Difficult to believe that Martin Dubravka has only played 11 games for Newcastle United.

It seems a long time ago since Rafa Benitez was flipping between Karl Darlow and Rob Elliot, with clearly neither of them good enough to be a Premier League number one.

With only 11 goals conceded in his 11 games, compared to the 36 conceded in the other 26 matches, there has been a clear improvement.

However, what our eyes tell us as well, is that his commanding presence in the box has also given confidence to those in front of them, and improved their games also.

Martin Dubravka was thrown in for his debut against Man Utd  and in his opening seven games, Newcastle won five and got one draw, taking them to early Premier League safety.

Recent days and weeks have seen the speculation predictably increase surround Kenedy’s future, whether Newcastle will be able to land him on another loan or permanent deal.

I have at the same time being surprised by the complacency of Newcastle fans when it comes to the keeper.

Fans seem to see it as a done deal, with many of them seemingly unaware, or ignoring the fact, that a deal still has to be done.

Yes, a price of £4m is already agreed but Newcastle still have to convince Martin Dubravka to sign.

I’m not saying he has given any indication he won’t do so but until he actually does, I won’t take it as read.

When asked after the Tottenham match if he was definitely signing a permanent deal, the keeper replied ‘We will see what’s going to happen after the last game.’

I think one question that hasn’t really been asked is why Newcastle didn’t instantly buy him in January, with the price only £4m.

Was Rafa blocked in doing so, or was it his decision to only take him on loan.

You can say that maybe Rafa did indeed want to have a good luck before he did buy but if that is the case, why did he then throw him straight in for such a vital game as the Man Utd one?

Martin Dubravka owes us nothing, yes he was given this opportunity by Newcastle but has more than repaid the club and fans already.

He turns 30 in January and has only ever played in the Slovakian, Danish and Czech Republic leagues, what if another ambitious club came in and offered him the possibility of trophies and/or European football?

Bottom line, Newcastle have to convince Dubravka of their ambition and to do that, convincing Rafa Benitez to sign on long-term himself must be the first step.

Martin Dubravka asked if will sign permanently for Newcastle after season ends:

“We will see what’s going to happen after the last game.

“The fans are giving us so much energy and at Wembley you could hear them, I’m so happy they are supporting us in each stadium – they travel a lot.

“I really hope that we will put the same attitude in [against Chelsea], it was much better [at Wembley] than against Watford.

“We created two or three good opportunities where we could have scored but unfortunately, if you don’t score against these big teams, they can punish you.

“We had a system we would like to play and we did well in the first half.

“We needed to open the game a little bit in the second half [after Kane scored in the 50th minute] if we wanted to score a goal.

“There were a few good moments where we could [have done] but unfortunately we didn’t.

“A fourth defeat in a row and I really hope we win against Chelsea at home.

“The atmosphere was great [on Wednesday], two good teams. It was a great experience.

“Unfortunately, we lost, but you can expect that you can be busy at Wembley against Tottenham, that’s why I’m in the goal, to try to help the players.

“They are trying to help me and we are a team, we had two or three good opportunities where we could score.”

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  • mentalman

    Sparta must have some good keepers if Martin is 3rd choice

    • Leazes.

      We should go for their Number One…. it makes sense.

  • ghostrider

    He’s a decent keeper and I’d have him but equally I’d have Elliot and Darlow.

  • Keeganontherebound

    Unless you know something we don’t, I don’t see how you can accuse people of complacency. It’s been widely reported we’ve got an option to buy. Rafa was reported as confirming this the other day. Of course the player is going to say ‘let’s wait and see’ – he’s not the one who makes the decision.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Ridiculous accusations of fans’ assumptions/presumptions on signings………..this past 11 years under Ashley has learnt us to assume/presume absolutely nothing…………if you fear the worst scenario with the owner……..he normally delivers…
      Dubravka will be our player only when/if he signs on the dotted line………we are all well aware of that and don’t need patronising articles like this one….

      • Leazes.

        Very true.

    • Jezza

      I genuinely believe that we will sign Dubravka and that the deal will be done in the first week of the window. The reason I believe this is because I think the Ashley regime will use the Dubravka signing as a PR excercise, a ploy to take the pressure off themselves and placate both Rafa and the fans. The Chronicle can hail it as “a gesture of intent” and there will no doubt be a rush for season tickets. I also fully expect that when all is said and done at the end of the window that Dubravka for £4 million will remain our biggest signing of the summer.

      • Keeganontherebound

        Yes, believing he’ll sign doesn’t imply any great faith in Ashley. It just wouldn’t make sense to not sign Dubravka for £4m as he’s patently worth more than that now…And It will certainly be used for PR purposes like we were told that Atsu was a new signing last year.

  • Paul Patterson

    Getting him in on loan was a good deal for all concerned, to not get him in for £4m would be very silly. But then again, it’s all about the ambition shown from above Rafa . .

  • Wezza147

    I really do hope we sign him but the question is whether MA will approve the spending of 4M on him.
    Well we can’t compete with Stoke and Swansea and don’t make any profit (besides the 100M tv money) so I don’t think we can afford him! (Sarcasm)

    • mentalman

      we’ve got 2 of sels, darlow and elliott to sell so we’ll strengthen the position and make a profit.

  • Peaky

    June 2018 he’ll sign for Newcastle for £4m……Jan 2019 off to Spurs or Liverpool for £15m…..

    • Keeganontherebound

      I wouldn’t even put it past Ashley to sign him for the agreed £4m and sell him on immediately at a profit…

      • Peaky

        Aye,all in 10 minutes…..😂🤣

      • Jezza

        Didn’t they try to punt Colback straight on to West Ham for £5 million after signing him on a free.

      • ghostrider

        Has he done this before?
        If so, name then players.

        • Keeganontherebound

          As Jezza says, it was widely reported at the time that ashley tried to flog the ginger pirlo to west ham after signing him for nowt so if you think he’s not capable of pulling that sort of stunt you haven’t been paying attention.

          • ghostrider

            Any proof of this?

    • Kneebotherm8

      Aye,Penfold never has any problems selling players when there’s a profit to be made…..🤓🤓🤓🤓

      • ghostrider

        Like who?
        Who’s he sold that didn’t want out and what profit?

  • Jonesy

    He probably own’t be able to sign until we’ve offloaded Sels or another ‘keeper

    • Paul Patterson

      We’ve seen it all before, many times . .

  • Ram Kishore

    Page fillers.. Rafa indicates he wants to sign.
    Player wants to wait..
    Who the f… Is complacent in this deal..
    Why do u want to direct speculation and drivel to hate Ashely

    • Toon Arnie

      Ashley brings all this on himself. If he wasn’t unable or unwilling to communicate with the fans , or even the manager ( unbelievable ! ) then speculation wouldn’t be so rife. Unfortunately due to his ongoing appalling behaviour Ashley will always be under suspicion every time there’s an issue / delay with any incoming transfer. Delays for outgoing transfers never seem to be an issue strangely enough – helicopters are even provided if required !!

      • Ram Kishore

        Yeah u r right..
        Sometimes he must look upto Steve parish, Steve Gibson and other guys or at least appoint someone who’s given some decision making powers and speaks to fans like Daniel levy

  • Rich Lawson

    No rush,we actually have an option to sign him,so IF (?) we are spending any money he’s ours if he wants it,and it’s got to be the best gig he’s had in his career.