss & Gayle

          • ghostrider

            Yep, like I said earlier about the era.

          • Leicester Mag

            Yes they have silly me what was I thinking how grateful I should be for 11 years abject mediocrity.

          • Leicester Mag

            These 2 make Shinton and Rafferty look deadly

          • Coach Clagnut

            Pingel would give them a run for their money.

          • ghostrider

            You don’t have to be grateful for anything. Just be the fan you are and do what you want.

        • Billmag

          Block him mate he’s a nuisance.

      • Mrkgw

        We have gone backwards as a club under Ashley. Fact. John Hall went for a quick sale and in the process, let the club go to a man who was never an adequate custodian of it. He has proven that beyond doubt. I gave him chance, after chance in the pure hope that things would improve. But no, it just gets worse. ASHLEY OUT!

        • ghostrider

          We certainly haven’t gone backwards under Ashley, we’ve went forwards in terms of stability.
          On the footballing front we’ve probably evened out, unless you are looking at Keegan first time and Sir Bobby, which is not a realistic comparison when you consider one ownership was willing to take potentially dire chances for success and nearly lost and to present day when we have a man to thank for saving the club, in Ashley.

          The only issue with Ashley was him making too many errors in trying to take it forward. But guess what?
          In all the times he failed, he didn’t run and he had a contingency plan in place to live to fight another day.
          Basically learning from mistakes but also mindful of not thinking other avenues are a clear winner.

          This is his next step with Rafa and he was prepared to pay his world class wages to see what he can do with potential…..not off the peg superstars.

          • Mrkgw

            You are certainly one of few Ashley supporters out there. He has quite literally lost the support of the masses due to a culmination of his mistakes and running our great club like one of his stores, with everything done on the cheap. The staggering thing is that he has somehow, gotten away with. But, if he fouls up again, leading Rafa to walk then there will be armageddon. Don’t get me wrong, Rafa isn’t immune to criticism. And he has one hell of a way to go to earn his place up there alongside Keegan and Robson. But, he is a much better bet than many out there and most importantly, he stuck with the supporters. Unlike Ashley who seems to do his utmost to cause unrest. You mention his learning from mistakes. I have to disagree as he hasn’t changed tack one iota. He doesn’t even attend our games – such is his disinterest. A parting of ways is required but he keeps inflating his price. He knows that he on to a good thing, which is the gravy train that is Newcastle United. Sadly, his tenure is much to our detriment. ASHLEY OUT!

          • ghostrider

            By all means hate Ashley and by all means want him out.
            Also champion Rafa as and how you wish. It’s entirely your prerogative as a fan.
            As for saying Ashley does his utmost to cause unrest, I’d say it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other, to be fair.
            As for him fouling up and leading Rafa to walk and there will be armageddon…there won’t be anything more than a mass protest and then it’ll all die down as the same waste of time it’s always been and to the detriment of the team.

            I’d say Ashley’s done a much better job than he’s been given credit for, overall, including what he walked into to how he sorted it out.
            What he hasn’t done is been fortunate enough to have it transferred to the pitch with any higher yield for the money he’s spent…due to bad appointments that he believed were good appointments due to bad advice from so called football people.

            There’s lots to blame him for but equally lots to thank him for……unless the hatred runs too deep with people….but I have little time for people like that.

          • Mrkgw

            My issue with Ashley is that he has never forgiven the supporters for their turning on him following the Keegan/Wise fiasco. As such, he has taken every opportunity to turn the screw, in turn sticking the supporters. Maybe I”m wrong but, that’s how it is perceived. The cash spent on players during his tenure has been miniscure. Look at the crowds we draw, the stadium, the pull from TV companies. And yet, under Ashley we cannot complete with Huddersfield, Brighton, Palace and Bournemouth. That is unforgivable. Which is putting it politely!

          • ghostrider

            I don’t suppose Ashley has forgiven those supporters who’ve tortured him verbally and what not.
            Those supporters are few against the many who were and are simply peeved over certain things….and fair enough for that.
            But also there’s the good side which the haters choose to overlook and that means Ashley always becomes the hate figure which has spread nationwide due to every media outlet jumping on the bandwagon.

            The devil and the villain until someone comes to take away the mantle.
            If only people had the mind to have their beef and then move along…maybe Ashley would have played the bigger game and gave out a few presents.

            As it is, he chooses to run the club in a financially stable way, giving out what’s required but will not baby it like he was prepared to do earlier on.
            he found out that handing out sweetries to people at his new school in order to get friends onboard only works if you’re prepared to keep on giving and give more and larger.
            Oh…and never fall foul of the popular kids.

            He’s learned massive lessons but the man has stood firm and played it his way, regardless.
            I admire the man for that and I admire him for saving the club from melt down and also admire him for riding the pure bile and hatred from a section of fans.
            What I don’t admire him for is his stubbornness with certain things and being a bit petty with the St.James’ Park name change.

            However, he came to his senses and played a fair game.
            It’s a shame some fans won’t and it’s also a shame that many fans choose to forgive stuff if things look to be working well but are all too willing to jump right back on him if there is any hiccup.

          • Coach Clagnut

            He’s a spiteful and vindictive man. The disgraceful working conditions attached to his only love in life,sd, highlight his worth as a human being.His personal habits reflect his boorishness.
            He has no emotional connection to the club or the fans, we are but an asset for him to pillage.

    • paul mclaughlan

      Dalglish destroyed “the entertainers” well before Ashley. Not that I’m sticking up for him or owt.

      • Coach Clagnut

        Daglish’s intent was to destroy the competition to his beloved Liverpool. He did a fine job.

        • Cockneytrev

          Well said
          Sell ginola and bring in Des Hamilton,, King Kenny,, what a fracking mith,,,,,

  • Come&TakeIt1836

    The table explains why Brighton and Huddersfield had to spend more last summer. We all had about the same revenues a year ago but they had cash to invest because we had the much higher wage bill. Imagine the valuation difference of the squads a year ago before their investment…and they still have older squads and so in theory will be more at risk and will need comparatively more spending just to maintain their performance level.

    This also makes a compelling objective argument against the ‘this is a Championship NUFC squad’. It was a Premier squad in the Championship and not the other way around this year.

  • Cockneytrev

    A Very poor Young squad,, very few of these players can improve, this season they have punched well above their weight, Rafa hasn’t brought the best out in them,
    two of our better players are loan signings,,
    Can’t see anything changing next year,, Ashley will string Rafa along until the end of The window and will say signings couldn’t be completed in time, we will offer derisory amounts for players knowing that we will never get them,,
    Ashley has done to NUFC what he has done to every brand he has purchased, CHEAPENED IT…..