Richard Keys can’t stand Rafa Benitez and I am guessing the feeling is mutual, not that the World class manager will spend any time worrying about a disgraced nobody like Keys.

Richard Keys has even admitted in the past that he doesn’t like the Newcastle manager and has repeatedly attacked him, almost every time using ‘facts’ that have no basis in truth.

On Thursday I wrote on The Mag after the disgraced former Sky Sports presenter had a sly dig at Rafa on Twitter.

With the speculation about West Ham, Richard Keys questioned Rafa Benitez’ loyalty to previous clubs, and I put him right with the actual truth.

Unbelievably, Andy Gray’s sidekick has launched yet another attack on Rafa, this time using his own personal blog (see below).

Rafa Benitez isn’t going to waste his own precious time replying to this idiot’s nonsense, so it falls to the likes of us to do it on his behalf.

He starts off quite slyly by saying ‘Well done Rafa’ but then immediately follows that up with ‘It turns out Mike Ashley was right after all. After spending £102m on 18 players the previous  season Ashley always believed Benitez had enough to make Newcastle comfortable. He did.’

This is a lie Richard Keys has told previously, the only difference being that he has made the lie even bigger! Increasing it to 18 players from 17 that this mythical £102m was spent on in Summer 2016.

The truth of course being that a massive number of players left in summer 2016 and Rafa had to rebuild the whole squad, he did that by bringing in 12 first team squad players (not 17 or 18) and actually made a £40m profit in that promotion season, with an estimated spend of around £50m with £90m worth sold…not by spending £102m.

Richard Keys obviously from the old school that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes accepted as the truth.

It is also laughable of course that even Rafa’s own success at Newcastle is then used against him by Keys.

Rafa gets Newcastle to 10th place despite having to make do with loan signings and bargain basement signings such as Manquillo and Joselu, then the likes of Richard Keys puts down that top half finish to the quality of the players, not the manager!

Richard Keys writing on his own blog:

“Well done Rafa.

“It turns out Mike Ashley was right after all.

“After spending £102m on 18 players the previous season Ashley always believed Benitez had enough to make Newcastle comfortable. He did.

“Now comes Rafa’s big test.

“I’m tired of reading about his threats to leave if he doesn’t get his own way.

“He won’t get his own way.

“I’ve no idea where Benitez will find a better job – because he certainly wouldn’t enjoy working at West Ham.

“We’re in for some big changes in the dug outs this summer – more changes than we’ve ever seen.

“As owners go searching for men with a magic wand here’s something to think about.

“It remains the case – and always will – that the teams with the best players are going to be successful. Be careful what you wish for…..”

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  • FatParosite

    Big fat hairy liar… focusing on it gives it credence… move on…

    • Big Hairy Man

      He’s even hairier than me. His wife combs his hand—beards

    • Jezza

      Agreed entirely. Why give any credence to this utterly moronic self important vile sexual predator. Just ignore the disgusting piece of subhuman filth.

  • TheNutJob

    why does the Mag keep publishing this trash

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    Cut, paste, make slight word changes and hey presto, another article delivered.

  • Leazes.

    My enemies friend is my enemy…… the forces of darkness are lining up.

    Richard Keys
    That bloke at Sky Sports who anonymously reases Club statements.
    Graham Porter and his wife Jackie
    Denis Wise
    Keith Bishop

    • Peaky


    • Rich Lawson

      Don’t forget that in an earlier post Jezza is now apparently also the anti-antichrist,we may soon need the Winchester brothers as stewards if this continues ?

  • Andrew

    He’s talking out of his Aris.

    “The teams with the best players will be successful”. Leicester City, 2016?

    • Jezza

      Spot on.

  • ghostrider

    Again, Richard Keys is correct.
    The major issue we have here is in too many fans jumping on the messiah bandwagon,giving Rafa carte blanche to do anything and use any excuse by him and for him.

    The reality was and is….is….Mike Ashley gave Rafa enough money to do better than simply survive after relegation.

    He gave Rafa a fortune for the championship.
    Name me an owner that’s done that for a championship season…all in one season?

    He then added money in to get a comfortable position in the premier league…..and basically, comfortable is clear of relegation.
    That was achieved but very nearly not. It took a loan signing to kickstart a team that was basically dejected due to dire football that was far and away set up not to lose rather than to win.

    Kenedy saved Rafa’s bacon by hitting the ground running and also kickstarting the dejected bunch of players who’s best efforts were geared to offensive football, yet were resigned to over cautious play, because that was their drill.

    The fans have given Rafa Benitez the opportunity to hold this club to ransom, because he thinks he’s infallible among the fans. He simply knows in his mind that any wrongs he does will be cast off as some kind of genius workings that will show up in the very near future.
    This is how bad it’s got.
    Luckily we have an owner who will not just bow down to the fans and who will make sure the deal is right for all…not just one person with a god complex.

    We finished 10th because the premier league is 6 teams quality and the rest are simply cannon fodder and scrap it out merchants.
    Yet, had we been relegated this season, which we could well have done, if it were not for the loans of Kenedy and Dubravka to shock start Rafa…he would have been still vindicated and given the excuse of working with a championship squad and under such severe cash restraints as to make a pauper feel well off…kind of nonsense.

    The man gets paid a sickening fortune and should not get the excuses handed to him.
    If he stays, he better get it right without excuses…because if he stays, he’ll get more money to add to the 10th and should actually play proper decent football that Newcastle fans love but somehow are pacified into accepting mundane offerings, in the main.

