So Sam Allardyce has been relieved of his duties once again. The inevitable that was always going to occur.

However, since then I’ve read opinions that don’t really ring true in my ears or mind. This belief that he was hard done by. The constant ‘but he steadies the ship’ or ‘he won’t get you relegated’. All true, all well and good to some extent.

He’s held in a high regard by other managers and players, but really, what are his achievements in being a full-time manager in the game?

Well the truth be told, none. No FA Cups, no League Cups.

A few promotions, one via first place and the other two by the play-offs.

After being so long in the game and wanting to manage at a top six club, he hasn’t really justified the hype that was/is around him.

Some would say that his rapport with the fans, with the exception of Bolton Wanderers, hasn’’t exactly been on good terms.

Fans want to see entertaining football. Allardyce likes a clean sheet and to build from the back and bypass the midfield.

Recently, I took the time to read his book. In certain cases he objectified to this. Claiming that he often had to work with what he was given and used tactics that suited the players he had at his disposal, but over the years, it is clear that once he builds a team the same type of players are recruited. The big target man, followed by the physical defenders and the midfield grafters.

Newcastle United presented an opportunity for Allardyce, regardless of what people say, to really move himself forward and change his style in football. He didn’t. There are no excuses. There is no it wasn’t completely my fault or the fans were too intense. Nope.

Recruitment was awful when he was at St James Park. A style of play that didn’t suit the team.

Sometimes it is all about the result. In today’s game that’s all that matters. Instant results mean instant success. His win percentage averages out at about 39% which doesn’t bode well against the elite managers around the world.

In some ways, his short tenure at Everton has mirrored his time with us.

Looking back over his career, nearly every club’s fans have asked for attacking football, but the retort has always been along the lines of take what you are given and just be thankful that I’m here to stave off relegation.

But that’s where the problem lies and that’s what people don’t seem to get, it’s all about progression. Yes take over a club, get it to safety, but then build. Yet that doesn’t ever seem to happen. It’s a merry-go-round.

Progression builds stability, otherwise you just stagnate.

Being in management for this long should have seen him build up a natural progression where instead of him being the guy that they call when the club is in the mire, they call him to help them break that top six, but it just doesn’t happen and it never will – because when it comes down to it, the change is never there.

Sam Allardyce has become the stop gap guy.

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  • London Geordie

    Perfect manager for Ashley annoy the fans and keep the TV millions rolling in. THINK ABOUT IT!!!

    • Kneebotherm8

      If Ashley gets Allardyce as manager and we finish 16th or 17th for the next 10 years he’ll be as happy as Larry……..and the fans can go forth and multiply as far as he’s concerned… ever..

      • Guest 2

        Yup, that’s his business plan in a nutshell.

        • Kneebotherm8

          And his ambition for this football club……

    • Guest 2

      He’s given him £6 million once before. Pretty sure he won’t want to be repeating that and there’s no chance anyone else will ever want to poach him!

    • Leazes.

      You understand what Ashley is all about….. some people are starting to get it.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        And some people never will

  • ghostrider

    On the15th of May 2007 Allardyce signed a 3 year contract with Newcastle.
    On the 27th of May Ashley took over Newcastle.
    Allardyce was sacked on the 9th of January 2008. Half a season in charge or 24 games in anger, to be replaced by Keegan in his second managerial stint.
    There was the big mistake. It wasn’t Allardyce being the mistake so early in his managerial stint but fans didn’t care a blot because Keegan the messiah was installed.

    Allardyce’s not short of confidence in his own ability and is not shy blowing his own trumpet. A good trait to have when you’re dealing with the world of football.
    He’s also been hard done by in most of his jobs and rarely given the chance to put his full stamp on things.
    When he does get that chance it’s clear to see the positive effect he has.

    When the pitchforks come out along with the lit torches by the hang em brigade, you’re branded with whatever brand burns deep enough for long enough to be recognised…usually throughout a career, with very few managing to rebrand.

    So this part that I took from the article……

    “Newcastle United presented an opportunity for Allardyce, regardless of what people say, to really move himself forward and change his style in football. He didn’t. There are no excuses. There is no it wasn’t completely my fault or the fans were too intense. Nope.”…………..

    Is not really the truth….is it?

    • Ram Kishore

      I agree with u on this
      (Just that he’s a bit corrupt and yeah who is not corrupt or a hypocrite in this world)

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        He`s more than a bit corrupt, he had the most prestigious job in football and blew it because of greed, He`s scum & should have been banned sine die

        • Kneebotherm8


        • Ram Kishore

          If u dislike him only for that reason.. it is reasonable but total hatred for him and Mags obsession with him on everyway despite him spending only 6 months at our club is totally bemusing..Number of matches less than McLaren but more hate than McLaren

          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            He`s bent as a dogs hind leg, he should be nowhere near a professional football team

          • Ram Kishore

            Yes he’s bent.. I don’t have no doubts about it.. but why are we so obsessed about him.. what we are doing is more of showing displeasure at someone who has nothing to do with us apart from 6 months of management..
            We sacked him because his football was boring..Yes the club can do that.. but why the hatred shown by fans ?

