Rafa Benitez is at breaking point with his treatment at Newcastle United.

Despite doing everything asked of him – instant promotion as champions and Premier League safety in mid-table – Mike Ashley is still refusing to play fair with the respected manager.

Rafa Benitez has repeated said since safety was reached a month ago that ‘talks’ were ongoing between his representatives and the club, before he will commit further at NUFC.

As suspected, it is now confirmed that in reality the ‘talks’ really amount to the Newcastle manager having informed Mike Ashley and his minions what needs to change, if he is to sign up for a new extended contract.

Craig Hope, who covers Newcastle for The Mail, has a very good record on breaking Newcastle stories and he has revealed what exactly Rafa is insisting happens, with the possibility of Chelsea tomorrow being potentially his last match at the club.

A year is still to run on his current deal and rather than the £6m buyout clause ending once Rafa is within 12 months of it ending, as has been widely reported previously, Craig Hope says the £6m buyout figure does indeed remain to the very end. Though £6m in today’s football world would stop no decent club, especially when you remember Crystal Palace hilariously paid Newcastle £2m for Alan Pardew over three years ago.

The Mail reveals that:

Rafa Benitez wants ‘in excess of £50m’ to spend this summer BUT that is not his main concern.

The manager wants the power to invest however he sees fit, rather than what happens at the minute, which is Chief Executive Lee Charnley takes details of any deal Rafa Benitez wants to do to Mike Ashley, with the club owner then saying yes or no.

So even if deals fall inside the total budget Rafa has been told he has to spend, at times Mike Ashley has blocked them, which is what most fans have already believed to be the case.

Benitez is said to have been furious when he has set up deals in previous transfer windows, only for Ashley to stop them, with even a free transfer such as Willy Caballero and loan deals such as Tammy Abraham not allowed to happen.

Bottom line, is if Rafa Benitez gets £50m to spend, he wants to be able to buy five £10m players, two at £25m, the whole lot on just one player, or whatever.

Craig Hope also reveals that the United boss has a number of other things that he believes must happen, if Newcastle United is to ever be able to properly compete.

A lack of investment in people with the right expertise and facilities, has happened year after year.

Rafa Benitez also wants the freedom to make essential changes to the academy set-up, plans which he gave to the club last year but have so far been ignored.

The training ground is another area where Rafa is insisting that the club has to go some way to catch up with what is the norm at other Premier League clubs. Newcastle’s training ground is one of the least equipped in the Premier League and only minimal improvements have been made since the manager arrived over two years ago, his plans for improvement have also been given to the club last month as part of what needs to happen.

The Mail say that Rafa Benitez won’t necessarily make a snap decision immediately, if Mike Ashley continues to be deaf to his demands/needs, and instead could wait and see what happens in the next month or two before then deciding to stay or walk away.

Rafa has also used this analogy to explain why he needs to be backed with better quality in his first team squad this summer:

“It is like a train, you have the engine and the carriages.

“You can sort marketing, commercial, the academy…but then if you don’t have power here, at the front, the train doesn’t go.

“You need power and then you can pull whatever you want.

“You have to put the priority [on the engine] and after that the other carriages will follow.

“This club has to be in the top 10.

“How? We have to do a lot of things right and to start making the right decisions now.

“It’s to do the right things in the Academy, the training ground, and do the right things, signings in the first team.

“First things first, it’s about the first team.

“You can have a lot of projects, but if the first team’s not winning, then it’s not working,”

  • Toon fan

    Thanks for all your valiant efforts Rafa lad, good luck wherever you end up working.

  • ghostrider

    Allowing Rafa Benitez carte blanche on transfer money dealing is a potential recipe for disaster.
    He’s a manager and coach and most of all an EMPLOYEE and should remember where his bread’s buttered at the minute.

    Assuming this article is based on truth, then:

    If he’s not happy and wants everything on his terms and the club won’t play ball, then walk away Rafa..Walk away and do it now instead of whining on like you always do.
    Let us get in a manager that will excite the players and have them playing football in a way the fans love but have been brainwashed out of due to the cap rolling humbled stance many took on feeling a massive privilege of having some so called world class manager churning out offal disguised as football.

    • sussexmagpie


    • Big Hairy Man

      “Let us get in a manager that will excite the players and have them playing football in a way the fans love”, oh please!
      If Rafa is shafted yet again by Mr. Blobby which manager worth his salt would come here? McClaren, Pardew, Pulis or another member of the managerial merry-go-round of failures.

