As a Newcastle fan that doesn’t live in Newcastle, I tend to go to as many away games as I get to visit St James’ Park.

It has been noticeable (to me at least) that this season it has been more difficult to get tickets as away fans.

If you take our recent victory at the King Power for example, as a member I was unable to get an away ticket so had to sit in with the Leicester fans. In Newcastle’s previous 3 visits to that ground I have been able to get away tickets for me and my son.

A similar situation when visiting Wembley this week, coupled with tens of thousands of empty seats, made me wonder…

Why isn’t it possible to have a more organised approach to segregation, that allows for the away end to be expanded should there be both demand (Newcastle tickets sold out to season ticket holders) and supply (Tottenham were never going to sell 85,000 plus tickets to their supporters)?

It’s hard to gauge, but I would hazard a guess that dotted around the home crowd, there must have been at least a few hundred Newcastle fans .

You could tell who they were as they hung around to applaud the team off at the end, whereas most of the Spurs fans got up to leave at 80 and 85 minutes!

Furthermore, I am sure there are plenty who would have traveled had they been able to get a ticket in the away end. The same was true at Leicester, where there were hundreds of  empty seats and, judging by Twitter, a number of Newcastle fans in amongst the home fans.

Not only is it frustrating, as it makes it more far more difficult to support the team, but it also means you have to listen to the annoying whining from the home ‘supporters’.

Whether it’s Spurs fans booing their team because they are drawing at half time, or calling Harry Kane a moron (amongst other things) because he didn’t score 100% of the chances presented to him…

Or Leicester fans complaining that Claude Puel should only be given another five games as they are only 9th in the Premier League.

It makes you proud to watch, even from across the stadium, see the Newcastle fans getting behind the team.

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  • Fisherking

    Leicester tickets went to zero points as have a few others even if you just turn up at away grounds you should get a ticket of someone your not trying hard enough

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    It has to be said, with the exception of Man U and Liverpool, there are usually spares of you ask about.

    The issue with most ‘hosts’ is they will prefer to sell home seats and changing the allocation from the standard configuration is a hassle, they also insist the visiting team guarantee to sell all the extra tickets.

    Spurs were worried about giving the visitors an advantage but they could negate that by getting their fans to turn up. There were a fair number of away fans in other areas on wednesday, pity we didn’t score as they’d have made themselves known.

  • Lhc

    It’s pretty simple mate go to games in order to build up points lots of zero point games, something I would tweak with the loyalty point system and I emailed NUST to pass on my email to our away fans representive he’s either not received my email or to busy to reply! I mentioned that the loyalty points shouldn’t last forever on ppls season tkts and should go over say for example last 5 seasons or 10 seasons to show who goes regular over these time periods, Sunderland do the last 3 seasons West Ham last 2 seasons, ours last indefinitely which I don’t think is a good/fair system, also I put on email that I’m someone with a good amount of loyalty points and that I wasn’t writing this for my own benefit, I never received a reply!

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      During the season when we got relegated thousands would have packed their season tickets in but did not as they would lose their loyalty points.
      So if season ticket holders renew they should keep their points as they have earned them. The club know if they took the loyalty points away going back years they would have thousands less season ticket holders so they rightly keep the system. They said as much at the fans forum.

      • Lhc

        Yea I get what your saying but points should not last forever meaning ppl can cherry pick there games, you’re poimts should span over the last 5/10 seasons n then a season drops off like Sunderland system with the last 3 seasons n the 4th drops away. Like I said mate I’m someone who isn’t suggesting this for my benefit it’s just seems a more logical system. You get ppl who maybe went solid for years n then over past 2/3/4 etc years go to 1/2/3/4 etc a season n cherry pick the more ‘desirable’ games. West Ham is last 2 seasons villa is Leeds is etc points should not last indefinitely. Just my opinion mate. (I’m not stain for loose all points) i think your missing my point in that if you haven’t went regular for the last 5/10 seasons whichever time frame was used you don’t deserve first dibs on tkts if your still not a regular goer. The system needs tweaking, usually ppl who run for NUST etc tend to find these are usually in it for themselves there like union reps at work.

        • Lhc

          *(I’m not saying for loose all points)

        • Monkseaton Magpies

          I get your point but why would the club risk losing say ten thousand season ticket holders who like you say maybe go to a handful of games each season but went to every one twenty years ago. That would be madness and would hit the budget for buying players. I have 504 points so would not affect me much but would affect thousands of older season ticket holders who would not renew if they lost points.

          • Lhc

            Surely of 504 you’ve been offered an away season tkt? I know they do these for selected fans who hit a certain level of loyalty.

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            Think you can get an away season ticket with one hundred and fifty points. However I often took my son and daughter who have points so liked to sit with them. Think we only have seventy away season ticket holders or less.

          • Lhc

            Loyalty deserves to be rewarded, makes me laugh when you get these ppl who want tkts for higher demand game as it’s there bday that weekend etc but you can tell hardly go if ever n think they’ve got god given right to get tkts. Even seen ppl say put it back to the old days of first come first served, crackpots! Some don’t understand nufc and it’s away following, We’re not a Bournemouth or Burnley

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            Go to every single away game anyway so the system does not bother me. If I did not have enough loyalty points would get one outside or go in the home end. Done it many times before the Loyalty system started.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Even on Wednesday there was the odd spare tickets kicking about as out of three thousand there are bound to be people who have to work at the last minute or take ill etc so you will always get in if you go along.

  • Rich Lawson

    It does seem mad that clubs would consider losing additional revenue/atmosphere from ground ticket sales,particually if there is no danger of violence. To much complacency/reliance on Sky/BT money,sc##w them,b##s on seats is always more important than armchairs.

  • Simon Ritter

    A Spurs fan told me on Wednesday the pitiful limit on tickets for away fans is a decision of (David) Brent Council, a typical local authority that gives no consideration to supporters. Nothing to do with Spurs wanting to restrict the noise from the Toon Army. Our 3,100 made a much bigger impact than their 50k, anyway. The stadium holds 90k but Brent limit the capacity to just over 80k for Premier League games. So the club has to put black tarps over thousands of seats in the top tier. Then there’s a black tarp running the full height of the lower tier on either side of the away fans, which blocks off hundreds more seats. Yes, Newcastle United could probably have sold 10k but when the local council and the police are calling the shots, there’s not a lot Spurs or Newcastle (or any other club) can do. And in all honesty, if we had two home games in five days at the end of a season in which we had already played 54 matches, would we sell out our stadium twice if it held 80k? Just asking, like . . .