          • Jezza

            Absolutely right. I shudder to think of how much he got in illegal bungs for bringing Rubbish like Geremi, Cacapa, Rozenal and Faye to our club.

          • Peaky

            He’s like a dodgy builder who quotes old people living on their own £30k for a £100 job….wouldn’t trust the fat thieving fuc*a as far as I could chuck him….

      • ghostrider

        That’s the thing. Allardyce’s words have basically been cranked up to fever pitch level when the truth is everyone is capable of taking advantage of perks.
        And yes, in the football world in terms of what Allardyce and co do, it’s basically a perk that’s been highlighted as huge dishonest criminal activity by some.

        When words get twisted and taken way out of context, then rerouted, they can make a saint appear like the devil. It’s all about how clever the people are who set out to gain a storyline and tailor it.

        • Ram Kishore

          Sometimes u do the same in portraying Rafa as a villain..and extortionist.
          And make some stupid conspiracy statements..
          Just my honest observation

          • ghostrider

            You’re entitled to your observation of me and you’re entitled to deal with me as you see fit, whether you agree, disagree or think I’m a crank at times.

            I’m certainly not infallible.
            I’m certainly not correct in anything and everything I say and do.
            I’m stubborn but fair with those who are stubborn but fair.
            I accept when I’m going overboard and I accept when I’m wrong if there’s proof that I am.

            As for me portraying Rafa as a villain, it depends on how the term “villain” is used in how you think I’m seeing him as a villain.

          • Ram Kishore

            Saying him as an extortionist?

          • ghostrider

            Do you think those wages are normal?

          • Ram Kishore

            No they are not.. do u think PL is working like a normal league?
            I have told u before PL is not the same English league of the 1980s or 90s..
            It has evolved

          • ghostrider

            Course its evolved. Its evolved into greed on a scale that’s way off the chart.
            No matter how things evolve footballers are paid sickening wages and so are managers.
            People are arguing the case for why a manager or player is worth it. They’re not…not in any way shape or form.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Hippo Heeds teams play shyte football no matter which club he`s at that`s why he moves from job to job and becomes a multi millionaire by doing so.

      • Kneebotherm8


        • MichaelMaximusMoose


      • ghostrider

        I disagree.
        At times his football is dire but most of the time his football is fair enough and effective.

    • cmrowley

      Allerdyce was a disaster at nufc. He had one of the easiest starts to a season we’ve ever had in the PL and his results were shocking. We were heading down, lost 45% of his games against giants like reading, derby, Wigan, Portsmouth 1-4 at home!, man city (Not a good city team), Blackburn. We got lucky getting shot when we did! Terrible signings, terrible football and terrible results.
      He didn’t have a long time no I’ll give you that, But he had money and pre season as well as a half decent starting squad. He imposed his style from the get go so the idea he didn’t get to change is down to him.
      Alan Smith. Same price and position as City acquisition Elano. Tells you all you need to know.

      • ghostrider

        No he wasn’t a disaster at all.
        He took over a squad that was a mixture of youth and injury prone (real of fabricated) players.
        Allardyce had to come in and literally start again.
        24 games was all he got to do this and might have had time to turn things around if the club was run correctly….but Hall sold to Ashley and Ashley decided on Keegan as a messiah thinking the fans would be overjoyed a second time.

        • cmrowley

          On the evidence available, based on results, signings, sales and style, he was a disaster. The point of the article is that his style remained as was and that he doesn’t change and or progress. That is absolutely born out by reality at every club he’s been to. He’s a one trick pony, regardless of time allowed.

          • ghostrider

            I massively disagree.
            This one trick pony stuff is just bandwagon jumping by people who simply take a negative and carry it forward…or take a dislike and carry it forward.

            You play to the strengths of what you ahve available and/or what you are capable of adding in transfers.
            That’s what Allardyce does.

            Take a look who he bought for Everton.

            Theo Walcott and Cenk Tosun. Both attacking players.
            Don’t tell me he’s a one trick pony.

          • cmrowley

            Disagree away, evidence, both empirical and anecdotal demonstrates reality agrees with me.
            Where has Sam played any other style other than keep it tight and play %? Not Bolton, not Newcastle, not West ham or Anywhere. The only team fans that didn’t want him out (due to the pish served up) was sunderland.
            If it walks and quaks like a duck…

          • ghostrider

            Keep it tight and play percentage?….What does that mean?

          • cmrowley

            Is that a genuine question? If so I will explain.

          • ghostrider

            Yes it’s a genuine question.

    • TheFatController

      ‘When he does get a chance it’s clear the positive effect he has…’

      That’s the point of the article that you’re spectacularly missing.