      • Paul Patterson

        Just block him, he always says things to antagonise people.

        • Leicester Mag

          That someone eeks out an existence getting kicks from this is beyond mosts comprehension.

      • ghostrider

        First of all, considering the position we were in up to present day I’d say Rafa has far from been shafted.
        Rafa was given money and made some terrible buys and tried to pass them off as if he was forced into them.
        He simply didn’t play them or loaned them out for basically being substandard or not his style or underperforming.

        A few good buys and mostly buys he doesn’t play.
        Excuse after excuse for Rafa and many fans simply sing to his tune because they hate Ashley.

        Rafa is a messiah to some fans and he could literally come into work steaming drunk and smash up the canteen and pee up the walls of the boardroom…..and guess what?……YEAH….it would be Ashley’s fault.

        It’s laughable how some fans, pundits and media all bull him up.
        He’s massively overhyped and a I’m not buying into it because I’m seeing it as a fan myself and I do not like what I see.

        As for who could we get.
        We can get anyone we want. Any manager we want who is out of contract or out of work already.
        We got Rafa didn’t we?

        Or are we going to go down the poisoned chalice line if he walks or is sacked?
        Newcastle United is a pull for many managers as long as there’s a good wage on offer.
        It’s also a pull for top managers as long as there’s a sickening wage on offer.
        Rafa the mercenary is on it right now.
        An out of work manager who took on a struggling club because he couldn’t lose.

        • TheFatController

          You passive aggressive sad case. Most good managers wouldn’t touch the job given they know they don’t get any control or respect.

          How do they know this? They just look at Keegan Hughton Shearer and now Rafa and think ‘there’s a pattern developing’

          Maybe sort your anger issues out before getting all passive aggressive on me thinking typing contrary inflammatory nonsense isn’t seen by us all as the rantings of a madman wanting a reaction. Is that what your life has come to? I pity you.

          • ghostrider

            It appears the angry person is you. It appears that you’re irritated that some people do not share the same thoughts.
            The aggression is coming directly from you via your phone/keyboard.

            But anyway, back to the point at hand.
            So managers just look at Keegan, Hughton, Shearer and now Rafa and think there’s a pattern developing…..right?

            Let’s put this into a bit better perspective.
            Rafa…who you and others think is some kind of untouchable (at Newcastle United) top man with integrity, honesty and clear intelligence, didn’t also see the pattern of Keegan, Hughton and Shearer and walked blindly into the ground and signed a contract at a struggling club for 5/6 million, because he hadn’t took any notice of the issues at the club.
            Is this what you’re saying or does this only work after Rafa walks or is sacked?

            Because the way I see it, with all the over hype pushed Rafa’s way and the pockets full of get out of jail free cards afforded to him for every excuse needed, is that….if Mr integrity can walk into the club from his Real Madrid exit and (hypothetical) exile, then anyone can and will, if the club allows it and pays whatever is negotiated.

            Don’t get football management mixed up with unconditional love of a parent or whatever.
            The days of unconditional love went out when footballers signed full professional contracts and didn’t have to come in from a hard days graft, get washed and straight on the bus to training and then a weekend game at the club they love for nominal fees.

          • TheFatController

            You write too much so I’ll only read and answer the first point. I wasn’t aggressive. I stated the fact that most respected managers were disrespected by Ashley. I can say that very calmly and without aggression thanks.

            That’s not me angry you don’t share my thoughts. That’s me laughing at you bizarre logic.

            A logic so bizarre your thoughts seem twisted away from the facts. I suggested your unresolved anger made you miss facts that are obvious and in the public domain.

            Again, no aggression. I say that quite calmly here with my breakfast.

          • Damon Horner

            Reading his posts, he seems to want a manager who:

            1) Plays attractive football.
            2) Doesn’t make a bad purchase.
            3) Accepts he is Ashley’s employee and conducts their behaviour to conform to that.
            4) Doesn’t offer any criticism to players/board in slightest.

            All while commanding the respect from his squad and accepting the fact he will never finish higher than 10th.
            I wonder if such a manager exists.

          • TheFatController

            He seems to want fans who think Ashley is great!

            I wish him luck with that one …

          • Wezza147

            Apparently ghost/monkseaton/fleckman etc are Man Utd fans so it is no wonder why they don’t like Rafa.

