Dennis Wise believes Jack Wilshere should be on the plane to Russia.

Wise arguing that the Arsenal midfielder should be ahead of Jonjo Shelvey and others.

He also claims that Wilshere’s injury problems are behind him.

The reality is that in these past four years Jack Wilshere has started only 22 Premier League matches.

On top of fitness/injury issues, is he even that good?

Last season he went on loan to Bournemouth and was very poor, in the end they started leaving him on the bench and he only started three PL matches in the final three months of the season.

Arsenal have been really poor by their standards this season and yet Wilshere has had only 12 Premier League starts…when you combine the injury worries and being ignored for selection, on what basis should he be selected?

As for Jonjo Shelvey, he is a separate argument.

The Newcastle midfielder has played plenty football for Newcastle but his form has been up and down, though luckily for him, more up since the turn of the year.

Former Liverpool and England midfielder Steve McMahon has no doubts and says ‘Can you open a game up, can you see a pass and I think Jonjo Shelvey can see more than Wilshere does.’

Gareth Southgate names his 23 man squad for Russia on Wednesday, after getting plaudits from many for his play against Spurs on Wednesday, can Jonjo Shelvey do the same or better against Chelsea on Sunday, and prove Dennis Wise wrong by helping to win a space on the plane to Russia.

Steve McMahon talking to Sky Sports:

“I don’t see any room in my squad for a Jack Wilshere…

“Jonjo Shelvey has more of a range.

“Wilshere doesn’t do enough for me.

You talk about Shelvey’s character, but look at Wilshere’s injury problems, you couldn’t afford to take Adam Lallana and Wilshere.

“He likes him as a footballer, and you don’t play that number of games for Arsenal unless you’re a good footballer, but that’s what he is – he’s a good footballer.

“You have got to have lots of other strings to your bow. We’re talking about winning a World Cup, not signing a new deal at Arsenal for however many years.

“Six or seven weeks, can you open a game up, can you see a pass and I think Jonjo Shelvey can see more than Wilshere does.

Dennis Wise:

“I think his [Wilshere’s] injuries are gone if you look at the last 18 months, it’s a bit of a myth.

“The amount of games he’s played over that period, he’s played well over 30 games for Arsenal this season.

“The fact that he’s actually proved a point, and we can all harp on about his injuries, but he’s proved enough to show that he’s fit enough to play.

“He’s shown that, and Gareth bought him back into the fold because he’s proved that point.”

England Schedule:

16 May – 23 man England squad for World Cup finals announced

2 June – Friendly v Nigeria

7 June – Friendly v Costa Rica

12 June – England squad leaves for Russia

18 June – England v  Tunisia

24 June – England v Panama

28 June – England v Belgium

  • Dharma Steve

    It’s like comparing classy Cheddar Cheese to processed cheese. Wilshire is so much better than Shelvey in all respects. Wilshire must go with England to Russia.

    • pedrodelgardo

      Wiklshire takes too many touches in bad areas to play at that level – he will cost goals and whike i’m here Delle Alli will get himself sent off for obvious reasons.

  • Cuh

    Utter rubbish. Wilshere is miles ahead of Shelvey. This man hasn’t watched an arsenal game all season

  • Mark Davies

    Wilshere is a huffy little tart and an example of whats wrong with a modern footballer. I still remember his tantrum and moaning how lifes not fair after the 4-4 game. Hes just a brat and an average footballer. Over hyped as playing in london ala joe cole back in the day.

    Id take shelvey over him anytime. They have a similar temprament but Jonjo can pick a pass far better than this whingey faced barrow boy.

    The alleged “fact” that wilshere is key to englands success is a similar myth to danny dyer being a full on east end hard man. Southern tripe!

  • East Durham Mag

    The little bong eyed [email protected] can drop dead.

    • Peaky


      • East Durham Mag

        He is one annoying little 💩.

  • Paul Patterson

    There’s an interview from 2008 on YouTube where the odious Simon Jordon (ex Palace owner) spouts vitriolic anti Newcastle rubbish, but in amongst the nonsense, he does say that what Dennis Wise (good lad apparently) knows about football, he could write on a postage stamp. We appointed him Director of Football. Enough said . .

    • ghostrider

      Bad decision by Ashley on many grounds.

  • Mikey

    Is that a syrup he’s wearing …

    • Rich Lawson

      It’s awful isn’t it,you’d think a bloke with that much money could afford a hair transplant rather than a dodgy wig ? But at least it’s another reason to laugh at him.

  • Mxpx

    Why are we dropping Wilshere for shelvey both can go if we drop jake livermore who has no business in the squad anyway

  • robbersdog

    The idiot wears a wig.

  • Scott Robinson

    Would defo be in my comb-over 11 if he had that as a player. On ability after playing he can be the coach … driver. Every coach driver has a comb-over!

    • Albert Stubbins

      Germain defo? Didn’t realize he was bald. Hasn’t played enough games for bournmouthe either this season to be considered!! :-P