It was over eight months ago that the Premier League voted to make changes to the Summer Transfer Window.

In early September 2017, the headline news was that from now on the window would close before the season kicked off.

The thinking being that this would curb the disruption and uncertainty in the past, caused by players being targeted after the games had started and clubs already had their squads finalised, only to then see interest in their key players.

Very quickly it became known that the next Summer Transfer Window would end on Thursday 9 August at 5pm, with the matches set to start that following weekend.

However, rather bizarrely, when the Summer Transfer Window would actually begin, has been shrouded in secrecy, with no official confirmation.

Indeed, with the 2017/18 season now over, the Official Premier League site is still saying:

‘The summer transfer window opens soon after the Premier League season finishes and, from 2018/19, will close at 17:00 BST on the final Thursday before the start of the season.

‘The dates may slightly vary from year to year.’

On Monday night Sky Sports have given us an update, they say:

‘The Premier League will this week confirm that the summer transfer window will open on the earlier date of Thursday May 17 to fall into line with FIFA rules.

The regulations of the world’s governing body state that every league must have at least one transfer window in a calendar year that lasts for 12 weeks.

To preserve the overall time frame when deals can be done, FIFA now requires the Premier League to bring forward the opening date of the summer window, which will be effective immediately.

They are expected to formally announce the change by Wednesday evening with member clubs able to buy and sell players from Thursday.

The EFL is thought to be planning a similar statement.’

As well as many media organisations going with that date of 17 May 2018, many others were claiming it would actually begin on 9 June 2018.

All very strange as to why the start date has been given such secret treatment.

  • Peaky

    That’s Lascelles gone by Thursday lunchtime then….

    • Iva mass ivshlong

      Shelvey will be going to the world cup then… as a man u player

  • Weyhhadaway

    So we get our first recruits this week, spot on their lad, get your wallet oot Mike, and ignore George III blinking on the notes as it opens.

  • Jezza

    Here’s what to expect in the transfer window:

    Week One : Newcastle sign Martin Dubravka on a permanent deal for a fee of £4 million. The Chronicle hail it as a gesture of intent from the Ashley regime and there is a rush for season tickets.

    Weeks Two to Four: After Rafa Benitez makes it clear that securing Kenedy is his top priority, the club actively pursue another loan deal for the player. Chelsea are not keen and make it clear they would prefer to sell the player. Meanwhile a few reserve and fringe players are quietly shipped out of St James’s Park, bringing in enough money to recoup the Dubravka fee.

    Week Five: Kenedy leaves Chelsea to join Huddersfield on a permanent deal for a fee of £20 million. This is the final straw for Rafa Benitez and he resigns.

    Week Six: Alan Pardew is appointed manager of Newcastle and at his inaugural press conference he assures the fans that despite rampant speculation, Jamaal Lascelles will not be sold.

    Week Seven: The World Cup is in full swing and the Chronicle reassures fans over the lack of incoming transfer activity by reporting that Newcastle have sent a delegation there to scout players. Some more Newcastle reserves and outcasts are moved on, bringing in a few million quid. Rafa Benitez is appointed manager of Everton and is given the green light to start spending.

    Week Nine: Aleksandar Mitrovic is sold for £20 million. Pardew promises that every penny will be spent on a replacement.

    Weeks Ten to Eleven: Newcastle make a series of highly publicised bids for strikers, all bids falling well short of the respective players’ valuations. The Chronicle subsequently report that the club will not be held to ransom in their striker search.

    Week Twelve: After numerousreports of big money bids for players come to nothing Newcastle complete two or three distinctly underwhelming loan signings, one of which is a striker who has scored five goals in the past three years.

    Final afternoon of the window: Jamaal Lascelles is sold to Rafa Beintez’s Everton for £35 million, there is no time left for the club to reinvest any of the transfer fee.

    • Weyhhadaway

      You Forgot Perez along with Lascelles to wherever Rafa ends up. and Johnny “I’m better than Jose” as the assistant. Otherwise spot on mate.

    • Mrkgw

      All of the above rings true to form. And when Lascelles goes, you can bet that the money will vanish before our eyes, never to be seen again. Sissoko was sold for £30m. Whilst it was an installment based deal, where is that cash now? Where did the Townsend, Jaanmat, Wijnaldum, Debuchy, Cabaye, Carrol money go? The regime will cite running costs against which we can counter argue, where is the income from gate receipts, TV deals etc. From the outside, the whole set up reeks.

      • Wezza147

        We all know where the money has gone along with the TV money. Straight into Mike Ashley’s holding accounts.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        If you can take the time to read the annual accounts, you will see what happens to the money. It’s gone into the clouds bank account.