          • ghostrider

            I’m pleased you’re calm and eating your breakfast.
            My writing too much should never be an issue for anyone who does not want to read it. Don’t make it your issue if you are one of these people.

            You are entitled to think and do whatever you wish.
            If you think I’m a stark raving bizarre lunatic who’s just contrary to your opinions or opinions that you think I should not debate, counter argue, then by all means you carry on doing exactly that…but remember one thing….you will not in any way shape of form discourage me from putting in my true thoughts on any subject.

            If I agree, I agree. If I don’t, I’ll say.
            I don’t follow a path because I feel I should by peer pressure. I follow a path that I believe is the right path…however few is treading it.
            If it turns out to be wrong, then I’ll accept it and detour.
            But I’ll do it on my terms.

          • TheFatController

            Personally, I think you don’t do anger yourself, pride yourself on never being angry, and thus enjoy provoking anger in others. Where better to do this than with passionate toon supporters ?

            Once someone has bitten to your bizarre pro-Ashley anti-Rafa posts (you sure know how to trigger those passion points of the Geordies I’ll give you that) you then get the troll payoff of being in control yet able to make others lose it.

            Your conscious may not even know your subconscious is doing it, but ask yourself this – why are you posting so often and so verbosely against Rafa and for Ashley if it wasn’t just to feel smug when genuine people react to it? It’s not that you believe Rafa is a poor manager and Ashley is a great owner, because that’s obviously not true. So why do you do it, you must ask yourself …

          • ghostrider

            First of all I’m not in charge of other people. they are in charge of themselves.
            I cannot force any person into a reaction for anything unless they decide to react in whatever way they see fit.
            I merely post my opinions whether they’re agreed with or not.
            Whether they’re like by some and hated by others.
            Whether some think they’re honest and some think they’re trolling/wind up/nasty and whatever else is bestowed upon me through them.

            But let me just say this.
            The accepted view is no necessarily the correct view. It’s just a view that gains the masses who feel it’s much easier to go along with it than to argue it and give their own opinions.
            I go with what I think…not because I’m a deliberate contrarian but because I have my own views without peer pressure dictating how I should portray them.
            That’s generally calling trolling or (add any put down name) whatever, by those who get irritated by someone having alternate views to what they deem should be the tailored view.

            The very reason the world is in the mess it’s in is due to the minority not conforming to the majority brainwashing.
            If enough people put one person on a pedestal woe betide any minority who oppose it.
            That’s a fact of life not just football management. and it can work in the opposite way as in, if enough people show a hate for a person, woe betide the minority that disagrees with it.

            Majority wins by sheer numbers but is not necessarily correct in their actions.

            Have a think on that.

          • Desree

            Like when SBR was hounded out by moaning fans?

          • ghostrider

            Like anything on anyone at any time in any walk of life.
            Place 10 placid dogs around you then stamp your feet.
            What happens?
            Humans are no different when prompted to say or do anything.
            It’s a weakness most humans have.

          • Karl

            We need to start a movement targeting all of SD outlets by peaceful protesting, thus is the only way to get rid. If our manager leaves there will be an uprising

          • TheFatController

            On Rafa, you’re bizarrely ignoring facts again, possibly due to your unresolved anger.

            He came because he saw the potential and no doubt thought ‘Ashley must have learnt from the errors of previous managers…?’

            Sadly, as Ashley himself admits, he knows nothing about football or football management.

            So, given all other managers can now clearly see our club owner knows nothing about football or football management, the good ones won’t want to come because they can see that the owner never learns from mistakes.

            You must be trying to think of ways to make me lose my control now with a reply, as you pride yourself on keeping control whilst antagonising someone else. Sound familiar to your pattern in life ?

          • ghostrider

            How many owners know about football management in terms of team coaching, etc?
            One thing Ashley knows in his 11 years, is how to run a football club of this size and stature in order for it not to sink into oblivion.
            Do you think rafa can run a football club as a business like Ashley can?
            That’ll be a no.
            Horses for courses, eh?

            Don’t underestimate Ashley and what he knows about football and also do not overestimate football.
            It’s a simple game that is ravaged by greed, dishonesty, agents and pundits who love to turn it into some kind of science.

