Exactly four weeks ago, Newcastle United winger Rolando Aarons was warned by a Judge that he could face jail.

Appearing in court on Tuesday 24 April, on a charge of violent disorder, it was anticipated that he and the others accused of violent disorder, faced a trial lasting up to three weeks was likely.

The Newcastle player and a number of his friends and family were involved in an incident in Livello Bar back in 2016, they clashed with another group in the Newcastle nightspot where ‘personal violence was used and ‘items thrown’.

Instead of the anticipated lengthy trial, the prosecution a month ago accepted a guilty plea by Rolando Aarons and fellow defendants to the lesser charge of affray.

After the case was adjourned a month ago, Rolando Aarons returned to Hellas Verona where he has spent the second of the season. Three more appearances (one start two as a sub) followed, all defeats, and Hellas Verona have found themselves relegated back to Serie B.

As for Aarons, the loan spell has been really poor on a personal level as well, with the player not getting a single goal or assist and in the end only making six Serie A starts in total.

Today (Tuesday 22 May), Rolando Aarons and the others have appeared at Newcastle Crown Court to learn their punishment.

In court, the prosecution said that Rolado Aaron​s​ headbutted one person and then punched another man in the face.

The Judge though in the end has given the Newcastle United player a 10 month suspended sentence, as well as 100 hours of community service.

All of the other defendants got similar sentences, apart from Aarons’ cousin Garfield White who was given a 15 month jail term, having hit another man over the head with a Champagne bottle, White is already in prison for another offence and his 15 month sentence will be served concurrently with that one.

The Mag – 30 April 2018:

Facing a charge of violent disorder, Newcastle winger Rolando Aarons missed his loan club’s match last Monday, as he was due in court in Newcastle on the Tuesday.

Hellas Verona lost 3-1 to Genoa and when Rolando Aarons appeared in court, instead of an anticipated three week trial, he and fellow defendants had guilty pleas accepted to the lesser charge of affray (see below).

They will be sentenced on 22 May, which is two days after the Italian league season ends.

It wasn’t for sure that Rolando Aarons would play again this season but he was named in the 18 man Hellas Verona squad on Sunday, for the vital relegation clash with SPAL – second bottom playing third bottom.

Aarons started on the bench and stayed there, Verona taking a first half lead but then collapsing to lose 3-1.

They are now six points off third bottom with three games left to play, including the very final one being away at champions-elect Juventus.

The next game for Hellas Verona and Rolando Aarons, sees them travel to play AC Milan next Saturday.

The Mag – 24 April 2018:

Newcastle winger Rolando Aarons has been warned that he could face jail.

Appearing in court on Tuesday, on a charge of violent disorder, it was anticipated that a trial lasting up to three weeks was likely.

The Newcastle player and a number of his friends and family were involved in an incident in Livello Bar back in 2016, they clashed with another group in the Newcastle nightspot where ‘personal violence was used and ‘items thrown’.

Instead of the anticipated lengthy trial, today saw the prosecution accept a guilty plea by Rolando Aarons to the lesser charge of affray.

Four others also pleaded guilty to that lesser charge of affray.

Judge Edward Bindloss, sitting at Newcastle Crown Court:

“Rolando Aarons and family and friends were celebrating a birthday in Livello.

“There was no indication of any trouble or problems hitherto.

“CCTV shows that this incident blew up out of nowhere, suddenly there is a large melee involving numerous people.

“A serious incident with personal violence being used and items being thrown.

“All options remain open, including an immediate custodial sentence.”

Rolando Aarons has been on loan at Italian club Hellas Verona and before they took on Genoa on Monday night, they announced that the Newcastle player wouldn’t be available due to ‘personal reasons’.

The ‘personal reasons’ were obviously the court appearance/trial and with a three week trial being  mooted, it was assumed that meant the season was over for Rolando Aarons.

Hellas Verona are second from bottom and relegation favourites with only four matches remaining, a three week trial would have guaranteed no more football for Aarons this season.

However, with the guilty plea to a lesser charge and bail granted, it means that potentially the 22 year old could be heading back to Italy.

The Newcastle winger has been on loan at the club since January, though he has had a pretty disastrous time there. Rolando Aarons has only started five Serie A games and managed no goals or assists, his team scoring only one goal in those five matches and losing four of them.

They have only four games remaining to save their season and on Sunday, Hellas Verona have a crucial game when they play SPAL at home, who are only one place above them.

It may be only coincidence when it comes to timing but Rolando Aarons is next in court on 22 May when he will find out what his sentence/punishment will be, that coming only two days after the final match of his loan club’s season on 20 May. If Hellas Verona haven’t saved themselves before then, things will look ominous, as they play Juventus away on that final day.

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