    • Weyhhadaway

      of course there is the perennial Bas Dost links which will continue until at least a week after he signed for another club. With Torres high on that list too.

      • Mackem smacker

        If we believe the links we will spend 450 billion pound and have 17 first teams all made up of strikers and goalkeepers that are spanish or former benitez players

    • Wezza147

      All of the above could happen!
      I think MA is going to lie about Rafa saying his head was turned by another club… when in actual fact Rafa wanted to stay. If Rafa does go to another club you can bet they will back him and actually have a future plan and to a club that is ran properly.

    • Lhc

      How do you know all this then? I’d love to know

      • Coach Clagnut


        • Lhc


      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Jezza hasn’t beet proven right on this forum for years, however, on this occasion he was trying to be hillariously funny.

        • Lhc

          Reply to myself was for you, I’m the best at multi tasking.

          • Lhc

            *I’m not

        • Geordiegiants

          I don’t think he was, he was running through the last umpteen years with current peoples names from the exactly same scenario from the years before. It’s a circle always has been and always will be nothing changes.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Oh, I see.

            Week 3, Jezza makes a load of claims, I challenge him to a charity bet, he takes the bet and then refuses to pay up when the window closes.

      • Lhc

        Me sides were splitting. I think he’s blocked and added me on this ‘trolls’ list.

        • Jezza

          I have now.

    • paul mclaughlan

      Don’t think Rafa will go to Everton. Apart from that I pretty much agree with you.

    • Cockneytrev

      How do you know all this? ,,,,,,,, because it’s a similar scenario to every pre season during Ashley’s reign,,,,,,

    • Andy Mac

      Its what they call Groundhog Day in America. Sadly for us it lasts twelve freakin weeks !

      • Danimal

        Twelve years next year.

    • Rich Lawson

      Sorry pal but i’m going to trip you up on week one. I’m not even convinced they will sign Dubravka and i’m not normally as pesemistic as you ?

      • Jezza

        The reason I believe they will sign Dubravka and do the deal very early on is purely because they will use it as a public relations excercise. A ploy to take the pressure off the Ashley regime and placate both Rafa and the fans. It will buy the regime a bit of time and sell a few more season tickets before the normality of a typical Ashley transfer window sets in and when it’s all over, Dubravka at £4 million will remain our biggest signing of the summer.

        • Wezza147

          Yes just like they did with Atsu last summer then nothing for weeks. All a ploy with a sinister motive.

        • mentalman

          they can easily cover the Dubravka fee and his loan fee by selling either sels, darlow or elliott, they will strengthen the position and make a profit, just how MA would have it for the whole team

  • I absolutely hate mike ashley

    I actually believe mike ashley will spend a lot of money this year……

    At greggs

    • Rich Lawson

      Not so much now John Carver’s residual contract is up.I believe he is now bringing his people skills to a door in the Bigg Mkt

  • Wezza147

    So the transfer window opens Thursday…
    Weeks in no signings and no budget or ball rolling on transfer bids etc. has been mentioned! Other clubs already got their players. NUFC behind as usual.
    July and we haven’t got anyone.

    But it’s all going to be alright because MA promised every penny generated to Rafa. Surely we can trust him this time. (Sarcasm for the trolls)

    • Weyhhadaway

      There is a plan, of course there is a plan, in fact there are two plans, the Rafa plan, where he knows now who he wants, approx how much they will cost and their wages, because he has talked to the agents involved. He has stated that and also that he will not be swayed to bid for some yahoo who strings a couple of games together at the WC. That plan could be implemented first thing Thursday morning.
      Then there is the other plan with lines, and waiting, and counter offers, while the selling club are asking “Newcastle?” ” Bid?” we all know that script.

  • Coach Clagnut

    Fatty’s just had a dose of the vapours. Thought he’d have longer to disappear the prize money.

  • ghostrider

    Here’s what could happen. Mike Ashley will make 25 trillion available to Rafa and Rafa will spend it all barring 3 million then add a striker at the last minute with all and sundry calling Ashley a greedy miser for not allowing Rafa to have another trillion for his first choice striker who’s demanding 10 million a week wages.

    We’ll then play dire football and Rafa will tell all and sundry that the players he bought were all his 5th choice and what do you expect for 25 trillion in today’s market.


  • mactoon

    Not sure what you are talking about Jackie, it’s been well documented for ages that 14 Premiership clubs voted to have the window open on Thursday 17 May and close on Thursday 9 August 5pm. With Ashley on holiday don’t expect much to be done until he returns with the possible exception of Dubravka being signed as he is so cheap.

    Charnley has no power to make decisions so everything will stall until Ashleys return when all the deals put in place by Rafa will be blocked and we will possibly get Kenedy back on another loan. Groundhog day.