            It hasn’t made it more exciting, it’s made it the opposite, in most cases apart from the elite clubs who can buy off the peg skilful racehorse like quality, ready to go.

            More Rafa excuses of …. he came because he saw the potential and just happened to believe Ashley had turned into a blank cheque…..or else.

            Let’s get in a manager that becomes the fans messiah by his own Newcastle United toil and bin this over hyped moaning minnie.

          • Chuck D

            Hughton who was sacked because he wasn’t willing to ask the players to sign a bonus scheme?

            Sacked because Ashley thought Nolan and co had too much power, despite them being pivotal in our promotion. The promotion you attritibe to Ashley but then ironically don’t hold him accountable for the relegation?

            Then Shearer who was offered the job only to hear Hughton had been offered it (lower wage). Not even the decency to inform him!!

          • ghostrider

            How do you know about this refusal to sign a bonus scheme. Did Hughton mention it, or Ashley or someone at the club?

            Did Hughton say he was sacked because Nolan had too much power or did Ashley or co come out with it?

            A sfor me attributing promotion to Ashley, I attributed it to Ashley, Hughton and the players, plus the fans as a collective.
            Only in your mind did I attribute it all to Ashley.

            As for holding him accountable for relegation. Of course he’s accountable.
            He’s fully accountable and deserved a kick in the gonads and a good ear bashing….but equally he knew this and put it right.
            He righted a wrong as he has done. It’s called naivety, arrogance, mistakes, lies, truth’s and a whole host of everything else.

            As for Shearer…did Shearer come out and say Hughton was offered the job for less money?
            Did Ashley or co say it?
            Did Hughton say it?

            Personally I think Ashley done well in not appointing Shearer. I don’t think Shearer was ready on many levels and it could easily have cost him his rapport with the fans if it went teets up.

            Shearer made one big mistake when he walked into the managers job with 8 games to go.
            He decided to get mean. He decided that the players were to be taken into task and basically bullied into a work ethic after being slouches.

            That in itself isn’t a bad thing if you’re taking over rank in the forces and what not…but it’s not going to work 8 games from the end of a season in amalgamating everyone when too many professional turned unprofessional by being allowed to before he took over.

            I don’t blame Shearer for anything, I just think he let his heart rule his head and sealed his own fate.

          • Kneebotherm8

            Find oot wot 💩Direct branch he’s the manager at and we’ll gaan and put his Windows oot…….😂😂😂😂😂

        • Big Hairy Man

          Rafa took the job because he took Fatso at his word and believed he would be backed. I am now eagerly awaiting the Sky Sports stage managed interview/PR stunt with Ashley pleading poverty again and most of the TV money has been taken by “operating costs”.

          • Paul Patterson

            Brace yourself for an hour before or after KO tomorrow . .

          • ghostrider

            At his word for what?
            Tell me what was broken?
            Do you know how long Rafa took to sign his contract?
            Do you also know he used a lawyer to ensure it was all suited for his purpose?
            He signed it and if he’s had it breached then he could have walked and been paid up.
            Why didn’t he walk if Ashley’s done him over?

            Loves the fans and the city too much?
            Sees a massive chance of success despite Ashley doing him over?

            How about he has an inflated ego and is a whining moaner who will most likely complain if he’s one pea short on his dinner.

            If I was the owner I’d be worried about handing him money for buys considering he’s bought badly in the main and also refused to play many of his buys for more than a few games…not to mention loaning out his buys and also loaning out players that should be playing for us over the one’s he keeps playing.

          • Rich Lawson

            I don’t really see a problem with Rafa’ taking time to sign a contract or getting a lawyer to look at it,surely it is what professionals would do in any industry ?

          • ghostrider

            I totally agree. I don’t see any problem with that, at all. I think all parties should take every necessary precaution to cover every eventuality to secure their well being….employee and employer.

            But that’s exactly my point.
            If that’s the case then he should shut up whining and get on with the job or walk away and be paid up if his contract has been breached.

          • Wezza147

            That’s what I find so ridiculous and almost funny how they can say 100M TV money all goes on operating costs. We all know where it goes.

          • shellington

            Just remember, we can’t compete with Man City, mind you we can’t compete with Brighton but Ashely never let facts get in the way of a good lie.

        • Keeganontherebound

          We all know who is the only person likely to turn up at SJP steaming drunk and start [email protected] up the walls (and puking in the fireplaces) and it’s not Rafa.