    I hope Rafa gets tempted by an extra half a million a year at West Ham or whoever, because I’d really like him gone. I don’t trust him to give me any real enjoyment…and trust me…my enjoyment is not winning a trophy if it takes dark depressing football to get it.
    I’d rather we were excited after watching entertaining football with a mindset of going out to win, or lose attempting it, even if at times we get butchered.

    Very few fans have enjoyed this season in my opinion. I don’t care what the arguments are by many that they have. I suspect that deep down most are as sick as I am.

    I’ve spend 47 years knowing how fans work and what they want and no fan would ever have put up with what Rafa’s given us for so long.

    • osmosis

      Are you on crack?

      Deranged lunatic and first class 🛎 end

      • ghostrider

        Have I hurt your god?

      • Kneebotherm8

        He certainly is….

      • Jezza

        He’s not on crack he’s just a sad pathetic Manchester supporting 45 year old virgin who tries to get his kicks by trolling this forum under multiple ID’s. Just block him. Don’t give him the reaction he so desperately craves.

    • Rabid Dog

      So the troll says: “my enjoyment is not winning a trophy”. WOW. I know you are trolling, but I am still amazed at the absolute garbage you spout in the guise of a Toon supporter.

      • ghostrider

        My enjoyment of football is not winning a trophy, it’s about the hope of getting to a trophy by playing entertaining football along the way.
        the trophy is the hope but the footballing entertainment is a demand that I and every other fan is entitled to.
        When the game turns back to amateur then nobody is entitled to anything.
        Whilst it’s professional with exceptionally well paid players, managers and coaches, I expect entertainment.

        • Rabid Dog

          Were you not entertained last weekend ?

          • ghostrider

            Against Chelsea, yes I was.
            I want to be entertained for the season with only the odd games being accepted as not being entertaining, not the other way around.

          • Rabid Dog

            We don’t have that sort of budget to afford the above fantasy football team and aren’t likely to have. Any reasonable.manager will see that…. so suck it up buttercup and deal with it

          • ghostrider

            Budget to do what?
            We are talking about football players bought and TRAINED. Bettered. Tactically set up to entertain.
            Don’t tell me that it can’t be done by footballers on 10,20,30,40,50,60……..etc grand a week.

            The sort of budget we have was and is well capable of producing entertaining football with a manager that can coach it.

          • Rabid Dog

            Trained in a premiership training facility. Which we do not have. In a club where we have an established youth system which we do not have. With a proper scouting system which we do not have. Where we compliment youth AND experience. Which we don’t do.

            You really did, despite all the warnings and advice on the internet go full retarrd… congratulations…. winner winner chicken dinner

          • ghostrider

            We had all those things before Rafa came in and he’s destroyed them.

          • Rabid Dog

            No we had all those things before Ashley came. Different altogether

          • ghostrider

            Take a look at what Rafa’s done.
            He’s destroyed a massively built up scouting network.
            He’s cold shouldered just about everything else in order to concentrate on his own select unit.
            Hoying Mitro out to keep Joselu. It doesn’t matter how many university mathematicians you put onto this with formulas and equations, it still won’t give Rafa any help on the mess he makes.

            The man’s been turned in to some genius for us finishing 10th.
            The premier league opposition has been substandard barring the top 6.
            It’s why Burnley are sitting in 7th.
            No disrespect to Burnley but they were grafting their way through games.

            I personally believe most managers could have done the same or better with what Rafa had and definitely played better football.
            No need to argue this, it’s my personal opinion and I won’t back down on it.

        • Milo79

          You give me the impression of someone who hasn’t been paying attention to the Premier League for the last five years.

      • Kneebotherm8

        He’s a Dick……….just like Keys……..a pair of Dicks…..

    • Milo79


    • Brian Standen

      Clearly you are a mischief making Sunderland fan, go and be entertained in your bungalow down the road!

  • Kneebotherm8

    Has Rafa sh-gged Keys’ wife at some stage in the past?………. 😂😂

    • Dillon Tovak

      Probably not cos I bet she’s gross.

  • Wor Monga

    Keys is doing nothing more in the media than the deranged Ghostrider does on here…just putting out inane comments in the hope of getting the reaction he craves from any real Toon Fan who reads it…the difference is that Keys needs to provoke feedback to prove his ‘reason to be’ in his role…whereas the other is more than likely just a lonely, adolescent w&nker who has never been to a Newcastle game in his life, but who gets his giggles by making outrageous claims about the club…

    …Every one of us knows that Rafa didn’t buy that many players or spend that much money, but we know he came far too late to stop relegation with the players he already had…or that he lost his 4 so-called stars and had to replace them with cheap and cheerful players who were willing to play in the championship…or that he won the championship despite having to form a new team, and compete against several refereeing blunders that cost us points…

    …we know that he was not allowed to bring in the players he needed to survive in the PL last summer, and had to rely on his defensive organisation to keep us up until January when he got 2 of the positions strengthened with loans, and then we looked much more like a top 10 side…

    …Everyone of us knows that Rafa alone by his personality has neutralised the toxic atmosphere that is still prevalent at the top of the club, and that’s why we love him…we know that every player he has put out home or away knows his role in the side, and tries his best to achieve what the manager wants, and we can see that happening…what is more we also know that the club will never attract another of his calibre if he is driven out by a greedy unambitious tool or the lying toe-rags that talk anti-Rafa sh*te!!!

  • Rich Lawson

    If his wife and daughter can’t trust him,why should anyone else ?