The Tottenham v Newcastle tickets for the away section sold out very quickly.

This despite the fixture being moved twice and being played midweek.

The allocation of 3,132 being snapped up by Newcastle fans, keen to add a visit to Wembley to their collection of away matches.

Three thousand or so tickets is average for an away game these days but it is a joke really when you consider how many Wembley holds.

I think as well that with it being everybody’s national stadium and Spurs allowed the privilege¬† of playing there for an entire Premier League season, I believe that the other 19 clubs should have been allowed to share in that.

Why not give every Premier League club 10,000 tickets for each fixture, if the demand was there?

After all, that still left tens of thousands more seats each game than Tottenham’s capacity was at White Hart Lane.

Anyway, bad enough getting so few tickets for away fans BUT unforgivable if there are going to be tens of thousands of empty seats.

Tottenham have announced now that there are plenty of tickets left unsold for Wednesday night’s match, the fact they also play next weekend at home on the final day, will not ave helped. However, Tottenham knew that when deciding how many tickets Newcastle fans would get.

The last two home games sum up Tottenham’s crowds this season – 80,811 turning up when Manchester City were the opposition, whilst the last game saw only 52,675 when Watford visited. Losing thirty thousand fans for less attractive games.

Below is the information released on how to buy the unsold tickets for the Tottenham v Newcastle match and I have no idea if you will get knocked back for being a Newcastle fan. When you go into the link it talks about registering and so especially if you have a non-Newcastle postcode, I can’t imagine how they are going to differentiate between you and a Tottenham supporter.

The fact that after losing at West Brom their Champions League place is under threat from Chelsea might attract a few more Spurs fans to buy – but no way will they sell all the unsold tickets.

When you look to buy tickets online, this map is what you get to select seats, two days before the game there are an enormous number of seats unsold.

The blue areas show where tickets are still left and there is an awful lot of them!

tottenham v newcastle ticketsOfficial Tottenham v Newcastle tickets announcement:

We’ve a Wembley double-header this week for our final two matches of the Premier League campaign against Newcastle and Leicester City on Sunday – knowing two wins will secure third place.

Here are the full ticket details for Newcastle…


Premier League

Wednesday 9 May

Kick-off: 8pm

Tickets on general sale.

Tickets can be purchased by visiting or by calling 0344 844 0102 option 1. 

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  • Gary Liddell

    Where are toon fans meeting at Wembley? I’ve been told we can only use one pub, the Green man hotel??

    • Pablo

      I reckon you can use whatever pub you want mate

      • Albert Stubbins

        Exactly. Designated away bars. Lol gan anywhere you want and have a peeve and enjoy yourselves!!

    • Wor Lad

      The Green Man is a good pub, lots of room to stand outside and you can sing to your hearts content!

    • Kev-82

      Green Man is great for pre match drinks they can handle a few thousand there with the outside area so you get a good atmosphere. Just a 5-10 minute walk to Wembley Stadium.

      • Gary Liddell

        Cheers mate, I’ve just been reading its the designated away bar. Looking forward to it !

  • Paul Patterson

    Imagine if we were going for a Champions League place- Whoops
    Imagine if we were fighting it out in the cups- Whoops
    To do either we’d need a competent MD who’s good in the transfer market- Whoops
    And an ambitious owner- Whoops
    We’d need to increase the capacity of St James’ to satisfy demand- Whoops.

  • 4everaspur

    using your argument for more tickets every club should have an increased allocation for every game. That of course would anger home fans who usually find it difficult to get tickets anyway. I would suggest clubs sell in sections and that way any unsold section could then be offered to the away team as an extra. This of course will never happen because clubs are happy with smaller numbers of away supporters as they make less noise and therefore less encouragement for their team.

  • gallowgate26

    And the last two games are against Totts and Chelski, who are battling each other for 4th place. Great! Makes the lazy results in the last three look even more silly now. I can honestly see them losing five in a row now. Maybe it a good thing, Ashley/Charnley will be able to see how ineffective our forward line is and how form can disappear for long spells…. :(

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    I was hoping to be wrong when i said we wouldn`t win a game in our last 5
    Spuds are 1/6 on

    • Rich Lawson

      Go the other way for the end of season blips,I had West Brom’ at 5/1 in a yankee on saturday with Palace,West Ham and Southampton. (Fat Sham’s boys equalise in stolen time !!!)

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    I asked the price of a 2-2 draw i think Ladbrokes staff are still laughing

    • Rich Lawson

      Have you tried BetVictor ?

  • Leicester Mag

    I’m at a conference Wed/Thurs meaning I’m London Wed night. Years ago I’d have crawled over broken glass to get to this. Now? It saddens me to say I won’t be going. I long ago resigned myself to not going back to St James’ Park while Ashley remains now I see no point in going. God I hate the fact I feel like this. Thanks Mike. Just hope Old Nick has the barbeque on hotest setting when you turn up.

    • Coach Clagnut

      Excellent sentiment. 11 years of largely worthless competition and counting.
      A slow, strangulating grip on the throats of longstanding fans’ ambitions to support a team that can compete.
      The ” Fit & Proper” ownership test is nothing more than the size of a bank balance and Fatty’s has never been healthier since buying our club from the odious Thatcherite John Hall who, incidentally, is still actively involved in the cheer leading of the despicable Tory junta hell bent on destroying everything that was once noble and decent in the U.K.
      But I digress. We owe the Spuds bottlers one. A scumbag team riddled with cheats.
      We’ve got a major say in who might qualify for the European Cup so I hope the players understand their obligations ahead of both matches. One eye on the beach in the last two games would be a gross dereliction of duty.

    • Albert Stubbins

      Chances are the BBQ will belong to the Fatman anyhow!!

  • Rich Lawson

    Hopefully Spurs season is imploding again at the death,manager off to Madrid (unless Zidane wins the cup) ?

    • Coach Clagnut

      Let’s hope so. I’ve no love for either Spuds or Chelski but we owe Spuds big time after the season opener. Especially Harry Jawjut.

    • Albert Stubbins

      Hope so but it would be the performance of season to get a win down there in the circumstances. Are we capable with just professional pride to play for?

  • Allan