          • ghostrider

            Maybe not but Rafa would be afforded immunity if he did.
            Anyone else would be hung out to dry….literally. lol

          • Mirandinha9

            I remember the time that Cashley’s Chief amigo, Llambias was ‘[email protected]’ as he ran across SJP’s pitch with nee clothes on.

        • Kneebotherm8

          Ashley is a messiah to you………….Rafa is no messiah………..he’s just a top,top class manager whose record bears that out………his time managing this football club has actually enhanced his reputation………nominated for manager of the year tells anyone with half a brain what he’s achieved with this limited squad……he’s returned his “sickening wage”,as you put it,with interest by getting us back up and keeping us in this “sickeningly rich” league………if you’re not in the premier league then,financially,you’re nowhere….

          • ghostrider

            Nomination for manager of the year just tells me how over hyped people have him.
            He’s nothing of the sort.

          • Kneebotherm8

            No hype there…………you’re a lone voice down a very,very deep well…..

          • ghostrider

            Nah, I’m not a lone voice.

          • Kneebotherm8

            You’re the only one I’ve heard with your bull💩 diatribe ……

          • ghostrider


          • Toon Arnie

            Alternatively maybe it just shows how little you know about football and how you are one of the few people remaining that’s gullible enough to believe anything Ashley says. Just a thought.

          • ghostrider

            Understand how simple football is before you go on about knowing nothing about football.
            As for believing anything Ashley says…..what has he said?

        • Chuck D

          We could get any manager we want?!

          We just opt for the likes of Joe Kinnear, Alan Pardew and Steve McClaren

          What you don’t seem to realise is that Ashley is not trusted, not only in the world of football but also in the world of business.

          • ghostrider

            I don’t trust our own or anyone else’s government. What’s your point?

    • Toon

      Ha ha! Mackem

      • ghostrider

        Put a little effort in, young man.

        • Chuck D

          Arrogant …..

          • ghostrider

            having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.

    • GlasgowMag

      I wish you would walk away and give us all peace!!😂😂

      • ghostrider

        Did you know you can actually blank me and not see a word I write?
        Try it and your peace is guaranteed.

        • GlasgowMag

          Why would I blank you your posts are hilarious!! Every time you post it reminds me of a quote in my favourite film “You’re a funny guy” 😂😂

          • ghostrider

            Goodfella’s. Ray Liotta.
            Enjoy your giggling. lol

          • Karl

            There isn’t only one way to get rid of our owner and that is to protest as all sports direct retailers

          • ghostrider

            Maybe ask yourself why sports direct is such a popular store.
            If you want to cite cheap tat, then great.
            If you want to cite that Newcastle fans in general wouldn’t touch it, then fine.
            That leaves the rest of the country that use it, so tell me what protesting outside his shops would do other than get you arrested and maybe even beaten up by shoppers that actually appreciate affordable gear.

            The best way to get rid of Ashley from your mind is to stop getting into a frenzy over him when there’s absolutely nothing to get into a frenzy about.
            Because he won’t leave the club until he’s good and ready..and if you want to expend negative energy on him, then fine…but remember the bad experience is yours and through your own making.

        • pedrodelgardo

          Where would I get my laughs if I blocked you – it’s comedy gold.

          • ghostrider

            Good stuff. Keep laughing and I’m glad to aid in your fun.

      • joe mac

        order a taxi…i,ll pay!

    • Mike


    • shellington

      Give your heed a shake, hire talent, trust them and delegate. Newcastle United should be one of the top clubs in this country and sustainably so.

      In Rafa we have one of the finest managers in world football if he says we need 50 or a 100 million to achieve that then you can be sure that is an accurate assessment.

      Or do you put your trust in a tat salesman to pick and choose a winning football team?

      • ghostrider

        I put my trust in anyone who will not destroy the club on a whim.
        A Spanish manager does not get my vote for spending massive amounts of money.
        And the tat salesman is a multi billionaire .

        • Lakeland Mag

          Who has overseen a general decline in the sporting achievements of “his” club over the 11 years of his ownership. But that clearly doesn’t concern you.

          • ghostrider

            Sporting achievements?
            Such as?

  • Billmag

    He treats NUFC like one of his scruffy outlet’s, the only interest he has is pure and simply SD.

