Ayoze Perez is the big summer target for Real Betis according to reports in Spain on Thursday.

Even when he playing badly, every transfer window sees the former Tenerife striker linked with a return to Spain.

So with his season ending with six goals in his last seven Premier League starts, be prepared for plenty of transfer stories this summer claiming Ayoze Perez will be with a La Liga club next season.

Mundo Deportivo report that Real Betis have already secured a number of new players for next season but Ayoze Perez is the one they really want.

In 2016/17 Real Betis ended 15th with 39 points but have improved to 6th and 60 points this season with one match to go, they are guaranteed 6th but could end up 5th above Villarreal.

Their home league crowds have fluctuated from as low as 33,000 when Espanyol visited, to 53,000 when Real Madrid were the visitors.

With Europa League football assured for next season, the club want to maintain that upward momentum.

Like all transfer stories you treat it with extreme caution and unless it was one of the obvious few clubs in Spain, difficult to see why Ayoze Perez would be considering giving up Newcastle United and the Premier League at this moment in time.

Ayoze Perez was also interviewed this week about the season just ended:

“It has been amazing for the team and we have to be proud of ourselves because we have done a great job.

Against Chelsea we finished things off with a great performance and ended in tenth, which is a great achievement.

“The city has to be proud of the team and we also have to be proud of ourselves.

“Rafa is key to our future as he made us reach this position of tenth in the table, just one year after going up, a great achievement with the squad we ave got.

“We have to look after him, take him seriously, listen to what he wants, then hopefully we can keep him here.

“I am so happy to be able to end the season scoring lots of goals and two goals against Chelsea, so ten (in all competitions) is a great number for me.

“We have had our ups and downs but I want to give lots of credit to the team, we have stuck together and achieved our main target (of Premier League safety).

“After that, we managed to keep a great position for Newcastle this season (in the top half of the table) and that is why we can celebrate this summer.”

  • TheNutJob

    my opinion of Ayoze is he`s to fly by night for the prem, he has a few good games then disappears for a month, if a decent bid does come in i`d sell him

    • yuy

      stupid af

      • TheNutJob

        try watching the matches, you clown
        it`s idiotic fans like you that keeps Fatty here.

        • I think you need to watch the matches. Tell me one player in our entire team who’s a better attacking player?
          It’s people like you who wanted Shelvey and Dummett our on numerous occasions only to sing their names afterwards.
          I admit to thinking the team can be better but we can’t start by selling our top players without even thinking!
          In the current market a player like Ayoze is worth 30m easy, money Cashley will never spend on a player.

        • glassjawsh-got-banned

          you’re not wrong, mind you. I’d just hold off on selling our best attacking option until another forward is in the side actually scoring more goals…

  • Mike

    I must admit I was not a fan of his thought he was light weight and easily pushed around. But he has an instinct for where the goal is . I like his attitude

  • Paul Patterson

    Even if we went out and got a top new no10 (a massive if) it would be foolish to sell the back up, plus he is our top goal scorer. He’s going nowhere unless silly money comes in . .

  • WildBill

    Cash in now when he’s got some value I say, he’s had a few good games at the back end of the season but that’s it. Get rid. Any reasonable offer take it. Same goes for Gayle and Joselu.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    It would cost more to replace him than we would get in.

    Id sell if we could improve but under Ashley thats a no no so would rather keep.

    • TheNutJob

      that`s the general idea to improve the squad & Rafa tried to get in a number 10 last August then Fatty pulled the plug

  • Peaky

    Different subject ALTOGETHER but FFS it’s Laurel….

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      100%!!! beating my head against the wall over this

      • Peaky

        That may be the answer….keep beating your head…it’s Yanny….

    • TheNutJob


  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    I like Ayoze. He’s a hard worker and has a great attitude. A locker room guy. Keep him, if for no other reason than he’s a good example for the rest of the side.

    • TheNutJob

      i like him to but you have to move on & he has more bad games than good.
      falls over if there`s a breeze

      • He’s one of the reasons we are not relegated mate. If it wasn’t for his 8 goals and 5 assists we might as well be relegated.
        He is our best attacking player and you want to move him on?