      The article says a few things along the lines of ‘same brand of football everywhere he goes’, wrong tactics for the team he inherited’ etc

      Managers who take their chance are progressive and have many ways of playing to suit team, opponents.

      There is no positive effect in ‘we’ll stop the other team and neither be great nor relegated as a result’. That’s accountant football, not successful football.

      • ghostrider

        His brand of football is determined on his ability to bring in required players….or not.
        It'[s not just one defensive way with him like people make out.
        Once a manager gets labelled with something, it sticks and suddenly becomes the talking point forevermore.

        I’d say he’s an excellent manager when given the chance to do it his way.
        Basically hand him the tools and he’ll do the job. Simple as that.

        • grantham mag

          Lets hope he ends up at MAN UTD very soon.

          • ghostrider

            He could do a job anywhere if given the funds.

  • Steve Smith

    It was mentioned this time last year when he left “Crys-tall Palissss” that he’d not be on holiday permanently and he’d be back mid season when a club in danger sacks it’s manager and needs to achieve safety. Then he’d take his money and go.

    Lo and behold that exact thing happened at Everton.

    He’s established himself as the manager you get in to avoid relegation. And it works for him.

    He can do 3 months of work per year and get paid millions for it. He’s carved out a nice little niche specialty for himself.

    We’ll see him again in 6 months time at one of the struggling clubs.

    • Kneebotherm8

      You’ve described him perfectly……avoid relegation(which he’s done a few times) and move onto the next well paid job………nice little earner……semi retirement really..

  • Weyhhadaway

    He had his chance at a top six side, Newcastle, his awful tactics took us from top six to 14th. He knows only one way and is to arrogant to see that.

    The Irony is that he is the perfect manager for Ashley, he can work on a low budget, will keep you in the lower reaches of the Prem, allowing you to scoop the TV millions with maximum return on investment. I have just written the perfect resume for an Ashley manager. Which is another reason for me cancelling the Sky and boycotting the shop.

  • Leicester Mag

    Hi regard among his piers these being fellow con artists / snake oil salesman. Like many in football a triumph of image over substance what you see is a fraction of what you get.

    • TheFatController

      You have to love his upbringing where his parents made him the type of man to see him as a victim in every sacking.

      Even at England, no humility or remorse, just he’s persecuted and the victim (of a huge payout!)

      Can you imagine Christmas’s for him as a kid. Getting everything he wanted and occasionally when not throwing a right hissy fit …

      • Jezza

        I can easily imagine him getting absolutely everything he could possibly want and still wanting more. He was on £5 million a year for managing England and he stated publicly that it had always been his dream job but he still went after a 400 grand backhander at the first given opportunity. Come to think of it, the unlimited possibilities for big backhanders was probably the very reason England had always been his dream job. He is an utterly vile repulsive rotten corrupt greedy pig. The lowest form of life as far as I’m concerned.

        • Peaky

          So can I take it you don’t like him very much then Jezza….🤣😂🤣

  • Coach Clagnut

    Nine million quid for 6 months work.
    Fatty is on record saying,in hindsight, he regretted firing him so look for him to slime up to N.U.F.C. when Rafa finally realises he’s onto a loser.
    Our glutton is slicing his 1lb of flesh from the fans an ounce at a time and relishing the taste.

  • TheFatController

    Why’s he angry? Surely with his arrogance, er, make that amazing coaching talent, he can just chuckle and wait for the phone to ring – ‘hello PSG/Arsenal/Juventus ….’

    Surely the only way is up for him after Everton, being a world class coach and whatnot …?

  • Sing in the Leazes

    the graphic on the last fat Sam article showing Everton under him being bottom of the league for a whole host of stats is the crux of it.
    shots attempted
    shots on target
    shots faced
    passes in the final 3rd etc etc…
    basically all the sort of things that make a good game
    the entertainment factor.
    rock bottom.
    in all of them !
    I mean what are the chances of that if it’s not because of him?
    That should put an end to the debate Mr ghost. He’s definitely solely responsible for making Everton unwatchable.
    Football is not all about winning. Winning at the cost of entertainment is for people who are missing the point.
    We demand a team that tries.
    And we want to be entertained…OBVIOUSLY!!!
    I mean yeah sure I love a good ground out 1 nil win in November as much as the next man. Bread n butter stuff. But man cannot live by bread alone.
    So massive kudos to the bluenoses they got decent results and even so they did nothing but protest at the awful football. I’ve gone from loathing them to respecting them because of this.
    And they’ve been canny boring anyway for large parts of the last 30 yrs so that tells you how bad he was. They tolerated Moyes for a decade almost. So Allardyce must be much worse.
    And this is Allardyce perfected with loads of experience and a ton of money.
    When you factor in the kind of man he is too (loads of good examples cited in other posts here) it’s an open and shut case.
    Banish the gross creature!