Spurs fans have had the privilege of using the national stadium as their home ground this season.

Giving them the advantage both financially and in terms of supporter numbers for big matches.

Rather than the thirty six thousand capacity White Hart Lane, for big games in both the Premier League and Champions League, eighty thousand or more have turned up for matches.

However, it can also swing the other way.

Having a massive capacity can be great…but not if you don’t have the fans to fill it.

The Tottenham v Newcastle match has had it’s date changed twice.

In addition, clearly many Spurs fans weren’t expecting their club to try and throw away what looked like certain Champions League qualification only three weeks ago.

However, only four points from the last twelve, whilst Chelsea have won all four games, means that it is now a three-way contest for the last two remaining CL spots. Liverpool are a point ahead of Tottenham, who are two ahead of Chelsea, the scousers having only one game left compared to two for the other  pair.

Put simply, if Tottenham win both home matches against Newcastle and Leicester, they finish third.

To achieve that, Tottenham legend Ledley King has called on the Spurs fans to turn out in force to help the team over the finishing line, declaring ‘The crowd play such an important part in anything the team achieves. They are always our extra man at home and we’ll need them for the final push this week.’

However, the last two home matches saw 80,811 turning up when Manchester City were the visitors, but then only 52,675 when Watford visited. Losing around thirty thousand fans for a less attractive game.

Tottenham played poorly in front of a near half empty Wembley crowd and were lucky to beat Watford.

Ticket sales so far suggest that tomorrow night’s game is going to be very similar to that crowd v Watford, unless there is a late surge of interest.

I’m guessing that many of the Tottenham home games this season have been heavily reliant on ticket sales usually weeks in advance, especially with relying on day/night trippers and casual fans making up the numbers.

Asking for them to fill the tens of thousands of empty seats still available for Newcastle, Ledley King appealed to the Spurs fans: ‘They’ve helped us beat some top, top teams and now we need them to help us finish the season the right way.’

Ledley King speaking to the official Spurs club site:

 “The crowd play such an important part in anything the team achieves.

“They are always our extra man at home and we’ll need them for the final push this week.

“I don’t think there is a Spurs fan out there who wouldn’t have taken a place in the top four this season, beating Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid in the Champions League, plus Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United at Wembley – essentially playing away from home.

“It’s been a demanding season in terms of the amount of games we’ve played and getting far in competitions and now we want to finish it off.

 “This group of players have done it, they have that know-how and the best thing about this team is consistency and the ability to recover from setbacks. We very rarely lose two games on the bounce. 

“I think the team can draw on those positives and I know the manager will make sure they are doing everything in training to put in two big performances.

“We finished last season in tremendous fashion and we’ll try to do that again.

“The fans can make a difference and we’ve seen that already with the teams we’ve beaten at home.

“They’ve helped us beat some top, top teams and now we need them to help us finish the season the right way.”

  • Rich Lawson

    Hopefully with the manager having one eye on the Madrid job and Kane wanting to stay uninjured for the World Cup we could nick this with a late goal in an otherwise dull game ?

    • Pablo

      I remember the fa cup semi final v spurs at old Trafford, couldn’t get a ticket ( hadn’t been to enough cup games ) but a mate working in London managed to get six (6) sat together in the Tottenham end Got the usual tosh from some of them sat too far away from us to do anything. We wouldn’t of been in there if they could sell their own tickets. Needless to say we got removed by the stewards at half time but they let us watch the second half with them in a small section near the corner flag. Happy days

  • Magman

    Pathetic,.Imagine having to appeal to the Geordies to turn up for their home games

    • Leazes.

      Yeah…. That’s what keeps the club in limbo as well…. its a double edged sword.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    For a mid week game cannot see the gate toping fifty seven thousand. Will be couple of thousand Newcastle fans in the corporate areas from London so hope we score.

  • Gary Liddell

    Looking forward to the trip down to Wembley. I’d love to see a goal and a half decent performance. Not asking for too much am I?

  • Coach Clagnut

    They’re building a 60,000 stadium and have a claimed 50,000 on a waiting list for season tickets yet they can’t be ar5ed to show up for what is a crucial game in their quest for the top 4.
    Something doesn’t compute and fickle doesn’t even scratch the surface.

    • Albert Stubbins

      aye doesnt add up- good support but not as big as they think they are.