        • glassjawsh-got-banned

          we just wish he wasn’t our best attacking player. 8 and 5 is about the extent he has to give. Nothing wrong with wanting more.

          • With better players around him he can score and assist more. We need to get Kenedy permanent or someone like him on the left with Ritchie on the right and keep Atsu and Murphy as backups. Things will open up even more on the left if we actually have a offensive left-back. Dummett is great but we need an alternative that can go forward.

        • TheNutJob

          The managers the reason why we weren`t relegated

  • I think a lot of clubs are looking at Perez right now with his outstanding performance in the last 2 months. Fans don’t realize we need Perez as much as we need Lascelles or Shelvey. He now has loads of experience and has really grown in that n. 10 role and he proved that with better players like Kenedy he can create and score even more. If we can now get as good with the ball CF we could be looking at a very deadly partnership up front. Gayle is a decent poacher but his technical abilities are not Premier League level and that goes for Mitro and Joselu as well.

  • Weyhhadaway

    Perez is fulfilling his potential after being physically a bit light and played out of position, and he loves life at the Toon. So I hope we keep him. See what this crazy summer brings.

    • Fireman Sam

      It’s only crazy because our club is owned by a madman

  • ghostrider

    When you spend a good few years getting a player like Perez closer and closer up to the rigours of the premier league and up to speed, you keep him…assuming he wants to stay.

  • Peaky

    Odds dropping dramatically on Rafa going to West Ham….Fat Lad must have found a bookies in Florida then…..

  • relaxed

    Can we not just sell Ashley and his clowns that troll these forums

    • Peaky

      …..job lot….

      • Rich Lawson

        To toxic even for him !

  • Liam Hogg

    Not a chance Betis can afford the fee they’ll be quoted, sure last season they brung in mostly frees & the biggest outlay was 7/8 mil on Riyad Boudebouz (who we should of signed)

  • MadMag83

    He’d probably do well in La Liga given his technical ability, but Spanish clubs are rather Ashley-esque in their transfer business, (aside from Barca and Real Madrid) buy cheap and sell high.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    They better hurry up before Real Madrid comes in for him,
    Rafa tried to dump the whole forward line before the start of the season & the Pig closed the till or i doubt we would have seen much of Gayle or Perez.
    he has great technical ability & works hard but i don`t think he`ll make the first 11 if Rafa buys

    • Fireman Sam

      Rafa has given Perez and Gayle plenty of opportunity.

      I suspect if Rafa stays and therefore is actually given every penny and not just fat ashleys sloppy seconds, he will bring in forwards with pace.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        An upgrade which he wanted last summer

    • Jezza

      Put it this way, if/when Rafa leaves and gets a decent transfer budget at his new club, I can’t see him coming back for Perez.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        He`ll be back for Jamaal & maybe Jonjo. £55m The Pie Man will sell them at the drop of a hat

  • Benmagpie

    West ham site posted news saying they’re appointing a proven premiership manager with European experience in seven days. Hopefully it Pellegrini

    • FatParosite

      It won’t be. Rafa will be gone as only Ashley’s hope stands in his way & we all know how big that is…..

  • Billmag

    No way sell him, the boy has improved as the seasons gone on like a few more of his team mates, we would all like an improvement in the number 10 position, even if we get one he needs to be kept. He can do better than Real Betis anyway.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    He could be one of the players Ashley sells for a good profit because it would make perfect sense in Ashley’s World.
    Yes the lad has improved in some areas but I am far from convinced by him and wouldn’t really care if he was to leave in all honesty.

  • Wor Monga

    He’s an experienced PL goalscorer so they’ll have to produce some real heavy money, to buy him, and for any Spanish club without the regular CL level of income…I’d be very surprised to see it happening unless the lad himself pushes for it which would probably be the case if Rafa leaves the club…I like him and think he would fit in very well just off a top class first striker, and a winger like Kenedy who would free up some space for him…then the lad would prove his worth!!!

  • Cockneytrev

    He’s technically very good, not the quickest, lacks a little strength, but is a decent finisher, (he is quite composed in front of goal )
    All in all could we replace him with better or equal for the money we received? I very much doubt it the way the club is run we wouldn’t be looking at bargain basement.
    So I would keep him.