  • Paul Patterson

    He speaks like Sir Bobby in some ways with canny analogies that even the owner should relate to. The difference being that Rafa cares and wants progression to win things, the owner doesn’t.

  • Leicester Mag

    It doesn’t need a report to know what is going on now, in the past and in the future. Nothing will ever change under Ashley. Another truth is we know this and yet the majority will still stand by and support this repetitive car crash. The rights and wrongs of this have been hotly debated over 10 years, the reality is nothing will change while St James Park remains a free advertising hoarding for Direct Tat with a backdrop of 50K+. When is enough enough? Perhaps we’ll never know but we do know the bar will never be raised and history will repeat itself unless that point is reached and fans eventually react.

    • kingfisher

      Excellent comment Leicester 👍👍👍

      • Peaky

        I’ll be expecting another Sunday morning classic from you tomorrow Kingfisher…

        • kingfisher

          I relpied early this morning peaky,but the Mag pulled it.Apparently it did’nt like n**head.I may be at my Sunday best tomorrow, It all depends if some “idiot” posts something which strikes a nerve.Hope the weather in Peaky Land has been good today.The sun is cracking the flags in Whitley Bay. Have a good weekend. Toon 1-1 Chelski 😎

          • Peaky

            Not bad down here today….agree 1-1 tomorrow..

          • Peaky

            Drinking a fine Indian lager tonight called ‘Kingfisher’……3 pint bottles for £5 from Morrisons….🍺🍺🍺

          • kingfisher

            3 pints of vintage Kingfisher for a fiver?,can’t be bad.🍻🍺

    • shellington

      “When is enough enough?”

      When we are in League 1 playing Sunderland? If Rafa walks and there aren’t mass walkouts/boycotts then the fans deserve everything they get. Liverpool managed to get Hicks out their club, Rangers got Ashley out.

      If you act like a sheep don’t be surprised when you get slaughtered.

  • Toon

    Good for him, he knows what the club needs from a football perspective more than Ashley. Sadly Ashley knows with small investment he still makes cash, if Rafa walks he gets TV money and gaurenteed sold out signs plus he loves the gamble of the relegation battle.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Sounds about right but think Rafa will need at least £80m of which £30m to £40m will come from player sales eg Mitro, unfortunately Gayle and a few fringe players maybe even Darlow, Atsu and Joselu. At least Craig Hope wries a balanced article and does not put the boot in unlike the two scumbags Luke Edwards and George from the times.

    • Guest 2

      Balance, something which you have none of. So, you agree on the substance of the article, and that the club is starved of investment?

      Now, who is responsible for that? Go on, say it.

  • Arty Hume

    The Rafa analogy is a parody of TFCB’s horse and cart rubbish a few years ago.
    The top and bottom of it is, the whole football world knows the team needs to be strengthened and a striker is essential. IMHO the only difference performance wise against Spuds was Harry Kane, as we were as good as them or some may say better. However that may have registered with TFCB as he will say we only need a striker, so we get no where again. No ifs or buts he has to sell and be made to leave, too many bridges burned and Groundhog day scenarios have haunted our club this last decade. As I said before K.K summed it all up when he sated we will win nothing with TFCB at our club!

  • Guest 2

    Football club ran on a shoestring. Lowest paid MD, no FD, no Board, two cronies who are not employees having enormous sway over what happens.

    We haven;t been a football club since Ashley took over. We have become just another bargain basement profit center for him, ran like all of his other tat businesses, through SD.

    • East Durham Mag

      Thats the situation in a nutshell. Well said.

  • East Durham Mag

    Absolutely everyone knows that you need some new players in every summer to freshen things up, everyone apart from Fatty that is. Whats the odds on him promising money then renaging on it …. again. He couldn’t lie straight in bed.
    Ashley OUT.

  • nevfur

    Of course this could also be another reporter who knows nowt speculating to stir up unrest in a slack news week. But that never really happens, does it?????

  • Leazes.

    I can’t believe for one second that Rafa would make a figure known and then name a relatively low figure at that…. that figure wouldn’t make United a top ten side because all clubs will be undoubtedly be upping their game.

    • Guest 2

      Absolutely. The one thing there is no direct quote on – is the £50 million.

  • Wezza147

    Bottom line is we all know that Rafa has not been backed infact he has been undermined and lied to for the past few transfer windows. What would make this summer window any different?

  • Mike

    last game tomorrow Good luck Rafa we owe you